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									About Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Accountant

Being a Certified Public Accountant is a very hard task. To be a CPA requires a lot of dedication as compared to other careers. You should follow the regulations of To be a certified public accountant, one has to fulfill the following criteria: College level education of 150 credit hours, added to five years of college and graduate work. A passing grade in each part (total four parts) of the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. Accounting experience in the industry, however the period of experience is different for each state. Generally, two years of experience in accounting is required.

Areas where you don't need a CPA certification: Even without a CPA certification, you can still perform accounting functions. Most of the people adopt this career path. Accountants without a CPA certification are n Areas where you need a CPA certification: Even though you can have good career opportunities without having a CPA certification, there are certain disadvantages. Among these disadvantages, the most im Also your failure to pass a CPA examination is considered as a lack of sincerity towards your profession. Another important drawback of being a non CPA is that yo

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