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					                                                     SPRING 2004
                                                   Spring 2005
            Women in Engineering
            Women in Engineering
                       Newsletter written for the Ohio State University WiE students
                           Newsletter written for The Ohio State University WiE students

                                          From Glenda ~
                                          Welcome back from what we hope was a relaxing and fun spring break!

                                          Spring will be another busy quarter for WiE, and we would love to see you get
                                          involved! Please look inside for information on all the events going on. Don’t
                                          forget the website’s Bulletin Board (http://wie.eng.ohio-
                                , where you will find a wealth of information on
                                          upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, scholarships and summer internships
                                          available all over the country!

                                          Highlights of Spring Quarter include a tour of the GE Transportation Learning
                                          Centre, Peer Mentor Dinner and Community Service Project and the annual WiE
                                          Spring picnic. We have many more opportunities to get involved with WiE, so
                                          please read on!

                                           The Women in Engineering program will be re-establishing it’s “Non-Traditional”
                                           student support group, so if you are older than the average student, are part-time, a
                                           transfer student or perhaps have a family and would like to meet other engineering
 and architecture students like yourself, please contact me to indicate your interest in participating in the group.

 Remember, we have an open door policy at Women in Engineering, so stop by anytime to get your questions answered and
 concerns heard. Good luck this quarter!

                                                                                                 INSIDE:                 PAGE
                                                                                                 WiE Calendar                2
                                     WiE STAFF
                                                                                                 WiE News                  3-4
DIRECTOR         Glenda La Rue               UNDERGRAD             Jenna Brown
                 119B Hitchcock Hall         ASSISTANTS              Volunteer Opps              5
                                        Renae Huebener
                                                                                                 WiE Awards                  6
                                                                     WiE Photos                  7
GAA              Lauren Lecuru                                     Ellen Regennitter             Student Activities          8
                 122D Hitchcock Hall                     
                 614.688.3118                                                                    Dynamic Women            9 – 14
                                              Kim Stevens                   Volunteer Form              15
                                                                                                 WiE Sponsors                17

                                                WiE CALENDAR
                                      Spring & Summer Quarters 2005
Monday, March 28th                    First day of Spring classes
Tuesday, April   5th                  Graduate Student Lunch                             11:30 AM – 1:00 PM (ViewPoint Bistro)

Friday, April 15th                    GE Transportation Learning Centre Trip             8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday, April 19th                   Licking County Students Visit OSU                  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (Watts Hall 395)

Tuesday, April 19th                   Monterey Elementary Career Day                     8:30 AM – 2:15 PM (Monterey Elem.)
                                                                                         12:30 PM – 2:30 PM (Franklin Woods
Thursday, April 21st                  Franklin Woods Career Day
Monday, April 25th                    Summer Workshop Reunion                            5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Clay Café)

Thursday, April 28th                  Take Your Daughter to Work Day                     10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (location TBA)
                                                                                         10:00 AM – 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Thursday, May 5th                     Right to Read Day
                                                                                         (Columbus Public Schools)
                                                                                         10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (New Albany
Friday, May 6th                       New Albany Home School Outreach Event
                                                                                         Church of Resurrection)
                                      Peer Mentor Dinner (Foods Around the World) &
Wednesday, May 17th                                                                      5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (North Market)
                                      Service Project
                                                                                         5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (Ohio Union West
Wednesday, May 25th                   WiE End-of-the-Year Cookout
Monday, May 30th                      No Classes

Friday, June 3rd                      Last day of Spring classes
Monday, June      6th   – Thursday,
                                      Finals Week – Good Luck ☺
June 9th
Sunday, June 12th                     Spring Commencement

Monday, June 20th                     First day of Quarter and 1st term Summer classes
Sunday, June     26st   – Friday,
                                      Engineers in Motion Camp
July 1st
Monday, July 4th                      No Classes
Sunday, July 17th – Friday, July
                                      Summer Workshop Session I
Wednesday, July 20th                  Last day of 1st term Summer classes
Thursday, July 21st – Friday,
                                      Summer 1st Term Finals
July 22nd
Monday, July 25th                     First day of 2nd term Summer classes
Sunday, July 31st – Friday,
                                      Summer Workshop Session II
August 5th
Monday, August 8th – Friday,
                                      Future Engineers’ Summer Camp
August 12th
Monday, August 22nd                   Last day of 2nd term Summer classes
Tuesday, August 23rd –
                                      Summer 2nd Term Finals
Thursday, August 25th
Sunday, August 28th                   Summer Commencement

Monday, September 5th                 Labor Day – Offices Closed

Wednesday, September 21st             Fall Classes Begin!

Women in Engineering                                                -2-                                             Spring ‘05
                                              WiE NEWS
          Engineering is a Girl Thing!                                             Bulletin Board on WiE Website
In addition to the many other activities that were offered                         The WiE bulletin board is updated daily
on campus during E-Week 2005, the Women in                                         and is a way for us to communicate many
Engineering Program held it first annual Introduce a Girl          networking opportunities, academic scholarships, and
to Engineering Day (IGED). The response to the event               WiE updates to you. Please make it a part of your weekly
was overwhelming, and the day was a huge success thanks            routine to check out the website – you do not want to miss
to the great women engineering students and professionals          out on all of the important information that is posted there!
who volunteered their time.
                  Over 100 girls in grades 3-6 who had             ________________________________________________________________
                  applied and were accepted into the
                  program took part in various                     Graduate Student Luncheon
                  workshops and experiments based
                  around fundamentals of engineering                                       All engineering and architecture
                  and science. Some of the activities                                      graduate and professional students
                  included workshops and experiments in                                    are invited to attend the Spring
                  the fields of mechanical, chemical,                                      quarter graduate student luncheon
                  materials, aerospace, and civil                                          on Tuesday, April 5th from 11:30
                  engineering.                                     am – 1:00 pm at the ViewPoint Bistro on campus. E-mail
                                                                   invitations were sent finals week of Winter quarter.
Do you know any girls who are interested in learning               RSVPs (including menu choices) must be sent to
about engineering, math, and science? If so, please have  no later than Friday, April 1st.
them check out our Women in Engineering outreach page
or email us at Outside of the Women in                Summer Workshop Reunion
Engineering program, several Ohio State departments
                                                                   All women who have ever attended the
offer outreach programs which explore various fields,
                                                                   WiE Summer Workshop are invited to
some of which are oriented for students as young as
                                                                   attend the Spring Quarter Summer Workshop reunion.
preschool. Details about all Ohio State outreach events
                                                                   From your responses to the survey sent out, we will be
can be found at the OSU P-12 search page at
                                                                   painting pottery at Clay Café!
                                                                     When: Monday, April 25th from 5 pm – 7 pm
                                                                     Where: Clay Café (1431 W. 3rd Avenue, Columbus)
Paid Summer Positions Available!!                                  RSVP to by April 15th and indicate in your
                                                                   response if you are able to drive. Space is limited, so sign
            We are looking for Resident Advisors and               up now!
            Office Assistants for our Summer Workshop              _______________________________________________
            and Engineers in Motion Camps this summer.
                                                                                 WiE End-of-the-Year Cookout
WHO: Senior or Graduate women engineering students                               Sponsored by Shell
      for RA positions, any women engineering
      student for the assistant positions                          All women in engineering and architecture are invited to
WHAT: Paid position in which you need to coordinate                attend this year’s WiE End-of-the-Year Cookout catered
      evening activities (RAs) and complete general                by City BBQ and Maggie Moos! Say goodbye to another
      office tasks (assistants)                                    great school year while enjoying free food with your WiE
WHEN: Engineers in Motion: June 26th -July 1st                     friends!
      Summer Workshop: July 17th -22nd & July 31st -
      August 5th (RAs – Need to be with women from                 When: Wednesday, May 25th from 5 pm – 7:00 pm
      6pm-8am & will spend the night in the dorms),                Where: Ohio Union West Lawn
      all summer – flexible times for assistant
HOW: Contact Glenda La Rue                                         RSVP for the cookout to indicating your
     at 688-4137 or                              name, email, rank, major, and any special dietary needs.
Women in Engineering                                         -3-                                                     Spring ‘05
                                               WiE NEWS
Options After Graduation:                                           GE Transportation Learning Centre Trip
Graduate School Seminar                                             General Electric’s Transportation division has arranged
Learn about graduate school and how to                              for the Women in Engineering program to attend a major
create a competitive graduate school application on                 event at the GE Transportation Learning Centre near
Wednesday, April 13th from 3:30pm – 4:18pm in Bolz                  Cincinnati, Ohio. The day would include a chartered bus
318. Angela Jones, the Graduate Coordinator for the                 ride to the Centre, a facility tour, female executive forum
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering department, and a               (from a variety of different functions within GE - not just
group of highly motivated graduate students will be                 transportation), lunch and drinks. All of this would be
available to explain motivations for a graduate degree and          provided free of charge to participants. Documentation
their advice for prospective graduate students. RSVP to             can be provided students who need it to miss classes. if you are interested in attending.

WiE Peer Mentoring
Thank you to everyone who participated in the WiE Peer
Mentoring Program during the 2004-2005 academic year!
We have really enjoyed all of the events held this year and
look forward the Spring’s Peer Mentoring finale event.

Foods Around the World & Service Project                            The 50,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Learning Centre,
Professional mentors, student mentors, and student                  located at GE Transportation’s headquarters in Evendale,
mentees—Please join us at the North Market in Columbus              Ohio, is a place where GE employees and customers can
to sample fare from all over the World! After we eat, we            meet and learn together. It captures Aircraft Engines’
will be making goody bags to help brighten the lives of             proud heritage, and highlights the business’ commitment
terminally-ill children at Children’s Hospital.                     to learning and growth:
When: Tuesday, May 17th from 5 pm – 7 pm                                •   The Propulsion Gateway showcases Aircraft
Where: North Market (59 Spruce Street, Columbus, Ohio                       Engines’ more than nine decades of innovation
43215)                                                                      and technology
                                                                        •   The Learning Centre’s auditorium, Sanford Moss
RSVP to by Monday, May 9th, 2005. We                            Hall, is named after Dr. Sanford A. Moss, father
hope to see you there!                                                      of GE’s turbosupercharger.
                                                                        •   The GE90-115B, the world’s most powerful jet
Peer Mentors for 2005-2006                                                  engine, is proudly displayed in Rowe Hall, named
If you are interested in being a Peer Mentor during the                     for Brian H. Rowe, chairman of Aircraft Engines
2005-2006 school year, please check the appropriate box                     from 1979 to 1995.
on the Volunteer Form in this newsletter and return via
campus mail or by dropping it off in HI 122. You will               Note that GE can only hire those students with
receive a questionnaire and contract via email in June.             unrestricted U.S. work status, and therefore attendance at
_________________________________________________________           this event would be limited to those that meet this
                                                                    qualification. Details of the tour are as follows:
Special Thanks to Professional Mentors!
                                                                    When: Friday, April 15th, 2005 from 8 am – 5 pm
The Women in Engineering Program would like express                 Where: Evendale, Ohio (transportation provided)
great appreciation for professional mentors this year! Our
students truly appreciate your encouragement and look up            Space is limited! If you are interested in this tour, please
to you as role models. Thanks to those who were able to             email by Monday, April 11th with your
steal some precious time from their busy schedules to               name, email, phone numbers (both home and cell), major,
attend a few of our events. We hope that you will be able           GPA, graduation date, and any dietary restrictions. If
to join us for our final mentoring event of the year at the         selected to attend, you will be emailed a confirmation with
North Market (see details above).                                   event details.
Women in Engineering                                          -4-                                                  Spring ‘05
                        Reach out to Area                          Volunteers Needed for Summer
                        Children at our                            Summer Quarter:
                        Upcoming Outreach                             Engineers in Motion – June 26th – July 1st
                        Events                                        Summer Workshop - July 17th – 22nd & July 31st –
                                                                      August 5th (you can volunteer for either one or both of
                         The Women in Engineering                     these weeks!)
                         program is planning several
                         outreach events for Spring                Volunteers are needed to help run hands-on engineering
quarter. If you are available to help with any of these            activities at this year’s Engineers in Motion Camp for high
events, please email specifying which                  school students and Summer Workshops for incoming
event(s) you can help with. All volunteers will be invited         first-year women. Lunch will be provided for volunteers
to attend our Volunteer Appreciation Days at the end of            of both events! A volunteer response sheet is attached to
the quarter.                                                       this newsletter. You can also find a volunteer response
                                                                   sheet at or on our bulletin
Licking County Visit                                               board in 122 Hitchcock Hall.
Licking County Schools will bring their students on
campus to learn about math and science on Tuesday, April
19th. We will be doing one to two small hands-on science           Volunteer Appreciation Days
experiments and will need a couple of volunteers. The
                                                                   The volunteers who participated in the Women in
event will run from 12:00pm-1:30pm in 395 Watts Hall.
                                                                   Engineering Program this spring are welcome to join us
                                                                   for our Volunteer Appreciation Days on Tuesday, May
Franklin Woods Career Day
                                                                   31st and Wednesday, June 1st all day in Glenda’s Office
Franklin Woods Elementary School would like to have 2-
                                                                   (HI 119B). Please join us to receive a special gift so that
3 people to speak about engineering at their Career Day on
                                                                   we can say “Thanks!”
Thursday, April 21st. Volunteers will work in a group to           _________________________________________________________
give 20 minute presentations about engineering to
different groups of 6th grade students from 12:30pm-
2:30pm (approximately 5 presentations in total, taking             Take your Daughter and Son
room change time into account). WiE will provide a                 to Work Day
presentation and talking points. However, volunteers
must provide their own transportation to Franklin Woods,                          The Women in Engineering Program is
which is about 20 minutes southeast of Columbus.                                  helping to keep the tradition alive by
                                                                                  offering an engineering session for
New Albany Home School Outreach Event                                             daughters and sons of OSU faculty and staff
Women in Engineering will be hosting an outreach event                            on April 28th from 10:30am-noon. Our
with 6th through 9th grade New Albany home schooled                session is geared toward middle school children. If you
students at the New Albany Church of Resurrection on               are a faculty or staff member and have a daughter or son
Friday, May 6th from 10am-11:30am. We would like 3-4               that you would like to register for this event, please email
volunteers to help students complete hands-on engineering by April 14th stating your daughter or
activities; transportation to and from the library will be         son’s name, grade in school, and any dietary restrictions.
provided for volunteers.                                           Lunch will be provided to all participants immediately
                                                                   following the activity session.
Girl Scout/Brownie Outreach Event                                  ________________________________________________________________

The Women in Engineering program will be hosting a Girl
Scout/Brownie Outreach Event this summer. We will be                           Interested in volunteering?
doing various hands-on experiments to excite the girls                         If you are interested in volunteering for a
about math and science. We would like a couple of                              specific event, please email with
volunteers to help the girls complete the experiments. If          the event name and any dietary restrictions that you may
you will be available this summer and are interested in            have (if applicable). If you are not available for the events
participating in this event, please email for          listed here but would like to be notified of future volunteer
details.                                                           opportunities, please fill out the volunteer form included
                                                                   in this newsletter and return it to 122 Hitchcock Hall.
Women in Engineering                                         -5-                                                      Spring ‘05
                  WiE AWARDS & RECOGNITION
WiE Outstanding Student Awards                                             WiE Top Academic Awards

Congratulations to the many students who received               Congratulations to the following top academic scholarship
awards from our industry partners and engineering               winners:
departments for outstanding leadership and academics at
the 25th Annual WiE Recognition Banquet in February!                Awardee                    Sponsor
                                                                    Lauren Achor               Rockwell
 Lauren      Achor             Sarah      Lavash                    Karla Brammer              Alcoa
 Binaebi     Akah              Colleen    Lorencen                  Emily Hehl                 Alcoa
 Alinda      Aligawesa         Ashley     Manny                     Krista Kecskemety          GE-Transportation
 Maria       Arias             Katie      Martin                    Aimee Gall                 Raytheon
 Katherine   Armitage          Kelly      McAuley                   Hannah Gustafson           International Truck & Engine
 Julianne    Baer              Libby      Mercer                    Kimberly Miller            Shell
 Stephanie   Bauer             Jennifer   Messersmith
 Katie       Belisle           Kimberly   Miller
 Lyndsay     Benedict          Michelle   Miller
 Maren       Bennett           Colleen    Murphy
 Karen       Biasella          Cullen     Naumoff
 Bushra      Birjis            Sarah      Nelson
 Tara        Bonner            Claire     Nichols
 Karla       Brammer           Erica      Nollen
 Jenna       Brown             Maame      Ofori-Awuah
 Laura       Cahill            Annette    Opbroek
 Celeste     Chavis            Laura      O'Rear
 Maria       Chin              Tracy      Peshek
 Lindsey     Colatrella        Imogen     Pryce
 Emily       Cortright         Ellen      Regennitter
 Pamela      Daniel            Molly      Regennitter
 Rebecca     Darner            Jen        Rutledge
 Sarah       DerMott           Maren      Seibold               Congratulations to Sarah DerMott, who is this year’s
 Laura       Ensign            Megna      Shah                  recipient of the prestigious Wildah Turnbull and Joseph K.
 Nikki       Ernst             Amanda     Shak
                                                                Walkup Scholarship.
 Liz         Fanton            Chetna     Sharma                ________________________________________________________________
 Olga        Firdman           Rupam      Singla
                                                                       WiE Commemorates 25th Annual
 Margaret    Fontaine          Angela     Sparks                            Recognition Banquet
 Bethany     Frew              Miya       Sunamoto
 Aimee       Gall              Emily      Super
 Marisa      Grilliot          Sarah      Switzer
 Hannah      Gustafson         Niyati     Tamaskar
 Emily       Hehl              Marcella   Tanzil
 Lisa        Herman            Pami       Thompson
 Erika       Houtz             Liz        Toher
 Renae       Huebener          Erin       Turowski
 Rebekah     Kaba              Eugenia    Wang
 Julie       Kaye              Jen        Washco
 Krista      Kecskemety        Nancy      Watrous
 Lindsey     Kirtley           Bethany    Willis
 Dana        Kohlgraf          Geataeus   Willocks
 Laura       Kunes             Kelsey     Witter
 Nicole      Lammeier          Sherry     Wunderle
 Jia Li      Lau               Amanda     Yano                  To recognize the occasion, three past WiE Directors (from
                                                                left to right) Lisa Abrams, Marianne Mueller, and Edith
                                                                Korda pose with current WiE Director Glenda La Rue (far
Women in Engineering                                      -6-                                                      Spring ‘05
                                             WiE PHOTOS

        Peer Mentoring Movie Night at Arena Grand                          Winter Quarter Graduate Student Luncheon

                                                                     Women in Engineering 25th Annual Recognition Banquet
   Women in Engineering 25th Annual Recognition Banquet           _________________________________________________________

      First Annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day                  First Annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Women in Engineering                                        -7-                                                   Spring ‘05
                                   STUDENT ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                   Society of Women
                                        The sisters of Alpha
                                        Omega Epsilon promote                                      Engineers
                                        ideals and objections that
                                        hope to further the                                          SWE is designed to be a support group
advancement of female engineers, while at the same time                                              for ALL students. Whether you’re
developing bonds of lifelong friendships. Alpha Omega Epsilon                                        looking for a fun group, leadership
strives for scholarship and academic achievement. The sisters              opportunities, connections with industry, or lots of free pizza we
create a friendly and warm atmosphere where integrity,                     have something for everyone. We have several meetings every
character, and self-confidence can foster. The sorority hopes to           quarter in which we bring in speakers from different companies.
enlighten female engineers to the career opportunities available.          At these meetings we update our members on upcoming events
Alpha Omega Epsilon encourages ties with other Organizations.              and activities, give you a chance to interact with industry, and
This leads to the discovery of additional extracurricular                  provide food and pop. Throughout the academic year we offer
activities, and aids in pursuing contacts with engineers in                scholarships to our members, sponsor retreats, offer special
industry                                                                   interest activities, have fundraising events (for our group, and
                                                                           the community), participate in intramurals, and visit local
What Alpha Omega Epsilon Has to Offer                                      elementary and high schools. We sponsor an annual career fair
   An opportunity to develop communication and leadership                  for the College of Engineering, and an annual spring banquet to
   skills                                                                  honor our officers, graduating seniors, and active members. For
   Develop ties of friendship that will last a lifetime                    information on meetings or volunteer opportunities, check out
   Support from other female engineers who share and                       the SWE website at http://studentorg.eng.ohio-
   understand your concerns, fears, and problems                  or email SWE at
   A voice in the College of Engineering and a possible          
   stepping stone to other activities and organizations
   Engineers in different curricula and of different ages and              A few of SWE’s activities this quarter are as follows:
   experiences who can offer advice for classes, teachers,                 Thursday, March 31st: “Bring a Buddy” night, Donato’s, 6:30pm
   career choices, and co-op experiences                                   Tuesday, April 12th: Officer Elections (for next year), DL260
   The opportunity to grow individually, academically,                     Friday, April 15th: Junk Yard Battles at CAR (see details below)
   socially, and mentally                                                  Monday, May 16th: Ice Cream Social Renewal Event 11am-3pm
                                                                                in the lobby of Hitchcock
Email:                                              Thursday, May 26th: Spring Banquet at the Faculty Club
Website:                                    _________________________________________________________

                                                                                                     Junk Yard Battles,
                           A national social sorority for women in              junkyard             sponsored by SWE
                           Engineering, Engineering Technology,                  battles
                           and Architecture. Phi Sigma Rho                                           On April 15th from 9:00 am to 2:00
                           provides female engineering and                                           pm, Junk Yard Battles (JYB) is back
                           architecture students with a network of         by popular demand. The Society of Women Engineers
                           academic support and encouragement.             organized this event three years ago to inform female high
                           Although we do participate in all               school students of the opportunities within engineering, math
Greek Affairs – for example, we have formal dances, socials                and science.
with other fraternities/sororities, and community service projects
- we also understand the time commitment involved in these                 In order to make this event a success we need volunteers and
majors.                                                                    junk! If you would like to volunteer please email Danelle at
                                                                  If you or someone you know has any junk
If you are interested in not only growing academically but also            they would like to donate, please drop it off at the SWE office in
socially and need more information, please contact Recruitment             Hitchcock Hall 131B or email Danelle at to
chair Danelle Violet at or call 297-0269.                schedule a time for SWE to pick it up from you! The junk
                                                                           donation deadline is Friday, April 8th at 5:00 pm.
Don’t forget to check out their website at            Please see http://studentorg.eng.ohio-                                                       for
                                                                           more information about the event and junk donations. We look
                                                                           forward to seeing you there!

Women in Engineering                                                 -8-                                                       Spring ‘05
                                         DYNAMIC WOMEN
Featured Alumna: Darlene M. Martin
Keynote Speaker for the 25th Annual WiE Recognition Banquet

Those attending the                                                       wondered what the customers thought of our products and
25th Annual Women in                                                      how they influenced the decisions that were being made at
Engineering Banquet                                                       piece part manufacturing level. Who were our customers?
on February 24, 2005
                                                                          I wanted to understand this better so I pursued a role dealing
were treated to words
                                                                          directly with our customers, in this case the airlines. This
of wisdom from WiE                                                        area was completely out of my comfort zone, I had no
alumna, Darlene M.                                                        experience, but I was driven by my inner desire to learn
Martin. Ms. Martin                                                        more about this area of the business. This decision changed
holds a B.S. degree in                                                    not only my career, but my life.
Industrial & Systems
Engineering from Ohio State University and a M.S. degree                  I started traveling the world. I was nervous, a little
in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical                    intimidated and realized how naïve and ignorant I really
University. As Director of GE Aircraft Engines Customer                   was. My eyes were opened to many of the diverse cultures
Support Operations in the Asia-Pacific Region, Ms.                        of the world resulting in some of the richest personal
                                                                          experiences of my life. I always tried to learn as much as
Martin has traveled the world and yet has still had time to
                                                                          possible about a country/culture, and customs before I went.
care for her husband and three children, as well as                       I always tried to learn a few key phrases in the native
volunteer for the Down Syndrome Association and begin                     language so that I could somehow communicate with the
lessons to obtain her private pilot’s certificate.                        customers and the local people. I was always open to
                                                                          travel anywhere, so that I could experience the culture, and I
    Ms. Martin gave a very inspirational speech to those                  always took a camera so that I could remember everything.
attending the banquet:
                                                                          I have been on the beaches of Rio, walked on the Great Wall
   What is an Engineer?                                                   of China, and walked inside the Taj Mahal. I have walked
   When I was graduating from high school, I was encouraged               on the streets of villages in Borneo where crowds gathered
   to go into Engineering since I was good at math & science. I           around me to touch me since I was the first white woman
   had no idea what an engineer really did…and still don’t                they had seen. No place have I traveled was anything like I
   necessarily today! Not because engineering is an undefined             had imagined. But the greatest reward of my travels has
   field, but because engineering is such a diverse field and             been the relationships I’ve built and the interaction with the
   having an engineering degree makes you so versatile for any            wonderful people I have met. Be open minded and take
   company you work for. Engineers solve problems                         advantage of the opportunity to experience as much as you
   well…that fits into most job descriptions across the board.            can. In 2003, my husband and I went to China to adopt a
                                                                          daughter, who is now 2. Only because of the opportunities I
   Seek out areas outside your comfort zone and take risks                was given by GE to travel and learn about so many cultures
   When I interviewed with GE, I didn’t even know that GE                 in the world, did I fall in love with China, it’s long history
   made aircraft engines. Two years later, I was woken up in              and rich culture, and realize that we wanted to share this
   the middle of the night asking if Air Force One could fly that         with our entire family.
   night after finding a particular discrepancy with the engine.
   Air Force One??? Am I qualified to make a technical                    Be ready for life’s curve balls
   decision on this, after all the President is on board! I               My second child was born on Thanksgiving day in 1999.
   received another call regarding an aircraft that the Pope was          Twelve family members were at my house, I had put on two
   on! A good engineer knows a lot about a specific area AND              turkeys that morning and just as everyone was sitting down
   knows how to use resources effectively to get answers in               to begin eating, it was time to go to the hospital. My son
   critical situations.                                                   was born three hours later, and life would never be the same
                                                                          again. We were told that our son had Down Syndrome – a
   After spending two years on the GE manufacturing training              complete surprise to us. It took five days to get the
   program I knew so much more about the business and now                 conclusive results of the blood test, confirming Down
   was at a point where I had to choose a full time job. I could          Syndrome…the worst five days of my life. At a certain
   have easily stayed in manufacturing where I had a lot of               point in those first few days, I selfishly asked myself “what
   experience, but curiosity got the best of me. I often                  will this do to my career” and “how will this change our
                                                                          lives”? These were
Women in Engineering                                                -9-                                                   Spring ‘05
                                         DYNAMIC WOMEN
  typical responses associated with going through a significant                  invited by one of the pilots of an airline in Asia to
  change or grieving process. I feared the worst because I was                   accompany them on a brand new 747 delivery flight from
  ignorant on the subject. Obviously this was a very                             Boeing. I was very excited about this. I secretly have
  emotional event, but then the engineer in both [my husband                     always wanted to be a pilot, and was really looking forward
  and I] kicked in. What is Down Syndrome, what does this                        to be able to be in the cockpit for take-off and landing. I
  mean to us, and what do we need to do? We were off and                         didn’t want to embarrass myself by asking ignorant
  running doing research, contacting resources and putting a                     questions, so used my contacts and resources to get prepped
  plan together within the first week and have never stopped                     for my trip (in typical engineering style). Once I got into the
  since then.                                                                    cockpit, I just couldn’t make myself leave. I was
                                                                                 mesmerized by the activity going on, and ended up staying
  I always thought that my global experiences helped me value                    there for over ten hours during that flight, asking hundreds
  diversity. Cultural diversity, yes, but now I was faced with a                 of questions and soaking up as much as I possibly could. I
  new challenge in life that would allow me to embrace                           was a “kid in a candy store”, giddy as could be, a smile
  diversity even more. Having a special needs child has taught                   never leaving my face. This was truly an experience of a
  me about advocacy. It has taught me about patience. And it                     lifetime for me and started raising my desire to seek out my
  has taught me about priorities. I have learned that we take                    dream of becoming a pilot myself. Three weeks later, I
  for granted a lot of little things in our lives. We learned to                 visited this same customer and was invited to fly in the 747
  communicate using American Sign Language since our son                         flight simulator. Two hours and nineteen landings later, I
  is speech delayed. This also came in handy when we went                        emerged from the simulator feeling elated about the fact that
  to China to get our daughter – [we] actually had her signing                   I learned the basics about flying a jumbo jet, and
  with us in a matter of days! It has been a truly wonderful,                    successfully executed on multiple take offs and landings.
  life changing experience for us.                                               Three days later, I hired a flight instructor and have begun
                                                                                 flying lessons, hoping to realize my dream. Am I going to
  Curve balls also come at us in all aspects of our lives. I’m a                 change careers midstream? Of course not, but I’m going to
  believer that everything happens for a reason. You need to                     do something I’ve always wanted to do – just for me.
  make the most of all opportunities you’re given in life, even                  Tomorrow I leave for China and because of those same
  if it’s not clear at the time why things have happened.                        relationships I’ve built with customers over the years, I will
  Embrace the change!                                                            be flown overseas by one of my pilot friends who rearranged
                                                                                 his schedule to command my flight.
  Life balance – it’s never perfect
  There’s no perfect recipe for balancing career, your family                    Helping airlines solve technical problems is a very exciting
  and your household. I actually have three children, ages 7,                    field, and one I never dreamed I’d be a part of. I’m an ISE
  5, and 2. There’s a lot to do with this size of a family and                   graduate, yet I help mechanics troubleshoot engine
  unlike some of my male peers at work, I don’t come home to                     problems, I present metallurgical crack propagation
  a hot meal, a perfectly clean house, and all the laundry done                  information to airline executives, and make quick technical
  and put away. I’ve learned that a crockpot is an essential                     recommendations to fly or not fly with a plane-load of
  kitchen appliance, there are somewhat healthy options for                      passengers, balancing the ramifications of cost and safety
  take-out dinners, a little dust and clutter won’t hurt anything,               every day. If this isn’t fulfilling enough, the side benefits,
  and that children grow up so fast so I try to maximize my                      primarily the exposure to the various cultures of the world
  quality time with them to the best of my abilities. I’ve also                  and the personal relationships made, top the charts. My
  learned that if I’m not happy, my family will not be happy,                    thanks to OSU for giving me the solid education, to GE for
  reinforcing the need to have passion for what you do                           giving me these opportunities, and to my family for
  everyday, and also that you need to do things for yourself                     supporting me as I realize my dreams.
  and go after your aspirations and dreams. Make sure you
  take time out for yourself…continue with your hobbies and                   The Women in Engineering program would like to extend
  pursue your dreams. Try not to wake up one day and feel
                                                                              a special and whole-hearted thank you to Darlene Martin
  that you compromised your dreams and ask yourself “I wish
  I would done this…”                                                         for sharing her experiences and advice with us. We wish
                                                                              her all the best in her many endeavors!
  Be passionate about everything you do
  I’d like to share one last story with you: because of the
  strong relationships I’ve built with my customers, I was

Women in Engineering                                                 - 10 -                                                       Spring ‘05
                                         DYNAMIC WOMEN
Featured Faculty Member: Dr. Diane Foster
                                 Dr. Diane Foster, Assistant               heating and ventilation systems and working as a hydraulic
                                 Professor in Civil &                      engineer at CH2MHill.
                                 Environmental Engineering                          Dr. Foster originally decided on graduate school
                                 & Geodetic Science, was                   because she knew she wanted to be constantly challenged
                                 first attracted to Ohio State             throughout her career. Spurred by this passion, Dr. Foster
                                 due to its great                          has explored many exciting research opportunities including
                                 interdisciplinary research                one she and her students will be taking part in this summer at
                                 opportunities, in both field              the O. H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon
                                 and numerical research. Dr.               State University. The longest wave facility in North
                                 Foster uses these two                     America, the Laboratory is capable of replicating waves
                                 research techniques to                    made in nature, and will give Dr. Foster and her students an
                                 explore her passion of                    opportunity to measure the effect of changing wave climates
                                 coastal engineering. Her                  on the sea bed, developing measurement techniques that will
                                 interests lie in the                      later be used on coastal beaches. Dr. Foster explains, “[this]
                                 interactions between coastal              data will be the first thorough examination of the dynamic
                                 flows, the sea bed, and                   response of the sea bed to free surface gravity waves.”
                                 objects on the sea bed.                            When asked for her advice to women interested in
          With her bachelors and masters degrees in                        engineering, Dr. Foster definitely feels that research plays an
Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts-                   important role, stating, “Charge on. [At] the earliest possible
Amherst and University of Maine, respectively, Dr. Foster                  moment get involved in research projects. Whenever
first became turned on to coastal engineering through her                  possible, go into the field; it gives you experience you can’t
interest in fluid mechanics. She especially loves coastal                  get in a book or behind a terminal screen.”
engineering, explaining, “Coastal engineering [is] exciting                         Last year, Dr. Foster was one of six engineering
because the waves are unsteady and [the] boundary at the sea               faculty to receive the prestigious National Science
bed isn’t fixed (and also because I get paid to go to the                  Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development
beach).” She completed her Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering at                   (CAREER) Award, which recognizes outstanding
Oregon State University and did post doctorate work in                     researchers for their dedication to scholarship and education.
Oceanography at Dalhousie University. Before starting her                  Congratulations on the award, Dr. Foster, and good luck in
research, she also spent some time in industry, designing                  Oregon!

Featured First Year Student: Averel Theken                                                                  Written by Renae Huebener

                               Averel Theken may seem                      engineering is the field for her, as she explains, “I feel that
                               familiar to many of you—                    being an engineer creates vast, diverse job opportunities
                               you may have seen her                       and will help me find a way to make a difference in the
                               around campus                               world.” In addition to the numerous opportunities our
                               volunteering for Women in                   campus offers, Averel also picked Ohio State because her
                               Engineering activities as                   brother is a student and as she explains, “…we had
                               well as a plethora of others.               Buckeye fever in the house.”
                               She is definitely one of our                          Averel has achieved much success in her first two
                               model first year students                   quarters at Ohio State. In her time here, Averel hopes to take
                               and is very excited about                   a third language course and complete a project to clean up
                               the possibilities that Ohio                 the Olentangy River. Averel’s long-term goals include
                               State and its engineering                   training for a triathalon, becoming a U.S. Senator, and
                               program has to offer.                       having a family of her own. After completing her bachelors
                               Although Averel has not                     degree, Averel plans on attending graduate school and then
                               yet decided which type of                   starting a career working for a research and design
engineering she would like to study, she knows that                        engineering firm.
                                                                                                                 (continued on page 13)

Women in Engineering                                              - 11 -                                                     Spring ‘05
                                      DYNAMIC WOMEN
Featured Graduate Student: Stephanie Globus
                                    After walking away from plans to complete her Masters by the end of Winter
                                    Ohio State and her      Quarter 2005 while simultaneously starting coursework in
                                    doctorate work in       Operations Research. Explaining Operations Research,
                                    mathematics to pursue   Stephanie says:
                                    an exciting business              “You may have a business model and operation
                                    opportunity, Stephanie  that work beautifully now, but you know both will need to
                                    Globus returned to her  adapt in the coming years. If you want to take the
                                    roots in Ohio State’s   information you have now and determine when it will be
                                    math department to      worth your while to make significant operational changes
                                    resume her dissertation – that’s operations research. If you want to determine
                                    in 2004. With her       how to serve your customers better and faster – that’s
                                    bachelors in math from  operations research. If you’re trying to understand where
                                    Reed College, Stephanie the waste is in the system, the waste that’s reducing your
                                    returned to Ohio State  profits, tying up your people and keeping the work from
find that she was no longer enthralled by the possibilities getting out the door – that’s operations research.”
that her math doctorate had to offer. She wanted her                  Now able apply her mathematics background to
dissertation work to have impact on the world; she wanted   applications in industry, Stephanie’s long term goals are to
to see organizations work more efficiently. Considering     “leave a long trail of increased profits, reduced work
her options, Stephanie looked into Operations               loads, and sound decision making tools” behind her. She
Management within the Industrial Systems department;        wants to “energize businesses about the possibilities of
she explains, “I fell in love with the ISE department here  applying scientific methods to improve systems and aid
the moment I walked in the door.” Ultimately, Stephanie                                          (continued on page 14)
Featured Friend: Kathy Titus-Becker
                                                                         responsibilities keep her more than busy, Kathy plans to
                                      The Women in                       complete her Ph.D. work in Higher Education in June
                                      Engineering program                2006 and also makes time to volunteer with her son Perry
                                      would like to take this            (seen with Kathy in the picture) at school. Her thesis
                                      much needed                        work focuses on women development officers in higher
                                      opportunity to thank               education environments. For her accomplishments in the
                                      Kathy Titus-Becker                 field, Kathy has been awarded numerous scholarships
                                      for her great                      from the College of Education.
                                      enthusiasm and                              When her supervisor, the Associate Director of
                                      dedication to the goals            Residence Life Ron Kochendoerfer was asked to describe
                                      of our program since               Kathy’s approach to her work, he explained, “Some words
                                      she joined Ohio State              we would use to describe her include energetic, fun-
                                      as the Assistant                   loving, gracious, thoughtful, and passionate! She has a
                                      Coordinator of                     wonderful disposition and approach to work and life in
                                      Residence Education,               general. In many instances, Kathy is the ‘glue’ that helps
                                      overseeing the                     pull people together, and she is one of the most sensitive
Mathematics & Physical Sciences Living Learning                          and compassionate people we know. Kathy always takes
Program (LLP), the Engineering LLP, and our very own                     time to make people feel important.”
Women in Engineering LLP.                                                         With Kathy’s great energy and enthusiasm, Ron
         In this function, Kathy works with Residence Life               also had some interesting stories to share from the office,
staff and University representatives to design and                       including the fact that Kathy makes the best bean roll-up
coordinate activities for these programs. She is also in                 this side of the Mississippi, that she is a Martha Stewart in
charge of managing the Residence Education office,                       her party planning ways, and that she can sing and dance
including overseeing the budget. Even though these                                                             (continued on page 14)

Women in Engineering                                            - 12 -                                                   Spring ‘05
                                      DYNAMIC WOMEN
Featured Undergraduate Student: Anna Schwinn
                                  Anna Schwinn, currently               engineering degree, Anna still makes sure to take the most
                                  a third year mechanical               advantage of her time at Ohio State. She explains, “I feel
                                  engineering student,                  that the period before I graduate is a time when I can work
                                  became hooked on                      wherever I want to, and I want to take advantage of that to
                                  engineering in high                   become as well-rounded as possible.” In addition to her
                                  school when she was                   activities with FIRST, Anna has been active in Engineers
                                  introduced to the inner               for Community Service, Texnikoi, Club Cycle, and acts as
                                  workings of an engine by              the Expo Coordinator for Engineers Council. She also
                                  her mentors on the Ohio               holds an undergraduate teaching assistantship as a
                                  State FIRST Robotics                  machinist for the Manufacturing Machine Shop in IWSE.
                                  team. After choosing                           With all this on her plate, and still just a third year
                                  engineering and looking               student, Anna already has had multiple internship
                                  around at prospective                 experiences at places like Honda of America
colleges, Anna was impressed by the real hands-on design                Manufacturing, Cummins Diesel, and Orbital
and testing experience offered by the Fundamentals of                   Technologies where she currently designs cutting-edge
Engineering for Honors (FEH) program. She found that                    technologies to use on the moon. When asked about her
the program offered a better glimpse of the complete                    goals after college, Anna explains “My long-term goal is
design process than most schools, allowing students to                  to have a really cool job. I do not have any idea what this
partake in cross-disciplinary design tasks and see their                cool job is yet, but there are amazing new technologies
actual product to fruition.                                             waiting to be discovered and I want to be out there
         In her first year, Anna battled a full course load             working on them.”
while also acting as the FIRST component design team                             With the experience she has obtained thus far,
lead and holding a part-time job. While she admits that                 Anna has much advice to provide women interested in
she struggled with her choice of engineering at first, Anna             pursuing engineering: “1. Don’t forget to try new things,
said that she was fortunate to have a great support network             jump on opportunities, and get your hands dirty... 2. Pay
of upper class engineering students, professors, and                    attention in your classes no matter how much you think
teaching assistants (TAs) who encouraged her to stick                   that you will not use the material… 3. Do not be afraid to
with her dreams. This encouragement kept her going, and                 challenge yourself… 4. Don’t forget to have fun!”
she tries to pass this encouragement on to other students in                     Special thanks to Dr. Freuler for providing a great
her current TA position with the FEH program.                           picture of Anna!
         Now steadfast in her path to a mechanical
Averel Theken (cont’d from page 11)                                     campus clean-up, Clean Up Norwich, Beat Michigan 5K,
                                                                        Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, and Buckeyes for
         As previously mentioned, Averel is very involved               Bush.
on campus. She is looking forward to racing with the                             When asked for words of wisdom for others who
Buckeye Women’s Rowing Team this season. In addition                    may be considering engineering, Averel stated,
to her extensive training regimen with the Women’s                      “Engineering can be [challenging]. My advice for young
Rowing Team, Averel finds time to be involved with the                  women would be to remind them that they can achieve
Mount Leadership Society, Community Commitment,                         whatever they put their mind to and also to ask for help
Residence Hall Advisory Council, Engineers for                          because there is always someone there to support you.”
Community Service, Society of Women Engineers,                                   With all that Averel has achieved in only two
Women in Engineering, HBH Hall Council, and College                     quarters, we know the remainder of her college experience
Republicans. Through these various organizations, Averel                will be fruitful to both her and the community to which
has already volunteered her time to several worthy causes               she is so dedicated. We wish Averel the best and will be
including the WOSU pledge drive, Habitat for Humanity,                  rooting for her for this upcoming rowing season!

Women in Engineering                                           - 13 -                                                      Spring ‘05
                                      DYNAMIC WOMEN

Stephanie Globus (cont’d from page 12)
decision making.” With a full course load, a family, and                        When asked her advice for other women who may
an enthusiastic spirit, Stephanie is an inspiration herself,            be considering graduate work, Stephanie explains, “Listen
but she is sure to pay homage to the women engineers                    to your heart’s voice. Where do you want to be when you
who paved the way for her. Born and raised in Kansas                    are done? Engineer your education to fit your life goals
City, Missouri, Stephanie’s sister was one of these                     and be open to change. The perfect opportunity in ten
pioneering women as an engineer in the 70’s, so Stephanie               years may be something you can’t even image now.”
explains she is “…very thankful for all the women who                           The Women in Engineering program would like
knew that kind of intense scrutiny and who persevered so                to congratulate Stephanie on her masters graduation this
that these days no one thinks twice about a woman on the                past Winter and wish her the best for her doctorate work!
Kathy Titus-Becker (cont’d from page 12)
                                                                        of the Women in Engineering program and the Women in
to the Love Boat Theme Song! We may have to ask
                                                                        Engineering LLP! Kathy will be truly missed; we hope
Kathy about these fascinating tidbits!
                                                                        she is able to come and visit us next year!!
         As Kathy will be moving on to a new position in
                                                                                 A special thanks to Ron Kochendoerfer for his
the University next year, we wish Kathy the best and hope
                                                                        input. Without his help, this article would not be possible.
that she knows that she has been invaluable to the success

                      Nominate a Dynamic Woman!
                 If you would like to nominate an engineering first year student, undergraduate student, graduate
                 student, faculty member or alumna for our Dynamic Women section of the newsletter, please contact
        with the nominee’s name and contact information.

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In addition, if you are not receiving emails from us, please make sure to add to your list of allowed email
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                  Help Sick Children in Need!
                    The Women in Engineering program will be collecting new and gently used items to help the toddler,
                    school-aged, and teen-aged patients at Children’s Hospital. The following items are desperately needed:
                     new stuffed animals (Children’s requests that the tags still be intact), gently used teen books, new
                     journals and diaries, and small hand-held toddler toys (rattles, etc.) All WiE students are encouraged to
                   donate; items will be grouped and bagged for delivery at the final Peer Mentoring event on May 17th.

Women in Engineering                                           - 14 -                                                  Spring ‘05
                             VOLUNTEER FOR WIE!
                               Women in Engineering at The Ohio State University

                               SPRING & SUMMER QUARTERS 2005

       Name: ________________________________________________________                             Rank:    _____

       Engineering Major:     _________________________                E-mail:      ______________________

       Local Address
           Room # and Dorm:        ___________________________________________________________

           Street    _______________________________________________                     Apt. #     __________

           City      _________________              State        _____________        Zip    _______________

           Phone     _________________              Cell Phone   _____________________________

        I would like to volunteer my help with the following Women in Engineering Activities:
                                                   DAY ON CAMPUS
       You act as host for a visiting high school student. The visit is arranged around your schedule and your
       guest’s interests. Typically a half hour commitment.

                               Spring Quarter ’05                    Summer Quarter ‘05

                            ENGINEERS IN MOTION & SUMMER WORKSHOP
       Help run engineering-related activities for high school students and incoming first-year women. Volunteers
       are needed at various times throughout the week and will only be asked to give about an hour

         Engineers in Motion (6/26-7/1)      Summer Workshop 1 (7/17-22)         Summer Workshop 2 (7/31-8/5)

                                     WiE PEER MENTORING 2005-2006
       Be a mentor to a first year woman engineering student. As a mentor, you will attend quarterly events and
       take time throughout the year to build a relationship with your mentee(s)

                             I would like to be a WiE Mentor during the 2005-2006 school year

       Interact with young students by participating in a student panels, fielding questions from young students
       who want to know about life as an engineering student at The Ohio State University, or by helping students
       with hands-on experiments.

                              Spring Quarter ’05                     Summer Quarter ‘05

Fold this sheet into thirds, ADDRESS SIDE OUT, and drop completed form in CAMPUS MAIL facilities located
in most University buildings and dorms (no postage necessary); or bring it to the Women in Engineering
Office in 122 Hitchcock Hall. Feel free to email responses to, but be sure to include all of the
above information!
     The Ohio State University

           Women in Engineering Program
              College of Engineering
               122 Hitchcock Hall
                2070 Neil Avenue
              Columbus, Ohio 43210


                              WiE SPONSORS
                         2004-2005 WiE SPONSORS
      The Women in Engineering program would like to thank all of the following corporations,
       departments and individuals for their generous support and commitment to our program!


                                                    Gold                      Ohio State University
                                                                             Department of Industrial,
                                                                              Welding, and Systems


                                  Ohio State University
                                Department of Mechanical


     Ohio State University
    Department of Materials
     Science & Engineering

                          Donahue IDEA, LLC         Friend
                                               Kate Van Deventer Kear
                                              Martha J. Wagstaff Loughlin
 Ohio State University                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ansley          Ohio State University
 Housing & Residence                                Pamela Bittner             Department of Electrical &
      Education                                  Judith B. Kirkbride            Computer Engineering

 Ohio State University                                                           Ohio State University
Department of Computer                                                          Department of Aerospace
  Science Engineering                                                                 Engineering

Do you want to become a friend of the Ohio State Women in Engineering program, or know
someone who would? If so, please contact Glenda La Rue, Director of the Women in
Engineering program, by phone at 614-688-4137 or by email at

Women in Engineering                                   - 17 -                                Spring ‘05
   WOMEN IN ENGINEERING                 Non-Profit Org.
     122 HITCHCOCK HALL                  U.S. Postage
       2070 NEIL AVENUE                    PAID
                                        Columbus, Ohio
   COLUMBUS, OH 43210-1275              Permit No. 711


Women in Engineering           - 18 -              Spring ‘05

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