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									                           The Downshift
                             The Off icial Publication of   Chicagoland Sports Car Club
                           Volume: 5 Issue: 2                                             February/March 2006

  2006 CSCC BoD            2006 Banquet Features Awards And History
  Michael Schindlbeck

   Vice President
Membership Chairman
     Jay Busse

       Rich Cwik

   Downshift Editor
      Larry Best           Club President Michael Schindlbeck (left) and Larry Best (center) present 2005 GT-3
    847-683-1028           Champion John Connell (right) with the travelling “Hartman Trophy” for CSCC Driver    of the year honors at the Annual CSCC Awards banquet.                 Cathy Best Photo

                             The 2006 Chicagoland Sports Car Club annual awards banquet changed
  Club Chief Steward       venues this year, making a return visit to the “Milk Pail” in Dundee, Illinois. Ap-
     Alden Wells           proximately 50 Club members and guests attended the event which featured
                           an after dinner talk on the “The Ghost Tracks of the Midwestern Council”,
    847-245-8756           hosted by noted Motorsports Historian, Ross Fosbender. The focus of Ross’   presentation was on the Meadowdale International Raceway (MIR), which is
                           located just a few miles away, across the Fox River in Carpentersville, Illinois.
                           This track rivaled the other local road racing facilities, and many of the inter-
BoD Members at Large       national sports car racing tracks during the time it was in operation.

   Paul Schindlbeck          Ross highlighted the evolution of the track, from design to demise and in-
                           cluded information on the various track configurations that made the facility
    630-554-6246           unique. Meadowdale featured a 3.27 mile road course as well as the ability   to configure a 2.2 mile “Short Course” and a 1.0 mile long “Club Course” as
                           well as a drag strip. Opening in the Fall of 1958, MIR hosted wide range of
      Frank Hartl          events that included road racing, USAC stock cars, AMA motorcycles, Go-
                           Karts, Snowmobiles, the USRRC, and the early days of the TransAm series.
     847-382-4388          Unfortunately, the July 1968 SCCA TransAm race was the last major event at     the track, although there were several Club events that closed out the year.
                             Today, Meadowdale lies in dis-repair as an internationally known race track,
    CSCC Club Info         but enjoys the benefits of local interest groups that have worked to preserve        the facility as a recreational park known as “Raceway Woods”. The 360 acre
     847-683-9283          park has been groomed to reveal the intensity of the former race track facility       that featured some of the most technical sections, long straights, the infamous
                           “Monza Wall”, and the career entry point for many famous drivers.
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 2006 Midwestern Council Event Schedule                            January 2006 CSCC Club Meeting
Date              Event                Club               Venue    Based on the plans for the CSCC Banquet on Feb-
                                                                   ruary 4th, the Board of Directors voted to not hold a
March 12          Annual Tech          Tech               Beloit
                                                                   General Membership and BoD meeting in January.
April 8-9         AX/W2W               SCCR/FTR           ACCN
April 29          Tire Wall Day        GLSCC              MM       February 2006 CSCC Club Meeting
May 20-21         AX/W2W               GLSCC              MM
                                                                   The February General Membership and BoD meet-
May 27-28-29      DS/W2W/AX            MSCC               BHF      ing was held on February 22nd at Northern Illinois
                                                                   University in Dekalb, Il.
June 10-11        AX/W2W               SCCR/LSCC          MM
June 17-18        VSCDA *              MC Staff           BHF      Attendees: Mike Schindlbeck, Paul Schindlbeck,
                                                                   Jay Busse, Frank Hartl, Larry Best, Dale Kofoed,
June 24-25        AX/W2W               SCSCC              BHF      Frank Reimann, Rich Cwik, Alden Wells, Lois Berg-
July 29-30        W2W/W2W              NSSCC              RA       Wells, Cathy Best, Jane Kofoed, Jack Packer, Ken
                                                                   Adams, Erik Gotlund, Dan Sotiroff, Lucas Greenlee,
Aug 26-27         AX/W2W               SCCR               BHF      Dave Harroun.
Sep 2-3-4         W2W/Enduro          MSCC                GMR      Previous Minutes: No Previous Meeting
Sep 16-17         DS/W2W               LSCC               BHF
                                                                   Pizza arrives in meeting room at 7:37
Oct 7-8           AX/W2W               NSSCC              ACCS
                                                                   NIU portion of meeting begins at 7:58
Oct 21-22         2-Day W2W            CSCC               BHF
                                                                   Brief speech by LB and MS accompanies passing of
* VSCDA Event staffed by MCSCC Race Staff at BHF                   sponsorship check to NIU representatives at 7:59
AX:      Time Attack Autocross Championship Series
                                                                   Pizza eating continues throughout NIU portion of
W2W:     Wheel to Wheel Championship Racing Series                 meeting. Meeting then adjourns to fabrication lab to
BHF      Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Rockton, IL                      examine new FSAE car.
MM:      Milwaukee Mile, West Allis (Milwaukee), WI
ACC:     Autobahn Country Club (North/South) Joliet, IL            CSCC meeting called to order at 9:34 after Secre-
RA:      Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI                            tary lends President his last pen. Balance of notes
GMR:     GingerMan Raceway, South Haven, MI                        taken with pen borrowed by Secretary to replace
Annual Tech: Advanced Autosport, Beloit, WI
                                                                   pen lent to el Presidente.
                                                                   Election of Officers: The consensus of the board
The Downshift Information          (The fine print)                was that the officers did a fine job in their positions,
                                                                   and since all were willing to serve another term in
“The Downshift” is the official news publication of The            their posts, they shall do so.
Chicagoland Sports Car Club. The monthly publication
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Material published herein may be reprinted provided that
the usage is credited to the author, and the Chicagoland           Steward’s Report: Tire Wall Day will be April 29 at
Sports Car Club.                                                   Milwaukee State Fair Park
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authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the         er’s Party-pass
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Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs, or it’s Board of           We discussed a proposal that if you work 3 race
Directors and Members, or in some cases, the opinion of
anyone.                                                            events (one of which is The Loooong Race), and
                                                                   the other two are MCSCC events are signed off on
Article submission is encouraged and accepted in MS                your license, CSCC would pay your Dues in CSCC
Word format or as ASCII text format via eMail. When sub-           and MCSCC the following year. Come to the next
mitting photos or artwork, please request the material to
be returned if that is desired. Submissions should be re-          meeting and discuss this with the board if you feel
ceived by the third Tuesday of the month when publica-             strongly for or against this idea. It would build mem-
tion for that month is requested.                                  bership at a modest price to the club.
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and comments should be directed to the Editor, CSCC                Adjournment: Move to adjourn at 10:31-pass - Min-
‘The Downshift’, 203 Jake Lane, Hampshire, Illinois
60140. All inquiries will receive a prompt response.               utes taken by Secretary Rich Cwik.
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Midwestern Council of SCC Boards Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2006
President Cassaro called the meeting to order at 8:08 PM at Sam’s Ristorante, Rockford IL.

All officers were present and clubs were represented as follows: CSCC - Wells, Berg-Wells; FC – Ross, Lecuyer; FTR: 0; GL
– Kannard, Bennett; LSCC – von Kampen, Martin; MSCC – Wood, Schneider; NS – J.Boldt, Dudek; SC – Lewis; SCCR – Green,

M(Wells) & 2 (Green) to approve the Jan. minutes with the following correction: Nancy Harlan presented Treasurer report for
Jan. 06 (not Dec. 05). Pass.

Treasurer’s Report: Harlan reported that membership numbers are coming in but not all dues $ is coming in as fast. M(Schneider)
& 2(Wells) to approve report as distributed. Pass.


Banquet Update: About 230 attended with very few no-shows. Payment still needed for a few. Harlan thanked all who helped
out on the event and those who worked on procuring donations and door prizes, notably Bunny Snively, Patti Green, Mike
Dimand, Matt Lagessie, Hal Adkins, GLSCC, and FC. The PowerPoint presentation was very popular. The worker fund raffle
raised $1700. The ’07 banquet could be held at the same place on Jan. 23; a deposit would hold it for 90 days with no penalty
for canceling. M(Harlan) & 2(Martin) to do so. Pass.

Discussion ensued regarding the customary procedure of clubs rotating the responsibility for banquet hosting. Small clubs could
share hosting. Banquet-hosting history: MSCC – 8; LSCC – 5; NS – 1; FC – 2;SC – 0; SCCR – 2; CSCC – 1; GL – 1; FT – 0;
BAC – 1; DC – 1. As a rotation alternative, Harlan is willing to chair a banquet committee.
Publicity Chair: Cassaro reported that Todd Dillender is willing to do the job if Fossbender could assist. Cassaro will contact

BFR Billboard: Size is 4’ x 8’ for $500 for the season. MC would do lettering which would include the website address (Cassaro
has a contact), and it was suggested to place it in the area opposite the pit lane, across from turn 4 grandstands or entering the
track near turn 5. M(von Kampen) & 2(Wells) that MC pay for 2 billboards at BFR for the ’06 season not to exceed $500 each.

Club feedback on MC: Clubs were asked to poll members about evaluating the MC for positives, negatives, and suggestions
for improvement, since MC must compete with other organizations for the same pool of auto enthusiasts. MSCC put out a ques-
tionnaire and is getting responses. Positive comments were received on the professionalism of events from track managements.
School programs get good marks. Cassaro will do some clarification of procedures for getting involved in the organization on
the website.

GingerMan schedule (Labor Day weekend) will have 2 separate 1-day race events on Sat. and Sun. with a 4-hour Enduro on
Sun. PM. There will be an AC on Mon. and an open track day on Fri. M(Martin) & 2 (Green) to give permission to MSCC to give
full MC points for each race day. Pass.

Road America event will be 2 1-day events. BFR contracts distributed. Autobahn contracts: SCCR has ACC North contract; J.
Boldt has ACC South contract. Insurance: Except for BFR, insurance is provided by track management. MC has no insurance
liaison, so clubs would have to deal with K & K individually. Harlan will deal with K & K for all BFR events.


M(J.Boldt) & 2(Bunny Snively) to approve renting out T&S services for the VSCDA event at Gingerman on May 6-7 for the usual
equipment fee. Pass.
Milwaukee Mile: GL asks that clubs with races there lock in their dates with deposits. Bennett recommends that any club with
MM races attend a meeting with MM management on Feb. 25 at 10 AM at the track. There will be a Tirewall Day at MM on Apr.
29 starting at 8 AM; all drivers participating will get a coupon for $50 toward a test day on May 19. Non-drivers get free entry to
attend the test day. Negotiations are in progress for spectator possibilities at MM.

M(Belling) & 2(Green) that the MC participate in an internet key words program for 3 months for $300 to advertise the Autocross
program. Pass.

Bunny Snively reported that John Swanson who operates an automotive museum in Iowa wishes to send pamphlets to MC mem-
bers with no cost to the MC. She will approach him for a donation to the worker travel fund. M(Bunny) & 2(Anderson) to allow it
on a one-time-only basis. Pass.

Cassaro will approach BFR about putting an informational MC poster with business cards in the Corner 10 building.

Autocross Committee: Permanent number process is working well. A revised tech sheet was distributed. Concern was expressed
that there is not enough spread between entry fees for members and non-members, so there is little incentive to become a mem-
ber. Clubs should make sure victory laps are given as drivers really like them. Next meeting will be Apr. 8 at 7 PM in Autobahn
tech barn.

Steward Committee: J. Boldt gave the report. Operating Stewards and Stewards-in-Training were approved. Jackson will devel-
op and distribute to stewards a schedule of rotation of race groups and groups for which annual tech stickers will not be honored.
Falconer is reviewing the Steward Manual. Cassaro is investigating options for a secure forum on the website for discussions ad-
dressing peer review. A laptop has been obtained for use by stewards at the track. There will be more enforcement of car number
legibility. Next meeting is on Apr. 2 at 3 PM at Anna Maria’s.                                              continued on Page 4
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Midwestern Council of SCC Boards Meeting Minutes                                             continued
Race Staff Committee: Bunny Snively reported that John Dewey will head up Autocross Tech. Frances Woodson and Judy
Aubey will co-chief Autocross Grid. Donations are requested for the Staff Appreciation Party; LSCC and SCSCC each put in for
$200. Party is open to all, not just staff. Ron White may be willing to be the transponder keeper. Bill Martin reported that the MC
Staff equipment trailer is in Ottawa for some work being done by Bill Franklin Jr. A trailer spare tire was donated by Dan Nicotera
of LSCC. Anticipated buyer for headsets didn’t come through. Next meeting chaired by Gail Hitzemann will be at 2 PM before the
Staff Appreciation Party.

Driver Schools: Entry form will be changed and website info will be tweaked. It might be possible to have a classroom session at
Milwaukee Mile on May 21 in the press room. Bennett will check. Woody Carlson and Chris Streit will be classroom instructors
and Chris McNichol will be backup.

Autocross Schools: Proposed changes include separating the entry from W2W entry, increasing entry fee to $120, allowing twice
as many students to participate, offer instructors track time in the PM, and not requiring students to attend classroom session but
allowing them to get the info and take the test online. M(Belling) & 2(Martin) that Autocross students not be required to attend
the classroom session but be required to complete the online test. Pass. It was suggested that the amount of Autocross students
allowed and the schedule changes be reviewed by the Steward Committee and discussed by clubs.
GCR: Could possibly be out by the first event.
Tech: Bins and stickers will be obtained.
SRF & SREN tires: M(Cassaro) & 2(Bennett) to allow SRF and SREN to run appropriate Goodyear tires. Pass.
Error correction: part # for Spec Renault air filter should be K&N #E-4640.
Proposed class name change of ASR to SP (Super Prod) will be revisited in the fall.
Low participation in several classes, notably VWS, was discussed. It is possible to combine some classes and/or drop some, but
it was noted that one appeal of the MC is that it gives drivers the opportunity to compete in classes that other groups don’t have.
Topic will be revisited at a later time.

SS/IT Committee proposed changes to IT rules to reflect SCCA changes and correct errors and omissions:
1. Restrictor Addition:
92-95 BMW 325i/is (2 and 4 door) 27mm SIR required and must comply to MC GT 17.1.2.F.4.i.5 (or SCCA 17.1.2.F.4.i.10)

2. Weight Changes:

Years   Make              Model            Engine            Old Weight        New Weight
95      Ford              Contour          2544              2870              2730
73-75   Datsun            260Z             2565cc            2605lbs           2480
75-78   Datsun            280Z             2754cc            2731lbs           2505
79-83   Datsun            280ZX            2753cc            2770lbs           2530
79-83   Datsun            280Z 2+2         2754cc            2820lbs           2530
87      Nissan            200 SX V6        2960cc            2885lbs           2725
84-88   Nissan            300ZX 2 Seat     2960cc            2860lbs           2725
87-88   Porsche           924S                               2715lbs           2575
83-88   Porsche           944              2479cc V8         2715lbs           2575
82-85   Toyota            Supra            2759cc            2890lbs           2750

Years   Make              Model            Engine            Old Weight        New Weight
86-89   Acura             Integra          1.6L 16V          2380lbs           2200
90-93   Acura             Integra          1835cc            2480lbs           2595
94-95   Acura             Integra 3-door   1834cc            2555lbs           2620
91-94   BMW               318i E36         1796cc            2840lbs           2600
84-87   BMW               E/ES 2&4 door    2693cc            2750lbs           2550
90-93   Mazda             MX-5 Miata       1597cc            2245lbs           2255
95-98   Mazda             Protégé ES       1839cc            2510lbs           2280
90-93   Mazda             Protégé LX       1839cc            2510lbs           2280
79-85   Mazda             RX-7 (12A)       2292cc            2380lbs           2280
88      Pontiac           Fiero GT V6      2837cc            2780lbs           2600
86-88   Toyota            Celica GTS       1998cc            2615lbs           2500
86-89   Toyota            Corolla GTS 6V   1587cc            2410lbs           2300
85-89   Toyota            MR2              1587cc            2370lbs           2270                         continued on page 5
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Midwestern Council of SCC Boards Meeting Minutes                                              continued
Years   Make              Model             Engine            Old Weight        New Weight
79-93   Ford              Mustang III       2.3 2301cc        2640lbs           2550
88-91   Mazda             MX-6              1997cc            2830lbs           2530
83-84   Toyota            Celica III        2.4 2366cc        2530lbs           2350
83-84   Toyota            Celica III GTS    2366cc            2630lbs           2425
83-84   Volkswagen        Rabbit GTI        1780cc            2180lbs           2080
85-87   Volkswagen        Scirocco          1780cc 8V K-Jet   2270lbs           2130

3. Errors and Omissions:
a. Add 88-91 Civic SI- specs per SCCA 06 GCR- to ITA Class
- 88-91 Honda Civic SI 1590cc 2250lbs 2175

b. Add 88-91 CRX SI- specs per SCCA 06 GCR- to ITA Class
- 88-91 Honda CRX SI 1590cc 2140lbs 2175

4. Cleanup:
a. Remove - duplicate of model- ITA
- 90 Mazda Protégé LX 2510lbs
- 90-93 Mazda Protégé LX 2510lbs

b. Correct model years to 84-87- another change for 06 SCCA GCR- ITA
- 84-85 Toyota Corolla GTS 16V 1587cc 2210lbs

c. Change model year to 91-93- another change for 06 SCCA GCR- ITA
- 93 Volkswagen Jetta III 1984cc 2480lbs

d. Remove - duplicate of model- ITA
- 90-93 Acura Integra 1835cc 2290lbs
- 96-99 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS

M(Cassaro) & 2(J.Boldt) to accept changes. M & 2 to waive automatic rule-change tabling. Pass. Original motion passed. It was
noted that some cars are competing in classes where they are not listed in the GCR. This needs to be checked at annual tech
or at individual races where annual tech is not honored. Procedures need to be reviewed.

Proposed W2W tie-breaking procedures: M(Martin) & 2(Cassaro) that the points tie-breaking rule read: “Ties in the end of the
season standings shall be resolved by the following criteria in the following order: 1) Counting any dropped points finishes,
2)Each driver’s number of first place finishes; then if required second place finishes; third place finishes; etc. for each race the
driver has participated (including a sanctioned points race in which the driver’s points were dropped, 3)If a tie between drivers
cannot be broken by the listed criteria they shall be considered tied for the position in the final standings.” M(Cassaro) & 2(Mar-
tin) to waive automatic tabling. Pass. Motion passed.

Errors & omissions: change Spec Miata front anti roll bar diameter to 27mm from 26 mm for 1999-2005 cars only.

M(Bill Snively) & 2(Berg-Wells) to add wording to driver safety equipment, TA/AX and W2W: Head and neck supports are strong-
ly recommended for all competitors, i.e., Hans device. Pass.

M(Green) & 2(Bunny Snively) to adjourn. Pass. Adjournment at 10:33.

Midwestern Council Annual Tech Inspection - Advanced Autosports March 12th
If you are ready for racing in 2006, your first opportunity to get through Tech Inspection and get that Annual Tech stamp is less
than a week away. Contact Dave Wheeler at 608-313-1230 for details and directions to his new business location in Beloit.
Where: Advanced Autosports
         1928 Whipple Street
         Beloit, Wisconsin 53511
When: Sunday, March 12th, 2005
Starts: 11:00 AM
Web: for details about Dave’s Race Shop.
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 2006 CSCC Awards Banquet At The Milk Pail in Dundee

Gary Weis (left) was presented with the Autosports Gallery framed   Lois Berg Wells (Left) and Frank Hartl were awarded Co-
2005 TLR Event Poster for his role as Steward and Club worker of    Worker of the year honors for 2005.
the event. Many thanks to Steve Robinson for this great award!

CSCC President Michael Schindlbeck (2nd from Left) presented Competition awards to James Smith (Left - Right) for Spec Racer
Ford (SRF), Frank Reimann to honor his previous award of the Hartmann Trophy for his driving performance in 2004. Alden Wells
received an award for his Club performance in Formula Vee (FV). Mike Schindlbeck led the Club points in Club Formula Ford
(CFF) in 2005. Mike also did a nice job with the microphone at the Banquet this year.
                                                                                                 The Downshift - Page 

MC Chief of Grid Bill Milner was awarded “Member     MC and Club Champion in formula Ford (FF) Bruce Weatherston (left)
of the Year for his dedication to the Club and the   receives his CSCC and MC Trophies form Mike Schindlbeck, a fellow
sport in 2005. Thank you Bill!                       open-wheel driver.

Members of the Northern Illinois University FSAE Team took a break from the books and their 2006 car project to enjoy dinner
and some bench racing with other Club members. Kevin, Dave, Eric, and Ryan have a full schedule and busy days ahead as they
prepare for the FSAE competition in May. Prior to dinner, a slide show of pictures from the 2005 FSAE Competition in Pontiac
Michigan were shown.
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Crash Daddy Racing - Expanded Offering of Racing Decals
              Appealing to International and Domestic Racers Alike...
(PRWEB) With the addition of elf fuel racing decals and elf lubricants racing decals,
has expanded its offering to appeal beyond just racers in the United States. Each elf racing decal features the new
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E85 Fuel Is Still (pun) The Answer - But Priced Too High
Jefferson City, MO – E85 refueling locations have more than doubled in the past year, making more availability for
the almost six million compatible vehicles on American roads. Unfortunately, the price at the pump has not been the
most attractive in recent months.
When using E85 in a flexible-fuel vehicle, one will receive a 5 to 12 percent mileage reduction than when using
unleaded gasoline in the same vehicle. This reason is simple – E85 contains less energy, lower British Thermal
Units (BTUs) than regular unleaded gasoline. Thus, to be advantageous for a consumer, the price of E85 must be
lower than that of regular unleaded gasoline. Unfortunately, at this time, the price of E85 is sometimes higher than
regular unleaded at many refueling locations.
What are the factors that are resulting in these high E85 prices? One of the main reasons is that ethanol demand
has recently been at an all-time high. The reasons for this unprecedented demand of ethanol is the phase out of
MTBE in parts of the United States and continued reductions in refining capacity. The hurricanes that hit the Gulf
Coast in late 2005 created a gasoline shortage throughout the country and in some cases, refinery supplies are still
being impacted. Major gasoline retailers needed to extend their fuel supplies, and adding a small percentage of
ethanol to their gasoline blend was a short term answer.
Most persons associated with the industry indicate believe that the high cost of E85 is short term. “The price [of
E85] is higher but it is being driven by market forces due to a short term market shortage. This should rationalize
itself as more production comes on line,” stated Rick Tolman, CEO of the National Corn Growers Association. “E85
has been and will be priced competitively according to market forces. Its production cost is competitive and it does
have a bright long term future.”
Phil Lampert, Executive Director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition agrees, “Ethanol is like any other trans-
portation fuel commodity, prices increase during periods of high demand and decrease as supply increases. The
ethanol industry is going through a time of unprecedented growth and we expect up to two billion gallons of new
production within the next eighteen months. New supplies will result in decreased prices.”
Fuel retailers that are experiencing high E85 prices can work through their marketers or an ethanol plant to enter
into a contract to help stabilize their E85 prices. According to Lampert, several ethanol producers are entering into
agreements with retailers to supply E85 at levels that ensure the pricing will be less than regular unleaded gasoline.
In the meantime, both Tolman and Lampert urge patience with the pricing of ethanol with the assurance that these
historically high prices will be falling soon. To find an E85 fueling facility in your area, visit
To learn more about the National Corn Growers Association, visit
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Northern Illinois University - FSAE Project On Schedule
                                                                     The 2006 NIU entry in the Formula SAE (FSAE)
                                                                  competition is in the build phase, with much of the
                                                                  suspension and chassis currently under final con-
                                                                  struction. Chicagoland Sports Car Club has once
                                                                  again signed on as a sponsor for the team, kicking
                                                                  off the 2006 season with a meeting and pizza break
                                                                  on February 22nd.
                                                                     For 2006, the team is building a completely new
                                                                  car, an evolution of the previous team cars, but with
                                                                  an emphasis on weight reduction. The chassis is
                                                                  on the assembly table getting suspension and ac-
                                                                  cessory tabs fitted prior to final finish welding of all
                                                                  joints. Most of the chassis is fabricated from 1” 4130
                                                                  CrMolly round tubing, with some of the rear differen-
                                                                  tial box fabricated from 1” square tubing.
                                                                     The power for this year’s car will be the familiar
                                                                  Suzuki GSXR 600 motorcycle engine. A normally as-
                                                                  pirated single-stage fuel injection system will replace
                                                                  the 2 stage FI with turbocharged induction used last
                                                                  year. Engine management will utilize the MoTeC
                                                                  electronics. A stainless steel header fabricated for
CSCC President Mike Schindlbeck (left), presented Erik Gotlund    last year’s car will be used for 2006.
(right) with a Sponsorship commitment and hand shake.
                                                                     All aspects of the chassis and suspension have
                                                                  been optimized for minimizing weight, while increas-
                                                                  ing strength, and safety. The front suspension up-
                                                                  rights are fabricated aluminum units which were CAD
                                                                  designed and cut from stock on the Team’s water-jet
                                                                  cutting system at the NIU Lab.
                                                                     In addition to the static and dynamic competition
                                                                  events, the NIU team will present the design attri-
                                                                  butes of the 2006 car to judges, along with the cost
                                                                  accounting and business case supporting the car’s
                                                                  fabrication. In order to prepare for the aspect of the
                                                                  competition, CSCC will meet at NIU in April to partici-
                                                                  pate in a design review and critique of the business
                                                                  case. Tentative plans are to include that as part of
                                                                  the monthly Club meeting on April 26th. The FSAE
                                                                  competition near Detroit will take place on May 18th
                                                                  through May 22. A change of venue from the Pontiac
                                                                  Silver Dome to the Ford Test track further North of
                                                                  Detroit should prove to be pretty interesting. CSCC
NIU FSAE Team Member Ken Benoit demonstrates the seating po-      will once again be represented at the Competition to
sition for the new 2006 chassis.                                  help out where needed.

NIU FSAE Team Member Dan Sotiroff (Left) explains aspects of      The design of the Front suspension upright features a light
the 2006 suspension design to CSCC Club members (L-R) Frank       weight fabricated aluminum assembly. The spindles have
Reimann, Lois Berg-Wells, and Frank Hartl. The car has been de-   not been fitted, but feature conventional cone type bear-
signed with reduced (over 2005) ground clearance.                 ings. The brake caliper mounting is in the foreground.
The Downshift - Page 10

For Sale and Trade                                            Available Now: Tommy Fennell’s Second Edition of the
                                                              classic story of his life, motorsports career, and passion.
Club Member ads are free and may be submitted via             “From A Dirt Floor Garage In Ireland To An American
US Mail, eMail, or by telephone. Non-member and               Retirement” is required reading. This book is available
Commercial ads are $5.00 for 3 months. Contact Larry          now at many of the usual book sellers, Irish Goods stores
Best via phone (847-683-9283) or eMail at LJBEST@             (Woodfield Mall), and other online outlets. If you raced
Foxvalley.Net.                                                with Tommy, get this book and catch up on what was go-
                                                              ing on behind the scenes.
For Sale: 79 Mazda RX-7, Original paint, Stored every
winter, 13b-240 HP rotary engine, Updated and rebuilt         For Sale: Check with Prix Parts for NOS parts used on
5 speed tranny, Rikon aluminum rims w/ 9 inch Hoo-            60’s and 70’s imported cars.
sier slicks. Streetable and wins B-race $4500. Contact        - Brake Rotors, pad & shoe sets
Roger at: 920-788-7292
                                                              - Clutch - pressure plates, disk plates & bearings
For Sale: Very Rare 1955 Mercedes 300SL Shop Man-             - Engine bearings, pistons, valves, etc.
ual. This manual probably won’t last forever - it’s your
chance to get this now. Contact Frank Hartl: 847-382-         - Filters, Air, Fuel, Oil
4388.                                                         - Hydraulics - Brake & Clutch
Wanted: Info. I am still in the process of restoring a        - Water Pumps
1969-71 Formula Ford made by BEATTIE, in Great                Rebuilding Service for:
Britain. Does anyone have any info on this car? I main-
ly am in need of original style body work -- especially       - Carburetors
a nose. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Contact:        - Cooling Fan Motors
Bruce Weatherston 708-957-8322.
                                                              - Ignition Distributors
Garage Sale: One Ford aluminum intake manifold for            - Generators & Starters
fitting a single barrel carb to the 1600 cc crossflow
engine. $10.00 delivered to a meeting. One cast iron          - Wiper motors
exhaust header for the same Ford engine $10.00 deliv-         Sale Specials:
ered to a meeting or BHF. Three metal tube-frame pad-
ded bar stools with backs (need re-covering) $10.00           - Isky Cam Kit for Porsche 914 / 1.8L           $250.00
for all, delivered to a meeting. Contact: Larry Best at       - Porsche 911 Alternator (78-83) 75 Amp         $350.00
                                                              - Porsche 928 Alternator (77-P) 90 Amp          $350.00
For Sale: 1973 Porsche 914 Prod or G.T. - You decide          - Porsche 914 / 1.8L SS Header kit              $350.00
now. Project car. Engine: 1700cc. Many New Parts,
Trans- Axle is a Brad Mayeur rebuild close-ratio box.         Prix Parts, PO Box 39, Wasco, IL. 60183 Phone Ron at
New 19mm master cylinder, rotors, steel lines, and
much more. ALL New Suspension bushing and axle                630-377-3033 or on the web: www.prixparts.homstead.
bearings plus springs, torsion bars, 916 front nose. New      com.
Fender Flares, PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE. To much to
list actually. Finish this car and go racing in the Spring.   For Sale: Parts Counter catalog rack with snap out sec-
Call Phil Paradiso today at: 563-557-9431 or send an          tions approximately 1” wide each. Entire rack is approxi-
email to AJ Paradiso at:                    mately 48” long, and gray in color. This is a must-have
                                                              for keeping stacks of manuals and 3-ring punched books
For Sale: Calling it quits! Selling out all Formula Vee       together. $25.00. Contact Larry or Cathy Best at 847-
items. 1 Citation FV, 1 Zink C4 FV Vintage car. 1 En-         683-1028.
closed Trailer, 1 Open trailer. Fresh rebuild, spare mo-
tor with shipping crate. Numerous spares and tools for
both cars. $18,000.00 for everything - OBO. Call Bill
Milner at 708-768-6063 (Day), or 708-747-1269 (Eve-
ning) for more details.
For Sale: Factory Repair Manual direct From Trollhot-
ten for the Saab Model 96, includes standard and 850cc
MonteCarlo engine versions. Get to the root cause and
fix it right using this manual. Very slightly used, and in
very good condition - given its age. Soft cover binding
and ready to ship or deliver. $32.00 Contact: Larry Best
at 847-683-1028.
For Sale: Back by popular demand! One set (4) of
1994 Ford Mustang alloy wheels. These are the 15” x
6” 3 spoke design. Come with matching center caps
that cover the lug nuts. These wheels also come with
mounted tires that might be good enough to roll your          The 2006 British Car Swap Meet and Auto Jumble held on Feb-
car around in the garage on. $100.00 OBO. If you are          ruary 26th at the Dupage County Fair Grounds featured the
interested in a set of these wheels for your restoration      team of Wally Modelski and Ken Rochocki in the main building.
project, or just like acquiring car related stuff, contact    Ken had a great assortment of motorsports calendars, books,
Larry Best at 847-683-1028.                                   patches, and more. The supply of egg separators is dwindling.
                                                                                     The Downshift - Page 11

	      	      				   Chicagoland Sports Car Club
               1 – 00  Years of Service to the Motorsports Community

                                00 Membership Application or Renewal

Membership Information (CSCC & Midwestern Council)                                   Fee: $.00
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00 Membership Fee Payment Methods
       $35.00 Total for both 2006 CSCC and MC membership                  Enclosed: ________________
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       Use PayPal? Send in this Form and PayPal your Membership Dues to: LJBEST@Foxvalley.Net

CSCC Members receive the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs monthly “Klaxon” Newsletter and the Chicago-
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membership in both organizations.
The Downshift Newsletter
       Published by
Chicagoland Sports Car Club
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203 Jake Lane
Hampshire, IL 60140

                                                              First Class: Address Service Requested

Chicagoland Sports Car Club is a
Proud member of the Midwestern
Council of Sports Car Clubs

Chicagoland Sports Car Club: Next Meeting on March , 00
The March 2006 BOD/General Mem-
bership meeting will be held Wednes-
day, March 22nd, 2006 at John’s Piz-
za in Addison, Il. The BOD Meeting
start time is officially 7:30 PM.

The BOD will meet to review the Club
Business agenda, with the General
Membership meeting following im-
mediately afterward at 8:00 PM. Plan
to come early and enjoy a snack with
some of your Club members.

John’s Pizza is located at 100 East
Lake Street in Addison, IL between
Rt. 83 and Addison Road. An easy
route is to exit I-90 at Rt. 83 (South-   The 2006 Midwestern Council Season will begin on April 8th/9th at the Auto-
bound), proceeding South toward the       bahn Country Club (North Track) near Joliet. Last week, that sounded like a
Lake Street Exit (Route 20). Proceed      long way off, but as we sit today in Early March with snow still coming down,
Westbound on Lake Street approxi-         that date is less than a month away.
mately one mile. John’s Pizza is lo-
cated on the North side of the street.    The event schedule for the season opener will include a Time Attack Auto-
                                          cross on Saturday, April 8th, followed by the first race of the 2006 Wheel to
We will review the 2006 schedule and      Wheel Championship series on Sunday, April 9th. We encourage members
tentative plans for the next several      to make plans now to support this combined Sports Car Club of Rockford
CSCC Club events.                         and Full Throttle Racing Club event.

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