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					When you deal with Elite Registrations you know exactly where you
stand. We have been trading for over 30 years and have probably
transferred more registrations than any other firm. We don't offer
gimmicks, we simply offer a quality service to both sellers and

We don't seek exclusive agency and you are free to advertise the
registration yourself or with another firm at the same time.

As well as our advertising in the major national newspapers and
motoring magazines, we publish and distribute up to 100,000 sales
lists to people interested in registrations every month. We know of no
other trader who offers this massive coverage.

We have 33 members of staff, all trained to collectively provide you
with a thoroughly professional service. We are open 7 days a week,
thereby increasing the chances of sale even further.

Our assessment of the retail price of your registration is enclosed
with this brochure. Your return is explained on the reverse.

Please don't forget that the registrations market is competitive.
When you sell a registration you are in competition with other people
who have similar registrations for sale and of course, your biggest
competition comes from DVLA who may be selling similar
registrations at similar prices.

We hope you choose to instruct us to advertise your registration for

                     ELITE REGISTRATIONS, P.O. Box 100, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4TE
                                  Tel: 01380 818181 Fax: 01380 813446

                                                               The Service
    Q. Who takes care of all the paperwork for the transfer?
    A. Our expert team handle this complicated work for you in conjunction with the Department of Transport.
    You simply send us your vehicle registration document, but only at the time we request it.

    Q. Can I use my vehicle on the road whilst the transfer is being processed?
    A. Yes you can. Provided it is roadworthy, of course.

    Q. Do the Registration Offices always insist that the donor vehicle is taken to them for
    A. No, however, you must be prepared to take the vehicle to your local office if they request you to. You
    personally do not need to be present at the inspection, anyone can take the vehicle on your behalf.

    Q. What does the inspection consist of?
    A. The chassis number on the vehicle is checked to ensure that it corresponds with that on the V5
    registration document. If this number is completely different, the transfer may be rejected. The vehicle
    does not need to be roadworthy, but it does need to be basically complete. A collection of spares would
    not be acceptable. Please check your chassis number now.

    Q. How quickly will the Registration Office issue my replacement registration number after the
    transfer has been completed and what type of registration will it be?
    A. The replacement is issued immediately and it will be a registration that is relevant to the year of
    manufacture of the vehicle. If the vehicle is OLDER than 1963, the replacement mark will not be
    transferable, although it will be from a series that does NOT have a year letter. Vehicles registered on
    or after 1st January 1963 will be allocated a year letter registration relevant to the date of manufacture
    of the vehicle. For example if you are transferring ROY 38K from a 1971 car, the replacement mark will
    have a K suffix and may get something like XHR 628K.

    Q. Where do I obtain a new set of registration plates for my vehicle and who pays for them?
    A. Once the Registration Office have told you what the new number is, you can have a set made up at
    your local motoring accessory shop or garage. The cost is your own responsibility. Fitting the plates is
    a straightforward easy job.

    Q. What happens to the old set of number plates after transfer?
    A. These must be removed from your vehicle and disposed of as you wish. They have no value.

    Q. Does my vehicle need to be taxed at the time of transfer?
    A. Under normal circumstances the donor vehicle must be taxed at the time of transfer. However, there
    is a concession if the tax expired within six months of the date of the transfer application. The
    Department of Transport Local Office will give it consideration in the normal way. However, if you have
    cashed in the tax for a refund, you will be expected to take out a new tax before the application will be
    considered. If the vehicle is currently taxed, a new disc will be issued in the replacement registration.
    You do not gain or lose any tax.

    Q. What if my vehicle does not have a V5 registration document from Swansea?
    A. As long as the vehicle is registered at DVLA, Swansea, or on the Northern Ireland computer, then you
    will be able to apply for a duplicate document at a cost of £19 (correct at time of printing). If you are the
    registered keeper and there have been no changes to you or your vehicles details simply call
    08702400010 and you should receive a duplicate document within two to four weeks. If there are
                        changes, simply complete a V62, (which you can obtain from a Post Office or from us
                              by sending a stamped addressed envelope). (Note: vehicles not registered on
                                        the computer, such as old cars and motorcycles that have not been
                                             used on the road for many years, may not be permitted to take
                                             part in the cherished transfer scheme).

2                                                                     Questions & Answers
Q. What if I have a V5 registration document but it is not yet registered in my own
name and address?
A. If the transfer is imminent you can fill in the changes section of the registration document and let us
arrange for the changes to be made at the same time as the transfer. Otherwise, complete the V5
document and send to DVLA Swansea immediately.
Q. What happens if I need to tax my vehicle whilst the transfer is going through and I am not in
possession of the necessary papers?
A. Just send the remaining documents for taxing to us and we shall arrange it for you immediately.
Q. How can I be sure of being paid for the registration number after the transfer?
A. We have sold many thousands of registration numbers and our clients include members of both
Houses of Parliament, some of the Country's leading motor traders and leading businessmen. Our
reputation is second to none and we can supply references from the leading national newspapers. In a
nutshell, our reputation is far too precious to let anyone down. If you would prefer to let your Solicitor
handle the funds in advance of the transfer (at the time the transfer is nearly ready for placing with the
authorities) we can pay him upon his written authority, (we will send the necessary agreement form upon
request). However, we are not prepared to pay any of your Solicitor's costs for acting as a stakeholder.
Please advise us at the start of the transfer procedure if you want to use a stakeholder agreement.
Q. If I was not interested in letting you advertise my number on my behalf would you purchase it
from me immediately?
A. Yes, we would be interested in buying and transferring your number to one of our own vehicles
provided it was desirable enough, but do remember that the offer would be considerably lower. In such
cases please ask us for an "outright quotation". Particular note should be taken that certain individuals
will give you the impression that they either have an immediate buyer for your number or that they are
prepared to make an outright offer to buy it into stock. You may be lucky enough to receive a deposit but
take note that the balance of payment and the necessary papers may not reach you until the individual
has found a buyer. Such offers are merely commission deals cleverly disguised. Offers made by Elite
Registrations are ALWAYS genuine.
Q. Do you part exchange numbers?
A. We consider each case separately.
Q. Does the registration need to be EXACTLY as you have stated?
A. Believe it or not some people are under an illusion that "almost correct" will do. For example: if the
registration number we have quoted states ABC 658, yet the registration number on your vehicle is ABC
658P, that year letter makes ALL the difference and the quotation will be completely different. THE
Q. If my vehicle has been stolen, can I still transfer the registration number?
A. Once the theft has been reported to the Police for twelve months or more, DVLA will normally permit
a transfer assuming the vehicle has not been recovered. Write to Policy Vehicles Branch, DVLA,
Swansea. SA6 7JL to obtain their written consent. We can advertise and sell the number for you,
provided you complete the form and send us a photocopy of the DVLA written permission and confir-
mation from your insurance company they have no objection to the number being transferred.
Q. What happens if my registration is not on a vehicle but held on a government certificate?
A. It will be necessary to add the purchasers' name as nominee to the certificate before it can be
assigned to his/her vehicle. The Department of Transport charge for this is currently £25 and is your
responsibility. The sum of £80 will be added to your profit providing the certificate confirms the
assignment fee has been paid.

Please always state the registration number being advertised or sold when writing to us.

                                                              Questions & Answers                            3
    Many people lose the right to sell their own registrations, simply because they
    don’t know the Department of Transport rules. Read the following information
    carefully. Protect YOUR registration now, otherwise it may be claimed back by
    the Department of Transport.
    A registration can either be stored on a vehicle or on a retention certificate*.
    If your registration is currently on a vehicle, you will only be able to sell and
    transfer it if the vehicle is currently taxed or can be taxed at the time the
    transfer application is placed with a Department of Transport Local Office.
    Applications will also be considered if the tax expired naturally within six
    months of the application being accepted by the Department of Transport
    Local Office, ("naturally" means NOT cashed in for a refund).
    Once you have sold, scrapped or permanently exported the vehicle, you
    cannot transfer the registration.
    It therefore follows that if you are thinking about cashing in the tax or selling,
    scrapping or exporting the vehicle, you should consider getting the registration
    off FIRST. This can be done by YOU, very simply, by applying to your nearest
    Department of Transport Local Office (see the addresses and phone numbers
    opposite). The fee to put your registration on retention is £25. This is
    effectively the price you are paying the Department of Transport to protect
    your registration. You then have 12 months to find a recipient vehicle. You will
    also be asked to pay the £80 transfer fee at the same time. Ask the
    Department of Transport Local Office to send you the form V778/1.
    When Elite Registrations find a buyer for your registration, the £80 transfer fee
    you have already paid, will be ADDED to the sum agreed for the registration
    and will be paid to you upon successful transfer to the buyer's car. The
    Department of Transport guarantee to refund the £80 transfer fee if you
    choose not to transfer at all, after the 12 months have elapsed.
    To sum up, if your registration is stored on a vehicle that is currently taxed and
    is likely to be used by you for some time, there is no immediate necessity to
    take any action. However, if you are considering selling the vehicle, cashing in
    the tax etc.... you need to take action now if you want to protect your right to
    sell and transfer the registration. Your nearest Department of Transport Local
    Office will advise you, if you have any queries.
    Department of Transport Local Offices are listed on the next page.

                                *Retention can only be applied for when the vehicle is
                                 registered in mainland Britain.

4                        Protect The Rights To Your Registration
           ABERDEEN                                EXETER                           PETERBOROUGH
        Greyfriars House,               Hanover House, Manaton Close,         88 Lincoln Road, Peterborough.
Gallowgate, Aberdeen. AB10 1WG           Matford Business Park, Exeter.                  PE1 2ST
         0870 2406279                              EX2 8EF                            0870 2408229
                                                 0870 2404734
            BANGOR                                                                   PORTSMOUTH
 Penrhos Road, Penrhosgarnedd,                   GLASGOW                       5th Floor, The Connect Centre,
       Bangor. LL57 2JF                      46 West Campbell St.,             Kingston Crescent, North End,
         0870 2401225                          Glasgow. G2 6TT                     Portsmouth. PO2 8AH
                                                0870 2406282                           0870 2404730
     Crosskill House, Mill Lane,                 INVERNESS                              PRESTON
        Beverley. HU17 9JB                     Longman House,               Unit 4, Fulwood Park, Caxton Road,
          0870 2401316                   28 Longman Road, Inverness.            Fulwood, Preston, PR2 9N2
                                                   IV1 1SF                             0870 2400691
          BIRMINGHAM                            0870 2406283
 2nd Floor, Edward House, Edward                                                        READING
    Street, Birmingham. B1 2RF                     IPSWICH                       77/81 Basingstoke Road,
            0870 2403518                 Podium Level, St Clare House,              Reading. RG2 0ER
                                          Greyfriars, Ipswich. IP1 1UT                0870 2415161
        BOURNEMOUTH                              0870 2408231
        Tregonwell Court,                                                              SHEFFIELD
      118 Commercial Road,                          LEEDS
                                            1st Floor, 49 Eastgate,          Cedar House, Hallamshire Court,
      Bournemouth. BH2 5LN                                                   63 Napier St., Sheffield. S11 8HA
          0870 2404731                         Leeds. LS2 7DQ
                                                0870 2403514                          0870 6001083
           BRIGHTON                                                                  SHREWSBURY
4th Floor, Mocatta House, Trafalgar               LINCOLN
                                        Firth Court, Firth Road, Lincoln.       Whitehall, Monkmore Road,
     Place, Brighton. BN1 4UE                                                          Shrewsbury.
           0870 2404732                            LN5 7WD
                                                0870 2400671                             SY2 5DR
                                                                                      0870 2401223
             BRISTOL                                LUTON
Northleigh House, Lime Kiln Close,     2 Dunstable Road, Luton. LU1 1EB                  SIDCUP
 Stoke Gifford, Bristol. BS34 8SR               0870 2403515                      Cherished Transfer Dept.
          0870 2401317                                                       Sidcup House, 12-18 Station Road,
                                                MAIDSTONE                           Sidcup. DA15 7EQ
             CARDIFF                    Coronet House, 11 Queen Anne                   0870 2403516
Archway House, 77 Ty Glas Avenue,        Road, Maidstone. ME14 1XB
   Llanishen, Cardiff. CF14 5DX                 0870 2403517                           STANMORE
           0870 2401224                                                     Block 3, Government Building, Canon
                                               MANCHESTER                     Park, Honeypot Lane, Stanmore,
            CARLISLE                    Trafford House, Chester Road,
 Ground Floor, 3 Merchants Drive,                                                   Middlesex. HA7 1BD
                                        Stretford, Manchester. M32 0SL                 0870 2411269
      Parkhouse, Carlisle.                       0870 2412146
            CA3 0JW
         0870 2400692                                                                  STOCKTON
                                                NEWCASTLE                    St. Mark's House, St. Mark's Court,
         CHELMSFORD                     Eagle Star House, Regent Farm            Thornaby, Stockton-On-Tees
   2nd Floor, Parkway House,             Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.                       TS17 6QR
  49 Baddow Road, Chelmsford.                      NE3 3QF                              0870 2400695
           CM2 0XJ                              0870 2400669
         0870 2412147                         NORTHAMPTON                      SWANSEA LOCAL OFFICE
                                        Wootton Hall Park, Northampton.          DVLA, Heol Pentre Felen,
            CHESTER                                                                Swansea SA6 7HG
    Norroy House, Nuns Road,                      NN4 0GA
                                                0870 2408228                         0870 2401320
        Chester. CH1 2ND
          0870 2401318                            NORWICH                                 TRURO
           COLERAINE                   11 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich,        Pydar House, Pydar Street,
  County Hall, Castle Rock Road,                    NR1 1UP                         Truro. TR1 2TG
      Coleraine. BT51 3TA                        0870 2408232                         0870 2406278
          02870 341461
                                               NOTTINGHAM                             WIMBLEDON
             DUNDEE                     Block 6, Government Buildings,               Connect House,
  3rd Floor, Caledonian House,            Chalfont Drive, Nottingham.        137 Alexandra Road, Wimbledon.
 Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QP                      NG8 3RA                              SW19 7JY
         0870 2406280                            0870 2411876                         0870 6006767
Dept. of Transport, Saughton House,                OXFORD                             WORCESTER
                                      Ground Floor, 3 Cambridge Terrace,       Clerken Leap Barn, Broomhall,
  Broomhouse Drive, Edinburgh.                                                     Worcester. WR5 3HR
             EH11 3XE                         Oxford. OX1 1RW
                                                0870 2408230                           0870 2401319
           0870 2406281                                                                                   rev1003

                                   Department of Transport Local Offices                                            5
                                   SALES LISTS
                                   We publish and mail thousands of sales
                                   brochures every month, to people known to be
                                   interested in registrations.

                                   We know of no other cherished number dealer
                                   who distributes such a massive quantity of sales
                                   lists. The postage bill alone is around £20,000.
                                   It's a huge operation and a very successful
                                   medium for selling registrations. Yet another
                                   reason why Elite Registrations is so successful
                                   in actually selling advertised registrations.

    Visit our website      www.elitereg.co.uk

      www.elitereg.co.uk                       www.elitereg.co.uk

    Yet another reason why you should choose Elite Registrations to advertise your

6                                                                   Advertising
The person or persons selling the registration mark (the donor) permits ELITE
REGISTRATIONS to advertise (in various publications at its discretion) and
subsequently sell (upon finding a buyer) the transfer right of the registration number to the
purchaser. The price payable to the donor shall be as agreed in writing.

The donor shall not be responsible for the Department of Transport transfer fee, although
the donor will have to supply and fit a set of replacement number plates to the donor vehicle
after transfer approval by the local Department of Transport Office.

Once a buyer has been found, ELITE REGISTRATIONS shall pair the donor
documentation with the recipient vehicle documentation and shall be responsible for placing
the transfer application. However, no responsibility can be accepted for losses howsoever
caused or for any delays caused through the buyer delaying the forwarding of his/her
documents or for the inability of the buyer to conclude the transaction. ELITE
REGISTRATIONS undertake to conduct every transaction as quickly and efficiently as
possible under normal circumstances. Note: a buyer shall only be deemed to have been
found once a part payment has been received by ELITE REGISTRATIONS from that buyer.

The donor undertakes to notify ELITE REGISTRATIONS in writing, (before a buyer is
found), if he/she wants to withdraw the registration from advertising. Note: once the donor
is no longer the owner of the vehicle or if it is destroyed or stolen, then the registration shall
be deemed not to be available and must be withdrawn immediately. It is not fair to the buyer
or to ELITE REGISTRATIONS to go through all the procedures of sale, only to be told
subsequently that the registration is no longer available.

Once the application for transfer has been accepted by the local Department of Transport
Office, they may request the donor client to take his/her vehicle for inspection (normally just
to check that the chassis number is correct). It is the responsibility of the donor client to fulfil
this obligation if requested to do so. If an inspection is called for, the Local Office will contact
the donor client directly.

To enable the transfer application to be placed with the Local Office, ELITE
REGISTRATIONS shall request the donor client to forward his/her documents as required.
Although it should be noted that the forwarding of such documents does not affect the donor
client's ability to continue using the vehicle on the public highway (assuming it is roadworthy
etc) and the ownership rights of the vehicle are not affected in any way whatsoever.

The payment as agreed, shall be payable to the donor client, immediately upon approval of
the transfer by DVLA, Swansea.

No specific time period can be guaranteed for a buyer to be found or the Department of
Transport to conduct the transfer, as such circumstances are beyond the control of ELITE
REGISTRATIONS. Neither can any responsibility be accepted for any changes to the
Department of Transport transfer rules.

Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.


                                                               Terms Of Business                        7
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            Elite Registrations, P .O.Box 100, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4TE
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