the arsenal by pengxuebo


									Price List
Membership works on a points system. You start by selecting whether
you want to get behind the wheel of cars from the Classic Car Club fleet
or the Carbon Fiber Collection. From there, you can add on additional
points from either fleet to give yourself a customized driving experience
that spans 60’s American muscle up to modern European supercars.

750 CCC points: 35 days driving in the classic fleet for $8,000

1,500 CCC points: 70 days driving in the classic fleet $12,000

360 CFC points: 13 days driving the high-end supercars for $10,800
                                                                              the arsenal
750 CCC points and 120 CFC points: 30 days driving in the
classic fleet and another 5 in the supercars for $11,960

*Initiation fee of $1,500 applies to the first year of membership.
                                                          Tel. 212.229.2402
What Exactly is Classic Car Club?                                                           Manhattan Fleet List
First and foremost, we are car enthusiasts, offering you a membership in a special club     CARBON FIBER COLLECTION
we created back in 1995. A club that lets you take your pick of jaw-dropping classics       05   Ferrari F430 F1                 07 Bentley GTC
and modern supercars to drive as if they were your own, whenever you want.                  05   Ford GT                         08 Maserati Gran Turismo
                                                                                            06   Lamborghini Gallardo            08 Audi R8
From coupes to convertibles, trucks to sports cars, design wonders to the brutally          10   Ferrari 458 Italia (on order)   10 Mercedes SLS AMG (on order)
powerful, we own, insure and maintain in tip-top condition a staggeringly stylish
                                                                                            CLASSIC CAR COLLECTION
range of classic and modern automobiles that you can simply collect and drive away.
All you need to do is become a member.                                                      Band 7
                                                                                            09 Nissan GT-R                       06 Ariel Atom
To become a member, you pay a one-time joining fee and thereafter an annual                 Band 6
subscription. After your membership is activated, your only additional cost is the          00 BMW Z8 Roadster                   70 Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Cab
fuel you use. All other costs associated with owning and operating the cars - fully         02 Porsche 911 Turbo                 65 A/C Shelby Cobra
comprehensive insurance, maintenance, repair, storage, security and breakdown               07 Lotus Exige S                     69 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
                                                                                            88 Ferrari 328GTS
recovery - are covered by the club.
                                                                                            Band 5
But it’s just not the cars. It’s the experiences too. As a private members’ organization,   08 BMW M3                            55   Porsche 550 Spyder
Classic Car Club hosts dozens of fantastic events every year. Whether you want to           91 Acura NSX                         08   Porsche Cayman SE
                                                                                            96 Porsche 993 C4S                   04   Mercedes Benz E55 AMG
rally a Subaru through the trees, apex a Radical race car on the track, tour through
                                                                                            07 Shelby GT500                      11   Ford Mustang 5.0 RTR
Europe or kick back at our club with fellow members, Classic Car Club can provide.          07 Audi RS4

For further information on how Classic Car Club can improve the quality of your             Band 4
motoring life, come by the club for a drink and a tour.                                     75 Ferrari 308 GT4                   65 Shelby GT350
                                                                                            66 Ford Mustang Fastback             68 Pontiac Firebird
                                                                                            07 BMW Z4 M Coupe                    68 Porsche 911
Classic Car Club
250 Hudson St. NY, NY. 10013                                                                Band 3 212.229.2402                                                             75 Alfa Romeo GTV                    83 Porsche 911 SC
                                                                                            88 BMW M3 GrpA                       08 Subaru WRX STi
                                                                                            69 Custom Ford Bronco                07 Honda S2000
                                                                                            72 BMW M2

                                                                                            Band 2
                                                                                            69 MGC                               77 Leyland Mini 1.3S

                                                                                            A2B COLLECTION
                                                                                            10 BMW X5 SUV                        10 Mercedes C300
                                                                                            10 Mercedes ML350 BlueTEC

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