The Tiger Times by pengxuebo


									                   Gunter Independent School District                        Volume 1, Issue 2

                                                                              September 2009

                   The Tiger Times

                   Exemplary Staff ~ 2008-09

The teachers, administrators and staff of the Gunter ISD celebrate their
            exemplary rating for the 2008-09 school year.
        Gunter ISD: 2008-2009 Exemplary District
   85 districts out of 1,030 in Texas, or 8.3%, were                           Inside this
   Gunter Elementary: 2008-2009 Exemplary Campus                           Superintendent    2
   Exemplary campus 11 consecutive years                                   Worthy

                                                                           GHS Principal     5
 Gunter Middle School: 2008-2009 Exemplary Campus                          Kelly Teems
  148 schools out of 1,661, or 8.9% were exemplary.                        Middle School     9
   Gunter High School: 2008-2009 Exemplary Campus
                                                                           Sports            13
   135 schools out of 1,721 in Texas, or 7.8%, were
   exemplary.                                                              Homecoming        16
               Thank you, students, for your hard work!
District News
                      Gunter ISD: Maximizing State Funds
                            By Superintendent Kevin Worthy
  On August 20, 2009, the Gunter Board of Trustees voted and approved a tax rate of
$1.47, which is a $.03 cent increase to the current rate of $1.44. Now Gunter voters will
have the opportunity to approve the increase on November 3, 2009 in a Tax Ratification
Election (TRE).
  What does this mean for Gunter ISD? It means GISD can maximize state funding
by increasing the maintenance and operations tax rate above $1.04 which will generate
extra revenue for the school District. The extra revenue will be over $300,000 in funding,
with $244,000 contributed from the state.
  With the passing of House Bill 1 four years ago, school districts were only allowed to
increase maintenance and operation tax rates by voter approval. With successful voter
approval, the state would contribute extra revenue at higher yields per penny collected.        Kevin Worthy
GISD along with other schools across the state are in a situation that is preventing them
from generating extra revenue for teacher raises, inflation and upgrades for classroom technology. The money that
GISD is scheduled to receive from the state in 2009-2010 is less than what we received in 2005-2006 even though
property values have increased.
  What is the goal for the extra revenue?
  The extra revenue would give GISD the ability to recruit and retain quality teachers by increasing current
teacher salaries. Currently GISD ranks in the bottom half of salaries in Grayson and Collin County. The other
goal is to upgrade classroom technology with more interactive learning devices that will provide increased opportu-
nities for all students.
  During the fall, GISD will host presentations to answer community questions about the TRE. There will be a
brochure mailed out in the near future and a presentation can be found on our website including facts about the
TRE. Early voting for the TRE will take place at the Community Center October 19th-30th from 8am to 5pm. Elec-
tion Day will be November 3, 2009 from 7am – 7pm at the Community Center.

 Frequently asked questions about the Tax Ratification Election:
  1. How much money can be raised? The 3 cent increase to the total tax rate would allow for an additional
$306,400 in state and local revenue.
   Local Revenue: $ 62,400
   State Revenue: $244,000
   Total Revenue: $306,400
   Rate of Return: 391%
  2. How much will taxes increase? The total tax rate would increase 3 cents from $1.44 to $1.47 which would
generate $62,400 in local money. The state would contribute an additional $244,000.
  3. How will taxes compare in relation to tax rates in recent years? Even with a 3 cent tax rate increase,
the district’s total tax rate will be 32 cents less than it was four years ago:
   2005-06:   $1.79
   2006-07:   $1.71
   2007-08:   $1.44
   2008-09:   $1.44
   2009-10:   $1.47
 4. How will the proposed tax increase affect the average tax payer?
           Average home in Gunter ISD is $180,000
           Impact of a 3 cent increase:
               - Yearly increase: $54.00
               - Monthly increase: $4.50
           Taxes for senior citizens age 65 & older will not be affected, as their taxes are frozen.
 Continued on next page.                                                                                    Page 2
  Continued from page 2.
  5. How will the additional revenue be spent at GISD?
              Teacher and Staff Salaries
      All GISD staff will receive salary increases
      Projected increase of $4,000 for certified teachers
      Administration will not be included in the salary increases
      Gunter ISD has not increased teacher salaries the past three years

              Classroom Technology & Digital Upgrades
      Computer lap tops for classrooms
      Interactive board devices
      Ipods and Mp3 devices for English Language Art classrooms
      Wireless capability for Gunter High School and Gunter Middle School
      Student lap tops
  6. Where does Gunter ISD rank in salary comparisons?
  Starting Teacher Salaries
                    Prosper:      $43,000
                    Melissa:      $40,000
                    Anna:         $38,688
                    Celina:       $38,000
                    Pilot Point: $35,000
                    Pottsboro:    $35,000
                    Van Alstyne: $34,000
                    Collinsville: $33,320
                    Whitewright: $33,300
                    Bells:        $33,080
                    Howe:         $32,000
                    Gunter:       $32,000
  7. What has GISD done to prevent a tax increase?
      GISD was able to cut the total operating budget by 1% from 2007-2008 to 2008-2009.
      GISD cut payroll costs by 4% from 2007-2008 to 2008-2009.
      GISD eliminated positions in 2009-2010 to meet the financial challenges of state mandates

           A Power Point Presentation regarding the Rollback Election is available on the district website:

  The new school year is underway and so that means        dous response. We truly wouldn’t be able to grant the
that our Education Foundation (GIFT) is starting to        scholarships or grants if we didn’t have the support of
raise money for scholarships to be given away at the end   the employees. This year I am happy to say we can in-
of the 2009-2010 year.                                     clude several Grayson County Co-op employees making
  Our first event for this year was a pre-dove season      contributions. We are glad to have them aboard.
skeet shoot. It was a great day with great weather. We       The last day of in-service we have a drawing for the
want to thank the Beta Members that helped and for the     employees that made contributions to GIFT. We had
support that we had from the community and GIFT            some great prizes the GIFT Board provided. We had
Board. We raffled off a 12 gauge shot gun and lots of      everything from cash, days off, gift cards to restaurants,
other great prizes.                                        gift cards to sporting good stores, jewelry and a district
  Each year at the beginning of school, we ask the em-     pass. Everyone had a great time and to top it all off
ployees at Gunter ISD to support GIFT. The Gunter ISD      Landmark Bank provided a wonderful Italian luncheon
Employees have come through again for GIFT. We had         for all of the employees.
117 employees respond this year during our annual em-        If you are new to the community and would like to
ployee drive. The employees have either made a one         know more about GIFT please contact Connie Williams
time contribution or have agreed to a payroll deduction    at the administration office or check out our website
for the next school year. It is so awesome the tremen-
School Board
                                    SCHOOL BOARD BRIEFS
                           Budget Hearing / Regular School Board Meeting
                                    Thursday, August 20, 2009
6:00 pm Public Hearing: Budget and Tax Rate Hearing
   Grayson County Special Education COOP: Budget was presented by Christy Nolen and Renee Maples.
Maintenance and Operating Anticipated Expenditures: $2,388,078
State and Local Anticipated Revenue: $2,426,014
   Gunter Independent School District: Budget was presented by Kevin Worthy and Renee Maples.
Maintenance and Operating Anticipated Expenditures: $7,510,017
State and Local Anticipated Revenue: $7,495,208
   Gunter Independent School District: Proposed tax rate was presented.
Maintenance and Operations: $1.17
Interested and Sinking: $.30
Total Proposed Tax Rate: $1.47 (.3 cent increase from 2008-2009)

Regular Board Meeting – 6:30pm
 Financial Report
   Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Results for the District and Campuses were presented.
   District and all campuses: Met AYP
   2009-2010 Board Calendar was presented
   Regular Board Meeting: September 21, 2009
   Board Training: September 28, 2009
   Legislative Training: TBA
   Projected Enrollment: as of 8/20/09
   High School: 270      Middle School: 239      Elementary: 281

   The Board approved budget amendments in following functions:
   199-31: Guidance and Counseling   199-36: Co-Curricular      199-41: Superintendent
   199-51: Maintenance     199-53: Technology        199-81: Facilities
   The Board approved the Grayson County Special Education COOP 2009-2010 operating budget
   The Board approved the Gunter Independent School District 2009-2010 operating budget
     Maintenance and Operating Expenditures: $7,510,017
     State and Local Revenue: $7,495,208
     The Board approved the 2009-2010 tax rate
     Maintenance and Operations: $1.17
     Interest and Sinking: $.30
     Total Tax Rate: $1.47 ($.3 cent increase from 2008-2009)

    The Board approved calling a Special Tax Ratification Election for November 3, 2009. The election would allow
voters to vote on the approval of a .3 cent increase to the total tax rate.
  November 3, 2009: Election Day
  October 19 – October 30: Early Voting (8:00am – 5:00pm)
  The Board approved the appointing of the following election workers
  Election Day Judge: Liz Gravley
  Early voting clerks: Betty May, Mary Reed and Ann Tolbert
  Presiding Judge: Liz Gravley
  The Board approved a resolution to lease/rent iVontronic machines for the November 3, 2009 Elec-
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High School News
                                           From the Principal
  What a great start we have had at Gunter High                Gunter High School had
School this year. We are all looking forward to another     a number of juniors and
successful year. We have some new members of our            seniors who took Ad-
High School faculty this year.                              vanced Placement Exams
  We welcome Missy Crutchfield to our staff. Mrs.           at the end of the year last
Crutchfield will be running our Content Mastery Class-      May. We offer courses in
room as well as attending to many other duties as part      AP US History, AP English
of our Special Education program. Jill Dodd will be         Literature and Composi-
teaching English III and AP English III. Rebecca Low-       tion, and Calculus. Stu-
der will teach English II and Pre AP English II. Elisa-     dents can receive a score
beth Pope will be teaching Physics as well as Advanced      ranging from 1-5 (5 is the
Physics and Cody Reeves is a new coach and will be          highest). A score of 3 or
teaching P.E., World Geography and coaching football,       higher may earn a student
basketball, and baseball as well.                           college credit for that par-
  Of course, the biggest news of the summer has been        ticular course depending
our district’s exemplary rating from the Texas Educa-       on the university or col-
tion Agency. All three campuses as well as our district     lege they attend. We had                Kelly Teems
earned the highest rating from the state for the 2008-      two students earn a 4 on               GHS Principal
2009 school year. Our faculty works extremely hard all      the AP US History exam
year challenging our students to excel in their academ-     and 2 who scored a 4. On the AP English Literature
ics and to realize their full potential. Our students re-   and Composition exam we also had two students to
spond by accepting the challenge and performing at a        score a 3 and two who scored a 4. Three of our stu-
high level. The Exemplary rating is a reflection of the     dents scored a 5 on the Calculus exam and two others
effort our students and teachers put forth each day.        scored a 3. This speaks well for our students and
You will find this commitment at all levels of our dis-     teachers in our advanced programs because those ex-
trict. Our elementary school students and teachers do       ams are very difficult and rigorous.
a great job of preparing our students for middle school        We are very proud of our students. Please come out
and, in turn, our in-coming freshmen are ready for          and support them. Our volleyball team is in mid-
high school when they come to us because of their ex-       season form, our band and football teams are gearing
perience at our middle school.                              up to kick off the season and all of our other programs
  Again, we credit the teachers and students, but we        are making plans for another successful year.
also need to recognize our parents and our community           I also want to invite everyone to attend Open House
for their support for our schools.                          at GHS at 6 pm on September 14. Homecoming week
                                                            is the week of September 21-25.

     Are you ready to burn some rubber?                              Seniors need to have their slide-
      This year's game: HIGH OCTANE                                  show pictures to Mrs. Foster by
   Want more information? Want to join?                              September 11. These are the
     Open to all students 7-12 grade.                                pictures that are shown at the
     MANDATORY PARENT MEETING                                        Senior Pep Rally.
      Thursday, Sept. 3rd at 6 pm
                                                                     Senior casual pictures and baby
           GHS Commons
                                                                     pictures for the yearbook are
(If you are interested but can't attend the                          due by October 1.
meeting please contact Morgan Waggoner
at Gunter High School.)                                              Parent paragraphs for the senior
    Official Kickoff at Texas Instruments:                           pages are due by October 1.
                                                                     (60 words or less. Forms can be
    Saturday, September 12                                           found on Mrs. Foster’s website).
    Official Game Day at Tom Bean:
    Saturday, October 24
                                           From the Counselor
                                                               GHS 2009 PSAT
                                                          Wednesday, October 14, 2009

                                   The fee for this test is $13 and it is open to all students in grades 9-11. Registration
                                 for this test will begin on Monday, September 14 in the counselor's office during advi-
                                    All checks should be made payable to GHS. We will only have 55 available testing
                                 spots, and registration will be on a first come first serve basis. No advance registra-
                                 tion will be accepted.
                                   According to the College Board, the PSAT is the best preparation for the SAT. Stu-
                                 dents who take the test as 11th graders, could qualify for the National Merit Scholar-
                                 ship Corporation programs.
                                  More information will be given at the time of registration, and parents can visit the
     Jessica Hogan               College Board website at for additional details.
     GHS Counselor

                                   Frequently Asked Questions
                            On the Distinguished Plan for Graduation
1. What would be the 4 classes in Math that he/she would be taking? State requirements are: Algebra 1 (8th or
9th grade); Geometry; Algebra 2; Pre-Cal (in that order).
2. If he/she wants to take College Algebra, Trig, and Calculus are those part of the 4 credits of Math or would
they be considered electives ? These are all considered electives after Pre-Cal and only taken as a senior level
3. What are the 4 classes in Science that he/she would be talking ? Biology (or Adv. Biology); Chemistry (or Adv.
Chemistry); Physics (or Adv. Physics) and a 4th science yet to be determined. In this order.
4. What does it mean under the Distinguished Plan regarding the Dual Credit courses ? *** Four additional meas-
ures (Dual Credit courses): GHS offers the following as Dual Credit courses that are used to fulfill the four addi-
tional state required measures: Each semester of the dual credit course is considered an additional measure and
the student must earn a B or better in the course for it to qualify as an additional measure.
   Spanish 4 (elective credit) 2 semester course/ 6 college hours. This course can be taken as a junior or a sen-
   ior, depending on when the student took Spanish 1.
   English 4/ College level 1301/1302- 6 college hours- senior level only
   Dual Credit Govt.- 3 college hours-senior level only
   Dual Credit Economics- 3 college hours-senior level only
   College Algebra- 1 semester- 3 college hours- senior level course. Can only be taken after 4 required
   College Trig- same as above.
  GHS also offers AP courses which can be used to fulfill the required additional measures. The additional
measures are earned by scoring a 3,4 or 5 on an AP exam. The exams are given in May of each year, and scores
are received in July. Each 3, 4 or 5 earned per test is considered 1 measure. College credit for AP exam scores are
awarded for scores of 3-5. Colleges determine the amount of credit granted for each score, and each college has
varying formulas to determine credit.
Currently, GHS offers the following AP courses:
1. AP English 3
2. AP US History
3. AP Calculus

  I hope that this will provide some clarification. Graduation requirements are forever changing. It can be a chal-
lenge trying to keep them all straight.
  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns. My response may not always be immediate,
but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.
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                                              FFA Calendar
   Sept. 8: District FFA meeting in Tom Bean - 4:30 pm
   Sept. 9: FFA Alumni meeting in the Ag. Room – 7 pm (New parents of Ag Science students need to attend)
   Sept. 11: First home football to cook burgers, sausage, fries - All Ag. parents needed.
             (All FFA members expected to assist)
   Sept. 12: Area FFA Green Hand Camp in Krum
   Sept. 12: FFA Workday at the FFA Workday at the FFA Project Center 8 am -?
             (All FFA members expected to assist)
   Sept. 19: FFA Workday at the FFA Project Center 8 am - ? (All FFA members expected to assist)
   Sept. 23: Alumni sponsor drinks at Tailgate Party for Homecoming
   Sept. 25: Second home football game to cook - All Ag. parents needed. (All FFA members expected to assist)
   Oct. 3: Goat Clinic (FREE) @ FFA Project Center 9 am – 2 pm - Bring your goats.

       Any FFA member planning to have an animal project needs to contact Mr. O'Hanlon ASAP. There will also be
       required (FREE) Cattle and Hog Clinics later to help you with your projects.

  Front Row, Left to Right: Michelle Qui-
jano, Vicki Burfield, Blakeli Burney, Kayla
Lowing, Christina Laroche. Back Row:
Ciara Schmitz, Shea Leach, Bethany Ro-
darmer. Mascot - Kaylee Driskill.
  The squad attended an NCA Cheer Camp
in July and received the Spirit Award along
with superior ratings and trophy. Kaylee
received the Best Mascot award. The var-
sity sponsor is Paula Lashley.

                                                                                 JV CHEERLEADERS
                                                                            Left to Right: Alex Lashley, Rosie
                                                                          Castorena, Rachel Jonas. Maria Be-
                                                                          cerra, Natalie McClure, Caellaigh
                                                                          Montgomery, Mascot - Reagan Reed
                                                                          (not pictured).
                                                                            The JV sponsor is Rebecca Lowder.

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Middle School News

                                       You’re Invited!

   The staff at GMS will host an Open House on Tuesday, September 8. The evening will begin with a
 welcome and refreshments at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria.
   This will be followed by a "come-and-go" visit in the 5th and 6th grade classrooms. The 7th and 8th
 grade students and parents will walk through a "mini" version of the student's schedules, meeting with
 each teacher for a few minutes.
   Throughout the evening, Superintendent Kevin Worthy will be available to share information and
 answer questions about the Tax Rate Election on November 3rd.

NOTICE: Picture Day for GMS is Monday, September 21. We will not have a dress up day for Homecoming on that day.
              We will have Pajama Day on Wednesday, September 23 instead of Wacky Wednesday.

Gary walks in footsteps of US leaders
  This summer, Gunter Middle School student Mere-        historic figures, Meredith and the other students
dith Gary joined over 250 outstanding middle school      studied the impact of leadership throughout critical
students from across the United States to take part      periods of American history including the Civil War
in an extraordinary leadership conference in Wash-       and Reconstruction,
ington, D.C.                                             World War II, the
  Themed Voices of Leadership: Reflecting on the Past    Great Depression and
to create the Future, the Junior National Young Lead-    the Civil Rights Move-
ers Conference (JrNYLC) introduces young people to       ment.
the rich tradition of leadership throughout American       Upon completion of
history, while helping them develop their own leader-    JrNYLC, students gain
ship skills.                                             a greater sense of un-
  During the six-day program, Meredith took part in      derstanding of the role
educational activities and presentations and met with    of individuals in
elected officials and key Congressional staff members    American democracy,
on Capitol Hill. She also visited relevant sites, such   as well as the respon-
as Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and Washington,          sibilities of being a
D.C.’s monuments and memorials.                          leader.
  In addition to examining notable U.S. leaders and               Meredith Gary
                                                                                                          Page 9
                                                                                    Gunter Middle School
                                                                                     Washington, D.C. Trip
                                                                                             June 2009

                                                                                   Back Row: Sponsors Char-
                                                                                 lotte Boelens and Charlotte
                                                                                   Front Row: Ellen Brandt,
                                                                                 Jacob Hunt, Jairo Valadez,
                                                                                 Adam Riddle, Sarah New-
                                                                                 man, Mason Willeford, Clint
                                                                                 Reed, Alex Lashley, Jamie Bo-

                              The Trip of a Lifetime (But I’m Only 13)
                                                 by Sarah Newman
  Washington D.C. was the highlight of my way too              and the Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery.
short summer. Not very many Gunterites went on this            Did you know that all of the headstones in the ceme-
trip, only nine kids and two adults. We left on Tuesday        tery are in perfect rows?
morning, June 9, 2009.                                           We went to Ford’s Theatre, where President Lincoln
  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trip but it           was shot, and then across the street to the boarding
started when we were still on the airplane. I could see        house where he died. We went to the White House but
the Capital Building and some of the monuments on              they wouldn’t let us in because you have to have spe-
my side of the plane. The people on the other side of          cial permission to do that. We also visited the U.S.
the plane said they could see the Pentagon.                    Capital and got to see the Senate and House of Repre-
  We landed and just drove straight to Virginia and            sentatives in session.
went to what ended up being my favorite place, Mount             Our last day in Washington D.C. we went to the
Vernon, George Washington’s home. Mount Vernon                 American History and the Natural History parts of the
was huge and full of history. I found it very interesting      Smithsonian Museums. We took a picture standing
and it was beautiful. When we left, we got on the bus          where it looked like we were in a shark’s huge mouth, it
and drove to Williamsburg. We got to hear a very en-           was funny. We also saw the Hope Diamond, Muham-
thusiastic woman tell stories about ghosts and about           mad Ali’s boxing gloves and Dorothy’s red slippers from
the history of Williamsburg, she even taught us a song.        the Wizard of Oz. There was a lot of neat stuff, it would
  The second day we got to tour Williamsburg. We saw           take a long time to look at everything.
the blacksmith and silversmith and went to the Barber            We left the Smithsonian Museums and went to the
Shop. We even got to see old stagecoaches with horses          Holocaust Museum. It was very somber since there
pulling them down the road.                                    had been a shooting there two days before we went.
  After that we went to Jamestown Settlement and saw           The saddest part of the Holocaust Museum was seeing
the ships. I got to wear a deer skin apron and scrape          all of the pictures of the people and the giant piles of
the fur off of a pelt with a seashell. It was very interest-   shoes that the Nazi’s kept. Although it was sad it was
ing that most of the stuff we learned in Jamestown had         very interesting and I am glad that we got to go there.
to do with Indians.                                              When we got on the plane to come home we were ex-
  In Washington D.C., we toured what seemed like               hausted from all of our adventures. It was June 12,
every monument and memorial ever made. We went to              2009 and although we were ready to be home we
the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Viet-        wished it didn’t have to end. It was a great experience
nam Memorial, and the Washington Monument, just to             and I am so glad that I got to go.
name a few. We also saw the Tomb of the Unknowns
                                                                                                                 Page 10
New Employees at GISD
                                          Elementary School
  Kim Bolin is the new receptionist at the elementary school and, as a registered nurse,
will be assisting Nurse Stacy when needed. She has been an RN for 17 years.
Kim and her husband, Rodney, have twin boys, Reid and Riley, who are in the seventh
grade this year. Her family has lived in Gunter for 7 years and she enjoys shopping,
reading, spending time with family and friends, and supporting her boys’ sports activi-

                    Tara Smith is the new elementary school counselor. She is a graduate of Southeastern
                  Oklahoma State University and Dallas Baptist University. Tara previously taught second
                  and third grade in McKinney. She lives in Van Alstyne with her two dogs, Allie and Rylie.
                  In her free time, Tara enjoys water sports.

                                             Middle School
  Lisa Hicks is the new librarian for the entire school district and is the campus li-
brarian for the middle school. She received her Master’s Degree in Reading and her
library certification from Texas A&M University – Commerce. Lisa has served as the
library aide for the Ector ISD and taught First Grade at Sam Rayburn ISD. She lives
in Bonham with her husband of 23 years, Wesley. They have two sons: Ethan, a sen-
ior at Ector HS, and Isaac, a junior at Ector HS. Lisa enjoys scrapbooking and read-
ing, and is the AWANA Sparks director at Ector Baptist Church.

                        The new head softball coach is Robert Klick. A graduate of Irving Nimitz High
                     School and Hardin-Simmons University, Coach Klick is a special education teacher at
                     the middle school and will also coach middle school girls’ volleyball and basketball. He
                     lives in Frisco and enjoys anything outdoors, sports and sushi.

   Carrie Heinrich returns to GISD as an instructional aide at the middle school. She
is a former English teacher at GHS and will also coach tennis and produce the Tiger
Times newsletter for the district. Carrie is a graduate of Texas Tech University and has
lived in Gunter for 9 years. She and her husband Mark, have two children. Haley, 20,
is a 2007 GHS graduate and a junior at Texas A&M University. Hunter, 16, is a junior
at GHS.

Continued on next page.
New Employees at GISD
                                              High School

                      Jill Sutton Dodd is teaching 11th grade English this year at GHS. She is a graduate of
                    GHS and Texas Christian University. Her previous teaching experience includes 7 th,9th
                    and 10th grade English at Anna and 10th and 11th grade English at Euless Trinity High
                    School. Jill and her husband, Chris, live in Gunter and have two children – Luke, 4,
                    and Ally 2. In her spare time, Jill enjoys playing with her kids, watching football and

  Missy Crutchfield is a new special education aid at the high school. She has been in
the recruiting business for the past 12 years and has served as an army combat engi-
neer. A native of Virginia, Missy and her husband, Billy, live in Gunter with their two
children – Ethan, 15, a sophomore at GHS, and Tasha, 12, a seventh grader at GMS.
Missy enjoys reading and swimming.

                      Rebecca Lowder is beginning her teaching career as the new 10th grade English
                    teacher at GHS. She recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of
                    Arts in English. She is engaged to Jeff Egger and lives in Howe. Rebecca enjoys running
                    and photography in her spare time.

  Teaching physics this year is Elisabeth Pope. She is a biology and chemistry gradu-
ate of Northeastern Oklahoma State and received her Master’s Degree in teaching sci-
ence from the University of Texas – Dallas. Elisabeth was the physics teacher in Pilot
Point for four years and the IPC teacher in Waxahachie for four years. She and her
husband, Brian Brown, live in Prosper and have two sons. Carter and Cooper are 17
months old. In her spare time, Elisabeth enjoys hiking, cleaning house and cooking.

                      Cody Reeves, a graduate of Bells High School and West Texas A&M University, will be
                    teaching World Geography and Physical Education at GHS. He will also be coaching
                    football, basketball and baseball. He previously worked at Refugio High School for two
                    years and enjoys sports, music and plants. Cody lives in Gunter.

                                                                                                    Page 12
  By Roger Reed, Athletic Director                          athletes to Gunter each morn-
  At Gunter High School we are excited to introduce         ing where they will continue to
the new members of our coaching staff. Robert Click         be an integral part of our mid-
comes to us from Weatherford and will head up our           dle school football program.
girls softball program. He brings a great deal of             Zach Wilson of Prosper will
knowledge and passion with him that you will see            be joining Coach Miller each
this year. Coach Click will also assist with our middle     day after school where they
school volleyball teams and will teach at our middle        will return to Gunter and be a
school campus.                                              part of our high school coach-
  Cody Reeves joined our staff this summer from Re-         ing staff. Both of these men
fugio High School. I had the opportunity to coach           are eager to get their start in
Cody a few years ago when I entered the coaching            the coaching profession and
profession at Bells High School where I worked for          we are very excited to have
his father, long time Bells football coach Gary Reeves.     them. They will no doubt be           Roger Reed
  Coach Reeves comes from a coaching family and             very important to both the Ti-      Athletic Director
will be a great asset to our school as well as all of our   oga and Gunter ISDs and in
athletic programs. He will be assisting with football,      helping our programs mesh together.
basketball, and baseball while teaching at the high           Carrie Heinrich is returning to our faculty this year
school.                                                     in the Gunter I.S.D. and will coach our boys and girls
  Tioga I.S.D. now under the direction of Superinten-       tennis teams in the spring in addition to teaching at
dent Andy Baker has hired two coaches this year that        the middle school. We look forward to having her
will be assisting us at Gunter High School in addition      continue the success of our boys and girls programs
to their duties at Tioga. Randy Miller, a 2000 GHS          by bringing her energy and excitement to the sport.
graduate, will be transporting the Tioga middle school

          Tigers and Lady Tigers                        Cross Country Results
          Cross Country Schedule
                 Start Time: 8 am                         Cody Campbell finished 17th with a time of 17:37.31
                                                        at the Frisco Invitational Cross Country Meet on Au-
 Aug 29        Frisco Invitational                      gust 29. Other runners competing in the varsity divi-
                                                        sion were Jesus Fuentes, Zac Jackson Jeremy Gilstrap,
 Sept. 5       Valley View                              Nick Yansky, Jared Franze and Bryan Wynn.
 Sept. 12      Vandergriff Park - Girls                   In the boys’ JV division, seven Tigers competed. They
                                                        were Eighth Graders Aaron Flores, Jesus Morales,
               Denton - Boys                            Casen Driskill, Danny Hernandez, Tyson Scott, Pepper
 Sept. 19      Lindsay Invitational                     Vier and Troy Carrigan.
                                                          The GHS Lady Tigers competed in the JV Division.
 Sept. 26      Pottsboro Invitational                   Ceallaigh Montgomery finished 4th with a time of
                                                        13:27.00, and the team finished 4th overall with 115
 Oct. 3        "Old Celina" FCA Invitational
                                                        points. Other runners included Jessica Carrigan, Aubre
 Oct. 10       Water Loo Run @ Denison                  Alford, Payton Baker, Guiremania Morales, Regan
                                                        Reed, Pamela Figueroa, Mackenzie Mazerolle, Madison
 Oct. 17       Era Invitational                         Elvington, Emily Harless, Amber Keatts, Alex Smith,
                                                        Olivia Mead, Pippen Vier, and Tristen Covington.
 Oct. 26       District @ Bells
                                                          The cross country teams will compete in the Valley
 Nov. 7        Regionals @ Vandergriff Park             View Meet on Saturday, September 5, beginning at 8
                                                        am. The boys are coached by Lonnie Scott and the girls
 Nov. 14       State Meet @ Round Rock                  are coached by Bruce Keatts.
                                                                                                         Page 13
                                            Lady Tigers Volleyball
                                                 By Head Coach Keva Reed
  The Lady Tiger volleyball team is off to a great start this season! The team came out strong defeating several top ranked
teams including Lindsey, Pottsboro and Commerce. They have already earned 12 victories. Last weekend, the girls battled
through tough pool play in the Prosper Tournament beating 3As Paris North Lamar and Princeton, to be the only 2A team in the
Championship bracket. The girls fought hard beating 4A Ennis and losing some tough matches to larger schools.
  This year’s team is lead by three seniors, Blakeli Burney, Erica Young, and Lindsey Beaty. Blakeli averages 4 digs per
match, Erica averages 5 digs and 4 aces, and Lindsey is adding 6 digs and 4 kills a match. A strong group of juniors is adding
to teams success this year.
  Kayla Lowing, Meghen Mazerolle, and Kristi Cross have all stepped up into new roles on the team and making great contri-
butions. Middle Blocker Joey Bailey is averaging 15 digs, 13 kills and 3 blocks a match, including a season high of 28 kills
against Sanger. Two sophomores have joined the Varsity this year. Morgan Watson is averaging 15 assists a match and Har-
lee Johnson adds an average of 7 digs and 4 kills a match. As a team, the Lady Tigers are working on consistent passing so
they can aggressively attack opponents. By combining this with aggressive serving, the team is successfully putting pressure
on other teams.
  All three Lady Tiger teams defeated Caddo Mills on August 28 and will host Lindsay on Tuesday, September 1.

                                                                                             Middle School
                                                                                             Volleyball 2009
                                                                                        All matches will be played in the
                                                                                        following order: 7B, 7A, 8B, 8A
                                                                                        The first match will begin at
                                                                                        4:30 pm.
                                                                                        7B & 8B will play the best 2 out
                                                                                        of 3 to 15 with a cap at 20.
                                                                                        7A & 8A will play the best 2 out
                                                                                        of 3 to 25 with a cap at 30.

                                                                                      8/31       vs. Bells
                                                                                      9/07       @ Howe
                                                                                      9/14       Bye
                                                                                      9/21       @ Leonard
                                                                                      9/28       vs. Melissa
                                                                                      10/05      vs. Tom Bean
  The Lady Tigers JV Blue won 2nd Place in the Howe Tourna-                           10/12      @ Whitewright
ment. Front Row: Bethany Rodarmar, Susana Morales, Haley                              10/17      District Tournament
Arrington. Back Row: April Logan, Megan Lee, Morgan Harri-
son, Rachel Campbell, Kasey Hicks, Caitlyn Smith, Daisy Mar-                                     @ Howe
                                IN THE HUDDLE
                  with Tigers Head Coach Jake Fieszel

                                    Tigers vs. Caddo Mills
           We felt like we played a good game offensively this past Friday night. There
         are still many areas that we have to improve if we are going to compete for a
         playoff spot in District. The offensive line did a good job of opening up holes
         in critical situations. Senior Lincoln Harris graded out with the best grade and
         had an exceptional game. Chad Tucker finished the night with over 100 yards
         rushing and three touchdowns.                                                          Coach Fieszel
           I was very proud of the defensive effort on Friday. The boys made big plays at critical points in the
         game, which shows this team has character when faced with adversity. We have to continue to improve.
         Although we are proud of the defensive effort, we know that we are not near where we need to be defen-
           Special Teams:
           I felt our kick-off coverage was great all night. We gave up one score on the special teams due to poor
         punt coverage, and we were unable to score in the kicking game. This is also an area for improvement.
         We expect to win the kicking game every week, so we will continue to stress this during practice.
           Offensive Stats:
                                          1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
                                Gunter     7 7 0 7 21
                                CM         7 7 6 0 20

         Gunter Total Offense: 273yds      Rushing: 213yds   Passing: 60yds
         Ind. Rushing: Chad Tucker 127 yds, Leo Castroena 40 yds, Nicky Mixon 26 yds, and Coltin Hinson 20 yds
         Receiving: AJ Phillips 54 yds, and Josh Cobb 6 yds.
         Passing: Coltin Hinson 3 for 5, 60 yds.

                                  Tigers @ Boyd ~ Friday, September 4 ~ 7:30 pm
           The Tigers are excited to play Boyd this Friday night. They have a preseason ranking of #5 in the state
         in Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, and return 18 of 21 starters off of last year’s team. We know it is go-
         ing to be a physical, hard hitting contest and we are ready for the challenge!

                                                  The JV Blue defeated Caddo Mills, 20 - 12.

  Coltin Hinson and the Tiger offense
prepare to score against Caddo Mills.
                  Cowboy Up for the Wild, Wild West
                         Homecoming ‘09
                                        September 21 - 26
                                           DRESS UP DAYS
No hair or face paint on any days. Dress code applies and principal has final say on all days. For high
school and middle school students and staff.
Monday, 9/21:        PAJAMA DAY (long pants and shirts with sleeves - no wording, no see-thru, no
low necklines. Flip flops or house shoes are allowed with your pajamas.)
Tuesday, 9/ 22:      TWIN TUESDAY
Wednesday, 9/23: WACKY WEDNESDAY (crazy colors, mixed matched clothes, shoes, crazy hair)
Thursday, 9/24:      WILD, WILD WEST ATTIRE (No toy guns or water guns)
Friday, 9/25:        SPIRIT DAY

                                        TAILGATE PARTY
                       Wednesday, September 23, 6:30 pm at Tiger Stadium
   Free chow for all!!!! High School students and teachers will play games on the football field.
   Fireworks at dark. If you or your business would like to have a booth and give away food or
   drinks to Tiger fans and players, contact one of the people listed below.

                             GAME DAY - FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25
   Pep Rally: 9 am in the Event Center.
   Parade: Corral at City Park @ 2:30. Build a float representing your business, organization,
   class or team with Community Spirit or Wild, Wild West theme. Prizes will be given in dif-
   ferent divisions and your picture will be featured in the school paper!
   Junior Class Chuck Wagon BBQ: 5 - 6:30 pm in the HS Commons. See a junior class mem-
   ber for a ticket.
   Coronation: 6:45 pm - Tiger Stadium
   Homecoming Game: Tigers vs. Bells - 7:30 pm. - Tiger Stadium
   Homecoming Hoe Down for GHS students: Saturday, September 26 in the HS Commons,
   sponsored by GHS cheerleaders.
                   Contacts: Lori Cross: 972-754-5147 or
                         Joni Stevens: 469-396-2650 or
                          Natalie Lee: 903-870-6446 or
                             Gunter Tiger Fan Club 2009-2010 Membership Form
The Gunter Tiger Fan Club supports all Gunter athletes – MS and HS. We have raised over $165,000 over the past 4 years to
support our athletes – over $47,000 last year alone. We have provided MS uniforms, track hurdles, homecoming festivities, and
much more. Our goal is for all parents, teachers and coaches to be a member of the Gunter Tiger Fan Club! If you don’t need a
game pass, join as a Gray ($25) member!

Name:____________________________________________ Phone:________________________


(All communication will be via email. You may include as many different email addresses as you like)

___ Check here if you do NOT want your name released in our membership advertising. All members will be recognized in the
2009 football program if we receive your membership form by August 14.

___ GISD Employee Package - $10 - One year family membership

___ Gray Package - $25 - One year family membership & tote, baseball cap, or t-shirt.

___ Pick-Your-Sport Package - $100 - One year family membership & tote, baseball cap, or t-shirt, & passes for 2
adults plus your children to all Middle school, Freshman, JV, and Varsity home games for either Football, Volleyball
or Basketball (excludes tournaments).
Choose one: ___ Volleyball         ___ Football ___Basketball

___ Gold Package - $250 - One year family membership & tote, baseball cap, or t-shirt, & GT blanket & passes for 2
adults plus your children to all Middle school, Freshman, JV, and Varsity home Football, Basketball, and Volleyball
games (excludes tournaments)

For Gray, Pick-Your-Sport, and Gold Packages:
Choose one: ___tote             ___structured baseball hat ___unstructured baseball hat
            ___football t-shirt ___volleyball t-shirt      ___cross country t-shirt     SIZE:____

For Pick-Your-Sport, and Gold Packages:
Student passes available for K-12 students in your immediate family who are not GISD athletes if you purchased a
Pick-Your-Sport or Gold package only. List all students who need a pass.
  Student name:_______________________________ Grade fall 2009:_________
  Student name:_______________________________ Grade fall 2009:_________

Items available for purchase separately – list quantities

___ Structured baseball hat: royal with black sandwich bill - $12.00

___ Unstructured baseball hat: royal with black sandwich bill - $12.00

___Tote: 14”x17”x4” zippered closure, inside zippered pocket, outside pocket, royal with black handles, Gunter Tigers GT
screened on front - $12.00

___Blanket: 50”x60” fleece on one side, nylon on other, Gunter Tigers GT embroidered on corner - $35.00

___Stadium seat: royal with white letters, metal frame - $40.00

Deliver items to:
Student name:__________________________________ Grade in fall 2009:____ Teacher:_______________

                           Return to school office or mail to: Gunter Tiger Fan Club P.O. Box 157 Gunter TX 75058
                                                           Deadline: August 28, 2009
                                             VOLUNTEER FORM
                                      GHS & GMS & Gunter Tiger Fan Club
We need every parent of every MS and HS athlete to work at least one concession stand shift! We need your help,
so sign up for anything else that interests you. A Tiger Fan Club volunteer will contact you with more information.
Please call Nancy Dechaud if you have any questions, 903-433-9806.

___Concession Stand Sales for GTFC
        (Volunteer to work a shift at a game or volunteer to work every game! You will be contacted with exact dates available.)
        Varsity Football (Friday nights); Middle School and Freshmen Basketball (Monday nights); Track (just two or
        three meets per year); Baseball/softball (times and days vary)

___Concession Stand Sales for MS Teachers
        (Volunteer to work a shift at a game or volunteer to work every game! You will be contacted with exact dates available.)
        JV/7th/8th Football (Thursday nights)

___Football program sales at home varsity football games

___Football Program Committee (compile program, sell ads – GTFC’s biggest fundraiser)

___Gunter Tiger Fan Club Membership Committee

___Homecoming Planning Committee (for HS only)

___Athletic Banquet Committee (for HS only)

Help with food for away games and/or locker room decorations (HS only):
 ___Football            ___Volleyball
 ___Cross Country           ___Cheerleading
 ___Boys Basketball           ___Girls Basketball
 ___Power lifting           ___Wrestling
        ___Golf             ___Tennis
 ___Baseball              ___Softball

___ After Prom Party - Parents of HS juniors and seniors organize this event each year. All parents will be contacted
via regular mail. Sign up now to be on the email list for regular updates.

___ HS Appreciation Gatherings – Help with Teacher appreciation events during Teacher Appreciation week or spe-
cial holiday lunches. Send food items (cookies, salads, etc.); Help serve at various events; Donate prizes (gift certifi-
cates, tickets to events, etc.)

___ MS Appreciation Gatherings – Help with Teacher appreciation events during Teacher Appreciation week or spe-
cial holiday lunches. Send food items (cookies, salads, etc.); Help serve at various events; Donate prizes (gift certifi-
cates, tickets to events, etc.)

Parent Name: ________________________________________ (fill out contact info on other side)

Student’s name: _________________________________Sport:__________________________________

Student’s name: _________________________________Sport:__________________________________

Student’s name: _________________________________Sport:__________________________________

Student’s name: _________________________________Sport:__________________________________

                                    THANKS FOR VOLUNTEERING YOUR TIME!
                                   Please return this form to school office or mail to:
                                 Gunter Tiger Fan Club P.O. Box 157 Gunter, TX 75058
                                   Community Events
                          Denim to Diamonds Casino Night, hosted by the Gunter Chamber
                       of Commerce ~ Saturday, October 17 ~ The Bridges Country Club
                       Tickets: $40 advance / $50 at the door ~ Available at Landmark
                       Bank and the GISD Administration Building.
   Gunter ISD
    P.O. Box 109
                         H. Harrison Family Benefit Luncheon ~ Sunday, September 13
 Gunter, Texas 75058   Gunter High School Commons ~ 12 pm.
 Phone: 903-433-4750
Gunter High School
  1102 N. 8th Street      The Gunter ISD would like to thank the Gunter Chamber for the
 Gunter, Texas 75058   delicious lunch provided for our new employees at orientation.
Gunter Middle School
   410 Tiger Lane
 Gunter, Texas 75058      Deadline for the October issue of The Tiger Times:
Gunter Elementary                      Friday, September 25
   200 West Elm                   If you have questions regarding the newsletter,
 Gunter, Texas 75058         please contact Carrie Heinrich at
                                      September 2009
    monday                tuesday               wednesday           thursday             friday              saturday
                                      1                     2                   3                    4                   5
                     VB vs. Lindsey       8th Grade Pie         VB Varsity @        VFB @ Boyd           MS, HS CC Meet
                      5 pm                  Sales Begin           Whitesboro         7:30 pm              @ Valley View
                                                                  Tour thru 9/5                           8 am
                                                                JVBlue FB vs.
                                                                  Boyd 6:30 pm
                                                                Robotics Parent
                                                                  Meeting 6 pm

                 7                    8                     9                  10                  11                   12
Band Practice        Middle School        FFA Alumni            MS VB @ Howe        Pep Rally 3 pm       Robotics Kick Off
 6 pm                 Open House           Meeting 7 pm          4:30 pm                                   8 am
                      6 pm                                                          VFB vs.              Boys CC @
MS VB @ Howe                                                    MS, JVB FB @         Commerce              Denton 8 am
 4:30 pm             VB vs. Whitesboro                           Commerce            7:30 pm             Girls CC @
                      5 pm                                       4:30 pm                                   Arlington 8 am
Labor Day                                                                                                FFA Alumni
  NO SCHOOL                                                                                                Workday @
                                                                                                           Project Center

                14                  15                  16                     17                  18                   19
GHS Open House       GHS Yearbook         8 Grade Pie           MS FB @             VB @                 FFA Alumni Work-
 5:45 pm              Pictures             Sales Ends            Pottsboro           Whitewright          day @ Project
                                                                 4:30 pm             5 pm                 Center 8 am
Band Practice        VB vs. Pilot Point
 6 pm                 5 pm                                                                               MS, HS CC Meet
                                                                                                          @ Lindsay 8 am

                21                  22                  23                     24                  25                   26
MS VB @              VB vs. Leonard        Tailgate Party       MS FB @ Bells       Pep Rally 9 am       HS Choir Mixed
 Leonard              5 pm                    6:30 pm            4:30 pm            Parade 3 pm           Region
 4:30 pm                                                                            BBQ 5-6:30 pm         Auditions 8 am
GISD School                                                     JVBlue FB @         Coronation
 Board Meeting                                                    Bells 7 pm         6:45 pm             MS HS CC Meet
 6 pm                                                                               VB vs. Bells          @ Pottsboro
Band Practice                                                                        4:30 pm              8 am
 6 pm                                                                               VFB vs. Bells
GMS Picture Day                                                                      7:30 pm
                                                 Wacky                                                     Homecoming
  Pajama Day             Twin Day               Wednesday        Wild West Day         Spirit Day            Dance

                28                  29                  30                      1                    2                   3
MS VB vs.            VB @ Melissa                               MS, JVB FB vs.      VFB @ Howe           CC @ Celina
 Melissa              5 pm                                       Howe 4:30 pm        7:30 pm              8 am
 4:30 pm
School Board                                                                        VB @ Howe            FFA Alumni Goat
 Training 6 pm                                                                       4:30 pm              Clinic @ Project
Band Practice                                                                                             Center 9 am
 6 pm

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