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									      Newsletter No. 10 Term 2 Week 2             25 July 2011

                              DATES TO REMEMBER

         28 July          Stgae 2 and 3 ARL Clinic
         1 August         Education Week Starts
                          State Rugby League Knockout
                          ICAS English Test
         2 August         Open Day
                          7pm P&C Meeting
         3 August         Athletics Carnival at Milperra UWS
         4 August         Stage 2 and 3 ARL Clinic
                          Cool at School
         5 August         K – 6 Assembly


Praise children's efforts to try new things.

Accept that children are not all the same.

Respect and care deeply for children.

Encourage children to talk about their feelings, experiences and ideas.

Notice changes as children grow in all areas of development.

Talk through things with children, listening to what they say.

Support and encourage children to 'have-a-go'.

Queensland School Curriculum Council. (1997). Hand in Hand - An Early Literacy and
Numeracy Information Package, Queensland Government.

I hope that we see many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family and friends at
our Open Day on Tuesday 2nd August.
Today two members of the Sydney Kings Basketball team, Luke Martin and Julian
Khazzouh, will visit the school. For a gold coin, students will have the opportunity to
have their photo taken with the players.

There are still a few places available in the learn to swim scheme which will be
conducted from 15th to 26th August. If you are interested please contact the front office
as soon as possible.

The school has registered for a number of programs where we can obtain sporting
goods, educational and gardening supplies or donations to charity through the
collection of shopping dockets or barcodes and old mobile phones. Barcodes from
McCains products can be given to Mrs Stephenson. Woolworths dockets can be given
to Mr Tobin or deposited in the box in the admin building. Coles dockets will be
collected from 1st August. Old mobile phones can be placed in the box in the admin

The school has signed up to the Mathletics program for the rest of this year. All
students are able to access the program from home. We will be monitoring the use of
the program to consider whether we continue in 2012. A letter with further details will
be sent home soon.

As we advised you last term, Shondre has been selected in the NSW Rugby League
team. This is a fantastic achievement for him and a great accolade for our school.
There is significant expense to Shondre’s family in order for him to be able to take his
place in this team. All team members have been given raffle tickets to sell to their
friends, family and schools. These tickets are available from the front office for $2
each and have great prizes such as laptops and iPods. I urge you to try and purchase
some tickets to support Shondre.

The new school uniform is on display in the admin building. Order forms will be sent
home later this term. A meeting was scheduled to be held this Wednesday at 7pm
however as we have been able to finalise the uniform this meeting is no longer

Do you have a child starting Kindergarten next year? Do you have a neighbour or
friend who has a child starting Kindergarten next year? Please ensure that they
complete the enrolment process so that we can include everyone in the orientation
days which we are currently planning.
Thank you to those families who completed and returned the newsletter survey. We
are currently compiling our mailing list for those who have requested that they receive
the newsletter via email. If you wish to receive your newsletter by email and have not
done so yet, please notify the front office. Emailing newsletters should commence
from week 4.

Mrs D. O’Connor

Stage 2 teachers would like to welcome you all back for our third term this year. We
welcome three new, year 3 students to our stage, Jai in 2/3S, Jadyce in 3/4D and
Khaled in 3/4S.

This term stage 2 embark on a journey of the Human Body Systems in a COGs unit
called Growth and Change. Students have been asked to watch the channel 9 series
Inside the Human Body, it airs each Thursday night at 8:30pm.

This term stage 2 are trialling a new spelling program. Students have a word family
which is used to teach them spelling rules as well as 3 words from the COGs unit and
3 words each week from their maths groups. To evaluate this, students will undertake
a dictation each Friday using the words in context.

During RFF lessons with Miss Loney students will be learning about visual literacy, in
particular advertisements. If you have any brochures or junk mail at home which you
don’t need could you please send it to school with your child for use in class.

We would like to remind you to encourage your child to use their home reading
diaries to record at least 15 minutes of home reading every night. Stage 2 students
are encouraged to discuss what they have read with someone at home and return
their diary to school on Friday’s for their class teacher to sign.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents that stage 2 students should
be bringing their own equipment to school each day, ensuring that they are ready to
learn, are able to show responsibility for their own equipment and their own
organisation. An equipment list is provided below for you to be able to check that your
child is fully equipped for learning:
- HB lead pencils                     - red pen for dates and headings        - ruler
- green pen for marking              - coloured pencils                       - scissors
- glue stick                           - rubber                               - sharpener

  Please ensure you restock all the listed equipment to be prepared for term 3.
                      Label all of your child’s equipment.
      Provide them with a pencil case large enough to accommodate it all.

Mrs Stoddart
Assistant Principal Stage 2
                Education Week Open Day : Tuesday 2nd August, 2011

                         Come To All Or Any Part Of Our Day

9:30 - 9:50     Debate: Nuwarra and Greenacre Public School
                     “Australia should have a 3 day weekend”
9:50 – 11:00    Building Education Revolution (BER) Recognition Ceremony
                including Stage, Choir and Dance performances
11:00 – 11:30    P & C Auction
11:30 – 12:00    Lunch
12:00 – 12:30   Open classrooms
12:30 – 1:30    Chess game and staff/student sports event
1:30 - 2:00     Recess

We are holding a book fair in the Library from 8:30 to 3:30pm.

Come and visit our library. Books can be purchased for your child or you may wish to
donate a book to the school.

This year Nuwarra Public School will once again be competing in the Premier’s
Spelling Bee. This competition is for students from grades Kindergarten to Year 6. A
Spelling Bee is a fun competition where children from each grade compete against
each other in an elimination style final.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 2 will be competing in an in-school competition.
Two students from Stage 2 and Stage 3 will be chosen to compete at the Regional
Spelling Finals with the winners progressing to State Finals.

To support and encourage your child’s participation in the Spelling Bee we have
placed the link for the 2011 Spelling Bee Word List on our school website.
Alternatively you can use this link below with the Username and Password.

Username:         teacher                       Password:          arachnophobia

If your child is in Stage 2 then the words lists begin at Level 1 through to Level 5. If
your child is in Stage 3 then the lists begin at Level 2 through to Level 7.

Class competitions will be held in Week 4 with Stage Finals being held on Friday 12 th

Mrs Barrington
Spelling Bee Coordinator.
Values Education

Each fortnight a core value, as suggested by the NSW Department of Education and
Training will be the focus of whole school attention. Students will have opportunities to
discuss what these values mean and what they look like in practice. Students will also
have opportunities to demonstrate these values in the classroom and on the

This fortnight the value we are focusing on is Excellence. Excellence is doing your
best, giving careful attention to every task and every relationship. Excellence is effort
guided by a noble purpose. It is a desire for perfection. The perfection of a seed
comes in the fruit. When you practice excellence, you bring your gifts to fruition.
Excellence is the key to success. (http://www.virtuesproject.com/)

In classrooms students demonstrate excellence by
        Reaching personal best performance
        Maintaining high learning expectations
        Setting and meeting high standards
        Persisting through challenges and difficulties in learning
(NSW Department of Education and Training)

Give your child the opportunity to discuss and practice what excellence means at

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