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					University of Bolton
Diary for 2006-07 AcademicYear

              Flying High
CONTENTS                                       1

    Course Dates 2006/7                    2
    Welcome – Dean of Students             3
    Welcome – Students’ Union President    5
    Useful telephone Numbers               6

    University Services
    Student Centre                        10
    Student Programme Offices             17
    Learning Support Services             19
    Financial Services                    20
    Shops on campus                       21

    Other Useful Information
    Health Matters                        22
    Drugs and Alcohol                     23
    First Aid                             23
    Accident Reporting                    23
    Smoking                               23
    Lost Property                         24
    Security                              24
    Car Parking                           25

    Rights and Responsibilities           27

    Important Rules and Regulations       28
                   COURSE DATES 2006/7

    The following dates apply to most taught programmes at the University. It should be
    noted that there may be some variation in dates for health and teacher training courses.
    Students should check specific programme dates with their Department.

    Semester 1
    Starts Monday 18 September 2006 and ends Friday 19 January 2007 (16 weeks)
    Semester 2
    Starts Monday 22 January 2007 and ends Friday 8 June 2007 (18 weeks)

    Autumn Term
    Starts Monday 18 September 2006 and ends Friday 22 December 2006 (14 weeks)
    Spring Term
    Starts Monday 8 January 2007 and ends Friday 30 March 2007 (12 weeks)
    Summer Term
    Starts Monday 16 April 2007 and ends Friday 8 June 2007 (8 weeks)

    Winter Vacation
    Starts Saturday 23 December 2006 and ends Sunday 7 January 2007 (2 weeks)
    Spring Vacation
    Starts Saturday 31 March 2007 and ends Sunday 15 April 2007 (2 weeks)
    Summer Vacation
    Starts Saturday 9 June 2007 and ends Sunday 30 September 2007 (16 weeks)

    The University will be closed on or between the following dates
    Saturday 23 December 2006 – Monday 1 January 2007 inclusive
    Friday 6 April 2007 – Monday 9 April 2007 inclusive
    Monday 7 May 2007 (Bank Holiday)
    Monday 28 May 2007 (Bank Holiday)
    Monday 27 August 2007 (Bank Holiday)
                                WELCOME                                                    3
                               From the Dean of Students

            A very warm welcome to all new students.
  We look forward to a year in which a number of new academic
   programmes will be launched and newly refurbished teaching
      space on the Deane campus becomes available for use.

During the Autumn Term we will be            My thanks go to Denise Simm (The Head
welcoming colleagues acting on behalf of     of the Student Information Service), the
the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to        staff of the Student Centre and all other
undertake an Audit of the University’s       contributors for helping to put this
Collaborative Provision – programmes         publication together.
which are delivered in partnership with
                                             If you need further information about
organisations within the UK and overseas.
                                             anything in this publication please contact
This year we have decided to provide a       the relevant Department or Service Unit
University diary for all new students.The    at the University. If you wish to comment
diary contains essential information for     on its contents, please contact me at:The
new students and guidance on how to          Student Centre,Tel (01204) 903730,
access more detailed information either      e-mail sr3@bolton.ac.uk
from the University’s website or by
making personal contact with the             We hope that you have an enjoyable and
University’s support services.               rewarding year.

The information in this publication is
                                             Sarah Riches
correct at the time of printing in August
                                             Dean of Students,
2006, but some changes may occur before
                                             Head of the Student Centre
or during the new academic year - please
check for the latest information on the
University’s website www.bolton.ac.uk
                                 WELCOME                                                       5
                           From the Students’ Union President

         A big hello from everyone at the University of Bolton
                           Students’ Union!!

The first thing I would like to say is that    If you ever have a problem please come
whatever you are interested in I am            to the Union for help or advice. If you call
confident that there is something within       in to the reception they will point you in
the Students’ Union that will get all your     the right direction or if you would prefer
adrenalin pumping! Whether it’s joining        just ask for me. Any help given is private
one of our sports teams or societies or        and confidential and depending on what
just enjoying a meal with your friends or      the problem is you will have the backing
having a good night out at one of our          of the National Union of Students (NUS).
amazing theme nights, or pretty much
                                               All I have left to say is good luck with your
anything that involves breathing, your
                                               studies and I hope that you fully enjoy
Students’ Union caters for you!
                                               your time at the University of Bolton.
The Students’ Union understands that the
real reason that you came here is to study.    Damien Sutherland
We realise that for a lot of you it is the
first time that you have moved away from
                                               01204 900850
home and if you experience any problems
with Uni life we are here to offer you help
and advice whenever you need it.

The University of Bolton Students’ Union
also has an Advice Unit with great staff
there to help you when you need it.The
Advice Unit can give you help with such
things as visa applications and offer you
advice on how to find potential income
sources if you are in financial difficulties
that most of us get into at some time or
                  TELEPHONE NUMBERS
           For calls from outside the University prefix (01204) 90
                           to the numbers below.
    Management                                Tel No    Contact             Tel No
    Vice Chancellor
    Dr George Holmes                            3001    Mrs Gill Barker       3002
    Pro Vice Chancellors
    Peter Marsh                                 3006    Ms Louise Unsworth 3009
    Programme Quality and Development
    Karyn Brinkley
    Strategic Planning and Communications
    Corporate Communications Officer
    Ms Deana Morris                             3007    Ms Joanne Carney      3004
    Director of Development
    Mr Mark Allanson                            3779
    Director, Centre for International Relations
    Dr Kasey Carver                              3110   Mrs Trish James       3110
    Director of Human Resources
    Mr Bruce Cain                               3169
    Human Resource Manager
    Ms Sharon Germaine-Cox                      3503
    Director of Finance & Estates
    Mr Tony Unsworth                            3176
    Head of Academic Quality & Standards Unit
    Dr Paul Birkett                         3051        Mrs Alison Higson     3051

    Director of Estates
    Mr Paul Taylor                              3920    Ms Nicola Llewellyn   3910
    Security Manager
    Vacant                                      3930
    Site Operations Manager
    Mrs Maxine Addis                            3525

    Head of Learning Support Services
    Ms Karen Senior                             3462    Mrs Margaret Wright 3160

    Dean of Students
    Miss Sarah Riches                           3730    Mrs Pat Whalley       3401

    Head of Student Information Service
    Mrs Denise Simm                             3731

    Head of Student & Residential Services
    Mrs Sara Burgess                            3482

Management                                  Tel No        Contact          Tel No

Head of Recruitment & Admissions                          Recruitment Manager
Mr J Phillip Lloyd                             3061       Mr Earl Davey   3818
Head of Student Data Management                           Data Manager
Mrs Carole Sykes                               3414       Mrs Sue Hollinshead 3816
Head of Academic Support Unit (joint)
Mrs Hilary Birtwistle                          3867
Mr Andy Dale                                   3032
Head of Computing and IT                                  Head of e-Lab
Mr Patrick O’Reilly                            3888       Dr Neil Ringan     3545
University Secretary and Clerk to the Governors
Derek Truffas                             3058            Pat Scargill       3491
Director of Research
Prof Robert Campbell                      3239
Director of Corporate Intelligence
Dr Nigel Hill                             3633
Director of Academic Partnerships and Widening Participation
Mr Mike Lomas                             3460
Director of Academic Enterprise
Prof Danny Morton                         3040
Director of Teaching and Curriculum Development
Mr John Napier                            3112
Heads of Academic Department:
Art and Design – Ms Cassandra O’Connor                    3367
Built Environment – Mr Alan Cornthwaite                   3021
Business School – Mr John Blower                          3628
Computing and Electronic Technology – Dr Andrew Hartley   3060
Cultural and Creative Writing – Ms Sam Johnson            3312
Education – Mr Andrew Graham                              3220
Engineering and Design – Dr Peter Myler                   3661
Health and Social Studies – Dr Margaret Boneham           3759
Psychology and Life Sciences – Dr Corinne Barrow          3152
Sports, Leisure and Tourism Management - Mr Dan Morgan    3615
University Health & Safety Advisor
Mr Frank Jenkins                                          3577
Halls of Residence – Wardens
Senior Warden -Mrs Maggie Foster     01204 366401 or Ext 3233
Warden - Vacant Post                 01204 366803
Students’ Union and its Officers                        S.U. Staff                  9
S.U. Sabbatical Posts

Students’ Union President                               Manager
Damien Sutherland                                6850   Susan Straker        6850

Students’ Union Vice President -
Finance and Recreation                                  Advice Unit
Rayana Mahgoub                                   6850   Janet Galligan       6850

Student Representation Co-ordinator                     Student Activities
Rob Hayes                                       6850    Co-ordinator
                                                        Susan Delanty      6850

Website – www.ubsu.org.uk E-mail – info@ubsu.org.uk

Main switchboard               01204 900600/528851

Admissions                             01204 903903

Financial Services/Credit card Line 01204 903011
                                    01204 903180

Student Information Service            01204 903733

Student Programme Offices
Eagle                                  01204 903111
Deane                                  01204 903020
Chadwick                               01204 903200

Halls of Residence (external numbers)
Hollins Halls Office 01204 366401 or 01204 363233

Orlando Halls Office                   01204 366803

Hall of Residence - Residents

Hollins Halls                                           Orlando Halls
Block A Flats 1-9                      01204   366418   Block A    01204   366425
Block A Flats 10-18                    01204   366423   Block B    01204   366426
Block B Flats19-27                     01204   366416   Block C    01204   366430
Block B Flats 28-36                    01204   366417   Block D    01204   366427
Block C Ground Floor 37-42             01204   366421   Block E    01204   366635
Block C First Floor 37-42              01204   533234   Block F    01204   366647
                                                        Block G    01204   366643
                                                        Block H    01204   366648

Other useful external numbers
Student Loans Company – Customer Support Office         0845 6077577
Community Legal Service                                 0845 3454345
Home Office (Immigration and Nationality)               0870 6067766
Citizens Advice Bureau                                  0870 1264038
Welfare Rights Advice Line                              01204 380460
Lever Chambers Health Centre                            01204 360000
10                        STUDENT CENTRE
        Below is a summary of the services provided by the Student
       Centre. Further detailed information, Statements of Service for
      each service and a range of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                   can be found by visiting our website at

     STUDENT INFORMATION                            Admissions
     SERVICE                                        •processing all offers for admission to
     The Student Information Service is based        the University
     in the Student Centre, Eagle Mall, Deane
                                                    Enrolment and registration
     Campus. The opening hours are displayed
     at the entrance to the service, appropriate    •compulsory for every student through
                                                      the processing of the enrolment form
     to the time of the academic year.
                                                      (in subsequent years, the enrolment
     Telephone: 01204 903733
                                                      process will be undertaken by post)
     Fax: 01204 903732
     Email: Student-Info-Centre@bolton.ac.uk        •registering for your award.
                                                    Official letters
     The Student Information Service is staffed     •letters confirming student status,
     by a team of Student Advisers operating a       course dates, fees, etc
     “first stop shop” for students (prospective,   •Council Tax Certificates
     current and past) requiring information
                                                    Charges may be made for additional
     and advice on general student support
                                                    copies of letters and replacement Council
     services. Private interview room facilities
                                                    Tax Certificates.
     are available on request. An induction
     loop facility for the deaf and hard of         Identity cards
     hearing is also available.                     • given to each student at enrolment for
                                                      the whole length of the course.The
     STUDENT CENTRE SERVICES                          Identity Card is necessary to access
     INCLUDE:                                         the University’s facilities and services,
     Recruitment                                      e.g. the Learning Support Centres and
     •dealing with course enquiries                   may be asked for by staff on any
     •organising University open days                 University premises. It is needed to
     •advising on entry qualifications and fee        collect letters etc.
       status                                       A charge may be made for a replacement
     •liaising with schools and colleges            card.

Induction                                       developing an inclusive approach to
•The Student Centre liaises with                learning so that all students, including
  Academic Departments to ensure                those with additional support
  that all new students are inducted            requirements, can become part of an
  into the University, Academic                 integrated learning community
  Department and their course                   within the University of Bolton.

Counselling                                     The service has two full time Disability
                                                Advisers and a part time Clerical
•Most students experience some stress           Assistant. We offer both ‘One to One’
 while at university, whether it is from
                                                appointments and ‘Drop In’ sessions to
 studying, living away from home,
                                                students on both campuses. We also
 finance, social relationships or more
                                                provide study skills support for dyslexic
 personal matters. Having to cope with
                                                students who are awaiting their Study
 things like these is a normal part of
                                                Needs assessment. If you have dyslexia,
 student life and while you may prefer
                                                or you think you might have dyslexia do
 and be able to sort them out on your
                                                not hesitate to contact us to discuss
 own, there will be times when it can           your concerns. We carry out diagnostic
 make all the difference to talk things         screenings and explore different options
 over with someone else. No problem is          for study support and developing coping
 too trivial if it is affecting your work and   strategies.
 even if you don’t know what is
 troubling you, just call in to the Student     Within the University the Disability
                                                Advisers liaise with departments and
 Centre to arrange to see a counsellor.
                                                academic tutors to provide a
 The counsellor is there to help you and
                                                comprehensive support package for
 give support where possible.
                                                students. All disability related
The Disability Service:                         information that is provided to the
Additional Learning Support                     Disability Service is confidential. Liaison
                                                with University staff and outside
•The Disability Service offers advice and       agencies will only take place with the
  guidance to students throughout their
                                                student’s written consent. We work
  learning experience, from application
                                                closely with the Learning Support &
  stage to graduation. Whilst we
                                                Development Centre, based in both
  encourage independence and
                                                libraries.They provide enabling
  individuality, we recognise the
                                                technology rooms on both campuses
  importance of a supportive
                                                containing specialist equipment, such as
  environment for students. We are
                                                CCTV, a Brailler and a Tactile Image

      Enhancer, as well as different types of         Information is available at the following
      specialist software and ergonomic               website:
      furniture.                                      http://www.dfes.gov.uk/international-
      All prospective and most UK students
      with a disability or dyslexia are eligible to   To make an appointment with a Disability
      apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance        Adviser call in to the Student Centre,
      (DSA). DSAs are available to students           Eagle Mall, Deane Campus and speak to a
      regardless of age and are not income            Student Adviser.
      assessed. If you are from England and           Tel: 01204 903733 or e-mail
      Wales further information can be                student-info-centre@bolton.ac.uk .
      obtained from your Local Authority
                                                      For further information please check out
      (LA). Students from Scotland must
                                                      our website:
      apply through the Student Awards
                                                      Disability Service:
      Agency for Scotland whilst students
      from Northern Ireland must apply
      through their Education & Library Board.
      Detailed information can be found in
                                                      Katie Jennings
      the Department for Education and Skills
                                                      Senior Disability Adviser
      (DfES) booklet entitled ‘Bridging the
                                                      Student & Residential Services
      Gap’. Check out the DfES Website as it
                                                      University of Bolton
      holds useful funding information for ALL
      prospective and current students.
                                                      Ruth Price
     DfES Website:
                                                      Disability Adviser
                                                      Student & Residential Services
     European nationals and their children, who       University of Bolton
     satisfy certain residence criteria in the UK     rp1@bolton.ac.uk
     and Islands, may now become eligible for
                                                      Minicom: 01204 903490
     support if studying in England and Wales.
                                                      SMS Text: 07799 657 035
     This applies to full and part-time students.
     If you are an International student and
                                                      For many people at the University of
     require additional learning support please
                                                      Bolton, this can be a time of asking
     contact the Disability Service directly.
                                                      questions, not just about work but about
                                                      themselves. It can be a time for

broadening horizons and coming to a new      Student finance
understanding of themselves in this          The Student Centre can provide
fascinating but complex world.               information and advice on a wide range of
                                             financial matters affecting students,
The Chaplaincy can help you to explore
                                             whether it is about grants, student loans,
these wider questions from your own
                                             Council Tax or the Access to Learning
culture and beliefs (whether firm or non-    Fund (ALF)
existent).The Chaplaincy also offers
friendship and support through difficult     We can identify grants or bursaries to
times and crises.                            which you may be entitled, provide
                                             information on tuition fees, identify what
The Chaplaincy consists of a team of         benefits you may be able to claim whilst at
chaplains from different traditions and      University and update you on the financial
faiths. We work from the Student Centre      changes for the next academic year.
in Eagle Mall but you will see us all over
                                             If you are having difficulty managing your
the University.
                                             finances whilst studying we can help you
You can contact Phil (who can put you in     work through your problems with
touch with the other chaplains):             budgeting and money management
Email: chaplain@bolton.ac.uk                 sessions. Learn how to manage your
Tel: 01204 90 3415 (leave a message on       money and avoid getting into debt.
the voicemail) Mobile: 07958 692454
                                             We act as a referral agency helping you to
In person at                                 get in touch with the right people.
Student Centre                               Student accommodation
Eagle                                        The Student Centre manages the
Wednesdays 9:45am - 11.45am                  University’s two Halls of Residence and
(term-time only)                             provides information on finding private
Learning Support Centre                      accommodation.
Ryley Building, Chadwick Campus,             Careers advice and guidance
Thursdays 2.00pm-3.00pm                      the Careers Service will help you with
(term-time only).                            your career planning at any stage of your
                                             programme. Hardcopy information in
You can also make an appointment to see
                                             our careers library is supplemented by
any chaplain by contacting the Student
                                             our website www.bolton.ac.uk/careers
Information Service.Tel: 01204 903733
                                             Graduate vacancies are posted to
The Chaplaincy website has more              www.gvp.org.uk. Access to expert advice
information on www.bolton.ac.uk/chaplaincy   is available tel: 01204 903080

     Job shop                                      • the awards ceremonies are held in July
     Located within the Careers Service, the         and November each year. Invitations to
     Job Shop provides opportunities for             the awards ceremony are sent to
     students to find part-time employment           finalists during their final year. Only
     while undertaking their course of study.        finalists successful at the Assessment
     Students can either register online at          Board by the end of June will receive
     www.bolton.ac.uk/studentcentre/jsregform.       tickets.There is a high demand for
     html or call in at the Job Shop personally.     places as the ceremonies are very
     The service is completely free of charge.       popular.
     Student records                               Sport and recreation
     Inform the Student Information Service as     Why not visit the Sports Centre to see
     soon as possible of any changes to            what is available? Physical activity and
     personal details, such as your address
                                                   exercise can be mentally stimulating, act as
     - if you suspend your studies, withdraw
                                                   a form of relaxation when you are
     from your course or change your mode of
                                                   studying hard and provide a great
     attendance (from full-time to part-time)
                                                   opportunity to meet students from other
     you should inform the Student Information
     Service and your Student Programme
     Office promptly in writing.                   The Sports Service works in collaboration
                                                   with the Students’ Union to provide a
     Collection and issue of student payments
                                                   wide range of activities for all levels of
     • Collection of course fees, halls of
                                                   ability.This ranges from playing competitive
       residence fees, etc. (Please note that
                                                   sport through the British Universities
       information about non-payment of fees
                                                   Sports Association competitions, to
       is sent to your Academic Department
       and may lead to exclusion from class        playing recreational sport with friends.
       and/or exams or their results)              There are opportunities to take part in all
     • Any payments not covered by the             sorts of classes from climbing to
       BACS payments system.                       trampolining.

     Issuing certificates and the awards           Contact us
     ceremony                                      Sports Centre Reception 01204 903172
     • All award certificates can be collected     Sports Centre Manager
       from the Student Centre
                                                   Pozz Lonsdale 01204 903639
     • registration with external validating
       bodies (course tutors can give deadline

Sports and Physical Activity Officer          To make an appointment contact
Mollie Percival 01204 903637                  Keith Lescure Kl1@bolton.ac.uk
m.g.percival@bolton.ac.uk                     telephone 01204 903642
Student Activities Co-ordinator               or June Clayton jlc2@bolton.ac.uk
Sue Delanty     01204 900850                  telephone 01204 903489.
http://www.bolton.ac.uk/studentcentre/        We would be pleased to receive your
sport/index.html                              comments about any aspect of the
Student Volunteering                          Student Centre and this handbook.
Volunteering will enhance your skills and     Suggestion boxes are also available in the
provide experience much sought after by       Student Information Service and the
employers. It can increase your confidence,   Careers Service. All feedback received is
challenge your perspectives and, in many      considered when reviewing the service
cases, alter your career aspirations.         provided.
Volunteering whilst a student will almost     All inquiries about Student Centre
certainly enable you to access the            services should be addressed in the first
voluntary and community sectors and try       instance to the Student Information
out various employment/career                 Service.
opportunities. Many of our students are
attracted to mentoring opportunities
across the educational sector but others
work with the homeless, refugees and
asylum seekers, those with psychological
problems, young offenders, and many
others. Some students may wish to
consider taking a 20 credit Volunteering
module offered by the University or take
advantage of other additional training
courses offered.
Have a look at our website in the Student
Centre section to find out about the many
varied opportunities available to you -
             STUDENT PROGRAMME                                                                17

On each campus you will find a Student Programme Office staffed
          by members of the Academic Support Unit.
The Academic Support teams primarily          Absence Notification
provide support to your academic staff        If you are unable to attend a class or a
and ensure the smooth running of the          meeting with your tutor, please telephone
academic programmes across the                the appropriate Student Programmes
University.                                   Office and your message will be
The Student Programme Offices are
open at the following times to give you       Timetables
help and advice about your course and         These are located on programme
campus:                                       noticeboards however, if you have any
                                              difficulties, the Academic Support staff will
Eagle            T3-58     Ext 3111           be able to help;
Monday-Friday 8.45am-5.00pm
                                              Contact with Academic Staff
Deane             C2-05   Ext 3020
                                              Staff timetables are available via the
Monday-Friday 8.45am-5.00pm
                                              Student Programmes Offices so that you
Chadwick          210      Ext 3200
                                              can check availability and messages can be
Monday-Friday 8.45am-5.00pm
                                              left to be forwarded to your tutors;
Occasionally the offices may be closed
                                              Course Work
for staff training but you will be given at
                                              Each Student Programmes Office has a
least seven days notice of such events so
                                              Course work hand-in point and a
that you can plan accordingly.
                                              receipting system.
The type of help and information that
                                              Whatever query you might have about
the Student Programme Offices can
                                              your course, your tutors or your campus,
provide includes:
                                              the Academic Support Unit staff within
Programme Induction                           the Student Programmes Office will be
You will meet many of the Academic            able to help you.
Support Unit staff during your induction
                                              Our website address is
period. They will work with academic
colleagues and staff from the Student
Centre helping you to complete the            Hilary Birtwistle and Andy Dale
necessary forms and directing you             Head of Academic Support Unit (Joint)
through the process;                          Telephone 01204 903867/ 01204 903032
                  LEARNING SUPPORT                                                             19


Eagle Learning Support Centre                 of leaflets, and staff are always available to
(01204) 903094                                help with queries. LS and D also has
                                              extensive web pages,
Chadwick Learning Support Centre
                                              http://www.bolton.ac.uk/learning/, which
(01204) 903262
                                              provide information about its services and
Normal term-time opening hours                access to electronic resources.
Monday toThursday 08.45 – 21.00
                                              Card-operated photocopiers are provided
Friday            08.45 – 17.00               within the centres.You need to buy a card,
Saturday          09.30 – 12.30*              which is re-chargeable, from the
*Please refer to the LS and D website         dispensers in the entrance areas.
http://www.bolton.ac.uk/learning/ for         Copyright restrictions are displayed by
possible updates on opening hours.            each copier and must be followed. A
                                              colour photocopying service is available at
Normal vacation opening hours                 the Chadwick Centre. High-quality laser
Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00                printers are available within the computing
Vacation late nights                          areas and a credit-based charge
2nd – 4th January 09.00 – 19.30               system is in operation.You have a free
                                              quota of printing and when this has been
We provide integrated library, computing      used up you need to top-up your print
and media facilities with access to a wide    account by making payments at the
range of information and learning             information desk. Colour printing and
resources to support your studies.These       printing to transparency can be done.
include books, journals, CDROMs, videos,      Scanners are also provided.
networked computing, electronic               A 24 hour access, networked services
information, internet and email together      computer room, Eagle365, is available on
with study space and specialist staff         Eagle Site.
support. Help with media skills is also
available.                                    There is a Policy on any Disruptive
                                              Behaviour within Learning Support
Your University student identity card         Centres and a copy of this is available
enables you to use Learning Support and       from the Information Desks.
Development (LS and D) facilities and
may be required for entry to the Learning     Comments on any aspect of our service
Support Centres.When you enrol you are        are very welcome and comments books
automatically given library and computing     are also available adjacent to information
'accounts'. New students attend an            desks. Feedback is also possible online
induction to LS and D facilities within the   through the LSS web site at
first few weeks.There is also a wide range    http://www.bolton.ac.uk/learning
                      FINANCIAL SERVICES

     Eagle House (Ground Floor),                 Personal Insurance
     Deane Campus                                Students are advised to have their own
     Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.45pm            insurance for their personal possessions,
     (later at enrolment period)                 whilst on University premises, especially if
                                                 these include valuable items. Where
     For payment of fees for courses,            lockers are provided by the University,
     accommodation etc.                          these are for temporary storage and
                                                 should not be used for valuables.
     Methods of Payment
                                                 Students are not normally insured by the
     •   In person at Financial Services
                                                 University against accidental injury unless
     •   By post (cheques should be made         due to its negligence. Personal accident
         payable to The University of Bolton)    cover is available commercially and the
                                                 Students’ Union can advise on this and
         The University of Bolton
                                                 personal possessions insurance.
         Financial Services
         Deane Road
         Bolton BL3 5AB

         Please detach the invoice counterfoil
         and enclose with your cheque if a
         receipt is not required.
         Please send the complete invoice if a
         receipt is required together with a
         stamped addressed envelope.

     • By debit or credit card either by
         telephone, post or in person.

         Please contact Financial Services
         (01204 903011 or 01204 903180)
         for further details.
SHOPS ON CAMPUS                                        21

        Athena Xpress
        Eagle Mall
        The shop in the Mall with the ATM
        Supplies all student stationery and pens,
        cards, gifts, newspapers and magazines
        plus sweets, crisps and drinks.
        Top up your mobile and lots more.
        Opening hours are 8am to 6pm

        St Xpress
        Chadwick St campus shop
        The shop stocks Art Supplies, paints,
        papers, pens – all the materials for student
        courses all at very competitive prices –
        plus take out sandwiches and snacks.
        Topping up your mobile is available here.

        Vendors for a quick bite and drink are
        sited throughout the University in
        Eagle Mall, Deane Deli and Chadwick
        refectory and in the students’ common
        room at Orlando.
        Opening hours are 10am to 3pm
                               OTHER USEFUL

                                                     • A headache
     Students are strongly advised to register
     with a general practitioner (GP) close to       • Stiff neck
     their term-time address. It is important to     Recovery is normally complete without
     do this on arrival in Bolton particularly for   any treatment.
     those who require regular medication.
     During vacations, when students are away        However, if any of the following
     from Bolton, they may consult a GP in           symptoms develop:
     their home area on a temporary
                                                     • Severe dislike of light
     registration basis.
                                                     • Disorientation
     There is general concern about the
     incidences of Meningitis and Mumps
                                                     • A bruise-like rash that doesn’t fade
                                                        under pressure, or
     among groups of students, especially those
     in residential accommodation. It is for this
                                                     • Coma
     reason that the following information is        GET MEDICAL HELP URGENTLY

     Meningitis and septicaemia can be caused        It could be -
     by many different organisms including           BACTERIAL (OR ‘TYPE C’)
     viruses and bacteria.Type B bacteria reside     MENINGITIS
     naturally in the backs of throats of one in     which whilst comparatively rare, is
     ten of the population, but they can be          extremely dangerous and needs
     spread through coughing, sneezing and           immediate medical treatment.
     kissing. Meningitis outbreaks are more          Vaccination against Type C is now available
     likely to occur in places where people live     and you should ensure that you have
     or work closely together in large groups.       been vaccinated before starting your
      VIRAL (OR ‘TYPE B’) MENINGITIS                 course.
     is the most common; its symptoms are            Mumps is an infection caused by a virus.
     usually mild and similar to flu (or even a      The symptoms can be unpleasant and
     hangover), for example:                         uncomfortable and occasionally, may result
     • Vomiting                                      in serious complications.There is a safe
     • Feeling feverish                              and effective vaccine that protects against
                                                     Mumps. It is one of the components in
     • Pain in the back or joints                    the MMR vaccine. The Health Protection

Agency recommends that, for protection          or ring the following emergency numbers:
from the disease, children and young adults
                                                Deane Campus: 3123 or 3705
should be given two doses of the MMR
                                                Eagle buildings: 3529 or 3700
vaccine.The vaccine may be given at any
                                                Chadwick campus: 3288
age and protection can be life long. If you
have already had the MMR as a child, you
                                                ACCIDENT REPORTING
are advised to check with your GP before
                                                Always report all accidents, no matter
leaving home to enquire about having the
                                                how minor, and make sure an accident
second vaccination before coming to the
                                                report form is filled in.You should report
                                                all accidents to your academic supervisor
Details of Bolton GPs and information           as soon as possible.This will include if you
about the symptoms and what to do if            have an accident when not on the
Meningitis or Mumps are suspected are           University's premises but you are
available from the Student Centre and the       undertaking an activity sanctioned by the
Warden’s Lodge at both Halls of                 University e.g. field trips.
                                                If the accident takes place on the
DRUGS AND ALCOHOL                               University premises - other then your
The University is committed to maintaining      normal place of study - you should ensure
a community that provides an appropriate        you report it to a suitable member of the
learning environment for all students.          University's staff i.e. site supervisors, library
Whilst it recognizes that drugs and alcohol     supervisor etc.You can contact the site
play a part in many students’ lives and is      supervisors by ringing one of the
sympathetic to those seeking help and           emergency contact numbers given for first
support, it should be noted that anti-social    aid treatment (above). Always ensure that
behaviour as a result of the misuse of          you inform your academic supervisor as
drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated.        soon as possible.

                                                Smoking in University buildings is
Only a suitably qualified person should give
                                                prohibited except in designated areas
first aid treatment. If you require first aid
                                                within the Halls of Residence and the
treatment, please ask either your academic
                                                Students’ Union building. Details on where
supervisor or a technician who will arrange
                                                you are allowed to smoke will be given to
for first aid treatment to be administered.
                                                you by the relevant Service Manager.
Alternatively, ask any member of the staff

     LOST PROPERTY                                  (currently North West Security Guards) it
     This procedure explains the method for         is the responsibility of the Estates
     handling or reporting the loss or find of      Department.
     items or personal property on the
                                                    The Security Control Room (based at
     University of Bolton campuses.The
                                                    Eagle) can be accessed by internal phone
     procedure will detail only the way in
                                                    system (666) or through the ‘hot-button’
     which found property is handled; anyone
                                                    system on all payphones free of charge.
     losing an item will be able to decide how
                                                    Free phone 0800 38721.
     best to try to recover it.
                                                    Your personal safety is more important
     Stage 1                                        than your personal belongings
     When first found, items will be retained in
     the immediate area of the find at the          Follow these ten rules for your own
     nearest reasonably safe point e.g.             personal safety.
     Reception desk, Warden’s Lodge.

     Stage 2
                                                    • Never walk home alone after dark-
                                                       meet a friend or take a taxi
     After 2 days, or if the item is particularly
     bulky, it will be taken into safekeeping by    • Keep to busy, well lit roads
     the Campus Superintendent, who will               – short cuts are not worth the risk
     record the item in a book provided for         • Always walk facing the traffic to avoid
     the purpose.                                      curb crawlers

     Stage 3                                        • If you think you are being followed,
     After 2 weeks and still unclaimed the item        cross the road and keep walking
     will be taken to Eagle Tower and stored        • If you still think you are being followed,
     for 3 months. If at the end of this period        head for a busy area or lighted house
     the item has still not been claimed,              and ask for help
     appropriate disposal will be authorised
     and recorded.                                  • Listening to an i-pod or mp3 player
                                                       could prevent you from hearing
                                                       someone approaching from behind
     An around the clock security service is        • If someone tries to grab your bag,
     available at the University. Whilst security      purse or mobile phone, let it go
     is provided on a sub-contracted basis             – if you hang on you get hurt

• Carry a personal attack alarm in your         DO NOT
    hand not at the bottom of your bag!
                                                • Park over driveways
•   Keep your house keys in your pocket
                                                • Park in reserved areas ie Ambulance
    rather than your bag                           pick up and wheelchair access points
• When going out, tell someone what             • Park in front of Residents Only,
    time they should expect you back               Sheltered and Elderly Community
Car parks at Deane and Eagle are reserved       • Double park where heavy goods
for permit holders only from 8.00am to             vehicles require access, your car may
5.15pm. Students may use these car parks           be damaged
after 5.15pm. See www. bolton.ac.uk             • Block fire brigade access points

Students are warned not to park in              DO
restricted areas such as 'Residents Only' or    • Only park where you are legally
where there are yellow lines.The area is           allowed to
regularly patrolled by Security Guards.You
may be fined for illegal parking. If you park   REMEMBER
in the streets surrounding the Campus
would you please respect the resident's         • Parking Fines have been increased.
right for access.
                                                Should you wish to discuss the above
                                                please contact the Security Manager or
                                                the Director of Estates.
                     RIGHTS                                                                 27

The University’s Student Entitlement Statement sets out the standard
   of service all students may expect from the University and the
    responsibilities students are expected to exercise in return.

These include the following:                  We expect you to

The University aims to                        •   Attend classes regularly and punctually

• Continually strive to improve the           •   Participate actively and diligently in
    quality of our programmes                     your programme of study

• Treat you with courtesy and respect         •   Submit coursework in accordance with
                                                  established deadlines
• Provide you with authoritative teaching
    by appropriately qualified staff and to   •   Behave courteously and responsibly to
    continually seek to enhance the               fellow staff and students
    standard of teaching
                                              •   Comply with University policies and
• Assist you with study skills and learning       regulations
                                              • Provide up to date records of term
• Provide you with constructive feedback          time and home contact details, e.g.
    on marked coursework as quickly as            addresses, telephone and email, so we
    possible, normally with 4 weeks of the        can contact you quickly and easily
    handing-in date
                                              •   Use University facilities and resources
• Offer you the opportunity to express            carefully and responsibly
    your views about your programme
                                              •   Respond to requests for information
•   Operate confidential and accessible           about your programme and study
    student complaints and academic               choices and inform the appropriate
    appeals procedures                            person(s) in writing if you are absent,
                                                  or wish to suspend your studies or
•   Provide you with careers guidance and
    information to assist you to find
    employment or go on to further study          You can find the full Statement on the
                                                  Student Centre’s home page
28               IMPORTANT RULES AND
      In order for the University to function effectively it is necessary
     for its members (staff and students) to comply with certain rules,
                        regulations and procedures.
     Your signature of the University’s             The grounds do not include questioning
     enrolment form signifies that you agree to     the academic judgment of an Assessment
     abide by the University’s Regulations. It is   Board.
     important that you take time to familiarise
                                                    You can request a review of an
     yourself with them and that if you are
                                                    Assessment Board decision by writing to
     unsure how they affect you, that you seek
                                                    the Secretary to the Academic Board
     advice from the Student Centre, your
                                                    (Mrs Lynne Yates) giving reasons and
     Student Programme Office or the
                                                    including supporting evidence within 14
     Students’ Union.
                                                    days of publication of the Assessment
     The main rules and regulations include the     Board’s decision.
                                                    Full details of the procedures are available
     ACADEMIC APPEALS                               within the Examination Regulations via
     Requesting a review of a decision of           Academic Standards and Quality Unit’s
     an Assessment Board.                           homepage (www.bolton.ac.uk/aqas)

     The University’s regulations set out a         Who can help?
     number of grounds on which you can ask         Your personal or academic tutor
     for a review of an assessment decision.        Your Student Programme Office
     These include                                  Student Centre
                                                    Students’ Union
     • illness or some other factor which
        affected your performance but which         COMPLAINTS
        you were unwilling or unable to divulge     What to do if you want to complain
        before the Assessment Board made its        about a University service.
                                                    The University is committed to achieving
     • a material administrative error,             high standards in the delivery of its
        the assessments were not                    services and welcomes feedback on all
        conducted in accordance with                aspects of your experience to help us
        the University’s regulations or
                                                    improve services for the future. We
        some other irregularity;
                                                    recognise that there may be times when
     • the decision of an Assessment Board          you may experience a quality of academic
        about the use of unfair means or the        or service delivery which falls short of
        consequent academic action is               what you are entitled to expect and that
        unreasonably severe                         you have a right to raise your concerns.
You should always try to resolve your          Centre’s homepage                             29
complaint informally first directly with the   (www.bolton.ac.uk/studentcentre/)
person or department providing the
                                               Who can help?
service, but if you are not satisfied with
                                               Your personal tutor
the response you can access the formal
                                               Student Centre
procedures by completing a Student
                                               Students’ Union
Complaints Form or writing to the Dean
of Students.                                   UNFAIR MEANS PROCEDURES
                                               The action which we will take if you
Full details of the complaints procedures
                                               use unfair means in assessment.
are available via the Student Centre’s
homepage                                       The University has a responsibility to
(www.bolton.ac.uk/studentcentre/)              ensure that the standards of its awards are
                                               maintained and that its qualifications are
Who can help?
                                               not achieved through the use of unfair
Your personal or academic tutor
                                               means. The regulations on the Use of
Your student representative
                                               Unfair Means in Assessment cover not
Your Student Programme Office
                                               only students who deliberately set out to
Student Centre
                                               cheat e.g. by taking unauthorised material
Students’ Union
                                               into exams, but also those who do not
DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES                        follow normal academic rules, e.g. by
The action which we will take if you           acknowledging the ideas of others through
commit a breach of student                     proper referencing. Unfair means includes
discipline.                                    plagiarism (giving the impression that
                                               you have written or thought something
We expect you to conduct yourself
                                               when you have borrowed it from
responsibly and with consideration to
                                               someone else), collusion (working
other members of the University
                                               collaboratively with another student and
community.There are specific regulations
                                               then submitting the work as all your own
or codes relating to particular parts of the
                                               work), and cheating in examinations.You
University, for example, the Learning
                                               should familiarise yourself at the earliest
Support Centres, the Halls of Residence
                                               opportunity with the University’s Notes of
and for the use of computers. It is
                                               Guidance on the Unfair Means
important to read these regulations
                                               Regulations and Avoiding Plagiarism which
carefully so that you understand the
                                               are available as part of the Examination
standard of behaviour which is expected
                                               Regulations via the Academic Quality and
of you.The University’s Disciplinary
                                               Standards Unit’s homepage
Procedure sets out the process that will
                                               (www.bolton.ac.uk/aqas/).You can also get
be followed when a breach of the
                                               on-line help through BISSTO available via
regulations is suspected.
                                               Learning Support and Development’s
Full details of the Student Disciplinary       home page (www.bolton.ac.uk/learning/)
procedure are available via the Student
Who can help?                                academic appeals procedure (see above). 31
Your personal or academic tutor              The Academic Regulations govern the
Learning Support and Development             undergraduate and postgraduate taught
Students’ Union                              and research degree awards of the
                                             University. Both sets of Regulations are
                                             available from the Academic Quality and
The procedures to follow if for
                                             Standard Unit’s homepage.
good reasons you are unable to
meet coursework deadlines or sit
examinations.                                Who can help?
                                             Academic Quality and Standards Unit
Sometimes circumstances outside your
                                             Your Student Programme Office
control happen that may affect your
                                             Student Centre
performance or your ability to submit
                                             Students’ Union
assessments or sit examinations. It is
important that you read the procedures       GENERAL REGULATIONS
for submitting requests for consideration
                                             Covering the general rules of the
of mitigating circumstances. Requests for
consideration of mitigating circumstances
should be submitted within 5 days of the     The University has a set of General
last relevant assessment and should always   Regulations which cover general matters
be accompanied by relevant documentary       such as enrolment, exclusion from the
evidence.The procedures form part of         University, payment of fees, courses and
the Examination Regulations and are          awards, data protection, etc.The General
available via the Academic Quality and       Regulations are available via the Student
Standards Unit’s homepage                    Centre homepage
(www.bolton.ac.uk/aqas/).                    (www.bolton.ac.uk/studentcentre)

Who can help?                                Who can help?
Your personal or academic tutor              Your Student Programme Office
Your Student Programme Office                Student Centre
Student Centre                               Students’ Union
Students’ Union

The rules covering your
programmes and how you are

The Examination Regulations, which are
updated annually, include information
about the conduct of examinations, the
use of unfair means (see above) and
University of Bolton
Deane Road
Lancashire BL3 5AB

Tel +44 (0) 1204 900600
Fax +44 (0) 1204 399074

Email: enquiries@bolton.ac.uk
Internet: http//www.bolton.ac.uk

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