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									Civil Engineering Careers

Civil engineering offers various job opportunities. There are main six disciplines in civil engineering. They are structural, environmental, geotechnical, transportation

Structural: A structural engineer is responsible for designing and assessing structures like as buildings, roads and bridges. They find out capability of these structures in sustai Geotechnical: Geotechnical engineering is another important aspect of civil engineering which provides good career options. In geotechnical engineering, science as well as techn Technology involving the Earth and its natural resources has an effect on a global scale. Some components of geotechnical engineering are soil mechanics, earthq Environmental: Environmental engineering is becoming booming field in recent years. Protection of environment is becoming a significant problem day by day. Lot of strategies and Water resources: Water is major and necessary natural resources. The experts in this field focus on various factor related to water including analysis of flood and storm water, protec Construction: In each civil engineering project, construction is involved like building of structure, digging of a tunnel, making a road, a treatment plant construction and many more Construction engineers need to have good perceptive of construction projects, and have knowledge of various engineering disciplines. The construction business is Transportation: In order to proper functioning of society and maintaining good movement, it is important to have trustworthy and well-organized transportation system. Transportatio

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