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15 Industrial Parkway                                              Phone (802) 864-CCTA
Burlington, VT 05401                                               Fax (802) 864-5564

 CCTA Board Meeting Minutes

 DATE:    April 23, 2008
 TIME:    5:00 P.M.
 PLACE:   CCTA, 15 Industrial Parkway, Burlington
 PRESENT: Dan Maxon, Chairman, Essex
          Bill Wessel, Vice Chairman, South Burlington
          Chapin Spencer, Secretary, Burlington
          Tom Buckley, Commissioner, Winooski
          Ben Truman, Commissioner, Burlington
          Chuck Hafter, Commissioner, South Burlington
          Sarah Locknar, Commissioner, Winooski
          Denis Barton, Commissioner, Shelburne

             Chris Cole, General Manager, CCTA
             Gary Thompson, Assistant General Manager, CCTA
             Aaron Frank, Director of Planning and Project Development, CCTA
             Donna Rae Decatur, Operations Manager
             Peter Aube, Maintenance Manager
             Meredith Birkett, Sr. Transit Planner, CCTA
             Doug Teator, Controller, CCTA
             Karen Duguay, Marketing and Public Affairs Manager, CCTA
             Kim Wall, Project Coordinator, CCTA

 ABSENT: Fred Schmidt, Commissioner, Shelburne
         Paul Bohne, Commissioner, Shelburne

 1. Opening Meeting
 Chairman Maxon called the meeting to order at 5:04 PM.

 2. Public Comment
 Chairman Maxon asked if there were any comments from the public. There were no comments.
 Chairman Maxon introduced Commissioner Barton as the new commissioner from Shelburne. He
 will be filling an expiring term and then will fill a three-year term after that point in time.

 3. Adjustment of Agenda

4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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Chairman Maxon made an adjustment to read the following resolution:

     Whereas, Charles Hafter has been a steadfast and highly effective supporter of
     public transportation during his tenure as a CCTA Commissioner from the City of
     South Burlington; and
     Whereas, Charles Hafter deeply supports the residents of South Burlington,
     works diligently to champion the rights of those less fortunate and is attentive to
     their public transportation needs; and
     Whereas, throughout his career in public service, Charles Hafter has
     demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership and vision; and
     Whereas, the Board of Commissioners, the CCTA staff and the regional public
     transit system have benefited from Charles Hafter’s support and advocacy of
     public transportation, including his attention to the financial affairs of the
     Authority; and
     Whereas, Charles Hafter’s hard work and many accomplishments are now an
     integral part of CCTA’s history and future, including the policies affecting service
     to the Town of Colchester; and
     Now therefore be it resolved, that upon the occasion of his departure from the
     Chittenden County Transportation Authority's Board of Commissioners, the
     CCTA Board of Commissioners and staff thank and salute Charles Hafter for his
     significant contributions to the regional public transit system in Chittenden
     County, Vermont.
     The CCTA Board of Commissioners on April 23, 2008 adopted this resolution.

     Commissioner Hafter thanked the board and said that he had enjoyed his years
     serving as a South Burlington commissioner.

4. Minutes (Approval Requested)
Chairman Maxon noted that his name appeared in the minutes and he was absent from the March
meeting. He said that the minutes should be submitted by Vice Chairman Wessel as well. Vice
Chairman Wessel said that he would not have made a motion to accept the vouchers and
Commissioner Buckley asked that the minutes be changed to reflect him making the motion.
Commissioner Locknar said that the group went into Executive Session at 6:50 and adjourned at
6:59 p.m. Secretary Spencer noted that agenda number 17 should be Executive Session and
agenda number 18 should be adjournment. Secretary Spencer also asked that Colchester Town
Manager Al Voegele be spelled correctly in the minutes. It was noted that the header of the minutes
also needed to be revised to reflect the appropriate date of March 26, 2008. Vice Chairman Wessel
made a motion to accept as revised. Secretary Spencer seconded the motion; all were in favor and
the motion passed.

5. Vouchers (Approval Requested)
Vice Chairman Wessel said that the vouchers are in order. He commented that when he goes
through the physical vouchers, he is able to see private information about the employees of CCTA
such as child support vouchers and prescription information. He said that he tries not to look at it but
is conflicted and wants it to be on the record. Mr. Thompson told him that all personal information is
blacked out, in accordance with HIPPA regulations, and even that information will be ending this
month with the new healthcare program. Commissioner Hafter noted that child support records are
public, but said that it was good to be transparent about the process. He made a motion to accept
the vouchers. Commissioner Buckley seconded; all were in favor and the motion passed to accept
the vouchers.
4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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6. Financial Report and Balance Sheet
Mr. Teator said that revenues are more or less on track with where they should be for this time of
year. Mr. Cole noted that the advertising revenue is lower than budgeted, but that election years
bring in more advertising dollars so it should increase in the next few months. Mr. Cole also said
that fuel is right on budget and will probably be over budget in the next fiscal year. He suggested
that the board may need to examine the budget for fuel expenses in the next fiscal year because
the cost will likely be increasing dramatically. Commissioner Locknar asked what the fuel rate was
on this budget and Mr. Cole said that it was $3.80/gallon now and the FY09 budget called for
$4.00/gallon fuel. He also noted that the cost of health care will be lower than budgeted so there
may need to be an amendment. Chairman Maxon thanked Mr. Teator for his work on the financial
report and balance sheet.

7. Retirement Plan Amendment (Action Item)
Mr. Cole said that these amendments to the Retirement Plan are the result of the updated union
contract and said that he could answer any questions the board had about the changes. He noted
that the received contributions from the company changed from 5% to 7% for unionized employees.
Secretary Spencer made a motion to accept the changes to the Retirement Plan. Commissioner
Barton seconded the motion; all were in favor and the motion passed.

8. FY08 Budget Amendment (Action Item)
Mr. Cole explained that in the last Federal budget, there was a $2.6M earmark for bus purchase, as
well as additional State funds that VTrans has agreed to allow us the flexibility to use State 10%
match. These two funding streams converging together is an unusual opportunity for CCTA to
replace buses that had passed their useful lives with new clean diesel buses. However CCTA
needs additional local match to replace a total of 13 buses with our FY08 Capital Program. Some of
the local match can come from the capital match fund. Due primarily to changes in our healthcare
plan, the operating budget is capable of funding the remainder of the local match as proposed in the
operating budget amendment. Secretary Spencer asked if the plan to replace the fleet in four years
will be done ahead of schedule and Mr. Cole said that the additional buses would put the Authority
on schedule. Commissioner Hafter asked how many buses there are in the fleet. Mr. Cole said that
there are currently 60 buses. Commissioner Hafter asked about the concern that all of the new
buses will wear out at the exact same time. Mr. Cole said that the original problem was created
when CCTA purchased 14 buses at the same time years ago. Mr. Cole went through the rest of the
amended FY08 budget and discussed the adjustments with the board. Mr. Cole said that the
adjustments will make the budget tighter at the end, and if it goes over slightly, there are funds to
draw upon which do not affect the member communities. Chairman Maxon asked the board if they
had any questions and complimented the staff on finding the money to purchase additional buses.
Commissioner Hafter made a motion to accept the amended budget. Vice Chairman Wessel
seconded; all were in favor and the motion passed. Commissioner Hafter asked about the timeline
for the new buses. Mr. Thompson said that they are scheduled for production on a 13 month after
receipt of a previous purchase order so they will be here 13 months from approximately April 9,
2008. Commissioner Locknar asked if the new buses would be the same style as the newest buses
in the CCTA fleet and said that she did not like the stairs in the bus and was concerned about safety
hazards. Mr. Cole explained that the low-floor buses were designed to be as safe as possible,
eliminating stairs in the entrance of the bus and said that passengers should wait until the bus is no
longer moving before using the stairs in the back of the bus.
4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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9. FY08 Capital Budget Amendment (Action Item)
Mr. Cole said that the Capital Budget Amendment for FY08 was the second half of the approval,
and that the board needed to vote to amend the FY08 Capital Budget in order to authorize the
agency to expend the money. A memo from Mr. Frank and Ms. Wall to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Cole
detailed the changes. Mr. Cole said that it was a fairly complicated process to go through the money
and where it came from, including state agreements, federal grants and operating and capital
budgets and that the staff did a great job in putting it together, especially Ms. Wall who worked
primarily on this project. Mr. Cole said that the proposed budget showed the original five buses and
the new line item shows the additional eight buses. The amended budget also shows money
allotted for the paint booth, which includes contingency money. Commissioner Hafter asked why the
buses show that they cost different amounts. Mr. Thompson explained that there is a mix of 35’, 40’
and Link buses, which all cost different amounts. He also said that the cost is adjusted depending
on when the order is placed. Chairman Maxon asked for a motion to approve the amended FY08
Capital Budget. Vice Chairman Wessel made the motion, Commissioner Locknar seconded. All
were in favor and the motion passed.

10. ADA Reservation Policy (Action Item)
Mr. Frank explained that, while preparing a document of ADA policies and procedures with the ADA
Advisory Committee, it became clear that the reservation policy did not match what was actually
happening, prompting a review of the policy. Vice Chairman Wessel asked how it typically worked.
Mr. Frank said that people who need the service call SSTA and either speak with someone there or
leave a message with the necessary information. He noted that the people using the service have
the information provided to them to know what they need to provide in order to reserve a ride.
Commissioner Locknar asked if the ADA service was available at select times or whenever needed.
Mr. Frank said that the ADA service is available only during the hours of the fixed route service of
the route the ADA service is based on. Commissioner Hafter asked if the late night service
expansion also expands ADA service. Chairman Maxon said that it did, but only within those
communities along the fixed route. Mr. Cole said that anytime the authority extends service, it
extends the ADA obligation. Commissioner Hafter said that all future expansion discussions should
include ADA service as well when discussing cost. Chairman Maxon said that the ADA service is
50% community and 50% CCTA and is tracked for use by the community. The board discussed the
wording of the reservation policy to accurately reflect the policy. Mr. Frank said that when a time is
requested that is unavailable, the person will be provided choices of times either earlier or later than
the requested time, up to one hour. Mr. Frank will change the wording from “negotiated” to say
“Pickup times may be scheduled up to one hour before or one hour after the requested time, if that
time is unavailable.” Commissioner Buckley suggested some changes in the language regarding
section two, regarding when customer service representative are not available. Secretary Spencer
asked if the committee had seen the policy. Mr. Frank said that the committee had reviewed prior
policies and that the changes recommended came about as a result of that review. Commissioner
Buckley moved to accept the policy, as stated. Commissioner Truman seconded; all were in favor
and the motion passed.

11. Paint Booth (Action Item)
Mr. Frank listed the benefits of this project, which include workers’ safety, environmental protection
and cost savings for the authority vs. contracting to a private paint shop. He noted that bringing
sending buses out for painting would cost approximately $100,000 more per year than painting
them in house, in annual operating costs. He said that they had researched paint booths, cost
estimates, general contractor rates, held a pre-bid meeting and received four bids/qualification
packages. This was a qualification process, which only enabled CCTA to open bids from two firms
that qualified. The Adams bid came in at $276,700 and the Wall bid came in at $292,000, both were
4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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within the estimated cost, and within the funding in the just approved capital budget. Based on
advice from Burlington Electric Department, the bids also included a quote for more energy efficient
lighting in the maintenance area and older portions of the bus barn, which would cost about
$55,000 to replace and which would save approximately $6,000 per year in operations cost, but
would cost so it would be a 10 year payoff. Mr. Frank suggested looking at that when the paint
booth project is completed. He asked the board to authorize the General Manager to enter into a
contract with Adams for $277,700 with 10% contingency available to CCTA staff disclosure to the
board after the fact and for an additional 10% contingency to be used only with board approval. Mr.
Cole thanked Vice Chairman Wessel for helping with the process. Commissioner Hafter asked if
there were additional insurance costs and Mr. Frank said that there were not. Commissioner Hafter
made a motion to authorize the General Manager to award the contract to Adams and for
contingencies as requested, but not to include authorization for the light replacement. Secretary
Spencer seconded; all were in favor and the motion passed.

12. Advertising Policy (Discussion)
Mr. Cole said that at the last board meeting, the board indicated that it was not fair to the General
Manager to have to make approval decisions in isolation and requested an amendment to the
current advertising policy, so he added this discussion to the agenda at the board’s request. The
board debated the process of rejecting a proposed advertisement. Commissioner Truman asked if
there would be the ability for the aggrieved party to come before the board to appeal the decision
made by either the General Manager or the Leadership Committee, whoever it is decided will make
the decision to reject an advertisement. Commissioner Buckley thought that the process would be
the General Manager rejecting an ad and then the Leadership Committee hearing the case as the
appeal. Mr. Cole said that for all three ads he has denied; he has met with the advertisers to discuss
the situation. Commissioner Locknar noted that she did not feel that paragraph E should be
included. Mr. Cole said that all rejected ads have been rejected on the basis of that policy. (Policy E
states: Advocates or opposes an issue or cause, religion, denomination, religious creed, tenet or
Commissioner Buckley asked if there has been a legal review of the policy list. Chairman Maxon
said that there had been and that the policies have been in effect for a long time. He said that the
question is whether we have a right to limit the speech on the bus and the answer is that we do
have that right. Commissioner Hafter explained that this is commercial speech, which is purchased
and able to be regulated, as opposed to free speech. Chairman Maxon said that the authority’s
legal council has found that we do have the right and authority. Secretary Spencer said that perhaps
the board should have a discussion regarding all advertising policy. Commissioner Truman
suggested using language stating that the advertiser will be provided contact information for
Leadership Committee members and be advised on when the Leadership Committee has reached
its decision. Mr. Cole noted that he was content with the previous policy of deciding on his own,
after consulting with the Chairman. Commissioner Buckley suggested leaving the decision in the
hands of the general manager and then allowing the rejected party to appeal to the Leadership
Committee if necessary. Mr. Cole said that process followed the same policy, but broadened the
discussion to two additional board members. Vice Chairman Wessel said that he suggested going
back to the old system of allowing the General Manager to make the decision, in consultation with
the Chairman. Commissioner Truman suggested not making any changes and leaving the rest of
this conversation to the Leadership Committee. Commissioner Hafter agreed. Chairman Maxon said
that the language of the policy E might need to be discussed by the board. Commissioner Buckley
said that he would like to be educated about what’s been done in the past. Mr. Cole said that he
would make that information available. Chairman Maxon said that they would let the old policy
4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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13. Staff Reports
(a) General Manager Report—Chris Cole
Vice Chairman Wessel said that he was disappointed to see that the IBM discussions were focused
on vanpools and not bus service. Mr. Cole explained that this is the fourth time he has met with IBM
officials who want to investigate public transit options, with the same result each time. He said that
because IBM operates 12-hour shifts over seven days per week, the employees need bus service at
not peak times and from specific locations directly to IBM. He said that he explained to IBM that
public bus service can’t be designed only for them but needs to meet the needs of the majority of
the public in order to most effectively spend funding. He said that when he suggested to IBM that
they fund a route that would be designed to meet the needs of their employees, they said that they
are unable to do that, so the discussion becomes focused on vanpools. Mr. Cole noted that NRG in
Hinesburg may be willing to pay for service designed for their needs, as is Green Mountain Coffee
Roasters. He explained that he would be having more conversations with both companies in the

(b) Operations—Donna Rae Decatur
Ms. Decatur said that they experienced the highest ridership during one Montpelier Link trip at 7:20
a.m., with 52 riders. Commissioner Buckley asked if people use the seats next to them for bags and
other personal property. Ms. Decatur said that passengers are no longer allowed to do that. She
said that one of the field supervisors rode every trip over several days to enforce that policy and it
does not seem to be a problem anymore on the crowded trips.

(c) Marketing Report—Karen Duguay
Commissioner Buckley asked if people who already commute using alternative methods can sign
up for the Way to Go! Commuter Challenge and noted that he does not think that people know that,
if so. Ms. Duguay said that anyone who uses an alternative form of transportation during that week
is eligible to sign up for the challenge. Commissioner Barton asked if the board could see the FY09
Marketing Budget. Ms. Duguay said that she could present that to the board in at the June board

(e) Planning Report—Aaron Frank
Commissioner Hafter said that he will forward the information for the 5/13 Planning meeting on to
his replacement board member. Mr. Cole said he didn’t believe that Milton had made final decisions
regarding board members.

(f) Ridership Data—Meredith Birkett
Commissioner Hafter said that he receives a lot of questions about ridership and asked if that
information could be posted on the company website. Mr. Cole said that that information could be
posted on a quarterly basis and asked Ms. Duguay to make sure that happened. Vice Chairman
Wessel said that we need to celebrate the success of the Montpelier Link service. Commissioner
Buckley asked how far off a mid-day run is for the Link. Ms. Birkett said that the needs of the
commuters would need to be addressed first. Mr. Frank explained that, although many people do
want a mid-day run, they are not users who would use the service every day. He said that there are
added routes that will benefit the commuters who will use it every day, as opposed to benefiting the
people who want the mid-day service for appointments, etc. Commissioner Hafter said that, while
the Montpelier Link is a great success, the Authority should also be focused on the local routes that
are also full, such as the U-Mall/Airport route. Ms. Birkett said that there was an increase on the
Essex Junction route, and for the first month ever, it surpassed the ridership of the U-Mall route.
She said that based on the current ridership numbers, she is optimistic that the projections of the
Route 15 grand estimate will be surpassed.
4/23/08 Meeting Minutes
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(g) Media Packet—Chris Cole
There was nothing additional to report.

14. Committee Reports
(a) Strategy Committee
Secretary Spencer said that he was interested in meeting with the GMTA Strategy Committee and
was working with Mr. Cole to get that to happen.

(b) Finance Committee
The Finance Committee did not have anything to report.

(c) Leadership Committee
The Leadership Committee did not have anything to report.

15. Other Business
The CCTA staff present introduced themselves to Commissioner Barton. Secretary Spencer noted
the need to work with Mr. Cole and Commissioner Truman on a strategy to encourage continued
progress on the Downtown Transit Center. He is concerned that it is going to stall and feels that
they need to be a voice with the City of Burlington. Chairman Maxon said that the project needs
political drive to push the project through to the end. Mr. Cole said that this project is very important
to the Authority and to the Authority’s future. Secretary Spencer said that he wants to work with Mr.
Cole, Chairman Maxon and Commissioner Truman to have a voice with the City. He said that they
may need to meet with Mayor Kiss in order to get started. Commissioner Hafter said that he,
Secretary Spencer and Vice Chairman Wessel currently make up the group dealing with CATMA
issues and it may be important to assign someone else to take his spot in that group.

16. Executive Session (If Necessary)
No Executive Session necessary.

17. Adjourn
Commissioner Hafter made a motion to adjourn at 6:58 p.m., Secretary Spencer seconded the
motion. All were in favor and the motion to adjourn passed.

Respectfully Submitted,                            Accepted on behalf of the
                                                      Board of Commissioners

Chapin Spencer                                         Dan Maxon
Secretary                                              Chairman

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