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									Promotional Advertising—An
                                      Tired of cold calling? You are allocating segments of your budget to
                                      advertising—sometimes ridiculous amounts of money, right!? What
                                      do you first allocate the money to?

                                      The „marketing mix‟ is still conditioned and influenced by
                                      traditional concepts of advertising, so print media, billboards, and
                                      television spots still reign supreme in the advertising world and what
                                      falls on the blind spot of the advertising world is the promotional
                                      product, which for obvious reasons of low cost is stereotyped as the
                                      underdog in advertising country!

                                     However, Hans-Joachim Evers, first chairman of the GWW, German
                                     promotional product business association, delivers this victim of
                                     its undervalued status: “As a multisensory advertising medium, the
promotional product can make valuable contributions to the marketing mix.” Let us consider the various
ways in which a promo item truly is set to usurp the much-coveted advertising media throne!

‘Advertising Inflation Crisis’ versus Connecting With Your Market

Businesses seldom consider the fact that their customers and prospects are continually being bombarded
with adverts from multiple media; so much so that the advert is simply blotted out from the viewer‟s
perception and the message completely lost! Advertising becomes an exercise in futility with people using
breaks in movies and programs to do some good old channel surfing, rather than devote time to the same
old advertisements that drone out a run-of-the-mill message! The way out of this crisis can well be by
using promotional items, as they add direct value for the customer instead of compromising the
customer‟s valuable time.

Lingering Or Long-lasting Effect

A promotional gift connects on several sensory and emotional levels. Giveaways have an effect on
touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight simultaneously, add long-lasting value, and thus rank higher than
other media. The dollar spent on an advertising specialty is utilized to the max potential as repeated use
by the recipient generates additional value for him/her. Given the fact that classical advertising elicits a
recognition response only after eight attempts, this certainly highlights how effective a promotional item
can be.

Lower Cost-Per-Impression

Due to repeated use, promotional giveaways naturally have a lower cost-per-impression. For example,
promotional bags which might actually cost up to $10, effectively have a cost-per-impression of just
$0.002, a shirt of $0.005, a pen of just $0.002, and a promotional calendar of $0.003! With such statistics,
businesses need to change their perception of advertising specialties and utilize them as the preferred
medium of marketing campaigns.

Recall Value

This cannot be emphasized enough. Studies show that print media barely creates 24% awareness while
television achieves 49%. However, the statistic that wipes these figures off the windscreen is 72%
awareness generated by promo items!! The message, therefore, is best conveyed with promo items.

No longer can the corporate giveaway be bracketed as the underdog of advertising. It‟s time for
businesses to get up and take notice of the invincible power of promotional items!

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