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					2011-12 Financial Aid Financing Worksheet - Know What You Owe!!!!!!!!

Graduate Part-time Tuition                              $1061 / credit hour
Undergraduate Tuition                                   $788 / credit hour
Registration Fee                                        $75 / semester

**Remember - A "semester" includes BOTH Term1 and Term2 combined!

Step 1 - Calculate Your Charges By Semester
                                                          Summer 2011               Fall 2011            Spring 2012
Tuition Rate for your Program of Study
(for fulltime programs, put your tuition charges for
the "semester" - all residencies/classes)

times Number of Credits you will enroll in
(for fulltime programs, put "1")                                             1                     1                   1
plus Registration Fee                                                        0                     0                   0
equals Your Total Charges per Semester                                       0                     0                   0

Step 2 - Determine Your Financial Aid By Semester
Please use your Award Letter, and add together your financial aid for each semester.
                                                          Summer 2011               Fall 2011            Spring 2012
Total Financial Aid by Semester

Step 3 - Calculate Your Balance Due By Semester
Subtract your Financial Aid for Each Semester from Your Charges for each Semester.
                                                          Summer 2011               Fall 2011            Spring 2012
Total Charges per Semester                                                   0                     0                   0
Total Financial Aid per Semester                                             0                     0                   0
Balance Due Per Semester                                                    0                      0                   0

1) Please be aware that you are responsible to pay the balance due for each semester IN FULL prior to the
   start of classes for that semester.
2) If you have a credit balance for any one semester, the Student Accounts Office will mail a refund check to
   you within 14 days after your financial aid is paid to your Student Account (the first day of class or later).
3) If you have a credit balance for one semester and a balance due for the next semester, please be prepared
    to pay the balance due in full for the following semester, either utilizing your credit balance refund from
    the previous semester or utilizing other means to pay. If you want to discuss the possibility of holding
    your credit balance refund to help pay for the next semester's charges, please contact the Student Accounts
    Office directly.

Summary of Charges, Financial Aid, and Balance Due in Total for the Academic Year
Total Charges for the Academic Year:            $              -
Total Financial Aid for the Academic Year                         0
Balance Due for the Year                        $              -