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									                                      Mixed Breed Dog Club of California

                                      mutt muster
Spring Issue                                                                                                   May 2007

                                                     My Li’l Mutt Candy. . . By Sara Cois
 Special points of in-                       Ever since I can re-   with Tri-Valley Animal         her, Candy, and even if
       terest:                        member when my parents        Rescue, so we decided to       she was supposed to be for
                                      asked what I wanted as a      check out the adoption         my brother, I eventually
• 27 Rally Legs were earned from
                                      gift, my first answer was     fair.                          started teaching her the
                                      "a dog!" Then when I was                                     basics at home because
• 8 Rally titles were earned from     12, my mom became preg-          As soon as we got there     there was no possible way
  January—April!                      nant with my little sister    they told us that the
• Spring Fling is June 10th!          and she decided that we       puppy got adopted
  “Entry form” on Pages 16-17         might as well get a dog       and when we looked
                                      since, as she put it, "she    around no dog ap-
• Keep practicing those new
  tricks to show off at the Spring    was going to be stuck at      pealed to us.       But
  Fling.                              home anyway." As soon as      this foster lady came
                                      I got that answer I started   out with 6 dogs need-
• Next issue—do you know if
  your houseplants are poisonous      searching every site on       ing someone to hold
  to your dog?                        which dog would be the        this 5 month old bor-
                                      best.                         der collie because it
• Please send in your ballot on
  page 19 for club elections or                                     was shaking and
  use an e-ballot!                       We wanted the perfect      could run out on the
                                      dog: one that did not shed    street.    My dad of-
                                      much, did not have a long     fered to help, so of
                                      coat, did not need a lot of   course we are all around               Candy
                                      exercise, was smart, and      this poor little shaking dog
                                      not too big or too small.     afraid of everything be-       we could go to a training
                                      Ironically, the first breed   cause she was abused.          class.
                                      we ruled out was a border
   Inside this issue:                                                  Even if she was only at
                                      collie because of the con-                                      Slowly, with exposure,
                                      stant need of attention.      the foster home for 2 days     she was able to walk on a
Contacts                          2   Searching Petfinder, we       we decided to take her         street calmly, and go into
                                      saw this adorable puppy       home.      We decided to
                                                                                                              (Continued on page 14)
                                                                    keep the name they gave
President’s Message               2
                                                        Meet Maddie!                By Madeline Dobbs
Welcome New Mem-                  3
bers/                                    My name is Madeleine Dobbs but             playing with children, balls and other
Brags                             4   they call me Maddie. I am a Cocker/           dogs, in that order. My other favorite
                                      Standard Poodle (Cockapoo) and I was          thing is going to school. I attend Town
                                      adopted by my parents, George and             and Country Dog Training every
Candidate Statements              7   Melinda Dobbs, when I was 5 months            Wednesday and I love it! I get to visit
                                      old. I am now 18 months old. They             with other dogs and jump over
Behind the Clipboard              8   said I was a very happy girl from the         things. My teachers are really nice! I
 by Ann Dahlin                        minute they got me and my tail hasn't         even qualified for the Canine Good
                                      stopped wagging since (well, except           Citizen on my first try. Apparently, I
Mini-Mutt Match Photos            9   when Mom wants to brush me)!                  s u r p r i s e d     e v e r y o n e !
                                         My very favorite things to do are                                    (Continued on page 14)

         Spring 2007                                    Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                  Page 1
 President’s Message                   From Betsy Jones, Smedly & Happy               (

   It's time once again to             something fun for every-            tion and events. So cast
start practicing bobbing for           one!                                your ballot, let your voice be
hot dogs.     June 10, the                                                 heard at the meeting, and
                                          It's also the occasion
Spring Fling date, is right                                                most importantly: have fun
                                       for our an-
around the corner. We'll                                                              with your dogs at
                                       nual electionour
have the usual assortment                                     Club Website:           the       Spring
                                       and general
of games, a practice Rally                 New Members!
                                       meeting. We       Fling.    See you
course, a few Agility obsta-                                                          then!
                                       need your in- update your
                                           (Remember to
cles to play with, a great
                                           2007 welcome Roster!)
                                       put and Membership your ideas
potluck lunch, and our
                                       for our Club's future direc-
White Elephant Raffle -

        In Sympathy                    15, 2007. You got to ride in the front
                                       passenger seat just like you always did.
                                                                                    to all out dog fights, but we survived.
                                                                                       You had many responsibilities while
                                           My darling Dolly, I brought you home     you were with our family: doorbell, mail
                                       today. I put you with our other beloved,     fetcher, doorbell, cheese carrier, door-
                                       departed pets, Scott E., Rufus, Bud E.       bell, cookie monster, doorbell, vacuum
                                       and Frisk E. Now my beloved “Dolly           cleaner. No matter where you were in
                                       Nugs” has left us and is waiting for me      the house, you always heard the UPS and
                                       on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.     Fed Ex truck. No one came to our lanai
                                           I can still remember that day I first    without your making sure the whole
                                       saw you. I was working at the Hawaii         neighborhood knew we had company –
                                       Island Humane Society as a volunteer         who needed a doorbell!
                                       and someone drove up with a cattle              Then came that fateful day in Janu-
                                       trailer and you were tied in the back. I     ary, 2006 when we found out that you
                                       knew you were going to be mine – no mat-     had thoracic cancer. Daddy & I had a
                                       ter what.                                    very big decision to make. We could try
We were sorry to hear about the loss      Home you came, to join the rest of        chemotherapy or put you to sleep. Your
of Sandy and Edwin Coit’s Dolly        our pack (Freckles, Sweet E & Bud            doctor advised that she had had dogs
Nugs                                   E.). First thing to go were the awful        with the same cancer on chemotherapy
                                       dreadlocks. My goodness -there actually      that lasted about 10 months before the
                                       was a beautiful female, Sheepdog/Akita       cancer came back. We decided to try
  My Darling Dolly Nugs                mix under all the hair.                      the chemotherapy – we’re so glad we
                                           It took a little bit of time for Sweet   did. Yes, it was very expensive; yes, it
My Darling Dolly:                      E. to accept another girl in our life but    was time consuming having to drive 15
                                       she did. Oh yes, we sure did have our                                 (Continued on page 12)
  I brought you home today, January
                                       share of disagreements, growling right

        Spring 2007                               Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                    Page 3
    Editor’s Message                            Brags Request                              I was relieved to see neither she
     Welcome to strange Spring               Want to tell the world how great          nor Chewie wanted to make an April
weather! It will be interesting to        your dog is? Or share something that         Fool out of me and they paid atten-
see what our summer has in store          you’ve accomplished? Tell US! We             tion quite well. Chewie is on Lucky's
for us. I’m sure it can’t be as bad as    love to hear about and share any             heels with 9 RAE legs and we are hop-
the barn– burner we had last July at      brags, large or small, dog-related or        ing to have an RAE for him by sum-
CPE in Sunnyvale.                         not!                                         mer.
                                          E-mail me (Kitty) your tales of won-            I had to fill you in on Lucky's lat-
    I think all dog owners should keep
                                          der (or snail-mail) and everyone will        est adventure. As you may know she
their eyes and ears open—AB1634.
                                          be glad you did! Be sure to include:         is a Martinez Animal Shelter res-
Is it a good law? Will there still be
                                               Member Name                             cue. A couple months ago the Contra
mixed breed dogs for us in 20 years
                                               Dog’s Name                              Costa Animal Services Volunteer Pro-
or will we have to go out of state or
                                               Event and Date                          gram Manager came to ask me about
get an Ecuadorian greyhound? Don’t
                                               Accomplishment                          Lucky and life after the shelter.
laugh. People are rescuing dogs in
                                          Photos are also welcome                          I received a copy of the April Con-
other countries and bringing them
                                                                                       tra Costa Animal Services Volunteer
here and finding homes for them. As
                                                                                       Newsletter in the mail this week and
if our shelters don’t have enough
dogs needing homes! If you have an        On to the Brags:                             there is a full page article on Lucky
                                                                                       and how much rescue dogs can offer
opinion on one side or the other of
                                                                                       and accomplish.
this bill, write your legislators. This
one affects us all—purebred and                                                          They talk about the Mixed Breed
mixed breed owners. My personal                                                        Club and how the notion of pure bred
opinion is that we should not allow                                                    dogs being the best competitor is
pet shops to sell dogs (only have res-                                                 shifting due to clubs like this helping
cue fairs). Pet shops don’t do the                                                     make the "All American" a recognized
background check/home check and                                                        breed.
they certainly don’t take the dog                                                         I hope it inspires more rescues. I
back if it doesn’t work out. I know—                                                   am so proud of what my Lucky does in
Rex’s sister Diva is from a pet store                                                  competition and out!
via a breeder in Iowa. She was cute                                                       Chewie did not want his sister to
while she was little and not so hairy.                                                 outdo him so he finished his RAE
And now look at her! Luckily she now      From Betsy Jones and Smedly:                 this weekend which I believe makes
has a forever home.                                                                    him the second Mixed Breed RAE but
                                          At SMART we finished our Advanced
                                                                                       I know Pablo and Dawn are very close!
   While you are in the mood to           (P-2) Snooker title with a nice run
                                                                                           I have another very exciting brag
speak up and let your opinions be         and first place. We also got our first
                                                                                       for Lucky:
known, don’t forget to vote. We           Q in the Masters ring with a first in
                                          P-2 Standard, and took first in P-2              CPE is the dog agility venue we
have e-voting so it can’t be easier!
                                          Pairs. Ironically, we N-Q'd our other        trial under (stands for Canine Per-
   Remember to keep yourself and          3 classes, so we either got first or         formance Events) with members all
your best buddy well hydrated!            NQ. On to WAG for the next 2                 around the country and Canada
                                          weekends to try to finish our level 4        too! We just saw the top ten scoring
                  Kitty Norwood & Rex                                                  results for the year 2006 posted on
                                          title before the rules change in July.
                                                      their website. This means these dogs
                                          From Terry Hawkins:                          earned the most points over the en-
                                                                                       tire year in qualifying runs. A clean
Thanks go to Mary Ann Sorich for taking   Of course I can't let the opportunity        standard run earns 25 points and a
the photos at the Mini-Mutt Match!
                                          go by to brag about my Lucky who             clean jumpers run earns 20 points for
                                          finished her RAE2 on Sunday April            reference.
Thanks go to Ann Dahlin for doing the
article on Bea Moore. Bea must have       1st. She has run 49 Rally courses
                                                                                          Lucky came in 3rd place for 2006
single-handedly sent the club 5-6 new     never missing a Q to get through all
                                                                                       with 2785 points!
members in the last few months! Thanks,   previous titles and to complete this
Bea, for your support!                    prestigious title and I am so proud of                              (Continued on page 5)

        Spring 2007                               Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                    Page 4
         SUMMER Dog Birthdays
                                                                                 JUNE Birthday Dog
                     June, July, August                         9   years:   Dorothy Angus’ Cheyenne, June 15, 1998
                                                                6   years:   Mary Palumbo’s Snickers, June 1, 2001
                                                                5   years:   Penny Robinson’s Sparky, June 2002
                                                                5   years:   James & Lisa Seltmann’s Cody, June 4,
                                                                4 years:     Lauren Waters’ Mike, June 1, 2003

                                                                                   JULY Birthday Dog

                                                                3 years: Alora Bell’s Bear, July 6, 2004
                                                                2 years: Mary Lou Field’s Lola, July 10, 2005
     Canine Senior Citizens (10+ years old):
Special Birthday Wishes to our Summer Canine Seniors!                       AUGUST Birthday Dogs
                                                                9 years: Kelley Filson’s Amigo, August 16, 1998
11 years: Margaret & Bill Reed’s Brindle, July,
      1996                                                      7 years: Ann Dahlin’s Boe, August 1, 2000
11 years: Christina Blanco's Ginger, August 3,
      1996                                                      4 years: Sara Cois’ Candy, August 1, 2003

                                                Brags, cont.
(Continued from page 4)                      The Little Black Dogs and I had a         bad for an 11 year old pokey Princess.
                                          rough weekend thanks to several stupid           Our next three trials are USDAA
   What is most impressive is that Lucky handler errors on my part. Good thing         (where Sparkle will attempt to do more
ran 2006 in the Championship "C           dogs can't drop their humans off at the      brave teeters and earn her first Q ever
Level" which allows no mistakes whatso- Pound! But we did have a few Q's and           in Starters Standard) and then we will
ever (a dropped bar, re-entry to weaves some great brags.                              be at both CPE trials in May.
or 1 second overtime all NQ).                Sparkle moved one Standard Q
   I am so proud of my little Mixed       closer to her C-ATCH and (paws and fin-
Breed Rescue that has far exceeded any gers crossed) might finish this
of my expectations!                       spring. She was (mostly) brave on the
                                          teeters, our nemesis. She also took first
                                          place in both Snooker runs and in Full
From Arlene Watson and the
Wee Rescue Mutts:
                                             Scully's Q on Saturday's Snooker
    Just a quick report from the Bay
                                          course finished her ExSN, Extraordi-
Team CPE trial last weekend. (March
                                          naire Snooker. This means she has Q'd
24/25). There were lots of MBDCers
                                          30 times in Level C Snooker. On Sunday
there including club president Betsy
                                          judge Art Malott set up a very tough
Jones with Smedly, back after a six
                                          USDAA style Jackpot gamble requiring
month hiatus from competition. Betsy
                                          obstacle discriminations, turn aways and
has really been working on her handling
                                          a change of line. 70 level 4, 5 and C dogs
and it showed with a lovely Q on a tricky
                                          attempted the challenge and 5
Snooker course.
                                          passed. Scully was one of the 5! Not

            Spring 2007                              Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                 Page 5
                 Legs and Titles (Recorded thru April 2007)
Obedience:                                                                           18th Leg RAE
  1st Leg Novice:
                                                                              Terry Hawkins’ Lucky
Melanie and Chris McNeil’s Yogi-181
Fran Bryan’s Solana- 191.5
                                                                                     19th Leg RAE
  2nd Leg Novice:
                                                                              Terry Hawkins’ Lucky
Fran Bryan’s Solana- 185.5
Dawn Bushong’s Penny-183.5
                                                                                     20th Leg RAE
   3rd Leg Novice & MB-CD:               3rd Leg Advanced & MB-RA:
                                                                              Terry Hawkins’ Lucky
Fran Bryan’s Solana- 192.5            Dawn Bushong’s Penny-82
Dawn Bushong’s Penny-194              Jackie Phillips’ Scout-83

                                         1st Leg Excellent:
   Obedience Champion Points
                                                                                 CPE-CL3-S, CL4-F, CL4-H, CL4-S
John Sudler’s Freddie                 Dawn Bushong’s Penny-71

                                      Jackie Phillips’ Scout-83               Terry Hawkins’ Chewie
                                                                                      CPE CL4
                                        2nd Leg Excellent:
                                      Jackie Phillips’ Scout-77               Arlene Watson’s Sparkle
   1st Leg Novice:
                                                                                     USDAA AR, JM, AG, AS
                                         1st Leg RAE
Jan Frias’ Sarah-70
                                      Dawn Bushong’s Pablo                    Arlene Watson’s Sparkle
Nicole Berrera’s Cherry Pie-85
                                                                                     USDAA AKD-Silver, APD, AJD
   2nd Leg Novice:
                                         2nd Leg RAE                          Arlene Watson’s Scully
Ann Dahlin’s Boe-85
                                      Dawn Bushong’s Pablo                    Which leaves Arlene’s dogs with these
Ann Dahlin’s Penny-94                                                         titles before and after their names:
Jan Frias’ Sarah-89                                                           Diamond in the Rrruff MB-RA AS JM
                                         3rd Leg RAE                          AG AR CL4
Nicole Berrera’s Cherry Pie-81
                                      Dawn Bushong’s Pablo                    ADCH APD C-ATCH UCD MB-Ch Spe-
   3rd Leg Novice & MB-RN:
                                                                              cial Agent Dana Scully MB-CDX MB-
Ann Dahlin’s Boe-75                                                           RA RCH-Bronze SCH-Bronze SACH
                                         4th Leg RAE                          TM-Bronze ACK-Silver AJD EAC EGC
Ann Dahlin’s Penny-94                                                         EJC CGC
                                      Dawn Bushong’s Pablo
Jan Frias’ Sarah-92                                                           The only question is: Is Scully the
                                         (Advanced-98/Excellent-93)           most titled Mixed Breed? Ed.
   1st Leg Advanced:
                                         8th Leg RAE
Dawn Bushong’s Penny-91
                                      Terry Hawkins’ Chewie
   2nd Leg Advanced:
Dawn Bushong’s Penny-93
                                        9th Leg RAE
Jackie Phillips’ Scout-89
                                      Terry Hawkins’ Chewie
Nicole Berrera’s Cherry Pie-81

         Spring 2007                            Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                Page 6

                                CHAPTER ELECTION TIME – GLORIA McCLAIN, Election Proctor
Please review the following Candidate Statements and complete the enclosed Ballot to vote for your 2007-2008 Board Representatives. Gloria
McClain has once again agreed to be our proctor. Ballots may be submitted to Gloria by either:

              US Mail: Postmarked no later than Wednesday, JUNE 6th, 2007. (Use Ballot at end of Newsletter).

              In Person: by 11:00am at the Spring Fling, Sunday, JUNE 10th, 2007.

              E-voting—you will receive an e-ballot from Margaret Reed and Gloria McClain


                                CANDIDATE STATEMENTS:
For President, BETSY JONES: I've been a member of MBDC of CA since 1986 and currently have two dogs: Smedly, a
Border Collie/Aussie mix and Happy, a Cocker Spaniel mix. Smedly & I compete in Agility and Rally. Happy, a recent rescue, is still
learning the basics and aspiring towards Rally competition. I have a strong commitment to shelter/rescue dogs, especially Mixed
Breeds, and to our Club. I look forward to serving the Club as President for another year if elected.                                  .
For Vice President, KITTY NORWOOD: I've been a board member of MBDC of CA for two years. Rex, my lab/herding
mix with attention problems, has earned his MB-RA and one leg on his C.D. and has finished Level 1 CPE. I enjoy working on club
events and want to work on membership retention.

For Secretary, CINDY SOHRENSSEN: I’d be proud to be on the Board again. I will do my best to keep learning some-
thing new at every match, meeting, etc. It’s never boring! Please vote to keep me in the loop.

For Treasurer, TERRY BEARDSLEY: I have been a member of the MBDC of Ca since 1999. I currently have a GSD –
Hackett and a Mixed Breed - Raleigh. I am a CGC Evaluator. I have been Treasurer of the San Lorenzo Dog Training Club since
2000. I have served on the board (one year as vice-president) of the Mixed Breed Dog Club of California for the last 5 years.
For Board Members-at-Large:
CHRIS BLANCO: My name is Christina Blanco. I am running for a position on the MBDC of CA Board. I served the last two
years and would love the chance to serve another year. Please consider me when you cast your vote. Thank you very much!

DAWN BUSHONG: I've been a member of the MBDC of CA since 2004, and a board member since 2005. I currently have
two dogs who I actively show in MBDCA Obedience and Rally: Pablo (Pablo Angus Bushong MB-UD MB-RE CGC), and Penny (Fuzzy
Logic's A Penny Saved MB-CD MB-RA CGC). Pablo is a lab /shepherd / chow / who-knows-what mix adopted from the Oakland
SPCA at about one and a half years old, and is currently working on his MB-RAE(4/10ths of the way there!). Penny is some kind of
shepherd /aussie/ border collie / something cute mix adopted from Smiley Dog Rescue at about 4-5 months old, and is currently in
training for Open Obedience and working on Rally Excellent. I enjoy serving on the board, as it lets me be more involved with the
Club and help find ways to hold more events and reach more prospective members.

ANN DAHLIN: I have two mixed breed dogs. I joined the MBDC last summer in 2006. Retired from agility and semi-retired
from disc, my dogs have gone on to earn their rally novice titles. We are currently working towards advanced rally and novice obe-
dience. Doing these activities has made me interested in helping more with the Mixed Breed Dog Club. I would be happy to serve on
the board.

JACKIE PHILLIPS: I have been on the board for the past year, and I would be honored to be on the board again for the new
year. I have enjoyed working with everybody on the board and in the club to make the Mixed Breed Dog Club of California the best
it can be. I look forward to another productive and interesting year.

LUCY RASMUSSEN:                I am a retired scientist from Stanford Medical School. During my professional career, I developed a severe allergy
to animal hair. Luckily, my Ozzie, a labradoodle, jumped right into my heart and didn’t bother my allergies. As Ozzie and I proceeded through our
training, it became evident that I would like to have some acknowledgement of his progress. I was delighted to find that this could be done in the
MBDCA. As we have participated in events, it has become quite clear that the fellowship and good-heartedness of the members that I have met is
something very special. The commitment to betterment of a doggie’s life is remarkable and I am proud to be a member of this group. There is
nothing that would please me more than to join a group of like-minded individuals who are sincerely interested in giving their dogs the chance to be
all that they can be and at the same time work towards educating the public about the responsibilities of dog ownership. I would be honored to be
considered for a position on the MBDC of CA Board.

            Spring 2007                                       Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                           Page 7
Behind the Clipboard, An Interview with Obedience and Rally Judge Bea Moore
WHY BEA?                                         By Ann Dahlin                        course, I just lost Ember, so now its
                                                                                      just one dog. My dogs have gone with
I chose to interview Bea for a few
                                         was very difficult for him, because he       me to Alzheimer's units and to senior
reasons: First, all us MBDC of CA
                                         was a natural petter. You know, all he       day care centers. My dogs are also
members who have her as an instruc-
                                         did was pet dogs. He didn't train            my companions and are members of
tor agree that she is very knowledge-
                                         them... When we were competing,              my household. They are at my side
able in what she teaches and she con-
                                         we'd go to a trial and I'd line up all       most of the time and also go traveling
stantly encourages mixed-breed own-
                                         my friends along side of the ring and        with me whenever I travel. I don’t
ers to try their hand at competition.
                                         I'd put Larry behind them. This way,         board my dogs.
In all the classes I've had with her,
                                         she'd have to go through them be-
she's encouraged mixed breed owners                                                   Q: Do the dogs like being a Therapy
                                         fore she got to him. The other thing
to join the MBDC of CA if they have-                                                  Dog?
n't already.
                                                                                      Bea: They love it. They just love it.
INTERVIEW                                                                             They just sit there and let people pet
                                                                                      them. They get to do tricks and just
Q: Did you have any particular train-
ers that you worked with a lot or
trained with a lot?                                                                   Q: Do you have any particular books
                                                                                      or literature that you like?
Bea: The most influential trainer I
ever had was Rosalie Alvarez. I have                                                  Bea: ...I don't have any particular
known and trained and worked under                                                    books...I have picked up a lot of in-
her and with her in obedience since                                                   formation from a lot of people over
1985.                                                                                 the years. I've just come to my own
                                                                                      conclusions. I work with as much posi-
Q: How about tracking you started
                                                                                      tive reinforcement as possible. I
in ...?
                                                                                      don't ever want my dogs to fear
Bea: I started in 1994 with tracking                                                  me...I don't make my dogs look at me.
and my most influential trainer there    Bea with her dogs, Ember, who has now        All I expect is for my dogs to listen
was Barbara Adcock. She was my                  passed on, and Journey.               to me... “I am not mean to my dogs,
mentor for tracking as Rosalie was my                                                 but I do mean what I say – their lives
mentor for obedience.                                                                 may depend on it!” This is a quote
                                         that I'd have to do was to make sure
                                                                                      that I fully support that was made by
                                         Larry was stationary and didn't move
Q: Which was your first dog for com-                                                  Rosalie Alvarez
                                         when we were in the ring. I mention
petition obedience?
                                         this to many of my students and it           Q: That kind of leads into my next
Bea: My first Golden Retriever. Her      really does work. If you come with           question. If you were to classify your
name was Au. Capital A and little “u”    somebody that your dog loves, that           training type between traditional,
like the chemical term for gold. She     person has to sit in a chair and not         positive, clicker, or ecollar, where
was my Novice dog and she got a Util-    move from the moment you leave               would you put your own training?
ity title, a UD. The reason I started    them, go into the ring, and come back.
training her was because she was my      Your dog will know if they move when         Bea: Yes, positive. However, I don't
husband's dog and I needed to get        your dog is in the ring. If you bring        use or recommend using clickers. I
close to her. She automatically          someone to a Workshop or any com-            believe that praising with your voice
picked him as her buddy in the family.   petition that the dog loves, this per-       is much more effective. Most people
I took her to training so she would      son should also come to training ses-        have problems with this, because of
bond with me. But it was not easy!       sions so they learn to train with that       the timing. It takes a lot of concen-
When I'd go into the ring, she'd run     person present.                              tration, but the end result is well
out of the ring and go over to Larry.                                                 worth it. It's a happy sound and also
                                         Q: What do you do with your dogs             helps your dog to listen to your voice
He had to learn to stay neutral and
                                         when you're not competing with
not acknowledge her. Then I'd have
                                         them?                                        Q: Ok, and the same would be for
to go get her and bring her back into
the ring and keep training her. Which    Bea: They are therapy dogs. Of                                      (Continued on page 11)

        Spring 2007                              Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                     Page 8
   Mixed Breed Dog Club of California Mini-Mutt Match

Dorothy Angus & Dillon: Figure 8                                                    Dawn Bushong & Penny chatting

                                       Mary Palumbo & Snickers heeling with
                                             Judge Georganne Green

                                                                                    February 10, 2007
                                                                                      San Leandro DTC
                                                                                      Georganne Green
                                                                                    Marilyn Gromgoogle

 John Sudler and Ever-Ready Freddie        Kitty Norwood and Extra-Flex Rex



                                                                Rasmussen &




                  Zeus out of juice!

       Spring 2007                             Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                              Page 9
            Mixed Breed Dog Club of California Mini-Mutt Match

                                               Clio Gevirtz and Zeus: Novice heeling
    Long down: Snickers, Dillon
          and Cheyenne
                                                                                                   Mary Ann Sorich & Kirby enjoying
                                                                                                        the sun after the match

                                                                                                        Dorothy Angus & Cheyenne
  Cindy Sohrenssen & Bonner
                                      Judge Dromgoogle with Fran Bryan and Solana, Points Bitch,
Points Dog and Best of Opposite Sex                                                                        Reserve Points Bitch
                                                Best of Points and Best Mixed Breed!

                                                   Terry Hawkins & Chewie Reserve Points Dog

         Spring 2007                                     Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                   Page 10
 Behind the Clipboard
(Continued   from page 8)                                                                           reason why they should be judged sepa-
                                                  together with her several times. Zeke has a
                                                  TD and now he’s working towards a TDX. I've
your tracking? You use positive training
                                                  seen more mixed breeds getting involved in        Q: Do you think it's easier for mixed
there as well?
                                                  both Tracking and Obedience and now Rally! I      breeds, currently, to get their titles be-
Bea: Most definitely! Only positive train-        really encourage anyone in my classes with        cause they do earn them at matches?
ing there. I do use some corrections in           Mixed Breeds to get involved with the Mixed
obedience, but I don't use any corrections        Breed Club. My students are wonderful and         Bea: The judging at some Workshops is
in tracking. The one only correction I use        really support each other at the Workshops.       not the same as AKC Trials. It is similar
in tracking is very gentle... and it encour-      It’s good to see this happening.                  if there are AKC judges judging the
ages the dog to track. All it does is help                                                          classes. We follow the AKC Regulations
them find the one scent of many scents         ABOUT BEA                                            when judging. As an AKC judge, we look at
they are tracking.                                                                                  the overall picture and you say, 'should
                                               Judging: AKC Novice Obedience, AKC Rally (all        this dog qualify or should this dog not
Q: How do you pick your dogs? Do you pick      classes), Mixed Breed Obedience (all classes),       qualify’. There are principal parts of all
them to be pets first and then perform-        Mixed Breed Rally (all classes).                     exercises that the dogs must do correctly.
ers? Or do you have a specific purpose in                                                           If done correctly, the dog will most likely
                                               Dogs owned past and present: Mixed Breed,
mind?                                                                                               qualify.
                                               Irish Setter, Three Golden Retrievers and one
Bea: I pick them so that they're compati-      rescued Golden which she had for three years         Q: If mixed breeds ever were to compete
ble and trainable. They are puppy tested       until she died at 16 yrs.                            head to head with purebreds, do you envi-
to see if they are a compatible and train-                                                          sion some mixed breeds winning over pure-
                                               Started competing: Obedience 1984, Tracking
able dog.... They're tested at seven                                                                breds?
                                               1994, Rally 2003.
weeks...It's a test that's similarly used by
the Guide Dogs for the Blind. This test                                                             Bea: I would envision the best dog win-
                                               Titles earned: Three UD's, two TDX's, two
will show you how people-oriented they                                                              ning. A judge should not be prejudiced to
                                               VST's, two Champion Trackers (CT), one JH, two willing they are to please...I do                                                         place one dog over another because of
                                               RN's, one RE, three CGC's, two TDI's, and two
believe in testing puppies to make a pick.                                                          breed. You don’t judge that way. You put
                                               TDIA's .
I did not know which puppy from my litter                                                           them in the right placement order for
I would be keeping until they were tested.     Teaching: Obedience and Rally at three Bay Area      what you have seen that day. That's what
This test needs to be done in an unfamiliar    training clubs. Tracking in the San Jose area.       the AKC wants you to do. Just because
place with an unfamiliar person. Each pup                                                           somebody's first one day doesn't mean
being tested should not be able to hear        Books: AKC Rally Trainer’s Workbook, AKC Rally       they're going to be first the next day,
sounds from their littermates.                 Course Diagrams Ver 1.0, AKC Rally Course Dia-       because they do compete differently
                                               grams Ver. 1.2 (for judges), A Guide to TD and       every day.
Q: What attracted you to moving on from        VST Tracking.
just to competing to judging?                                                                       GETTING INVOLVED

                                                  Q: How about in the future, do you see any        Bea teaches at three Bay Area dog train-
Bea: Rosalie was encouraging me for
                                                  changes coming?                                   ing clubs which offer a number of classes,
years to become a trainer and eventually a
judge. After losing my husband nine years                                                           by various instructors, in Rally and Obedi-
                                                  Bea: AKC is thinking about allowing mixed
ago, I found more time to do this. It’s                                                             ence for all breeds and mixes.
                                                  breed to compete in some
something I enjoy thoroughly and am               of their classes. I would                                           ● Santa Clara Dog Train-
happy she encouraged me as much as she                                           “I am not mean to my dogs,           ing Club, San Jose, CA,
                                                  really like to see this
did.                                                                             but I do mean what I say—  
                                                  happen, but I would not                                             index.html
                                                                                 their lives may depend on it!”
                                                  like to see them judge
Q: Since the time you got involved in com-                                       This is a quote that I fully         ● Town & Country Dog
                                                  separately from the pure
petitive obedience, have you seen any                                            support that was made by             Training Club, San Jose,
                                                  breeds. If they are going                                           CA,
changes in competition, handling, or judg-                                       Rosalie Alvarez.” Bea Moore
                                                  to be accepted into AKC’s
ing?                                                                                                                  ● Deep Peninsula Dog
                                                  competition, then they
                                                                                                     Training Club, Mountain View, CA
Bea: Handling and training seems to have          should be judged equally along with the pure
gotten to be a lot more positive, thank           breeds.
goodness! It’s the way most people want                                                              Bea teaches tracking, including TD and
                                                  Q: So if we pay some kind of dues to the AKC,      variable surface tracking in the San Jose
to train their dogs now.
                                                  then we should be judged with everybody else       area. She can be contacted about tracking
Q: How about in the types of dogs used?                                                              by email at
                                                  Bea: We don’t pay dues. We pay entry fees
                                                                                                     Bea's website has information about Rally
Bea: ...There are pure breeds and mixed           for competing. You should be judged with
                                                                                                     and Tracking, Rally training books, and
breeds involved in many events... You know        everybody else...I would have no problem com-
                                                                                                     Rally signs. Go to Bea's K-9 Rally site at
Margaret Reed with Zeke? I've gotten              peting with mixed breed dogs and I see no

             Spring 2007                                     Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                       Page 11
PAGE 12                                             MUTT MUSTER                                               SPRING ISSUE

My Darling Dolly Nugs, cont.

(Continued from page 3)                 were lying there, licking your chops         you would be at the vet every
                                        and burping. Lots of funny things to         week. That is not the kind of a life
miles back and forth each time and      remember.                                    we wanted for you. We made the
wait 2 hours every other week for          Two weeks ago you started acting          most difficult decision we have ever
your chemo drips but you know, we       differently. No more energy, couldn’t        made in our 41 years of marriage.
were able to have one more year                                                         I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you
with you in good health. Granted,                                                    when you were put to sleep but since
the prednisone did make you an even                                                  I work at the Humane Society and
bigger cookie/food monster but                                                       help euthanize people’s pets quite
worth every moment of it.                                                            often, I just couldn’t do it with my
   Remember the time we had your                                                     own baby. I did come to see you the
Aunty Linda over for dinner and she                                                  next day though. You looked so
was laughing when I came towards                                                     peaceful - no more hunger, no more
the dinner table. She said “look” and                                                coughing, no more gasping for breath
there you were trotting down the                                                     – at rest. It was what I needed for
hallway towards the bedrooms with a                                                  closure.
loaf of French bread proudly held in                                                     I still cry for you once in a while
your mouth that you had taken off                                                    but the times are getting further
the sink. Then there was the time I                                                  apart. Your being gone still hurts. I
left a pound of frozen bacon on the                                                  keep waiting for your drooling mouth
kitchen sink so that it would defrost   Sandy and Edwin Coit’s Dolly Nugs            on my lap at the dinner table waiting
for breakfast. I walked away, came                                                   for “tidbits”. I now have closure - I
back about 1 minute later and there     jump up on the bed, a horrible cough –       have you back home now and can
was no bacon. I looked in the freezer   just not yourself. Your doctor said          touch you and hold you close when-
thinking I had forgotten to take it     that you had been on borrowed time           ever I want.
out but then I heard a growl coming     for two months – two months longer              Goodbye my Dolly Nugs. We’ll be
from your yard and peeked outside,      than she had expected. We took you           together again with all our other
there you were warning the other        in to have a chest x-ray and sono-           pets, and we will all cross over to-
dogs away, licking the wrapper of the   gram. Our worst fears had come to            gether. Love you.
bacon – bacon, what bacon? Gone,        fruition, the cancer was back. Oh, we
vanished, vamoosed. Somehow I knew      could go with the chemo again but it         Mom & Dad, Sandi & Edwin Coit
you were the culprit, after all you     would only gain us about 2 months and

Rescue Tale: Cheryl Gillick’s Libby
                                                                                 was good with cats. I have two cats
                                                 I had recently lost my 11       so that was important to me! Anyway,
                                                 1/2 year old Shepherd mix       she adjusted to our family beautifully
                                                 to cancer and thought           and has been with us for a year now.
                                                 my next dog would be a          My training goals are passing the Ca-
                                                 pure bred dog. I was actu-      nine Good Citizen Test and obtaining
                                                 ally in the process of re-      a CD or RN title and perhaps even
                                                 searching a few different       more.
                                                 dog breeds when I stum-             We are looking forward to meet-
                                                 bled across Libby at a local    ing you all in one of the events in the
                                                 pet adoption day. She           future.
                                                 seemed like a nice dog and      Thank you for welcoming us into the
                                                 her foster parents said she     club.

          Spring 2007                           Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                  Page 12
SPRING ISSUE      MUTT MUSTER                       PAGE 13

Spring 2007    Mixed Breed Dog Club of California   Page 13
                                                               Keep in Touch—Mixed Breed Club Contacts &
  The Mutt Muster does not necessarily express the          There are many activities, such as fun matches and agility trials,
  opinions of the MBDC of CA Board or its members.          which are announced through our Yahoo groups rather than through
  Every effort is made to ensure accuracy, however, the     our e-mail or newsletters. There are two groups related to the Club:
  editor is not held responsible for the content of
  articles.                                                 MBDCA info ( for mes-
                                                            sages and announcements from the National board (not a chat group);
  This issue was edited by Kitty Norwood
                                                            Membership by invitation only. Only moderators can post mes-
                                                            sages. Debbie Duncan is the List owner - send Debbie an e-mail at
My Li’l Mutt Candy                                  Tell her that you are a CA Chapter mem-
                                                            ber and that you would like to join.
(Continued from page 1)
                                                            MBDCofCA ( is our local
buildings and cars with no problem. After 2 years of        chapter's info, news, photos, and brags. The local chapter group
Beginning and Intermediate classes, I turned 14 and         owner is our National Awards and Conformation Chairperson, Angela
decided I wanted to do something more with her be-          Silvestri. Her e-mail is Instructions for regis-
cause I could see she was getting bored with regular        tering for this group can be found on Yahoo, at the GROUPS home
training. So I started volunteering at Furry Friends.       page. You must have an alias registered with to join these
She loves to go because we visit the pediatrics unit,       groups (just like everything else at Yahoo!). It is pretty easy to do,
which is wonderful because all the kids like to see her     just go to and go to GROUPS (
twirl, or like to make her "sit pretty" or shake. I         and click on SIGN UP. Then go to the group for the club and follow
missed classes so I started rally, but when the class       the sign up steps.
ended I decided that agility would be a better sport
                                                         We also have a huge selection of MBDCofCA merchandise available at
because she needs to waste energy.
                                                Here's one of our "shop" links
    So currently we are on the waiting list and if her The top of the page has t-
shyness does not seem to be an issue, we may even shirts and sweatshirts. If you scroll down past the clothes, you will
compete. She seems to be made for my family. She find the "Cups, Stickers, Buttons, and Magnets" section.Lastly, you
enjoys all our other pets and we can trust her with my can buy the updated 2006 MBDCA Rules and Regulations ($5.00),
little sister any day. She does have some issues, but obedience and tracking patches, stationary, and license plate frames
nothing that we feel endangered by, so all in all she is from our national organization at
the perfect dog for this family.               

Meet Maddie!                                                                                Notable Dog Quotes

(Continued from page 1)
                                                                              The ideal dog food would be a ration that tastes like
                                                                              a postman." Unknown

   Maybe I'll get to
meet some of you at a                                                         "A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than
fun match. I know I                                                           his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
would like it because its
called "fun". Hope to
see you there!
                                                                              "It's no coincidence that man's best friend cannot
                                                                              talk." Unknown

                                                                              "A dog's bark may be worse than his bite, but it's
                                                                              never quite so personal" Unknown

                                                                              "Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails."

                                               Maddie                            -Max Eastman

            Spring 2007                                   Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                   Page 14
                        Quickie CALENDAR OF DOG AGILITY (last updated 1/1/2007)
                       Reprinted by permission of the Bay Team, with special thanks to Karey Krauter

  See Karey’s complete Agility Calendar on the Bay Team web site (Apologies to Karey’s Calendar—AKC events
                       been deleted as Mixed Breed Dogs cannot compete at AKC events)

May 12/13 CarsonCity QAC USDAA, Elkgrove Hautedawgs CPE, Turlock VAST NADAC
May 19/20 Elkgrove WAG CPE
May 26/27 (mem) Elkgrove WAG NADAC

Jun 2/ 3 Turlock VAST USDAA/team, Hollister PASA ASCA, Madera CAT CPE
Jun 9/10 CarsonCity NADAC,
Jun 16/17 elkgrove WAG NADAC
Jun 30/ 1 Portland CAT USDAA/GP+

Jul 21/22 Petaluma Bayteam CPE
Jul 28/29 CarsonCity NADAC,

Aug 4/ 5 elkgrove WAG CPE, Hollister PASA ASCA
Aug 11/12 Ventura WVDS USDAA, Carson City NADAC
Aug 18/19 CarsonCity CPE
Aug 25/26 Salinas SMART USDAA

Sep   1/ 2 (labor) Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA, CarsonCity NADAC

May 19, 2007, Saturday—Fremont Dog Training Club, Rally Workshop, Starlite Park, Milpitas, CA,

June 3, 2007 Sunday- Gavilan Kennel Club All Breed Obedience and Rally Workshop (Mixed Breeds Welcome)
Christmas Hill Park, Gilroy. Pre-entries close May 24, 2007. or call 408-578-8378. Entry form on page 13.

June 24, 2007 Saturday—Monterey Bay DTC All Breed Obedience Workshop. Santa Cruz
County Fairgrounds, Watsonville, CA. Pre-entries close June 20th. Cheryl Dalton, PO Box 385, Aromas, CA

November 1-4, 2007 Mixed Breed Dog Club of America National Specialty, Hillsboro, Oregon.

       Spring 2007                            Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                       Page 15
         SPRING FLING -- SUNDAY, JUNE 10th, 2007
                                              JOSE HIGUERA ADOBE PARK, MILPITAS, CA

                        FUN DAY and AWARDS CEREMONY
          Friends and Family WELCOME – Kids 11 and Under are FREE!!
   GAMES will begin at 9:30am, with POT LUCK LUNCH/ANNUAL MEETING at NOON
                  and AWARDS CEREMONY with PHOTOS immediately after.

                 ALL DOGS THAT EARNED TITLES IN 2006 WILL RECEIVE MBDC                                of CA TITLE MEDALLIONS!

   Here is our list of planned GAMES & ACTIVITIES (with candid photo ops!) to look forward to:
  v Poop Scoop Relay                v Change Dogs & Heel                           v Smoothest Heel with Tennis Ball & Spoon
  v Tricks Showcase                 v Mini Agility Course                          v T-shirt Relay (we’ll provide T-shirts)

  v Recall Relay                    v Tennis Ball Distance Throw                   v Bobbing for Hot Dogs (we’ll provide hot dogs)
  v Speed Retrieve Toss & Catch 3 or Bring Back 3 from Toy Pile (or try both!)

WHITE ELEPHANT RAFFLE:                      Now is your chance to clean out your stash of doggie stuff, and contribute to a worthy cause
at the same time. All NEW or GENTLY USED doggie-related items, such as dog toys that your dog won’t play with, a collar that your
puppy has outgrown, or items won at other raffles are all welcome. Don’t forget all those dog books you’ve collected -- someone else
would surely love to read them!
50% of the proceeds from this raffle will be given to a shelter or rescue organization in the Club’s name. So bring your mad money
and plan on buying lots of tickets - after all, one dog’s white elephant could be YOUR dog’s new treasure, and you'll support a good
cause as well!
POT LUCK LUNCH at NOON: In order to balance the lunch menu, please bring the type of dish indicated by the FIRST
OF YOUR LAST NAME. The dish should serve about 8 to 10 servings. The Club will provide drinks, plates, napkins, and utensils.
   A – H…..Main Dish / Entrée (sliced meat, cheese, casserole, quiche, etc.)

     I – Q…..Salad / Side Dish (fresh fruit or green salads, pasta, rice dishes, etc.)

    R – Z….. Desserts / Appetizers (cookies, brownies, veggies and dips, snacks, etc.)
Since no electricity will be available, please bring your dish “ready to serve”, along with serving utensils if needed. Put your name on your dishes
and utensils so you’ll be sure to get them back. Bring your dish in an ice chest with ice if your dish is perishable. NOTE: Our Facility Use Permit
does not include alcoholic beverages.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING & BALLOT COUNT:                                                HELD DURING LUNCH. Election Ballots will be
accepted in person up to the start of the meeting, and will be opened and counted during the meeting. Please think about questions and/or
suggestions to discuss at the meeting – we are eager to hear from you.

VOLUNTEER for shortest job in the Club – ASSISSTANT ELECTION PROCTOR: To act as witness and
assist Gloria McClain (our Election Proctor) open and tally the election ballots. Not open to current nominees. Please let us know if you
can help.

            Spring 2007                                        Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                                         Page 16
 FROM the NORTH – Take 680S to Milpitas, take Scott Creek
  Rd exit, turn LEFT onto Scott Creek Rd (goes under free-
  way) and stay to the right.

 Turn RIGHT onto Green Valley Rd, which becomes N Park
   Victoria Dr .

 Go about a half mile on N Park Victoria to Wessex Pl, there
  will be a sign for the park at corner to your left.

 Turn LEFT onto Wessex, then LEFT again into Higuera Park.


 FROM the SOUTH - Take 680N to Milpitas, take Jacklin Rd
  exit, turn RIGHT onto Jacklin (away from freeway) and
  stay to the left.

 At the first stoplight, turn LEFT onto N Park Victoria Dr.

 Go about a mile on N Park Victoria to Wessex Pl, there will be
  a sign for the park at corner to your right.

 Turn RIGHT onto Wessex, then LEFT into Higuera Park.

 We’ll be at the North end, near the Adobe and restrooms.

                NOTE: Wild Turkeys may be nesting on the hill behind the park. PLEASE be considerate of their
                 habitat and avoid unwelcome doggie interest by keeping away from that area. THANK YOU!!
            Fill out and return the form below with your payment. Please contact Betsy if you have any questions:
                                           E-mail = Phone = (831) 423-7499

Return by Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 to Betsy Jones, 216 Roberts Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4640
Admission: $10.00 per Person - Children (11yrs and under) FREE - Make Checks to MBDC of CA
Member Name(s):__________________________________Phone:(_______)______________
Dog Name(s):__________________________________________________________________
Number of Adults: ______________ X $10.00 = Total Enclosed $__________________
Name(s) of your Guest(s):________________________________________________________
I can be an Assistant Election Proctor: _____
Pot Luck Dish:_________________________________________________________________
White Elephant Raffle Donation: Optional - If donating, please be specific so that we can make good, de-
scriptive labels for the raffle cans as well as credit you for your donated item(s):

By signing below, I agree to hold MBDCA, MBDC of CA, and the City of Milpitas blameless from loss or injury to
myself or any other person, animal, or thing at this function. I assume full responsibility for and liability of the
dog(s) I bring, and I agree to clean up after my dog(s) and myself.

Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________

           Spring 2007                                                Mixed Breed Dog Club of California                     Page 17
                                 OFFICIAL BALLOT 2007 ELECTION

                                   Proposed Slate of CANDIDATES:

                                      President:   BETSY JONES
                                 Vice President:   KITTY NORWOOD
                                     Secretary:    CINDY SOHRENSSEN
                                     Treasurer:    TERRY BEARDSLEY
                                Board Members:     CHRIS BLANCO
                                                   DAWN BUSHONG
                                                   ANN DAHLIN
                                                   JACKIE PHILLIPS
                                                   LUCY RASMUSSEN

                               I approve of the slate of candidates as presented
                        X      above.
        I do NOT approve of the slate of candidates as presented above, and cast my vote for the following
        WRITE IN candidates:
President: __________________________________ Members:________________________________________

Vice President: ______________________________               _________________________________________

Secretary: __________________________________                _________________________________________

Treasurer: __________________________________ Dog Club of California
       Spring 2007                      Mixed Breed                                          Page 19

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