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					 Motorcycle Action Group                                                           April 2009
With each edition of Network, I’m going to reproduce
any MAG Press Releases published during the month
preceding my copy date. This is handy for members
holding MAG Awareness Days and manning MAG stands
for answering those ’inevitable’ questions, particularly
on contentious topics and Network will provide you with
MAG’s official stance on topical subjects.
                                                            Our Number One Priority – remains the         1-2
Topic of the Month seems to be the ‘let’s reduce speed      farcical Multi-Purpose Test Centres backed
limits on rural roads’ hype and in its PR MAG makes no      up a National Demo on May 9th.
bones about how we feel on this subject.                    Latest Information from DSA – on              2
                                                            MPTCs opening dates …or not!
Whatever your personal feelings about a rider doing         MAG Press Releases -               50mph;
120mph with his child riding pillion, I think Ian sums it   Cancelled Events; Inflatable Jackets; 6-
                                                            month Sentence.                               3-4
up quite nicely with the word ‘proportionately’ in MAG’s
PR.     I instantly found myself drawing an analogy         “A Motorcycle Detection System” –
                                                            Big Brother in Derbyshire                     5
between this sentence and the 3 year sentence recently
handed down to the driver of an HGV who hit a car           Type Approval for PTWs – new multi-
                                                            directive!                                    6
killing 6 people. 6 months for a life, 6 months for
                                                            Great Roads/Great Rides 2 DVD                 7
speeding – it doesn’t quite make sense somehow!
                                                            Speed cameras here to stay –                  7
                                                            Statement by under Sec of State.
Also in this edition is the news of the new DVD - Great
                                                            News     from     Overseas     –    Italy’s   8
Roads Great Rides 2. Its really good to see a positive      incentives for PTWs; Better Infrastructure
spin on road safety for riders with the recognition that    for PTWs – a white paper; Safety needs
we love to ride the open road & can do so safely.           for PTWs
                                                            Ride to work day – 15th July                  9
Horror of the Month, for me personally, has to be the       What the DfT spends your money on             9
gross intrusion of privacy dealt to Riders in Derbyshire    Increase in Petrol Tax – Action               9
just in time for Easter. Consequently, in my humble         EU sends warning to UK: implement             10
opinion, there never was a better time for the              mirror legislation for trucks now
resurrection of the BIG BROTHER MAG T’s and Sweats          Events – Yorkshire & Co. Durham’s             10-13
                                                            Big Ones. Plus all events April to June
so popular in the past.

As for the Test Centre Farce, it continues. Please
support the Demo if you can and get as many in your
Group as you can lobbying on this & all Campaigns.

If you, your Group/Region has anything for the May
edition of NETWORK please let me have it via your
Regional Rep in time for copy date of Monday 20th April.
Meanwhile keep lobbying. Ride free, AG

“Freedom is, first of all, the chance to
formulate the available choices, to argue                   MAG’s Number One Priority –
over them -- and then, the opportunity to
choose.” C. Wright Mills.
                                                            the Test Centre farce. Support
                                                            MAG’s national demo 9th May…

         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                1
April 2009                                                                                                    Page 2

     TOO FAR TO GO!                                        England
                                                           Aylesbury - No longer searching for a permanent site
                                                           as three surrounding sites (not owed by DSA) at
   Motorcycle Test Centre                                  Leighton Buzzard, Oxford and Silverstone will have
                                                           sufficient capacity to meet expected test demand.
 DiSAster for Learner Riders                               Bournemouth/Poole - Planning permission refused,
                                                           planning appeal to be heard in March, looking at
   Motorcycle Action Group                                 alternative site in Salisbury in case appeal fails. In
                                                           the meantime a non-DSA site at Poole will be
          (Leeds)                                          available for 1.5 days per week
                                                           Croydon - Site identified in Mitcham, planning
   National Demo Run                                       application to be submitted shortly. In the meantime a
                                                           non-DSA site at Poole will be available for 1.5 days
         9th May 2009                                      per week
                                                           Eastbourne / Hastings - Site identified at Hastings,
                                                           planning application to be submitted. In the meantime
     Meeting at Squires Bikers Café,                       a non-DSA site at Hastings will be available for 1.5
     Sherburn in Elmet, LS25 5LX                           days per week.
                                                           Leeds - Non-DSA sites available at Cleckheaton,
              At 11.30am.                                  Leeds (1.5 days per week) and Wakefield.
                                                           Newbury - Non-DSA site will be available 1.5 days
                                                           per week if DSA get planning permission.
 Police escorted route takes in Leeds                      Redruth – Non-DSA site expected to be available for
  city centre then back to Squires for                     1.5 days per week. Looking at a site at Camborne
                                                           Stockport - Non-DSA site at Macclesfield Rugby Club,
speeches, petition signing and a buffet                    use of another non-DSA site at Bredbury being
         (donations welcomed).                             explored but will not be ready for 27 April.
                                                           Stoke – No longer looking for a permanent site.
                                                           Planning permission submitted for non-DSA site, but
      Camping (free) and breakfast                         may not be ready in time.
                                                           Taunton - Non-DSA site available 1.5 days per week.
              available.                                   Still looking for alternative sites.
                                                           Uxbridge – planning application for non-DSA site to
                                                           be resubmitted to the local planning authority.
       In defence of new riders                            Wolverhampton - Non-DSA site available 1.5 days
                                                           per week. Work started on permanent site on 9 March                        with a scheduled completion date of late summer.
          Tel: 08707743549                                 York - Non-DSA site available at Wetherby 1.5 days
                                                           per week. Site identified in York, planning application
                                                           to be submitted.
Please see March’s edition of NETWORK for details          Scotland
of how to lobby together with a sample letter to your      Ayr - Still searching for a permanent site but can use
MP. If you haven’t had a chance to write yet – then        a non-DSA site for 1.5 days per week
please do so urgently                                      Edinburgh (Bathgate) - No permanent site will be
                                                           acquired, a non-DSA site at Livingston will be
                                                           available for 1.5 days per week
                                                           Dumfries - No site available but can use a non-DSA
                                                           site, although will not be ready for April.
                                                           Dundee - planning application submitted. In the
                                                           meantime a non-DSA site at Perth will be available
                                                           for 1.5 days per week.
                                                           Kirkwall – Farmers’ Market available at some times.
                                                           Lerwick - No site identified, still looking for a casual
…………. shows how far away they are from being
                                                           site.Oban - No site identified, still looking for a casual
able to offer the new test if it comes in on 27th April.
Of the 66 sites where they want to be build Multi-
Purpose Test Centres, 22 have yet to open
                                                           No progress reported.
         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                    2
April 2009                                                                                                 Page 3

MAG’s Regional Rep for North Wales has been               Response from one of our members in Western
working with his local MP to campaign for a better        Region
deal for all parts of Britain. Mark Williams (MP for
Ceredigion) has tabled a 30 minute debate with the        “this new test has put me off going for it - when I was
Roads minister at Westminster Hall on April 22.           at In-Gear doing my CBT the instructor said that when
MR Williams will lay out the case for suspending          she and 12 others went to review the new test - she
introduction of the new testing arrangements until        was the only one that volunteered to try it out - all the
adequate facilities are in place.                         others were afraid of making an arse of themselves
                                                          and not be able to do it. If advance, qualified
MAG has written to the minister responsible asking        instructors are afraid of it what hope do we learners
for a meeting and called for the new test to be           have of ever passing it! “
postponed until DSA have opened all 66 test-centres
they promised.

MAG General Secretary, Nich Brown, has been
meeting with top officials at DSA regularly and has
consistently challenged them to do the right thing and
admit that DSA are simply not ready to start delivering
the new test in all areas of the country.
                                                          PROPOSED 50 MPH LIMIT ON COUNTRY ROADS
Amid news that DSA have not been able to provide          (PR date: 11-03-09)
enough tests, several training schools have               The proposal for a blanket 50mph limit on country
announced they are having to lay-off trainers or close    roads represents the ascendancy of politics over
completely.                                               reality.

                                                          Accident analysis shows that a very small proportion
ACTION:                                                   of accidents are due to excess speed with
                                                          carelessness and stupidity within speed limits being
If your MP is not on the following list ask them to       far bigger factors.
support EDM 184 – Motorcycle Testing Centres

                                                          MAG President Ian Mutch said :
Chris Huhne                 Don Foster                    ‘Cutting road accidents is a valid goal but those who
Kelvin Hopkins              Alan Simpson                  simply propose ever lower limits have lost all sense of
Mike Wood                   John Hemming                  proportion.
Graham Stuart               Brian Jenkins                 There is a balance to be struck between the
Albert Owen                 Anne Main                     reasonable expectations of the motoring public for
Linda Riordan               Mr Martin Caton               mobility and motoring pleasure, and the interests of
Michael Clapham             Norman Baker                  safety.
Philip Davies               Willie Rennie                 The problem with those who crudely argue for ever
Malcolm Bruce               Bottomley, Peter              lower limits is that they have no sympathy with those
Paul Truswell               Hancock, Mike                 for whom the open road remains a source of
Colin Burgon                Sanders, Adrian               pleasure.’
Andrew Stunell              Jones, Lynne
Paul Rowen                  Leech, John                   Further information: Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495
Sammy Wilson                McDonnell, John     
Jo Swinson                  Cryer, Ann
Roger Williams              George, Andrew
Paul Burstow                Mark Williams
Frank Cook
                                                          NB: There is a ‘Number 10 Petition’ you may wish to
                                                          sign up to - We the undersigned petition the Prime
                                                          Minister to Not reduce the national speed limit to


         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                 3
April 2009                                                                                            Page 4

MAG TAKES EVENTS CANCELLATION ISSUE TO               in what we hope to turn into a major public
PARLIAMENT                                           debate about risk management and risk
(PR date: 28-02-09)                                  acceptance in our society, and that has
In the wake of last year’s cancellations of major    fundamental implications for motorcycling itself.
motorcycle events MAG has taking the issue to The
                                                     We’ve laid a marker and we want bikers to
House of Commons.
                                                     contact their MPs and express disquiet about
                                                     the enthusiasm for closing events on the
Biking MP and MAG member Lembit Opik has tabled      strength of evidence that is kept secret.
a Parliamentary Question on the subject.             Besides the disappointment of the public there
                                                     is the issue of innocent organisers of events
Public Order                                         facing ruinous losses.’
Lembit Öpik: To ask the Secretary of State for
the Home Department what guidance she                NB: MAG was itself a victim of 11th hour event
issues to police forces on the grounds on which      cancellation in 1998 when the group’s flagship
they may seek cancellation of public events          Magna Carta Rally was cancelled following
where a threat to public safety is thought to        police insistence the day before the rally was
exist; whether such guidance includes                due to open. The rally did not survive the
provisions on the furnishing to events               catastrophe and the group has missed out on
organisers of the evidence underlying the            hundreds of thousands of pounds of income
assessment of any threat to public safety; and if    over the years since then.
she will make a statement. [256224]                  MAG reminds all riders that most MPs can be
                                                     contacted by email via the website:
Mr. Coaker: The Home Office does not issue 
guidance to police forces on this matter.            For further information contact: Ian Mutch
However, the Department of Culture, Media            020 8556 6495
and Sport (DCMS) inform us that under the
Licensing Act 2003, the police may make
objections to the granting of a premise’s license    ____________________________________
on the grounds of four licensing objectives.
These include public safety and the prevention       INFLATABLE JACKETS
of crime and disorder. The police may also           (PR: 25-02-09)
make objections to the granting of a temporary       The notion of making the wearing of inflatable jackets
event notice solely on the grounds of the            mandatory for motorcyclists is a simplistic knee–jerk
prevention of crime and disorder.                    response that does no credit to its advocates.

DCMS has issued guidance to licensing                If there is some safety benefit to the use of such
                                                     apparatus, it is nonetheless a huge leap of reasoning
authorities under section 182 of the Act on
                                                     to go from such recognition to a decision to
relevant representations, and also guidance to       criminalise any rider who fails to wear the kit.
police officers on the use of closure powers in      The advantages of this apparatus remain unproven in
the Act to deal with disorder or noise nuisance      road–going applications and to be even talking about
problems on premises. There are no provisions        compulsion reflects an unhealthy appetite for
in the guidance for furnishing event organisers      conformity ahead of reasoned debate.
of the evidence underlying the assessment of
any threat to public safety.                         MAG is committed to co-operating with others to
                                                     advance the cause of motorcycle safety but not at the
MAG President Ian Mutch said:                        expense of reasonable freedoms.
‘We avoided a knee jerk reaction to the
cancellations last year as we learned that the       MAG will not endorse the promotion of any safety
issue was less simple than many thought.
                                                     device without rigorous examination of it. In this case,
Nonetheless, having looked into this deeper we       besides the issue of rider choice there is also the
remain concerned that the police may be              consideration of risk compensation.
exercising their powers too enthusiastically.        The emphasis of road safety initiatives should be on
                                                     accident prevention in preference to secondary
We didn’t expect to get satisfaction from an
answer to Lembit’s question, it is just one tactic
         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C            4
April 2009                                                                                              Page 5

 devices, which simply reduce the consequences of
accidents. Such devices may have their place but as
a body committed to principles of personal choice and
                                                           Liberty, the Civil Rights Group, takes this up
moderation MAG believes that this debate would             and a late Motion goes to AGC – which gets
profit from a little calm evaluation.                                  my vote anytime, AG.

To be credible all legislation should reflect a
proportionate application of justice. The
expectation that riders who do not wear this kind         – I kid you not!
of apparatus should be placed outside the law
departs dramatically from such a principle.               The Dft have announced up to £200,000 funding for
                                                          Derbyshire County Council to create ‘an innovative
Further information:                                      data system to analyse patterns of motorcycling and
Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495                to target social marketing towards motorcyclists’. In
Nich Brown: 01788 570066 nich.brown@mag-uk                other words, to create a new surveillance system
                                                          designed to track movements of motorcyclists on the
One Political Officer received this in response to        roads. The system will be operational by Easter on
MAG’s PR from a County Road Safety Officer:-              the following roads in Derbyshire:-

“One hundred and fifty percent agree with the MAG         • A5012 from Cromford to Ivonbrook Quarry
statement. I've also had a conversation with the          • A621 from Baslow to Owler Bar
people who distribute the jackets and they can't          • A57 Snake Pass from Glossop outskirts to Nether
answer some crucial questions about the deceleration      North Grain
effect of the jacket. Risk compensation is one of the     • B5035 from Ashbourne outskirts to Wirksworth
two key issues at the heart of the problem, it also       • A515 from Ashbourne to Alsop-en-le-Dale
looks unlikely that the jacket will have any effect       • A6 Matlock Bath from High Peak Junction to Artist’s
on sudden stop injuries, which comprise a significant     Corner
number of the fatal injuries suffered by riders in this   • A54 and A537 Cat & Fiddle run from Buxton to Cat
county”                                                   & Fiddle pub
                                                          • A5004 Long Hill from Buxton to Fernilee
                                                          The project is said to involve DCC working closely
                                                          with the motorcycling community in Derbyshire, with
MAG QUESTIONS SIX MONTH SENTENCE                          education, training, publicity and targeted
(02-03-09)                                                enforcement activities.
The Motorcycle Action Group is concerned by               MAG has already made contact with the project
the six month sentence handed down to the                 officer and is arranging an urgent meeting to
rider jailed for travelling at over 120mph with           understand what DCC intend and how this
                                                          development could affect riders elsewhere.
his child riding pillion.
                                                          The system appears to be an amalgamation of
MAG President Ian Mutch said:                             existing technology, such as sensors in the road that
‘On the face of it this rider’s behaviour sounds          can tell motorcycles apart from other vehicles,
grossly irresponsible and warrants a severe               measure their speeds and read their number plates.
penalty but I question whether the sentence is            The worrying development is that data such as the
proportionate. Many non custodial sentences               routes taken by individual motorcyclists along
are handed down to violent thugs and thieves              with time and date will be collected and kept even
whose intent is malicious.                                if they have committed no offence [this is bad.
                                                          Please tell me, someone, is this legal? Sounds
The law should distinguish between                        like discrimination to me. AG].
thoughtless behaviour and malicious criminal
                                                          The civil rights groups have expressed grave concern
behaviour and on the basis of what we know                about the potential for invasion of privacy.
this sentence sounds more like a political
statement than the exercise of proportionate              In the same announcement, up to £597,000 has been
justice.’                                                 allocated to reduce the disproportionately high
                                                          numbers of motorcycle casualties on the A537 ‘Cat &
Further information: Ian Mutch 020 8556 6495              Fiddle’ which borders Derbyshire.
         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                5
April 2009                                                                                                Page 6

 The money will be given to Cheshire East Council         Shropshire
(one of the new unitary authorities – see elsewhere in    Wiltshire
this edition of Network) to lead this project.            Central Bedfordshire
                                                          Cheshire East
                                                          Cheshire West

   Has your local council been axed?
A significant change for local government in England
could affect who it is you need to speak to when             New 'Multi Directive' - EC proposal for new
campaigning for local riders. On 1 April, 38 county         regulation on type-approval of two and three-
and district councils were absorbed into nine new              wheel motor vehicles and quadricycles.
council delivering all local services, including roads.
                                                          Background: The EC want to simplify motorcycle
The following local councils were abolished:              legislation by making Type Approval a question of
Alnwick                                                   regulation rather than political policy. They hired TRL
Bedfordshire                                              to look at what changes to Type-Approval might be
Berwick-upon-Tweed                                        needed for safety aspects and LAT for environmental
Blyth Valley                                              aspects. These bodies also have to make a cost-
Bridgnorth                                                benefit analysis of the measures proposed to be part
Caradon                                                   of the new framework directive (74kW limit,
Carrick                                                   mandatory ABS, environmental package, etc.).
Castle Morpeth
Cheshire                                                  EC's current position:
Chester-le-Street                                         Firm commitment to simplify Type Approval for PTWs
Chester                                                   (better regulation principle), making use of car
Congleton                                                 experience, but wants to avoid increased admin
Crewe and Nantwich                                        burden; preference for a regulation, than directive;
Derwentside                                               increased the link with international standards; in
Durham City                                               favour of ambitious emissions limits and safety
Easington                                                 standards; time frame is important in particular in this
Ellesmere Port & Neston                                   difficult economic period;
Kennet                                                     FEMA wants national arrangements kept for amateur
Kerrier                                                   communities building motorcycles.
Mid-Bedfordshire                                          Latest: FEMA and other stakeholders met the EC in
North Cornwall                                            February and March at the Motor Cycle Working
North Shropshire                                          Group (MCWG).
North Wiltshire
Oswestry                                                  Main issues and current positions of EU members:
Penwith                                                   1. Simplification of Type-Approval and removal of
Restormel                                                 European Parliament as a political control:
Salisbury                                                  UK, Italy, Greece and Hungary support provided it
Sedgefield                                                will not generate additional burden
Shrewsbury & Atcham                                        Dutch do not see the benefit to change the existing
South Bedfordshire                                        type-approval scheme
South Shropshire                                          2. Introduce mandatory ABS:
Teesdale                                                    Germany support mandatory ABS but UK and
Tyndale                                                   France consider mandatory ABS maybe for large
Vale Royal                                                MCs only
Wansbeck                                                  3. Remove current option for MSs to impose
Wear Valley                                               74kw/100bhp power limit
West Wiltshire                                              Germany says delete power limit option
                                                            France supports optional power limit because they
The nine new unitary councils are:                        already have it Spain wants to be able to use it to
Bedford                                                   accommodate national road tax collection
Cornwall                                                  4. New Anti-Tampering measures for bikes over 50cc
Durham                                                      France supports increased anti-tampering
Northumberland                                            provisions, Spain wants it to cover large MCs

         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                 6
April 2009                                                                                                  Page 7

5.New environmental controls on PTWs                       Riders can then use the second section offering an
  Italy and Germany support the package of                 interactive challenge when the disc is used with a
environment measures agreed in 2005, France                computer. Here the ride-out section freezes at
specifically supports CO2 measurement                      specific points so the viewer can have a go at
  UK, Italy, France and Spain support the alignment to     identifying the clues that they would use when
passenger cars emission limit values given enough          reading the road ahead. When the viewer gets a
time. UK and Germany also want worldwide standard          highlighted clue right they score a point. There is also
6. Hydrogen powered PTWs                                   an option to display all useful hints and tips
  UK and Spain support harmonized hydrogen                 throughout the journey.
regulations for PTWs. Italy and Hungary have
concerns that need further exploration.                    It gets the ‘thumbs up’ from Road Safety Minister Jim
                                                           Fitzpatrick and Stuart Lovatt, Safety Action Plan Co-
Next steps: EC will start preparing drafting of the        ordinator for the Highways Agency, said:
legislation; first draft to us around April/May; further   "We were delighted with the response to the original
meeting of MCWG on 4th of June; finalize the draft         'Great Roads, Great Rides' DVD, with 600,000 copies
legislation before the Summer break (i.e. by July)         distributed since its first release in 2006. When we
                                                           were planning 'Great Roads Great Rides 2', we
MAG is talking to the DfT about the UK position in         wanted to build on that success and listened to what
advance of the next MCWG meeting (June) - we               the riders themselves said they wanted. They
need to influence DfT get them to discuss and defend       highlighted 'reading the road' as the area they were
their point of view at national level.                     keen to know more about and that is what we have
We need to inform and convince MEPs before it              delivered.”
arrives on their desk in September.
MAG must also take advantage of the EU elections           The DVD film features rider Glenn Julian, a RoSPA
(June 7th) to get candidates' support, which FEMA          Diploma holder, who takes the viewer on his journey
will be using afterwards once the proposal is at the       and delivers on-going observations as he rides,
Parliament's level. More in next months’ Network.          helping viewers to spot the clues from the road
                                                           environment ahead.
FEMA will, in turn, contact the Commission to defend
a European approach and provide some data, such            A first run of 60,000 copies has been produced for the
as maintenance, to support our views.                      launch with further runs expected in the near future
                                                           as requests are received. The DVD will be distributed
  Watch this space for up to date news. And any            at events organised or attended by the Highways
    ‘action’ required by you to your MEP etc.              Agency and its partners.

       Great Roads Great Rides 2 –
  new DVD takes bikers out to read the                     Ministerial Speech from Jim Fitzpatrick:
        clues the road can give                            DfT 10 March 2009

The Highways Agency is following up on its highly          Speed cameras will continue to be part of road
successful Driver Information Programme for                strategy.
motorcyclists - Great Roads Great Rides - with a new
interactive DVD-ROM.                                       Speaking at the Westminster Briefing, Jim Fitzpatrick
                                                           MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State told of
"Great Roads Great Rides 2" is a new resource to           good progress towards meeting the 2010 safety
help riders 'read the road' successfully and stay safe     targets and of the development of a new road safety
while enjoying their biking experience. It was             strategy for beyond 2010, starting from the premise
launched on February 25 at the annual RoSPA Road           that casualty levels are still far too high.
Safety Congress in Blackpool.
                                                           Mr Fitzpatrick said that motorcyclists account for
The package includes a DVD film and interactive            around 1% of all traffic in Great Britain, but represent
package. With clever filming techniques, it puts the       some 20% of fatal and serious injuries. Delegates
viewer on the bike, inside the helmet and close to the     heard there has been some progress in reducing the
road, and features a 14-minute ride-out from               relatively high numbers of casualties since the
motorway on to urban and countryside roads.                Motorcycling Strategy publication in 2005, which
                                                           focuses on improving safety for motorcyclists
                                                           without discouraging motorcycling as a transport

         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                  7
April 2009                                                                                         Page 8

choice. He expressed the need to do more however           Road constructors underline           specific
and spoke of reviewing and updating the strategy with      safety needs for PTWs
updates to be published by 2010.
                                                           The European Union Road Federation (ERF),
Mr Fitzpatrick explained the introduction of a higher 6-   recently released a white paper on “Road
point fixed penalty was consulted on for high-             Infrastructure Safety of Powered    Two-
speeders, with no graduation in fixed penalty fines.
He pledged commitment to speed cameras and
added that if they appear to be ineffective or not
needed, individual camera sites should be reviewed,        At a moment when the popularity of PTWs in
but cameras will continue to be a crucial part of the      European cities is constantly increasing, ERF
road safety strategy.                                      kick-starts a broad reflection on PTWs and
                                                           infrastructure with the aim of finding shared
                                                           solutions which will ensure PTW riders benefit
                                                           from the safest possible road environment.
             News from across The Pond
                                                           The study finds there is an urgent need to
Italy adopts incentives for powered two-wheelers.          adapt the road infrastructure environment in
The Italian Government, in an effort to support the        order to better cater for the needs of these
industry and resist a decline in consumption levels,       particular users.
implemented an incentive of 500 € for replacing any
Euro 0 or Euro 1 PTW with a new Euro 3 vehicle             Road safety statistics for PTWs outline an
under 400cc. In January PTWs registrations in Italy        increasing trend of fatal accidents (PTW riders
fell by -38.8% compared to the previous year.
                                                           represent 17% of fatalities on European roads)
ANCMA, the Italian association representing
                                                           which is an indication of the problems these
motorcycle manufacturers, importers and the linked
                                                           type of users face when confronted with an
industry, reported a -38.6% in the scooter segment
and -35.4% in the motorcycle sector while the moped        unsuitable road environment. The specific
was the most vulnerable category loosing 43.6%.            needs of PTWs, in fact, have to be taken into
ANCMA welcomed the incentives as a valuable tool           account in all stages of the lifetime of
to accelerate the renewal of the circulating park with     infrastructure, from planning to building and
new low emitting and more fuel efficient vehicles.         maintenance,      to    guarantee     a   safer
Better infrastructure to benefit motorcyclists'
safety, a study says. Motorcyclists will benefit from      In particular, dedicated and specific cost-
better infrastructure management. The analysis of          effective infrastructure measures, such as
fatal accidents on Germany’s road network has              predictable road geometry, good quality road
highlighted the dangers posed by rural roads to            surface, road maintenance, forgiving and self
motorcycle riders. Professor Jürgen Follmann of the        explaining roads and new road restraint
University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt comes to       systems, which are important for all road
the conclusion that motorcycle safety is strictly linked   users, become essential for PTWs as they help
to the conditions of the road infrastructure. The safety   avoiding    crashes  and     mitigating  their
of motorcycle riders – the study finds out - has long      consequences.
been ignored by highway authorities across the world.
(Source: ITS Safety & Security Supplement)
                                                           The white paper, by analysing major accident
                                                           scenarios caused by road infrastructure
No doubt FEMA are watching out for our                     deficiencies (manholes, potholes, roadside
             interests with the following.                 clutter, inappropriate road barriers, etc.)
             I’m afraid I’m a bit skeptical                outlines two key safety aspects (prevention
             that somewhere along the                      and mitigation) in which good or bad
             line    someone      will  feel               infrastructure can determine the survival or
             pointless legislation more                    not of a PTW rider.
             appropriate than ‘a positive
             safer infrastructure for PTWs’.               It furthermore seeks to provide all interested
             AG…                                           parties with the necessary information, which
                                                           is essential to the common shared objective of
                                                           ensuring safer infrastructure for PTWs user.

         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C        8
April 2009                                                                                                     Page 9

ERF represents a wide cross-section of the
major stake holders active in the construction,         Mission Statement:
equipment and operation of the European road            Advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles
network, and the Brussels Programme Centre              and scooters for transportation, and providing
of the International Road Federation (IRF).             information about everyday riding to the public.

For the full Discussion Paper on                Road    ACTION:
Infrastructure Safety of Powered                Two-
Wheelers, please visit:                                 Ride to Work Day in the UK is 15 July 2009.                Ride your motorcycle or scooter to demonstrate:
                                                        - The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to
Lucky 13 Cartoon Series                                 - That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of
At European Road Safety Day held on October 13th        - That motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion
in Paris, ACEM launched a safety campaign focusing      in large cities.
on the road infrastructure. It can be downloaded in     - That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation.
9 languages                         - That motorcycling is a social good.

                                                        Other countries taking part include Canada,
                                                        Germany, Philippines, France, Israel, Turkey and
             News from Minnesota, USA                   Ecuador as well as the United States.

Motorcycle and Scooter Annual Ride To Work Day

Organisers say Ride to Work Day will see the number      What does DfT spend your money on..?
of motorcycles and scooters on roads and highways
more than double worldwide, as many riders become       Up to £854,000 for Staffordshire County Council to
two-wheeled commuters to help demonstrate that          improve safety for motorcyclists by raising car driver
riding is an efficient, economical form of personal     awareness, tackling hazards such as
transportation which makes parking easier and helps     diesel spills and mud on the road more effectively,
traffic flow better.                                    making minor highway engineering changes,
                                                        providing pre-rider education for 13-year-olds
2009 marks the eighteenth annual worldwide event,       upwards and when motorcyclists are learning.
which involves riders of all ages, occupations, and
from all walks of life.                                 Up to £66,000 for Warwickshire County Council for a
                                                        small pilot programme to be expanded to cover up to
"Motorcycles and scooters consume less resources        1,300 powered two wheeler riders across the West
per mile than automobiles, and they take up less        Mercia area. The ‘Take Control’ motorcycle training
space in parking areas and on roads. Rider's seek       enhances riders’ abilities by targeting subsidised and
employer support for this efficient form of             accessible training towards riders at high risk of injury
transportation, and more government and public          including riders who would have progressed from
awareness about riding’s many benefits," states Andy    mopeds to 125cc bikes without additional training,
Goldfine, the program organizer.                        new or inexperienced riders of high powered
                                                        machines and riders motorcycling for leisure.
Commuting on this day shows the positive value of
motorcycles and scooters for transportation. For
hundreds of thousands of workers, motorcycles and
scooters are an economical, efficient and socially      Increase in Tax on Petrol?
responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps
the environment and provides a broad range of other   HM Treasury was lobbied by big industry and
public benefits. Motorcycle and Scooter clubs around  consumer organisations to scrap the 'fuel price
the world encourage their members to ride to work on  escalator' - the background is that the last
this annual day.                                      Conservative government introduced a regular hike in
                                                      fuel duty to artificially raise the cost of petrol thus
On Ride To Work Day, the practical side of riding encouraging people to ration their use of fossil fuels
becomes more visible as a larger number of (or, because they recognised people would still keep
America’s 8,000,000 cycles are ridden to work.        burning fuel and saw it as an easy source of income
                                                      for the tax man). The current Labour government
        'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C               9
April 2009                                                                                                        Page 10

followed the same practice, presumably for the same        in order to reduce the number of accidents involving
reasons.                                                   in particular cyclists and motorcyclists. The use of
                                                           such mirrors will help lorry drivers to notice them
In recent years, several planned hikes in fuel duty        when they take a turn.
have been postponed because the cost of getting fuel
out of the ground and in to the petrol stations has        A Reasoned Opinion represents the second step of
driven up the pump price (and, because the tax is a        the infringement procedure under Article 226 of the
proportion of the price of fuel has also increased the     EC Treaty.
tax take). Fuel prices have been falling recently and
what with the government trying to bail out the entire
financial system at the moment it was always unlikely        YORKSHIRE MAG EVENTS INFORMATION
they would postpone this next planned hike in fuel
duty – so, from April 1st (appropriately) fuel duty went                Into the valley 1-3 May 2009
up by 2p.                                                     To help us keep our promise of value for money
                                                           rallies; Back Street Heroes Magazine has pledged to
Nich Brown, General Secretary                              give ITV a nice big sum and pay for the entertainment
                                                             again in 09. So your bands, comics and DJ come
A relevant email received by Nich:- “Brendan here                courtesy of BSH. Johnson's of Leeds will be
from … I've written a blog to explain      sponsoring the ITV bike show for the fourth year in a
what's happening and how it will affect you.                                  row, bless ‘em all.                 Farmyard Party 19-21 June 2009
bring-fuel-tax-to-in-weeks-110.html                         Did you know that MAG members are entitled to a
                                                              Tenner in vouchers for products or beer at the
More than 10,000 people aired their views on the blog      Farmyard? That makes it only £15 for the largest bike
I wrote in December about fuel duty going up and we                   only rally in Europe! Buy now.
managed to get some great press coverage of the
issue.” Further info: Brendan McLoughlin                   The big announcement of the month is Back Street
T: 0844 816 0028                  Heroes have jumped in and sponsored our all-new
                                                           Big Top. To help combat recent years of crap weather
                                                           we have decided to put our main area of
                                                           entertainment undercover of a huge circus tent. It will
European Commission - Road Safety:                         be known as the Back Street Heroes Big Top and we
Commission sends a reasoned opinion to Cyprus,             are working on some fantastic bands to play the
Luxembourg, Poland and the United Kingdom for              stage in there. With no expense spared on sound and
failing to act on blind spot mirrors on trucks             lighting, it promises to be a belter of a venue.
Thu, 19 March 2009 | European Commission Press             For the 8th year on the bounce BSH will be stumping
Release                                                    up for the custom show at the Farmyard and
                                                           despatching Blue Miller to run it for us. Due to its
Today, the European Commission has been sent               popularity the 100% Biker tent has had to be
reasoned opinions to Cyprus, Luxembourg, Poland            increased in size by making it a 50-foot wide marquee
and the United Kingdom for failing to transpose            with its own 100-foot bar. Organised by Rick Hulse of
existing European legislation on the retrofitting of       the NABD the entertainment paid for by 100% Biker
blind spot mirrors on time. The four Member States         has become a thing of legend and with its all-new
have two months to act if they want to avoid being         light show, this year will be better than ever.
taken to the European Court of Justice.

Cyprus, Luxembourg, Poland and the United
Kingdom have not informed the Commission on the
transposition of the EU Directive on the retrofitting of
mirrors to heavy goods vehicles registered in the
Community into their national legislation. All Member
States were required to do so by 6th August 2008 at
the latest.

The Directive obliges Member States to require that
trucks above 3.5 t gross weight which are not already      The Back Street Heroes Big Top at the Farmyard Party
equipped on the passenger side with wide-angle and
close-proximity mirrors be retrofitted with such mirrors
         'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                      10
April 2009                                                                                                          Page 11

Tickets Now Available for all Yorkshire events:-                 be sent with tickets
TELEPHONE 0800 988 3199
                                                                 Saturday, April 4, 2009 - MAG Annual Group
CHEQUES Send with SAE to: PO Box 5047, Rugby CV21                Conference. Organiser: MAG(UK) hosted this year
9HL (our value for money for bikers by bikers policy means       by NE Region. MAGs Annual Group Conference is
no booking fee with a cheque order)                              your opportunity to help shape the future of MAG,
                                                                 meet and quiz national officers, get together with
Ganton Gathering 17-19 July 2009                                 MAG members and activists from around the country -
The site is booked and it’s looking good, but don't forget its   more details to follow. Camping on Friday and
pre book only with an 800 limit, so when the tickets have        Saturday at the venue. Bars open Friday night at
gone they have gone.                                             venue. Party on the Saturday night with two bands.
                                                                 Poss burger van Friday night. Hotels and B&B's within
                                                                 1-2 miles radius.
Yorkshire Pudding 7-9 August 2009                                Location: Please see venue website for pics and
Same site as last year - all booked and sorted. Again pre-       info:-
book only and judging by the interest shown by you lot I
think it will sell out even faster this year. More details on
website. Book Early.
                                                                 Sunday, April 5, 2009 - 8th Spring Surprise Bike
                                                                 Show . Organiser: Salisbury MAG
                                                                 Salisbury MAG 8th Spring Surprise Bike Show,12-
                                                                 Noon start. Everyone an Entrant – Everyone a Judge.
Stormin’ back to Witton Castle..!                                Unique trophies, bar, revised catering, prize raffle,
Stormin’ The Castle is returning to its original home at         cash raffle and trade stands. Location: Salisbury
Witton Castle, County Durham. The dates are confirmed            Livestock Market, Netherhampton Road, Salisbury
                                                                 SP2 8RH
for 4th 5th & 6th September 2009 & as always you will find
all the usual attractions, including a Custom Bike Show,
                                                                 Friday, April 10, 2009 - Slippit Inn Rally .
two stages featuring top quality live bands, fairground, fun     Organiser: Glos MAG
run & loads more.                                                Picturesque rally site in the Royal Forest of Dean
The event is a fund raising event for the Motorcycle Action      EASTER 2008 Live music, real ale, lager and cider on
                                                                 tap at our own Bar. Location: Off A48, Blakeney,
Group but unfortunately due to the washout last year & the
                                                                 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Web:
associated costs, this led to a loss making year & we were
unable to make a donation to MAG for the first time in our
18 year history. Stormin’ would like to thank everyone for       Sunday, April 12, 2009 - Easter Egg Run .
their support & we hope to see all the regular &, hopefully,     Organiser: North East Lincolnshire MAG
many new faces back in 2009 for the 19th Stormin’ the            Egg Run to St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby. Please
                                                                 bring chocolate eggs or you could make a donation.
                                                                 Thankyou! All motorcyclists are welcome to join us.
Ticket prices are at 2007/8 prices and go on sale on 1st         Location: Meet at Kingsway Kiosk, Cleethorpes at
April 2009, priced at £22 pre-book or £30 OTG.                   10am, then a short ride through town arriving at the
Witton Castle Country Park, Witton-Le-Wear, Bishop               Hospice at 11.00 to 11.30. Web: http://north-east-
Auckland, County Durham, DL14 0DE
                                                                 Sunday, April 12, 2009 - Aberdeenshire MAG's
                                                                 Easter Egg Run 2009 . Organiser: Aberdeenshire
Events April to June 2009                                        MAG. In support of Aberdeenshire’s under-privileged
                                                                 children. Meet at the beach boulevard at 12:30pm for
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - Scarborough MAG's                     a 13:00pm start. Route will be confirmed upon arrival.
AGM. Organiser: Scarborough MAG                                  Please remember to bring an Easter egg with you (or
Scarborough MAG will hold their AGM on Wed 1st                   a donation)!
April at 8pm.                                                    Location: Meet at the beach boulevard at 12:30 hrs.
Location: Golden Ball P/H,Scarborough.                           Web:

Friday, April 3, 2009 - 4th Small But Perfectly                  Sunday, April 12, 2009 - Reading MAG Easter Bike
Formed Rally. Organiser: Peevin Hoolits (ex Alnwick              Show . Organiser: Reading MAG
MAG). Tickets £12 (£25 on gate) 100 limit - book early           Camping available Saturday to Monday, parties
to avoid disappointment. cheque with SAE payable to              Saturday (disco) and Sunday (live music) nights Bike
Peevin Hoolits C/O 11 Hillcrest Park Alnwick                     show competition is free to enter if ridden Proceeds to
Northumberland NE66 2NW Let us know if you are                   MAG and air ambulance
bringing a car                                                   Location: Reading Abbey Rugby Club, Peppard
Location: Great new site Location and directions to              Road, Emmer Green RG4 8XB
                                                                 Enquiries: Steve 07931526914. Web:
          'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                          11
April 2009                                                                                                    Page 12 Email:                       Saturday, May 2, 2009 - Gravesend Bike Show.                                  Organiser: GRAVESEND MCC
                                                           Starts at Noon. Location: Gravesend. Web:
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - Resprung Spring Thing.          http://WWW.GRAVESENDMCC.COM
Organiser: Darlington & Disctrict MAG. A 361st Un-
birthday Party. Live music from "The Steady Boys"          Sunday, May 3, 2009 - VMCC Training Day
Camping available £2 donation at the bar. Location:        "South". Organiser: Vintage Motor Cycle Club.
Tan Hill Inn, Reeth, North Yorkshire                       Learn to ride a Vintage Hand Change Motor Cycle.
                                                           Location: Arborfield Barracks, Near Reading,
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - Ride In Day . Organiser:        Berkshire. Web:
Unwanted Mcc
Will be open from 9:30am for breakfast, Quiz in the        Monday, May 4, 2009 - Wakefield MAG Bike Show.
afternoon, "Top Gear Sounds Disco" all day & live          Organiser: Wakefield MAG
band "Codis" in the evening, Free camping available.       Wakefield MAG's Annual Bike Show at the Wakefield
MAG, BMF & NABD affiliated. Location: Unwanted             Hospice May Day Gala. Multiple Show Categories
Mcc Rockbar. Shobnall Sports Club, Shobnall Road,          (Modern, Classic Brit, Classic Jap, Vintage, Custom
Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 2BB. Web:                    Paint, Custom Engineering, Rat, Trike & Overall Best                                      in Show) to cater for all types of Bike & Trike. Show to
                                                           be judged at 15:00, Entry into show from 09:30
Sunday, April 19, 2009 - Southampton MAG bike              onwards (Gala officially opens at 11:00) All Welcome
show. Organiser:                                           to come along and show off their pride & Joy.
Bike show, trade stands, bbq raffle trophy's for best in   Location: Clarence Park, Wakefield. Clarence Park is
show etc                                                   located approximately 1/4 mile south of Wakefield City
Location: Cricketers, Chestnut ave                         Centre off Denby Dale Road (A636). Web:

Sunday, April 19, 2009 - Grand Day Out .                   Wednesday, May 6, 2009 - Horncastle Bike Night.
Organiser: North East Lincolnshire MAG                     Organiser: Mid Lincs MAG
North East Lincolnshire MAG are proud to present           Gathering of everything on 2 and 3 wheels. All
their 1st 'Grand Day Out'. Indoor and outdoor food         welcome.
and refreshments and disco. Only 5 yards from the          Location: The Black Swan, Boston Road, Horncastle.
beach.                                                     Web:
Location: Kingsway Kiosk, Kingsway, Cleethorpes,
DN35 0BY (across the road from the old Winter              Friday, May 8, 2009 - 8th Short Weak End Rally.
Gardens). Web: http://www.north-east-lincs.mag-            Organiser: Worlds End MCC (MAG affiliated). Live                                                     Bands, Real Ale Tent, Silly Games, Bike Show, Good
                                                           food, Superloos,Trade Stands. All profit to Essex Air
Saturday, April 25, 2009 - St Georges Day Party.           Ambulance! Strictly no cars on field except by prior
Organiser: West Norfolk MAG                                arrangement. Location: The Sun & Anchor, Steeple,
Our premier MAG spring rally to celebrate biking!          Essex. CM0 7RH
Camping,DJ,bar,hot food,silly games. Donations to          Web:
The Air Ambulance. Location: The Sandboy Pub
Gayton Road Bawsey PE22 1EP kings Lynn Norfolk.            Saturday, May 9, 2009 - Too Far to Go! Organiser:
Web:                        MAG UK
                                                           Motorcycle Test Centre Disaster for Learner Riders
May 2009                                                   Motorcycle Action Group National Demo Run.
                                                           Location: Meeting at Squires Bikers Café, Sherburn
                                                           in Elmet, LS25 5LX At 11.30am Police escorted route
Friday, May 1, 2009 - Into The Valley. Organiser:          takes in Leeds city centre then back to Squires for
Yorkshire MAG                                              speeches, petition signing and a buffet (donations
The Rally thats By Bikers, For Bikers, in Aid of Biking.   welcomed) Camping (free) and breakfast available
This event is a fundraising event for MAG UK. There        Please support.
will be two huge tents with bands and DJs playing
throughout the weekend, huge communal bonfire,
trade stalls, food and quality beers at pub prices, with   Sunday, May 10, 2009 - Hedgehog Care Charity
a marquee to sit down and enjoy them. Ride-in              Ride. Organiser: Mid Lincs MAG
custom show and comedy tent on Saturday afternoon.         Ride through the picturesque Lincolshire Wolds to
Book your tickets online at or     help hedgehogs! Please bring tins of cat food, old
alternatively send a cheque (with a S.A.E) made            towels, cotton buds and bric a brac.
payable to 'Into The Valley' to PO Box 5047, Rugby,        Location: Horncastle Town Hall, Boston Road,
CV21 9HL.                                                  Horncastle, Lincs, Meet 1.00pm, run departs 2.00pm.
Ticket: Pre-book: £15 On The Gate: £20. Location:          Web:
Sledmere House Estate, Sledmere, Nr Driffield. Web:                             Friday, May 15, 2009 - The Number One Rally.
                                                           Organiser: MAD MAG
          'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                     12
April 2009                                                                                                   Page 13

The Number One Rally. A great friendly rally for all.    Custom Bike Show, Brilliant Bands, Disco,
Ticket: £10 Pre-Book. £15 OTG. Cheques and postal        Professional PA and Lights, Clean Loos, Good Food,
Order to: "Middlesbrough MAG", 3 Balder Road,            Trade Stalls. Bar opens Noon Friday.
Norton, Stockton on Tees, TS20 1BE. Location:            Ticket: £15 (under 12's free) - Car Parking £10
Tunstall Farm Tunstall Lane Nunthorpe TS7 0NU.           (Disabled exempt) BEFORE 30 May 2009
Enquiries: 07778 529020. Web:                            Location: Gravelly Bridge Farm, Grazeley Green                                     Road, Grazely, Reading, Berks RG7 1LG. Signposted
                                                         from M4 junc 11. Enquiries: 0118 988 3226 Stalls
Monday, May 25, 2009 - VMCC Training Day                 contact: Email:
"North". Organiser: Vintage Motor Cycle Club.               info@lionrally
Learn to ride a Vintage Hand Change Motor Cycle.
Location: Twisty Sprint Circuit, Curborough, Near        Friday, June 19, 2009 - Farmyard Party. Organiser:
Litchfield, Staffordshire. Web:      Yorkshire MAG
                                                         The biggest and best motorcycle only rally in Europe.
Saturday, May 30, 2009 - The Great Tees Valley           This year we have more covered areas than ever
Run & BBQ. Organiser: Estonians MCC                      including the 'Back Street Heroes' sponsored 'BIG
A run following the Tees river, crossing 21 of its       TOP' - a huge circus tent featuring all our main
bridges, ending up with a BBQ and evening                attractions. A BIGGER blues tent, a dance tent, and a
entertainment. Free camping available. Location:         BIGGER 100% Biker tent! A huge Food Court
Starting at Middlesborough                               marquee and sponsored ride-in custom show. This is
Web: ESTONIANSMCC.COM                                    a bikers only event - strictly no cars, no vans, no
                                                         pedestrians. Book your tickets online at:
Jun 2009                                        or send a cheque (with
                                                         S.A.E) payable to 'The Farmyard Party' to PO Box
                                                         5047, Rugby, CV21 9HL. Ticket: Pre-book: £25 or On
Friday, June 5, 2009 - Magpie Rally. Organiser:
                                                         The Gate: £35
Colchester MAG
                                                         Location: Gods gift of great roads Duncombe Park,
2nd Magpie Rally at Mersea Island Essex. Live Music,
                                                         Helmsley, North Yorkshire
Comedy Stage, Late Bar, DJ's, Loads of daytime
activities Check out the website for more information.
Location: Mersea Island Youth Camp, Near
Colchester Essex. Web:                                   Friday, June 19, 2009 - RBLR 1000 - World Record                            Attempt. Organiser: The Royal British Legion Riders
                                                         Branch. Attempt by The Royal British Legion Riders
                                                         Branch (RBLR) to break the ultimate endurance World
Friday, June 5, 2009 - "Bike, Trike & Custom
                                                         Record of 156 riders completing a 1000 mile ride in 24
Show". Organiser: Unwanted Mcc
                                                         hours - to raise money for the Poppy Appeal.
"Top Gear Sounds Disco" all weekend. Fri band First
                                                         Location: Starts Squires Café, West Yorkshire then
Offence, Sat Band Razorhead. Camping, Trade
                                                         goes Nationwide. Enquiries: email
Stalls, Tattooist, Disabled friendly. Autojumble,
vertualbike racing. T.shirts £8. Show Badges £2.
MAG, BMF & NABD affiliated.
Location: Unwanted Mcc Rockbar. Shobnall Sports          Sunday, June 21, 2009 - The Banbury Run.
Club, Shobnall Road, Burton on Trent, Staffs DE14        Organiser: Vintage Motor Cycle Club
2BB. Web:                          Held annually, this is the largest competitive event for
                                                         pre 1931 Motor Cycles.
                                                         Location: Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warks,
Friday, June 5, 2009 - Ag Ol Anns An Achadh
                                                         CV35 0BJ. 60 acres of parkland 12 miles north of
Rally. Organiser: Edinburgh and District MAG. Live
                                                         Banbury, next to the M40 J12. Web:
Bands – Rock Disco, Cheap MAG Bar, Excellent
Food, Stalls, Prize Raffle, Bonfire, rally Badges. No
Dogs or Fires, Cars & Vans by pre-arrangement only.
Please note: demo run to be held on a separate           Friday, June 26, 2009 - VMCC Scarborough
weekend. Location: West Torphin Farm, Harburn,           Touring Week. Organiser: Vintage Motor Cycle
West Lothian. Web:           Club. A weeks touring event for Motor Cycles over 25
                                                         years old.
                                                         Location: Olivers Mount, Scarborough. Web:
Friday, June 12, 2009 - Sundown MCC 2009 Bike
Show & Rally. Organiser: Sundown MCC. Rock
Disco Friday, Rock Disco and Live Band on Saturday,      For events beyond June please see web-site and
all day bar and food, trade stands and bike show.        The Road.
Gates open 3pm Friday. Donations and raffle this year
go to ‘The Fire Fighters Charity’. Location: Camerton
Hall, Meadgate, Camerton, Near Bath, BA2 0NQ.
                                                         Acknowledgements:- Nich Brown, George
                                                         Legg, Jane Chisholm, Ian Mutch, Bill Pugsley,
Friday, June 12, 2009 - The Lion Rally. Organiser:
Reading MAG                                              Sheila McMahon and anyone else I’ve
Lot's of new stuff (including auto jumble), Real Ale,    forgotten.
           'Never in the field of human transport have so many been represented by so few' – F.O’C                  13
April 2009                                                                                                                                                      Page 14

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