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Director Jon Chu was inspired by Justin Biebers life story, when he talked to MTV News he said, the
movie is dedicated for Justin Bieber Fans. It is also for people who doesn't know him yet, it is a story
about an underdog rise to reach his dream.

It is a story that is highly related to our lifestyle today and it really a fun story. Justin was able to
achieve what most companies try to do now when they use social media such as youtube and they have
no idea how to use it yet. It is a pretty cool movie for our time.

Visually, the scenes in the film are real videos of Justin's life when he started. It is not acted out. We
still cannot disclosed about the rest. It is also not an ordinary concert film and it will not be biopic, but
it is about the life of a young ambitious boy. Its style is more of a documentary. We will move on as we
proceed with the movie. It is highly going to be shown in 3d and we are in talks right now.

If you are a big fan and looking for updates regarding about this movie, we invite you to join our
mobile club.

Justin Wins a Moonman!

On the evening og September 12, 2010, Justin Bieber won the award for Best New Artist on the 2010
MTV Video Music Awards for his hit Baby featuring Ludacris. Befor he won the award he made a
good performance of his hits Baby, U Smile and Somebody to Love. He ended his show playing his
other talent playing the drums though he dreopped a drumstick, he recoverd nicely receiving a wild
applause from the audience.

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