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									    Page 1                            The SEARCHLIGHT                           February, 1957

Vol. IX                            February,1957                        No. 2

                            INTELLECT AND INTUITION
                               By Lydia J. Schrader Gray
           Intellect, or the power of the mind    organized Christian religion has also
    is by definition "a faculty of awareness -    failed to explain more fully the nature of
    steadily expanded through our five            the soul and its evolution.
    senses; the power of knowing or                      We are souls - seeking, ever
    understanding, by the use of our mental       seeking - yearning for the truth.
    powers, or by the reasoning processes of             What has caused our materialistic
    the mind."                                    age? Is is not the lack of the spiritual
           The Edgar Cayce readings define        element in our formal education? Some
    mind as "the active force in inanimate        of us certainly feel that the real goal of
    objects - the spark or image of the           education should lead into the spiritual
    Maker." It always manifests through one       realm where mankind may be lifted or
    of the senses; just as the psychic force is   raised out of the material or objective
    a manifestation of the soul and spirit.       world, into the realm of the spirit where
    This mind of the senses is therefore          higher and truer values are to be found.
    physical.                                            Our modern educational system is
           Now we cannot speak of the mind        the product of mass training of the
    without recognizing its threefold nature:     human mind. But what about the soul,
    conscious,         subconscious        and    which the Readings say is latent in all of
    superconscious yet all are aspects of the     us? It, too, should have its mental
    one force.                                    training, for training of the soul does
           In our educational system today,       come through the mental activity, or
    great emphasis is placed upon the             mind. Such training, as all know, comes
    intellectual faculties. The mind is           through meditation.
    trained through its reasoning powers -               Alice Bailey tells us, "Meditation is
    analysis and deduction - and this             primarily a self-initiated process of
    produced            knowledge          and    education - and calling forth the will."
    understanding.                                This new educational process wells up
           The     subconscious      is    also   from within; meditation is not imposed
    recognized by educators, physicians,          from without. As an educational
    psychologists, and psychiatrists; but         technique, it becomes a system of mind-
    very little about the superconscious is       control leading us into an inner
    studied in our educational system. This       awareness.
    is the reason why so many outstanding                The Readings have stated that
    schools of metaphysical thought have          mind is the factor which is in direct
    sprung up throughout the world. Our           opposition to the will. Mind is the spark
Page 2                            The SEARCHLIGHT                           February, 1957

of the Maker and is in control of the will.   associate with - this is what your soul
Mind is the factor governing the              body becomes. This is the law.”
contention between the physical and                  For if the mind dwells upon
soul, and between the soul and spirit         spiritual things, it follows that the mind
within the individual. Mind, therefore,       becomes what it has dwelt upon ... But if
must direct the will of man, and will         the mind dwells upon self-indulgence,
must first be exercised by seeking a          self-exaltation, selfishness in any form -
higher level of consciousness, or             then it has set itself at variance with the
awareness.                                    First Cause, the mind of God.
       From Alice Bailey we find another             How many of us realize how often
statement well worth our deep                 our minds dwell upon negative thoughts
reflection:                                   and negative attitudes?
"The mind is a mechanism of which the                In his book The Psychology of
brain and nervous system are integral         'Man's Possible Evolution', P. D.
parts It is an aspect of man, which in        Ouspensky places the danger of negative
many is responsive in one direction to        emotions squarely before us. He says:
the world of thought and affairs; but         "One finds many dangerous effects in
which could be equally responsive in          the expression of negative emotions. The
another world of subtle energies and of       term 'negative emotions' means all
spiritual beings."                            emotions of violence or depression: self
       In 'The Mind of Man' compiled by       pity, anger, suspicion, fear, annoyance,
Hugh Lynn Cayce, he suggest that the          boredom, mistrust, jealousy, and so on.
beauty and complexity of the conscious        "These emotions are a terrible
mind cannot be appreciated without            phenomenon They occupy an enormous
some knowledge of anatomy. He                 place in our lives. Of many people it is
recommends 'The Machinery of The              possible to say that all their lives are
Body', by Anton Carlson, M.D., and            regulated and controlled - and in the
Victor Johnson, M.D.; and 'Man the            end ruined - by negative emotions. At
Unknown', by Alexis Carrel. You may           the same time, negative emotions do not
wish to make note of these for further        play any useful part at all in our lives.
study of man's complex mechanism- the         They do not help our orientation; they
mysteries of his energies and faculties,      do not give us any knowledge; they do
                                              not guide us in any sensible manner. On
         Mind is the Builder                  the contrary, they spoil all our pleasures;
      We have this information from the       they make life a burden to to us; and
Readings:                                     they very effectively prevent our possible
      “In the beginning, God created the      development, because there is nothing
heavens and the earth. How? The mind          more mechanical in our life than
of God moved; and matter and form             negative emotions.
came into being. Then mind, in God the               "Negative emotions can never
Father, is the builder. How much more         come under our control. People who
should mind be the builder in the             think they can control their negative
experience of those who have put on           emotions and manifest them whenever
Christ or God! For as he has given: 'Let      they please, simply deceive themselves.
that mind be in you which was in Christ'      Negative emotions depend upon
... What you think - what you put your        identification; if identification         is
mind to work upon, to live with to            destroyed, sometimes they disappear.
Page 3                            The SEARCHLIGHT                          February, 1957

       "The strangest and most fantastic      there must be a better mental and
facts about negative emotions is that         physical reaction. Do not consider so
people actually worship them. I think         much what others should do for you, or
that for an ordinary mechanical man,          to you; but more what you will do for,
the most difficult thing to realize is that   and toward others. And then realize that
his own and other people's negative           all of these must be constructive in their
emotions have no value whatever, and          nature."
do not contain anything noble, anything       Reading 294-183 explains the notion of
beautiful or anything strong. In reality,     constructive attitudes:
negative emotions contain nothing but                 "Think no evil - speak no evil -
weakness, and very often are the              hear no evil! And as the truth flows like
beginning of hysteria, insanity and           a stream of life through the mind in all
crime. The only good thing about them         its phases, so the truth will purify and
is, that being quite useless and              rejuvenate the body."
artificially created by imagination and               We learn more about the action of
identification, they can be destroyed         emotions upon the physical body, from
without any loss. And this is the only        Reading #3246-P-1:
chance of escape that man has."                       “Physical manifestations in the
       What is Ouspensky saying here?         body are the result of the activity of
Simply this: Until we identify our            mind and soul upon those relationships
negative emotions - study them - realize      which exist between individuals and
how they react upon the mind, body and        conditions, or circumstances. Hate,
soul - we will never destroy them,            malice and jealousy bring physical
Ouspensky states also:                        conditions in the physical body, as
"Let us continue with the study of man,       results; just as they do in a state or
not only as an anatomical and                 nation. Change the thoughts and you
physiological mechanism, but as a             will change the effects upon the body!
human being possessed of loves and            Remember the Law - and the Law of the
hates, urges and passions capable of          Lord is perfect. By keeping the mental,
disturbing his soul and his body.”            spiritual and physical laws more in
       What is emotion? Woodworth's           unison of purpose, a more perfect
book on Psychology defines emotion as a       balance is kept in the whole body."
"moved or stirred-up state of mind."                  Then, to know ourself we must
Then negative emotions would seem to          study self - we must dare to "watch self
be a moving or stirring up in directions      pass by." For as another Reading puts it,
contrary to man's best development and        "As you contemplate - as you meditate
growth.                                       as you look within the mind: know that
       The Edgar Cayce readings agree         the mind has many windows." There are
with Ouspensky. Over and over again           three aspects of the mind, or it might be
attention was called to the effect of         said there are many windows through
negative emotions and attitudes upon          which we may view the mind.
the body, mind and soul. This was
explained in Reading #1889:                       Three Windows of the Mind
       "Resentments, animosities, petty             Three windows of the mind, or
jealousies and the like must be               three aspects of it, are the conscious, the
eliminated as much as possible. If there      subconscious and the superconscious.
is to be a better physical force, then        We have referred to the conscious mind
Page 4                             The SEARCHLIGHT                         February, 1957

which is so well trained in our modern         awareness in realms beyond the
educational system What is the                 physical.
subconscious mind ? The Readings state                What are these impulses from the
that:                                          soul mind? Are they not that which we
       “The subconscious mind is that          call intuition? Intuition functions
which lies between soul and spirit forces      through the soul mind, not through the
within the entity. It reached more             reasoning mind or the intellect. Why is
thoroughly when the conscious mind or          intuition so mysterious? It it not because
physical body in subjugation to the soul       it has nothing to do with our conscious
forces. The subconscious mind an               or reasoning mind?
attribute of the soul. It is the mind of the          The Readings gave this answer to
soul. The subconscious mind is better          a seeking soul, who questioned. You may
known as the one which takes care of the       find this, by the way, in the lecture,
body-physical, mental, moral ... which it      'Edgar Cayce as I Knew Him,' in the new
is not able to take care of itself.            edition of 'Children of the New Age'.
       The subconscious is unconscious         Here is the question:
force. This may be seen in every nerve         'How can one know the Infinite?'
end, in every muscular force. The              Answer: "It is not by reason. The Infinite
subconscious action may brought into           is out of the realm of ordinary
manifestation by the continued doing of        reasoning. We can comprehend the
certain acts in the physical plane, so that    Infinite only by faculty in the psychic
the body becomes unconscious of doing          force, or soul force."
what it does. For example, learning to                Note that whenever the word
drive a car. With our conscious mind we        'psychic' came through Mr. Cayce~ it
learn the skill, and eventually driving        was always followed by the phrase, "or
becomes a subconscious act.                    soul force," for psychic means soul. To
       To summarize the activity of the        continue the Reading:
subconscious: the Readings state that          "If we abuse our psychic faculties or if
the subconscious mind is an attribute of       we allow them to be ridiculed, then we
the soul; it is the unconscious mind of        build a barrier to prevent those faculties
the physical body which controls the           (latent within each individual) from
natural functions of the body. It is also      developing toward the Infinite.”
related to the superconscious mind, the               If we have a proper conception of
mind the soul; and it acts as a channel        the meaning of psychic, then we know it
through which impulses come to the             is a faculty which exists, has always
physical body - from the soul mind             existed and is ours by birthright,
                                               because we are sons and daughters of
     The Superconscious Mind                   God. We have the ability to make
       Now let us examine another              association with the Spirit, for God is
window        of    the     mind,      the     spirit, and seem such to worship Him.
superconscious. This, the Readings tell               This ability to make association
us, pertains to the spiritual entity in its    with the spirit is another function of the
entirety. It reawakes of the Universal, in     mind - another window looking towards
that it holds a higher concept of God's        God! The association, of course, may be
laws and their application. It is the mind     made      through      daily   meditation.
which travels with the soul, in its            Intuition is, then, another window. It is
journeys through many states of                true that many of us are more intuitive
Page 5                            The SEARCHLIGHT                         February, 1957

than others; and no doubt this spiritual      way. For God, the giver of all good and
gift has been carried over from past          perfect gifts, who metes to every soul its
lives. For remember, all that man has         companionship in its material activities
built down through the ages is stored in      - He guides and keeps those who, in
the superconscious or soul mind, and in       sincerity, seek to know His way,
the glandular cells of his body.              irrespective of other influence that may
       Here is a Reading which refers to      be about the body.
an Atlantean sojourn. The answer given               “Hence, in thy governing, thy
shows that this man may have earned           guiding and thy guarding such forces or
some special degree of intuition which        powers which may arise and manifest
he now manifests:                             through the body's activities: keep the
Q—"Did the entity at that time develop        body and mind and soul in attunement
any psychic abilities?"                       with the spheres, of celestial forces,
A—"He developed intuitive influences,         rather than of earthly forces. Listen to
which were the greater thought or             that which is as the music of the spheres
activity."                                    - that voice which promises, 'Let others
       The Readings gave that the             scoff, let others laugh. Know in self that
Atlanteans were a 'thought-people'—           He has promised to be thy God, thy
those with intuitive ability. Hence our       protector and help, in every time of
interpretation is that the entity             trouble.'” 255-L-2
developed then what is termed intuition,             When you know, and do not know
today. "At the mere mention of an             how you know, accept what you know as
incident or fact, the entity at               your soul mind's guarding and guiding
the present time often sees the end,          you. For if we question our intuition, if
without knowing just how he knows, or         we try to reason with our mental
without being able to give definite           faculties - as the Readings have so often
details. Most often it is correct."           stated - we are causing a barrier which
       The faculty of intuition is so often   prevents our latent faculties from
misunderstood. Psychic, or soul forces        developing.
are so often misunderstood! Psychic                  There are many degrees of
refers to the soul mind, or the soul body,    intuition. Our hunches are perhaps a
rather than to mental activities. Note the    degree of it. You change your mind
explanation in this Reading:                  suddenly for no reason at all. I
       Q - "Suggest how the entity may        remember experiencing such a sudden
train self at the present time, in the        change of mind. I had planned to take
study and use of this intuitive sense."       take a certain train from Boston to New
       A - “Train intuition? How, then,       York. Suddenly, I changed my plans. My
would you train electricity . . . except as   soul mind was guarding me. I did not
to how it may be governed! Let self           realize this at the time. The train I had
adhere to those thoughts and activities       planned to take was wrecked!
of the mental mind as well as . . . of the           So listen, and train yourself to
body which allow spiritual truths to          listen to the voice within. Do not
come through! No, not train, but govern!      question. That faculty of knowing and
Govern by being sure that mind and            feeling will grow; for it also must be
body and all influences - do not develop      recognized, then exercised. Through
away from the ideals and purposes set         intuition, the soul is guiding and
before self. Then, do develop in such a       directing the mind. For the mind
Page 6                           The SEARCHLIGHT                          February, 1957

receives illumination from the soul, in      mistrusts them."
the form of ideas, or of intuitions which           Dr. C. J. Jung concedes that
convey exact and direct knowledge - and      intuition is an extra-conscious mental
often protection.                            process of which we are, from time to
                                             time, dimly aware.
           A Fourth Window                          Then how may we open, become
       We could logically call intuition     more aware of this fourth window of the
the fourth window of the mind, if the        soul mind? The Readings said, you
other three are the conscious,               remember, that we cannot train
subconscious       and     superconscious    intuition but we can govern or control it.
minds. Let me quote from 'Four               And we can do this by living up to our
Dimensional Vistas' by Claude Bragdon,       ideals and purposes, day by day. To do
in which he contrasts common sense           this, we need daily meditation and
with intuition:                              prayer, which link the conscious, the
       "Common sense, immersed in the        soul minds and God.
mere business of living, knows no more              In the chapter on Meditation, in
about life than a fish knows about water.    'the Search For God,' a way is given. It is
The play of reason upon phenomena            not the only way, but a safe way.
dissects life. The pure logic of                    Meditation, then, is simply a way
mathematics ignores life, leading away       to enable man to become outwardly
into cold, free regions of its own, Now      what he is really in his inmost self.
our desire for freedom is not to vibrate     Meditation helps him identify himself
in a vacuum, but to live more                with his soul self, and not with his lower
abundantly. Intuition deals with life        or material self. Meditation unfolds his
directly, and introduces us into life's      reasoning consciousness towards the
own domain: it is related to reason as       opening of many other windows of the
flame is related to heat. All of the great   mind.
discoveries in science, all of the great            The poets have long known this:
solutions in mathematics have been the       Longfellow, Keats, Shelley, Whittier
result of a flash of intuition, after long   Emerson, Browning, Whitman – to
brooding in the mind. Intuition              mention a few. No better way could be
illumines!                                   found to sum up our thinking about
       "Intuition is therefore the light     Intellect and Intuition than by quoting
which must guide us into that                Browning's beautiful words about truth.
undiscovered country conceded by             This is from his poem, Paracelsus:
mathematics, questioned by science,                 Truth is within ourselves; it takes
denied by common sense - the fourth          no rise
dimension."                                         From outward things, whate'er
       Remember, we refered to this as       you may believe
the fourth window of the mind, and the              There is an inmost centre in us all
Reading said the mind has many                      Where truth abides in fulness; and
windows !                                    around,
       And LeComte duNouy in 'Human                 Wall upon wall, the gross flesh
Destiny' has this to say about intuition:    hems it in . . . and to know
       “Action follows conviction, not              Rather consists in opening out a
knowledge. Man does not yet know all         way
the resources of his intuitions, and still          Whence the imprisoned splendor
Page 7                            The SEARCHLIGHT                        February, 1957

may escape,                                        Supposed to be without.
     Than in effecting entry for a light

                             From The Readings
       "As to astrological aspects: these worth while.
are chosen with the desire and purpose             "In this respect, also, there is a
which come from honest seeking. Then lack of spiritual outlook, because of the
we find Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all fright, or the fear of what other will
being a helpful experience for the say ... in relationships to those around
entity . . . but know that these are merely self and its spiritual life …
indications, tendencies and trends                 "The entity, before this, was in the
which would be well to follow at this French land ... and then was a musician,
particular period of the experience.         but was cut short in its effort because of
       "In Venus, we find musical talents associations. Thus in the present it is
and abilities yet a demure, quiet and required that the entity first determine
fearful individual. These traits arising, ., what she would like friendships and
more from conditions experienced in the associations ... to mean and to be in the
material plane, yet . . . these will require experience, from a spiritual approach to
that the entity plan to make itself affable material activities. Then the entity
in its acquaintances and in its desires to should set about to plan and to make
be of actual service to others, as maybe just that for the experience of its friends
indicated        from    the     Jupiterian and associates - be they kinsmen, mere
influences. Again, this may at times friends, or acquaintances. For those who
seem to require a forwardness which is show themselves friendly have friends.
so latent as to appear almost nil, at Those who make themselves loved are
times. For the entity becomes self- lovely to others and thus companionship
conscious. All the more reason, then, is sought."
why the entity should lose itself in its           Q-6 "What is my I.Q.?"
work and in making for others what the             A-6 "This would depend upon the
entity would consider happy, joyful basis from which judged. It is sufficient
experiences . . . For knowing and for all requirements, if you will only
learning the spiritual law - applying it - apply yourself - first from the spiritual
letting the mental dwell upon it - these and mental, then from the material
will bring experiences of greater angle.” 2323-L-1
harmony. They will make the life more


         NOTE: This is a REPRINT of a former monthly publication of the
                Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.

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