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					A Father’s Rights to Child Custody
Courts mostly favor mothers when it comes to the custody of the child. It is may be
because of the notion that mothers watch and care for their children more often
than fathers do. Since fathers are the breadwinners of the family they tend to be
out of the houses more frequently than their spouses. Despite this fact, fathers love
their children as much as their wives do. They need equal custody over their
children as well.

If you are a father who is facing a divorce with your wife planning to take all of your
children away, you should know that you and your wife have basically equal legal
rights to your kids as long as you are married. Couples bound by both holy
matrimony and civil vows have a joint physical custody and joint legal custody over
their children unless the court decides otherwise. You can fight for your right for
father child custody if your wife is persistent on her plan taking the kids. If you and
your wife cannot come up with a compromise that will favor both of you, you can
file a case in the court to request for father child custody.

There are certain things you should consider in order to win custody over your
child. First, you must consult a lawyer prior to your wife’s chance to file for a
separation. You will need a lawyer who will file a father child custody petition and
an access order. This may mean that you will be filing the divorce first, but doing so
will protect your legal rights as a father. Then, have your personal lawyer try to
settle a written contract with the lawyer of your wife regarding the custody of your
children. The contract should encompass where the children will reside, schedules
of visitation and how much financial support should be provided by both parties.

Whether you are filing for a sole or joint legal and physical custody over your
children, you will need to prepare for the proceedings in the court and child custody
evaluation visits. This preparation may help you win and gain father child custody.
First and foremost, you have to dress appropriately. Wear your best suit in court.
This may create an impression that you can care for your children as much as you
cared for yourself. Then, you have to prepare for your child custody evaluation. You
have to make sure that your house is neat and clean. In any event, you have to be
honest. You should have a positive attitude and be cooperative. You should always
listen to your lawyer’s instructions. Lastly, be prepared for your meeting. Always
keep your appointment and arrive on time.

You should be aware of your legal rights as a father. You can ask for assistance
from your lawyers in order to aid you to fight for these rights. One of the most
important things you should do is to show the people how much your children
matter to you. In this way, they will not question your capability of raising your
children and supporting their needs either financially or emotionally.

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