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									       Capability Brief
Williamson County Regional Airport of
Southern Illinois and our Fixed Base
Operation (FBO), Aeroflite Sales &
Charter, want to be the DoD choice for
transient aircraft support services.
             Presentation Overview
•   Williamson Country Regional Airport Overview
     –   Where is Williamson Country Regional Airport
     –   Runways
     –   History
     –   Current Operations
     –   Strengths
•   Aeroflite Sales & Charter FBO Overview
     –   Who is Aeroflite Sales & Charter FBO
     –   Organization
     –   Objectives
     –   Capabilities
     –   Military Transient Aircraft Support Operations
•   Summary
•   Vision
•   Points of Contact
Airport Overview

 Williamson County Regional Airport,
          Southern Illinois
                             • 105-miles from Scott AFB
                             • 332-miles from Whiteman AFB
                             • 401-miles from Columbus AFB
                             • 637-miles from Vance AFB
                             • 1081-miles from Laughlin AFB
                             • 757-miles from Sheppard AFB
                             • 616-miles from Whiting Field NAS
                             • 147-miles from Ft. Campbell
                             • 238-miles from Ft. Knox
                             • 576-miles from Ft. Rucker

X _________________________ St. Louis MO

          X ______________Williamson County Regional Airport

            X _________________ Paducah KY
                      • 8012 X 150 foot north-
                        south runway with HIRL,
                        AWOS III, and ARF Index
                        B capability

                      •    5000 X 100 foot east-west
                          runway with MIRL

                      •    240,000 sq-ft of asphalt
                          ramp parking

                      •    240,000 sq-ft of concrete
                          terminal ramp parking

                      •    22,000 sq-ft aircraft
                          hanger with attached
                          workshop and office spaces

Williamson County Regional Airport,
         Southern Illinois
 Williamson County Regional Airport

• Fifty years of operation; established in 1946
• The region's sole primary commercial service airport
  providing daily flights in and out of Marion Illinois.
• Sold 23 acres of property in 1990 to support Marion
  Illinois National Guard Armory construction near airfield
• Selected Illinois Department of Transportation Airport of
  the Year for 2006
 Williamson County Regional Airport

Current Operations
• Manned air traffic control tower 7am-7pm; 365
  days a year
• Manned security 24-hours / 7-days per week
• On-airfield restaurant
• On-airfield vehicle rentals
• On-airfield motel
• On-airfield DHL logistics office
 Williamson County Regional Airport
• On-airfield Fire Station providing 24-hour response
• Plenty of ramp/terminal parking with grounded tie-downs
• Full complement of airfield equipment to ensure runways
  and taxiways are clear and safe
• Unrestricted airspace 0 - 3,000 feet within a five mile
• All Air Traffic Controllers have experience handling
  military aircraft
• Airfield offers several type of approaches: 2-VOR, 2-
  GPS, LOC, SFO, Overhead, VOR/A, ILS, and NDB
 FBO Overview
Aeroflite Sales & Charter
   Aeroflite Sales & Charter

 A full service Fixed Base Operation
(FBO) support contractor serving the
Southern Illinois aviation community
  for over 50-years; located on the
Williamson County Regional Airport.
    Aeroflite Organization

                                         Aeroflite CEO

                Administration Manager

    Line Service Manager                   Flight Instructors   Maintenance Manager IA & AP

                       Line Service Technicians                  Maintenance Technician AP

• DUNS: 192967391
• NAISC: 481111
      Aeroflite Objectives
Management                         Operations
• CEO is on-site to ensure real-   • Robust Maintenance Servicing
  time decision making               Program
• Quality Control                  • Align maintenance priorities
• Customer Interface                 with mission priorities
• Evaluation of Contract           • Recurring Work Program
                                   • Guided by set performance
• Financial and Property             standards and specific
• Contract/Subcontract
     Aeroflite Objectives
Safety                          Quality Service
                                • Clear identification of
• Training                        Acceptable Standards
• Proper storage and disposal   • Employee
  of hazardous materials          Orientation/Training
• Spill Response                • Ongoing emphasis on QC,
                                  Environmental, and Safety
                                • Frequent communication
                                  with the Customer
                                • Employee Empowerment
         Aeroflite Services
• Two 110 X 80 sq-ft maintenance hangars
• 40 individual parking hangars
• Two on-airfield airframe/powerplant
  maintenance mechanic’s
• Charter aircraft
• Pilot lounge
• Flight planning center
• Coordination center for local transportation,
  meals, and lodging
    Aeroflite Transient Military
       Support Operations
• Awarded Defense Energy Support Center (DESC)
  contract SP0600-07-D-0002 to provide fuel to
  military aircraft
• Line Manager (Navy Veteran) and Maintenance
  Manager (Air Force Veteran) have maintenance
  experience on various military aircraft
• Support Operations are manned 15-hours per day;
  0700 to 2200
    Aeroflite Transient Military
   Support Servicing Capabilities
• Jet Fuel (Mil-Spec Jet A, Jet A w/Prist)
• Turbine Oil
    – USAF Mil-Spec 7808
    – USN/USMC Mil-Spec 23699
    – JOAP / Oil Samples
• Hydraulic Fluid
    – USAF Mil-Spec 5606
    – USN/USMC Mil-Spec 83282
• Nitrogen (Mil-Spec)
    – LPNIT - Low Pressure
    – HPNIT - High Pressure
   Aeroflite Transient Military
  Support Servicing Capabilities
• LPOX / HPOX Servicing (Mil-Spec)
   – Aviator Breathing Oxygen - Low Pressure Gaseous
   – Aviator Breathing Oxygen - High Pressure Gaseous
• De-ice Equipment
• Electrical Starting Units
   – Davco 28vDC
• Pneumatic (Air) Starting Units
   – MA-1A
• Gear, tank and pylon pins installed upon arrival and
  removed before launch
• End-of-Runway checks upon request
U.S. Army
Refuel Services                                        Refueling
                                                       Hangar Parking
                                                       Manned Security

 Fort Campbell, Kentucky is currently landing helicopters on Williamson
  County Regional Airport in support of local drug interdiction missions.
US Air Force                                                      Aircraft Refueling
Refuel Services                                                   Plenty of
                                                                  parking with
                                                                  grounded tiedowns
                                                                  Manned Security 24/7

  Aeroflite Sales & Charter has a Defense Logistics Agency DESC refueling services
           contract enabling us to sell fuel to cross-country military aircraft.
                                                       Aircraft /Helo
US Navy, Marine, & Coast Guard                         Refueling
Refuel Services                                        Secure Ramp or
                                                       Hangar Parking
                                                       Manned Security

    T-44, Osprey, & Coast Guard helicopters have landed at Williamson
           County Regional Airport for transient support services.
• Williamson County Regional Airport of Southern
  Illinois and our FBO, Aeroflite Sales & Charter, have
  unencumbered air space, offer unique approach
  training opportunities, military aircraft servicing
  expertise, and the desire to be the DoD choice for
  transient aircraft support services.

• We welcome the opportunity to support your mission.

Our vision is singular and clear in
    “We make the customers’
          mission our own”
         Points of Contact

    Bob Gulledge              Douglas Kimmel
    Aeroflite CEO             Airport Manager
   (618) 993-2764                    993-
                               (618) 993-3353


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