Women Seen to Dominate the Corporate World

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					  Women Seen to Dominate the Corporate
      World in a Few Years Time

Atlanta, GA. July 23, 2011. Professional women are going to dominate the
workplace and the corporate world in just a few years. Six out of ten college
graduates are women, so six out of ten new hires in corporate America are women.
That means that six out of ten executives and six out of ten professionals in
corporations will be women in the near future.

Women who want to succeed in this new environment will need to learn how to
network with other professional women. That is why organizations such as the
National Association of Professional Women or NAPW are so important. Such
groups provide professional women a framework for networking and

Traditional male oriented business organizations do not. In fact, male oriented
organizations often deliberately and systematically exclude women. Women who
want to succeed will need to network to find the opportunities and develop the
relationships necessary for success.

Men have succeeded in corporate America by building relationships and networks of
relationships. Women are even better at creating relationships and networking so
they should have a tremendous advantage entering the corporate arena.

The basis of success in business has always been networking. Those who are best at
networking find the opportunities and create the networks. This is even more critical
today because in today’s world, networking is business. As business becomes more
networked and less hierarchical, women will have the advantage.

The old model of business was the hierarchal corporation of top down command.
Today’s model of business is a network of people working together. It is based on
communications technologies like the internet which give women the advantage.
Those who are the most effective at communication will dominate the corporation of
the future.

In this new corporate world, women have the advantage. They will be the dominant
force and the future. Not only do women have the numbers they have the
communications and networking skills to dominate the corporations of the future.

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Description: Women has the great opportunity to dominate the corporate world and workplace since six out of ten women are being hired to handle a higher position mostly in a corporate arena nowadays.