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					                                   Weekly News – May 2, 2010
                                   Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
                             A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
                                                God’s Work, Our Hands
                         Our Mission: We are growing, nurturing, making disciples in Christ.

                183 West Main Street  Westborough, MA 01581  Tel. 508.366.7095  Fax 508.366.3879
                                         e-mail: office@gs-lc.org  www.gs-lc.org
Senior Pastor: The Rev. Dr. Kathryn B. Baines                                 Associate Pastor: The Rev. Jeffrey Goodrich
                                                     WELCOME ALL!
  We are pleased to have you join us for worship today! Visitors are invited to sign the Guest Book located on the right
      just as you leave the Sanctuary and take home a welcome brochure to learn more about our congregation!
                          “This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!”
                                                 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE
                                  7:45 AM............................................... Traditional Service
                                  9:00 AM.................................. Traditional Service & Choir
                                  10:45 AM....................................... Contemporary Service

                                    TAGS                                    ALTAR FLOWERS GIVEN BY:
                         (Teens at Good Shepherd)                           May 2nd: Caryn Francese & Michael Hanna in
                                Car Wash                                    Celebration of Dominic’s 8th Birthday. Al Graefing in
                                                                            Memory of Elly Graefing.
                Saturday, May 8th
               from 9 am to 1 pm                                                                   Good Shepherd’s
                  $5.00 per car                                                                          RUMMAGE SALE
 Proceeds benefit the TAGS Mission Trip to the Adirondacks!

              Our Sympathy is extended to:
                                                                                                           IS BACK !!!!
    the Sembrick/Conroy families,                                                       HOW CAN YOU HELP????
  especially Lynn on the death of her                                        We need lots of work-a-bees; so please plan on
           brother Richard.                                                         helping out by saving the date –
         We pray for God’s comfort and peace                                                   MAY 2 thru MAY 8
                   for all who mourn.
                                                                                  Set-Up and Pricing on May 2-6 anytime
                              Planning on Calumet for                          Cashiers & Workers Fri evening 6:30-9 & Sat
                              Summer Camp: As of this                                        morning 9-Noon
                              Monday, April 19th, Calumet                                 Clean-Up Crew May 8
                              will be adding a third and                                        11am-2pm
fourth week option; If your camper is already registered
                                                                                       Save your Hangers and Bags
for a two week session and would like to add a third or
fourth week, please call Bonnie, Assistant Registrar.
                                                                            Save items to donate that are clean and in working
Calumet has openings in all sessions. However there is                                 order for drop-off beginning
very little space available in Weeks 3 and 4 for girls. If                               May 2nd through May 6th
you have not yet registered your camper/s and they                                         SPREAD THE WORD
have a specific session they like to attend, I would                        Rummage Sale Set-up Help Needed
recommend faxing their registrations as soon as
possible!! (603-539-3385) Phone: 603-539-3223 x221                          after 3rd Service TODAY!
                         The Paper Retriever                For Adult Learners
                           supplements our                     ADULT FORUM POST-LENT -- Everyone is welcome.
                          Campership Fund                   The Last Battle Narnia Chronicle #7 – gearing
                     each and every month.                                           up
        During April, if we double our intake,                       9 a.m. or 10:45 in the KOB Library
           they will double our dividend!                                           and
       Please feed the hungry bin during April.
      Our Goal in April is 3.66 tons or 62.22 Trees
                                                                       Christian Conversation
             4/9/10 pick-up = 1.45 tons                                  An Informal Adult Dialogue
                      ONLY 2.21 to go                                   9 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

Girl Scout Silver Award Project: Rachel Adducci & Jen                    Fellowship @ Good Shepherd
Whitehall are working on our Silver Award Project for       Each week a Good Shepherd committee or group is
girl scouts. For our project, we are going to be filling    responsible for setting-up, maintaining and cleaning up
shoeboxes with toys for children in the hospital with       during fellowship time. Coffee and snack(s) need to be
terminal or long term illnesses. We will wrap the boxes,    set-up no later than 815 AM on Sunday and clean-up
fill them with toys, and then deliver them to the kids in   begins about 1215 PM after contemporary worshippers
the hospital. Thanks to your generous donations, we         have had plenty of time to eat and visit. Please be sure
have collected enough shoeboxes. Now, we need               to have enough coffee and bagels left over to put out
colorful/cheerful wrapping paper and tape (masking          when the 3rd service is finished at 11:45 am. Each
tape or scotch tape) to be donated. The collection box      committee or group can offer an additional snack to go
marked "Smile Packages for Sick Kids" is located in the     with the beverage service. However, the committee
donation station in fellowship hall. Donations will be      responsible for the week must notify the office no later
accepted from now until Sunday, May 23. Thank you for       than Wednesday by noon if they want to cancel bagels.
helping us with our project! Thank you: Rachel Adduci       Kitchen supplies will continue to be supplied. Contact
and Jen Whitehall                                           Caryn in the office with questions.
                                                                                May & June 2010
                 CANCER RELAY FOR LIFE                       5/9 Stewardship
            Support TAGS Member Kate Wilson                  5/16 Calumet Campers & Families
         On May 14-15, I will participate in the American    5/23 Grade 7 Parents
Cancer Society's Relay for Life at Algonquin High School-    5/30 Bell Choir
-an all-night walk/fundraiser for ACS.                       6/6 Prayer Shawl Committee
         Donate & Light a Luminaria. On May 2 and            6/13 Council
May 9 after each service, you will have the chance to
make a donation and light a luminaria. The Luminaria
Ceremony is an important part of the Relay event.
Hundreds of these lighted bags surround the walking
track, a brightening glow--each bearing the name of
someone who has battled cancer and won or battled
cancer but, sadly, lost. All represent someone special
who themselves, or whose families, have been
profoundly affected by cancer but continue to fight
back in their honor.
         Stop by my display. Ask me questions. Make a
donation--any amount. Inscribe a luminaria to
someone specific or in general ("to all who battle
cancer"), and help me fight the fight. I'll light your
luminaria that night for all to see, for all to honor.
                THANK YOU, Katie Wilson.
                 Good Shepherd’s Homecoming History
                    All pictures are on display in the 1st floor Sunday School Hallway
      FINAL week!                Week 50 – closed – Pr. Bean’s Retirement Service @ St. Luke’s
        Week 51 a b c all due                                           Week 52 a and b also
            TODAY!                                                        due TODAY!
51a                                                                                              52a


       51 bonus Ask the Travis Family
                     Good Shepherd’s 50th Anniversary Keepsake
                           Buy a Cat’s Meow replication of our church for $20.
REMEMBERENCE                                                    The Armenian Genocide matters because as the
On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turks rounded up over 200            Twentieth Century progressed, six million Jews were
Armenian men – mostly community leaders, educators              murdered during World War II, Stalin allowed Ukraine’s
and priests in the city of Constantinople (now Istanbul).       to die from starvation, and Bosnians were massacred in
Some were killed, some were deported; others were               the 1990’s. Then there was Cambodia, Rwanda. Even
jailed.                                                         now we are praying for the killing to stop in Darfur.
April 24, 1915 marks the beginning of the Ottoman               It matters to me and my family because ninety-five
Turks’ systematic and ruthless efforts to exterminate           years ago, my mother, age 6, and my father, age 8, were
the Turkish Armenian population. While the exact                caught up in the horror of the Armenian Genocide.
number will never be known, but it is estimated that            They survived, by the grace of God, and found their way
almost two million Armenian men, women and children             to our wonderful country. Neither of their mothers
were killed, enslaved or forced marched into the Syrian         (my grandmothers), nor most of their siblings (my aunts
Desert to die. Like all genocides, all sorts of justification   and uncles) survived. My siblings and cousins grew up
for these actions were offered. The Ottoman Empire              listening to harrowing stories of the incredible
said that Armenians were undermining the Ottoman                hardships my surviving family endured - of families torn
Empire’s efforts to support its ally Germany as World           apart and of unspeakable cruelty. Despite this, my
War I was coming to a close. The real reason, however,          family not only survived, but found joy and thrived in
was that the Armenian population in Turkey was                  the United States. While this resiliency can be
entirely Christian.                                             attributed to the value that Armenians place on
So, why should a genocide that happened 95 years ago            education and hard work, it can also be attributed to
matter to us today? It matters because the rest of the          the strongly held and dearly purchased Christian faith.
nations of the world did little to nothing to stop the          And so we remember and we pray. We pray for peace
killing. It was not condemned by the rest of the world          in the world, peace for families and entire peoples who
and very little was done to stop it. In 1939, as he was         have endured the horrors. I pray that my parents have
ordering the invasion of Polish lands, Adolph Hitler,           found their families and peace in Heaven. I pray for the
referred to the world’s indifference of the Armenian            family I never knew.
Genocide: “Accordingly, I have placed my death-head             Most of all, I pray that we never, ever, again turn to
formations in readiness … with orders to them to send           hate to justify murder.                    Patricia Fontes
to death mercilessly and without compassion, men,
women, and children of Polish derivation and language
… Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the
                             Donate A
                       Good Shepherd is in need of
                          some more Bibles. We are
        looking for 60 Spark Bibles for our Midweek and
 Confirmation classes, and 60 red Bibles to go in our church
                      pews. Each Bible costs $15.
                     PLEASE DONATE ONE TODAY!
             See the Thermometer in the Narthex to see our progress
             We have 74 out of 120 ordered – Help us reach the goal!

                          Bible Donation Order Form

Number Donated                       @$15 each

Total Donation =      $
Please make checks out to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and note “Bible
Donation” in the memo line.
If you wish to donate a Bible in honor of someone, or in thanksgiving for an
event in your life, please note that below.

Given in memory of

Given in celebration of

Given in honor of

Given to the Glory of God
                         Environmental Project Supporting
                 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
      Date & location:                    May 9th 9am-3pm
      Location:     183 West Main Street, Westborough MA
Bring items to the parking lot and look for a large trailer truck in the parking lot.
                The following fees will be changed for each disposal:
           Keyboards ...................................................................... FREE
           Monitors, Computers, Stereos,
           Radios, Microwaves & DVD Players ..................... $5.00 each
           Metal Doors and misc metal junk
           (i.e.) bikes, grills (Clean out) ................................ $5.00 each
           Dishwashers, Stoves, Washer, Dryers
           & HW Heaters ...................................................... $10.00 each
           Refrigerators, Freezers,
           Plastic TV’s & AC Units ........................................ $10.00 each
           Large TV’s over 20 inches.................................... $15.00 each
           Wood Console TV’s ............................................ $20.00 each
                      Surrounding Communities are welcome
         All items should ne empty and contain no gasoline, oil or water!
                      No limit to amount of items for disposal!
      Recycling supports the environment and prevents hazardous waste!
        Please e-mail denwaynewood@yahoo.com with any questions or
                            call Dennis Wood 508-277-7513
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church                                                                                                                     May / April 2010
       Sun                  Mon                       Tues                   Wed                   Thurs                     Fri                     Sat
                25                        26                    27                    28                        29                       30                 May 1
                  2                        3                     4                     5                         6                        7                      8
                           RUMMAGE SALE PREPARATION NO OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS                                                      RUMMAGE SALE
 5th Sunday of Easter     12 – 130 EI Music    330 -6 D Bennett     11 Staff Meeting        12 Interfatih Clergy     930 Woman’s Study  TAGS CAR WASH
Regular Schedule          Group (Nursery &     Music (MR)           330 -430 D Harvell      Lunch                    Group              Campership Fund
Church Music Sunday       FH)                  7 Connections        Tutoring (CL 14)        5 Dinnerbelles                              Recycle Day to
                                                                    330 -8 D Bennett        6 Bell Choir (BL)                           benefit the
                                                                    Music (MR)              730 Learning (CED)                          Campership Fund.
                                                                    4 -6 Amy Rawston        730 Worship &                               7 AA (FH)
                                                                    (CR 11)                 Music (KOB)
                                                                    6-7 K Arnold Music      7 Troop 4
                                                                    (CR)                    8 AA (FH)
                                                                    730 New Direction
                      9                     10                   11                    12                     13                         14                      15
 6th Sunday of Easter     12 – 130 EI Music    12-1 AA (DFH) 330 -6 915 EI (N & FH)         Ascension                930 Woman’s Study        7 AA (FH)
   MOTHER’S DAY           Group (Nursery &     D Bennett Music      11 Staff Meeting        915 EI (N & FH)          Group                    (Possible Lentz
Regular Schedule          FH)                  (MR)                 330 -430 D Harvell      4 Daisy Troop 11130      12-1 AA (DFH)            Students Recital
4 Daisy Troop 30124       3 – 5 Junior GS      7 Council            Tutoring (CL 14)        L. McLaughlin (DFH)      430-6 Girl Scouts        10:30 to 12:30)
(FH)                      Troop 554 (DFH)      7 Troop 4 Adult      330 -8 D Bennett        5 Dinnerbelles           (DFH)
4 Troop 4 Patrol          6– 8 Pack 4Tigers    Committee            Music (MR)              6 Bell Choir (BL)
Leaders (DFH)             & Weebelos Josh      meetings (DFH)       4 -6 Amy Rawston        7 Health Ministry
630 Girl Scouts (DFH)     Krugman (DFH)                             (CR 11)                 (KOB)
730 AA (FH)                                                         6-7 K Arnold Music      7 Troop 4
                                                                    (CR)                    8 AA (FH)
                                                                    730 New Direction
                   16                       17                   18                    19                       20                       21                      22
 7th Sunday of Easter     12 – 130 EI Music    12-1 AA (DFH)        915 EI (N & FH)         915 EI (N & FH)          930 Woman’s Study        7 AA (FH)
Regular Schedule          Group (Nursery &     330 -6 D Bennett     11 Staff Meeting        5 Dinnerbelles           Group                    (Possible Lentz
10-1030 BP                FH)                  Music (MR)           330 -430 D Harvell      6 Bell Choir (BL)        12-1 AA (DFH)            Students Recital
Screenings HOP-N-         7 pm Amy Rawston     7 Council            Tutoring (CL 14)        7 Prayer Shawl           430-6 Girl Scouts        10:30 to 12:30)
ING                       Recital (FH)         Faith Statements 7   330 -8 D Bennett        (KOB)                    (DFH)
4 Troop 4 Patrol                               Property             Music (MR)              7 Troop 4
Leaders (DFH)                                  7 Service            4 -6 Amy Rawston        8 AA (FH)
730 AA (FH)                                                         (CR 11)
                                                                    6-7 K Arnold Music
                                                                    630 Confirmation
                                                                    Practice Gr. 8
                                                                    730 New Direction

                                        Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
                183 W. Main Street • Westborough, MA 01581 • 508-366-7095 Tel. • 508-366-3879 Fax
                                          office@gs-lc.org• www.gs-lc.org
                                    The Rev. Dr. Kathryn B. Baines, Senior Pastor
                                     The Rev. Jeffrey Goodrich, Associate Pastor
                                  Suzanne H. Gillam, Director of Christian Education
                                        Claire W. Paquette, Director of Music
                                          Tom Olson, Financial Secretary/IT
                                           Kristen McCordick, Parish Nurse
                                                David Golden, Sexton
                                         Caryn H. Francese, Parish Secretary

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