Why Women are Built for the Corporate World

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					Why Women are Built for the Corporate World

Women in the workplace are nothing new. The truth is, there have been
professional working women since the beginning of time. In the Stone Age,
women would take care of tending the vegetable patches and keeping the home
clean. As societies progressed, most women would take on more jobs,
although these jobs would be less visible than those of professional women

Doing laundry, cooking meals, taking care of the household, all these are
women’s work. Not to mention taking care of her children and husband at
home. The only difference was this kind of labor was done indoors but this is
considered labor nevertheless. Women in the 1900s often took up boarders and
cooked meals and cleaned for their tenants. The wages brought in by this type
of job are turned over to the male head of the house.

Women are built in with a keen sense of having to take care of things around
them. Of paying attention to every detail. Of putting in long hours and making
sure everything is spotless. These traits are invaluable in the corporate world.
Since the beginning of time, women have already been working although
invisibly. Now that they are in the corporate world and doing very well, men
are not too happy.

Men are not used to seeing women in the workplace. It is the old sense of ego
and insisting that a woman’s place is in her home. Now that there are women
everywhere in professions like medicine, law and businesses. In most cases,
these women are even doing their jobs better than men are. It is not too far to
assume that men are getting a little scared. As retaliation, men act on the
offensive and rely on the old and tried methods of bullying or refusing to take
orders from women.

Men have got to accept that women are hard working by nature and also
competitive. The only answer to this new breed of professional women is
acceptance and cooperation. This is the only way that office conflict can be
solved. Instead of being threatened by a woman in a power suit and heels,
learn to respect her and her talent. After all, every individual can benefit from a
company where everyone is in good working relations with the other.

                 “Milly owns a trading business and it’s really doing well in the industry.
         She is also an avid follower of National Association for Professional Women or NAPW .
                         She believes in their advocacy of empowering women. “

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Description: A look at the characteristics that make women tick in the corporate world. How men are dealing with having empowered women as colleagues. How competition is stiff with the women winning.