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Hysterectomy Cost Hospital Stay and Recovery Time


									Hysterectomy Cost, Hospital Stay and Recovery
Hysterectomy Cost

If you are considering undergoing this surgery, there are several things to account for when estimating
your hysterectomy cost. The following factors will affect the price of this procedure:

   •   Hospital visits
   •   Diagnostic procedures
   •   Operation time
   •   Hospital stay
   •   Days out of work for recovery
   •   Insurance payment
   •   Medications that may be prescribed
   •   Recovery care costs
   •   Possible additional child care costs

This surgery is not inexpensive. The price is generally in the area of $6,000 to $15,000, depending on
the type of surgery and recovery involved. There will be surgical fees as well as staff fees. Remember
that you do pay for each day spent in the hospital. Different types of this surgery will affect how many
days you must remain in the hospital for observation. Here is a list containing the common types of this
surgery with approximate recovery times:

 Type of Surgery                                    Hospital Stay           Recovery Time

Total Abdominal                                3-6 days               6 weeks
Vaginal                                        1-3 days               4 weeks
Laparoscopic-Assisted Vafinal (LAVH)           1-3 dats               4 weeks
Laparoscopic-Assisted Supracervical (LHS)      ! day or less          6 days

Health insurance may cover this procedure. If it is a health-related surgery that your doctor
recommends as treatment for an illness, most health insurance providers will cover the cost. Check
with your provider for detailed information regarding your specific health plan. Some health insurance
companies cover a percentage of the cost leaving a balance for you to pay, while others will cover
everything minus a minimalco-pay.

The vaginal procedure tends to cost the least. The laparoscopic-assisted procedures are more costly due
to the type of equipment used to perform the operation. Studies indicate there is an insignificant
difference in the cost between the total abdominal procedure and the laparoscopic-assisted
supracervical surgery. The estimated different between the two is around $1,000. Although the
laparoscopic procedures are more expensive, they do require a shorter recovery time in general. This
may cut down loss of income due to missing work and other expenses that can stack up while your
body recovers.

Hysterectomy cost is an important reality to approach prior to undergoing to surgery. If you have
financial concerns, speak openly with your doctor regarding them. In many cases your health care
professional can alert you to ways of managing the bill that you might not have considered.

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