Do Women Have Power Over Men?

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					  Do Women Have Power Over Men?
If women in power did have a hold over men, shouldn’t they be
on top of the food chain today? Then wouldn’t more women be in
politics, holding throne over men, ruling kingdoms and leading
battles? Why are women said to have power over men? Is there
even any scientific back up to this claim or is it something that
women tell each other to feel better about themselves? Here are
some points that may shed some light on the subject and settle
the score about this thing called power.

It has been said that a woman can have certain power over men
especially if she is beautiful. The question here is what sort of
woman would want to use that power over a man? A woman who
allows the illusion of giving the man what he wants i.e., a date, or
herself just to get what he wants would not constitute a woman
would it? Consequently speaking, a man who would willingly let
himself be controlled by something as shallow as the anatomy or
physical assets of a woman is clearly not too much of a man.

There is talk of a woman holding power over man because they
are able to root him emotionally to reality. In other words, a man
needs a woman more than a woman needs a man when it comes
to dealing with sensitive issues or needing a sympathetic ear.
This may be because a man’s set of buddies will not be able to
provide him adequately with comfort so they turn to women for
this. While this supposition may be true, you can hardly point this
out as a sufficient means of power a woman has over man. It is
clearly more of a dependency issue.

Another argument raised is a woman reminds a man of his
mother thereby granting a sort of immediate need to submit or
yield to her orders. Maybe this is actually a good thing knowing
that men are actually good at following directions and doing what
you want. But for men to think of you as his mother is frankly,
not too appealing, even if he does obey your every command.

Bottom line here is th“ere is no such thing as women in power
over men or one gender to another. Human beings are all created
equal no matter what parts make him or her up. A healthy
society is one built from communication and understanding rather
than fear or submission to women in power.

             “Milly owns a trading business and it’s really doing well in the industry.
     She is also an avid follower of National Association for Professional Women or NAPW.
                     She believes in their advocacy of empowering women. “

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Description: An exploration of whether there is truth to this charge or mere lunacy. What factors contribute to the supposed power women has over men? What do men do about it?