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administrative-clerk-resume 48


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Administrative Clerk Resume

Administrative clerk maintains and compiles the records of business transactions and office activities. They perform variety of office work or similar clerical duties. T Other work of Administrative Clerk is to prepare stalking inventory and adjustment of complaints and pays out cash, to greet and assist visitors, to keep books, to pr Sample Administrative Clerk Resume Richard Anderson 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741, (123)-456 7890. Objective: Looking for the greatest opportunity to work as an Administrative Clerk in a well-known Logistic Company. Skills: Able to work independently and perform clerical assignments. Depth ability to operate office equipments. Excellent service and phone skills. Good communication and writing skills. Strong ability to recognize differences among data, objects, facts and material. Ability to work independently and within a team. Knowledge of filing and record keeping. Ability to perform complex data entry tasks. Excellent ability to greet visitors, to handle phone calls and to give information to customers and visitors. Able to follow written and oral instructions. Computer literate. Computer Skills: Proficient with: MS Outlook MS Word MS Excel Work Experience: Galaxy communications Inc. Minneapolis Administrative clerk Recorded orders for merchandise and service. Adjustment of complaints is done. Maintained and compiled the records of business transactions and office activities of establishment. Prepared stock inventories. Tabulation and posting of data in record books is also done. Operated machines such as typewriter, calculating, adding and duplicating machine. Calculation of taxes, wages, premiums, payments and commissions is done. Counted, received and paid out cash. Bills, receipts, invoices, checks, policies and statements are sent after preparation. Operated computer terminal to input and retrieve data. Other duties like book keeping, purchase supplies and payroll are also done. Opened and routed incoming mail and prepared outgoing mail. Assisted and greeted visitors. Simpson and Wells Marketing, Petersburg Administrative Assistant Duties such as receiving telephone calls, word processing, receiving and directing visitors, filing and faxing are done. Administrative and office activities for multiple supervisors are performed. Responsible for screening calls, making travel and meeting arrangements. Replied to incoming request and put preliminary work in play. Trained and supervised to other support staff. Performed a variety of Internet research functions. Other duties are done as needed. Education: Bachelor of Science, Degree in Business Management Minor studies in Marketing References: Available upon request.

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