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									                              Spend Analysis – Benefits of Spend Analysis

Spend analysis in easy words would refer to the process of collecting, classifying, cleansing and analyzing
expenditure information with the aim of minimizing the procurement expenses, monitoring compliance
and enhancing efficiency.

Mulling, on the aspect of spend analysis, the following steps generally attain savings according to
Aberdeen group:-

        Recognizing the scopes and opportunities to total spend and negotiate superior contracts

        Recognizing and minimizing non-compliant spend

        Enhancing supplier performance and procurement operations

However, the three essential activities that are linked with generating an efficient spend analysis are-

        Gathering the data

        Cleansing the data

        Re-classifying the data

Spend analysis benefits your company irrespective of your aim to reduce the direct travel expenses to
increase the employee’s travel management. It further assures that all your internal policies and rules
are followed. Today, there are companies that have introduced efficient spend analysis solutions in
terms of business travel and other expenses that help you attain your goals.

Furthermore, most of these solutions are merged with the Cloud Process, that offers your business
continuous visibility and monitor the business travel expenses and other areas of travel management.
Other best practices include travel booking, invoice handling, accounting, travel profile management,
easy-to-use interfaces and many others.

Benefits of spend analysis and other travel expense management solutions are as follows:-
Minimized Costs

       Minimizes travel management expenses by 75 percent

       Quicker turnaround time for business travel costs

       Brings down the travel expenses by a minimum of 5 percent

Enhanced Control

       Compliance with tax and laws regulations

       Secure ownership of profile and trip data

       Enhanced control of the company´s business travel expenses and other activities

       Control and follow-up of the organization’s travel policies

       Company and traveler profile management

       Proactive follow up for effective cost control

       Enables fast and practical analysis and reporting

       Role-based information for authorized users

       Real-time information from your entire Value Network

       Enhances management of the entire travel-related purchase-to-pay process

All these benefits lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, minimize the administrative expenses and
leads to organizational efficiency. Spend analysis leads to a complete optimization, control and
automation of your travel expense management.

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