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									SAS Scandinavian Airlines
              You've tried it the Dutch way.
              You've tried it the British way.
              You've tried it the Swiss way.

              Now try it the Scandinavian
SAS today

SAS Group

Route Network Scandinavia to UK

European product
SAS Group - the company

 34,000 employees

 Over 300 aircraft

 33 million passengers

 4th largest airline group in Europe

 approx. 1,450 daily departures

 over 150 destinations and 200 hotels
SAS Group is the 4th largest airline group in
Europe and 11th worldwide




                       The SAS Group current platform
                       – Strong position in home market
                       – 100 million in catchment area
                       – 32 million passengers in 2004
Where do the SAS Group fly to in the UK ?
   – London Heathrow
   – London City
   – London Gatwick
   – London Stansted

   Rest of UK
   – Birmingham
   – Manchester
   – Newcastle

   – Aberdeen
   – Edinburgh
             To London Heathrow (LHR) from :
              Copenhagen            SAS Denmark
              Oslo                  SAS Braathens
              Stavanger             SAS Braathens
              Stockholm             SAS Sweden
              Gothenburg            SAS Sweden
SAS Group     Riga (up to 25Mar)    Air Baltic
     to      To London City (LCY) from :
 LONDON        Copenhagen           SAS Denmark
               Stockholm            SAS Sweden

             To London Gatwick (LGW) from :
               Bergen               SAS Braathens
               Vilnius              Air Baltic
               Riga (from 26 Mar)   Air Baltic
                 To Birmingham (BHX) from :
                  Copenhagen       SAS Denmark
                  Stockholm        SAS Sweden

  SAS Group
   services      To Manchester (MAN) from :
                   Copenhagen      SAS Denmark
       to          Oslo            SAS Braathens
   England         Stockholm       SAS Sweden
(excl. London)     Riga            Air Baltic
                   Tallinn         Estonian

                 To Newcastle (NCL) from :
                  Copenhagen       SAS Denmark
                  Stavanger        SAS Braathens
                  Bergen           Wideroe
            To Aberdeen (ABZ) from :
             Copenhagen       SAS Denmark
             Stavanger        SAS Braathens
SAS Group    Stavanger        Wideroe
             Bergen           Wideroe
            To Edinburgh (EDI) from :
             Copenhagen       SAS Denmark
             Bergen           Wideroe
European concept
•   The product is designed to meet the
•   different needs of the three customer groups
•   As a result, we offer three service levels
•   onboard:

Economy                    Economy Flex            Business
One way fares and Combinability
     Business             Economy Flex              Economy

 Three booking classes    Two booking classes    Seven - nine booking
 Rebookable within       Rebookable within
 same price type and     same price type and    Cannot be rebooked
 level                   level
                                                 No refund

 Can be rebooked to      Can be rebooked to
 higher booking class    higher booking class   Child discount 33%
 by paying the           by paying the
 difference              difference              72 hours ticketing
 Fully refundable                               after booking
                         Fully refundable
 Child discount 33%                              Lowest price levels
                         Child discount 33%     valid point to point

                           Full combinability
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