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Are Successful Women Scary to Men?


In the corporate world, men are beginning to notice that more women are beginning their slow but steady ascent up the ladder. Is this cause for alarm? An in-depth look at how men view the surge of professional women in what used to be male-dominated court.

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									    Are Successful Women Scary to Men?
These are really interesting points to ponder. It is a bit of a catch 22 even.
Remember when it was all about feminism and equal rights? Women fought so
hard and so long to get the attention in the workplace that they thought they
deserved. Now that they are able to work the jobs that they want, professional
women are wondering where all the men went. Are men really afraid of
women who are successful? An investigative look:

Women say that when they go for the job that they want, they are essentially
giving up the opportunity to settle down and get married. Men take this as a
signal that this type of women are a waste of time to pursue because they have
already made the choice of career over relationship. Men don’t necessarily
agree with this point of view. They say that they are put off by this type of
women not because they have chosen a career over the relationship but
because of what this move represents.

Men believe that a woman who is gung ho about proving herself and racking
up accomplishments can be unattractive as opposed to a woman who takes
care of other’s first and does not let her goals be the end all and be all of her
existence. Most men appreciate a woman who demonstrates an ability to work
with and for other people. According to men, it’s not so much as “scared of” as

When a woman is in a high flying career, they tend to focus on their goals and
what makes them happy. There is nothing wrong with this but they must be
clear on what they want. If they are willing to stay single for the sake of their
careers, then she must not be go around complaining about the lack of any
good men out here. On the flip side, if they do want to settle down, then they
must be sensitive enough to show that they are still caring and nurturing
enough to be able to make a man want to spend the rest of his life with them. It
may sound a little gender biased but its true.

There is hardly any woman out there who doesn’t want to get married. Of
course they do. Perhaps the career is only an excuse or as way of validation
that they are not lonely. But women and men are created to pair up so maybe
this can serve as a wakeup call to all professional women out there. It is a
matter of letting go of the steering wheel and letting men woo you for awhile.
Making the shift between professional women and married women will be
easier if you learned to let men do their jobs.

        “Milly owns a trading business and it’s really doing well in the industry.
She is also an avid follower of National Association for Professional Women or NAPW.
                She believes in their advocacy of empowering women. “

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