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									Different Types of Male Pattern Hair
Loss Treatment
Male pattern baldness as its name suggests affects a lot of men today. It
does not choose what age the condition will manifest. Commonly, this type
of baldness affects adult men from the age of 40 and above. At this age,
their hair begins to thin and fall out. There are cases however that young
adults in their early twenties experience male pattern baldness. By the time
they reach 30 they will be bald.

Everybody like a full head of hair, but for some men, there isn’t much
choice. Since this condition is hereditary, someone who has studied his
family tree for quite some time will be able to determine when he will start
to get bald. Are there really male pattern hair loss treatments?

If you already know the causes of male pattern baldness, then it’s time that
you should know some treatments that you can use. These are not really
treatments in a way because they do not actually treat the condition of male
pattern baldness. They do not let you grow your hair back naturally just like
you do not have male pattern baldness. These treatments are used by many
because of the fact that they do not want to be bald. These treatments do
not let your hair grow back, these only delays the progression of the

A simple male pattern hair loss treatment is accepting the fact that you are
going to get bald. It is free and absolutely safe. You only need to accept the
condition. If you are comfortable being bald then you won’t have much of a

However if you are the type of person that is not comfortable with a bald
head then there are other options. Male pattern baldness is irreversible and
naturally, hair that has fallen off will not grow back, especially to those with
the condition. You can replace lost hair with another kind of hair, and this is
where hair replacement and transplantation comes into mind. This is the
process where hair is surgically transplanted from a place where hair grows
naturally to the place where it is thinning.

Another male pattern hair loss treatment is hairpieces or wigs. You can
easily buy a wig and wear it as if you still have hair. This is also a cheap
solution; just make sure you choose the right type of hairpiece.

If you are really looking for another aggressive approach to male pattern
baldness, there are medications that can help you slow down the balding
process. Drugs like Minoxidil can help you manage male pattern baldness.
Minoxidil is a solution that you can directly apply to your scalp to stimulate
your hair follicles. This delays the effects of balding during use. Another
popular drug is Finasteride, this is a pill that inhibits DHT, the main culprit
for hair loss.

There is no real male pattern hair loss treatment all you can do is delay the
process using the many methods that are available. The best way to treat
baldness is accepting it and not letting it affect your self esteem and

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