A Woman’s Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder by MillyMorales


It’s been said time and again that women have a harder time making it to the top of the corporate food chain. Do not be discouraged by such a statement. There are ways that you can stand out in a world dominated by men.

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									         A Woman’s Guide to Climbing the
               Corporate Ladder

A woman does not have to be stuck in the old perception that they are only
meant for secretarial and clerical work. Now more than ever, professional
women are taking the corporate world by storm and by surprise. Most high
position levels are now filled by women. More and more, society is beginning
to realize the ability of women to hold positions of high power. Do you wish to
be at the top of the corporate ladder too? It takes a bit of work but it’s nothing
that you can’t do with a bit of effort. Read on to see how professional women
can climb the corporate ladder:

   1) Make education a priority. Practically all of the women who are able to
      rise up the ranks are well-educated with undergraduate degrees under
      their belt. Take it up a notch by completing post-undergraduate
      education. MBAs and degrees in management will definitely serve you
      well if you wish to be the CEO of a successful corporation. Education is
      pedigree in a world of top breeds so make sure you stand out.

   2) Back it up with experience. While education is indeed important, most
      companies would require some solid experience before you can begin
      your ascend. It is usually a good idea to start off on the bottom rung.
      That is why it is called a climb. Knowing the ins and outs of every
      department will put you on an advantage as you make your way up the
      company. There should be no job too menial or labor intensive if you are
      serious to making it to the top.

   3) You must know your numbers and you must know them well. Business
      and finance go hand in hand and make up the building blocks of any
      successful company. To be suited up with knowledge about these will
      definitely make your climb easier. Acquire this knowledge through
      experience or education and use your skills well. There have been many
   instances of chief financing officers becoming chief executive officers
   after a proven track record.

4) Never ever give up. All successful women are given more responsibility
   as they walk along the path to the top. A good candidate for CEO gladly
   takes all these and more. This shows a willingness to work hard for goals
   and the ability to make managerial decisions. This develops leadership
   skills and a growing ability to handle people as subordinates. A CEO
   candidate moves muscle, encourages her team and makes wise decisions
   based on good character and values.

   These are four common denominators that all professional women have
   on their resumes. If you want to join the ranks of these powerful and
   professional women who are currently enjoying their statuses as top
   CEOs in established corporation, get started on your dream. Every
   minute not living your dream is every minute wasted.

                “Milly owns a trading business and it’s really doing well in the industry.
     She is also an avid follower of National Association for Professional Women or NAPW .
                         She believes in their advocacy of empowering women. “

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