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  1. The World Bank

     It is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries
     around the world. It has sections on countries information like UAE
     ( and offers data & research info
     ( like data for high quality national and
     international statistics, and global statistical programs, data per country;
     research on cross-country, cross-sector, thematic research outputs from the
     World Bank's main research unit; and prospects information, analysis, and
     advice on global trends in the world economy.

  2. UAE Federal Government Portal
     E-governance official portal site of the government of UAE; has sections on
     doing Business in the UAE, Statistics (UAE, Education, Health, Census, Dubai,
     Islamic), E-Commerce (Overview, Facts), Getting Started (License, Laws,
     Incorporating, Fees, Government Contacts ), Laws & Regulations (UAE,
     Emirates, Business forms & structure), Workplace & Employment
     (Employment and Social Security, Resources), Industry (about Industry, Oil &
     Gas, Trade, Finance), Government Ministries.

     P.O.Box 433
     Abu Dhabi
     United Arab Emirates

     Phone: +971 2 6726000 (Abu Dhabi)
     Fax:+971 2 6768414 (Abu Dhabi)

  3. Dubai Government Portal
     E-governance official portal site of the government of Dubai; has sections on
     setting up a business, registration/license requirements etc, Business
     directories, Legal Related, Investing in Dubai, Market Indicators, Trade
     Related, Recruitment and Employment and Registration and Regulations
     Phone: Toll free: 7000 40000
     Fax: +971 4 3303399
     Address: Dubai
              United Arab Emirates

  4. Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

     Head Office: Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing
     P.O.Box # 594
     Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
   Telephone: (971) (4) 2230000
   Telefax: (971) (4) 2230022
   Telex: 46182 DCTPB EM


   The Department is responsible for the promotion of Dubai as a major regional
   and international centre of business and tourism. Its activities include trade
   fair participation and organization, inward and outward missions, seminars
   and presentations, special events, information services, advertising,
   publications and media relations. In addition to its responsibilities for
   promoting trade, investment and tourism, the Department is the primary
   planning, regulating, and licensing and development authority for all matters
   relating to tourism in the emirate.

   Official portal site of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing;
   has sections on setting up a business, company ownership requirements,
   trading with Dubai, Dubai Free Zones, Employment Regulations, Business
   Directory, and Business Regulation.

   Map of Middle East where Dubai (UEA) located

   The UAE is a federation of seven states - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah,
   Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Qaiwain - formed in 1971 after
   independence from Britain. Although internal politics are prone to instability,
   because of the uncertain nature of the federation and boundary disputes, the
   ruling families in the two main emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have managed
   to stabilize the federation.

   UAE Key facts

8. Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)
   DCCI Building – 14th Floor
   Bani-Yas Road / Deira
   P.O. Box 1457 Dubai, UAE
   Tel: + 971 (4) 2028 343 // 2028 626
   Fax: +971 (4) 2028669 // 2273247
       - Arbitration & Services
       - Rules & Procedures
       - Rules of Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration
          -   Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

   9. Dubai Chamber - Centre For Responsible Business

      Centre for Responsible Business
      PO Box 1457 Dubai, UAE
      Tel: +9714 202 84 54
      Fax: +9714 202 84 55
      Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday (8:00am - 4:00pm) +4 GMT

      Established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry to foster
      corporate integrity and to promote the Emirate of Dubai as the region's
      gateway for global commerce by offering its global business partners an
      environment of transparency and rule of law (Corporate Governance,
      Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics)


      The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award (MRM Business
      Award) has been introduced to recognize and celebrate the success of firms
      that have contributed and continue to contribute to the economic
      development of the United Arab Emirates.

      You can see award winners: personality and company highlight

      Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders was formed
      with a vision to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in Dubai, encourage and
      facilitate the development of business and entrepreneurial activity among UAE
      nationals and catalyze the development and growth of a key sector of the
      economy, the small and medium business sector.

      The program also recognizes those individuals and organizations who have
      aided in the development of the entrepreneurs in the UAE.

      The Simulator supports business ethics trainers, HR managers, students and
      CSR professionals to enhance discussions on ethical dilemmas that
      management and staff might face in their daily jobs.

   4. Business: Business & Networking
      In this category you can find business clubs, industry societies and
      associations, business events and conferences.
-   American Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates
    Phone: +971 4 3407566
    Fax: +971 4 3407565
    Address: P.O. Box 37068 Dubai
             United Arab Emirates

-   Canadian Business Council, Dubai
    Phone: +971 4 3592625
    Fax: +971 4 3591026
    Address: P.O. Box 52472 Dubai
              United Arab Emirates

-   Middle East Council of Shopping Centres
    The regional body representing shopping mall owners, developers,
    marketing managers, leasing managers and specialists, retailers,
    consultants, property managers, financiers, accountants, government
    officials and industry suppliers.
    Phone: +971 4 3597909
    Fax: +971 4 3558818
    Address: P.O. Box 43972 Dubai
             United Arab Emirates

-   Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA)
    Organization based in Dubai that aims to encourage and promote the
    region's public relations industry by helping to raise professional
    standards in consultancy practice, raising awareness for PR as an
    important social and economic activity etc.

-   The Dubai Human Resources Forum
    A group of HR professionals, the majority of whom are based in Dubai,
    who work together to promote knowledge, encourage development
    and best practices and to network with fellow professionals.
    Phone: +971 050 5018490
    Fax: +971 4 3664522
    Address: P.O. Box 12047 Dubai
              United Arab Emirates

-   TIE Dubai
    Not-for-profit organization focused on entrepreneurship and wealth
             Phone: +971 4 3913517
             Fax: +971 4 3918668
             Address: P.O. Box 500194 Dubai
                      United Arab Emirates

   5. Annual Middle East Logistics Awards (MELA)
      The region's premier annual logistics awards, held in Dubai. Organized by the
      Media One Group; will recognize the accomplishments of organizations &
      individuals who inspire the logistics industry. More than 600 professionals
      from the Middle East logistics community converged.
      Phone: +971 4 2976987
      Fax: +971 4 2976988
      Address: P.O. Box 72247 Dubai

     UEA business key facts

   2. Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry

      Dubai Office:

      Telephone: (+9714) 2955500
      Fax: (+9714)2941212
      Postal address:
      PO Box 8886 Dubai, UAE

      It offers comprehensive framework that would include under its umbrella
      businessmen through the chambers of commerce and industry on the basis of
      one chamber for each emirate of the union.

      It produces publications of economic horizons and finance business
3. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
   P.O. Box 1457 – Dubai, UAE.
   Phone: (+971) 4 228 0000
   Fax: (+971) 4 221 1646
   E-Mail For Members Lists -Non Members-Credit Rating:
   For Statistics-Researches-Economic Information:
   Working Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm (Sunday - Thursday)
                    8:00am - 1:00pm (Saturday)
   Website: or

   The Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry provides an indispensable
   source of competitive advantage for the business community in Dubai. It
   helps forge commercial and industrial links between Dubai and the rest of the

   Local Chambers of Commerce can advise about start-ups and are adept at
   cherry-picking potentially profitable newcomers to the region. Winning the
   confidence and support of a Chamber of Commerce will help your cause.

   It is an excellent source of business contacts where we can search for
   companies registered with them by entering their full name or any part of
   their name. We can include in our search also partial phone numbers,
   addresses or even web site URLs.

   It offers value-added services such as Data Management and Business
   research, Mediation, State-of-the-art Library, Arbitration, Trade Mission and
   Delegation, Trade fairs, Convention & Exhibition, Foreign Relations,
   Entrepreneurial Training, Commercial Services and Business Policies.

4. International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) Middle East

   IQPC helps the world's leading corporations solve their business challenges
   through the sharing of practical industry solutions and global best practice. In
   the other hand can discuss opportunities for you and your organization or
   assist your business needs.

5. Dubai Quality Group

      - To promote and support the pursuit of quality systems.
      - Advisory Services to facilitate access to information, resources and
         expertise locally and internationally, through its quality network
      - Provide a forum to Exchange information, seek views and advice from
         experts in quality
      - Provide advertising and marketing opportunities

6. Dubai World Trade Centre (Information on Conferences/Conventions)
   PO Box 9292, Dubai, UAE
   Tel: (4) 332 1000.

   Promote and organizing global events to managing state-of-the-art venues,
   from developing dynamic commercial environments to providing seamless
   value-added services.

   It is opportunity to get to know market, customer, business partners; right on
   the spot.

7. Gulf news – Business

   One of leading newspaper that offers latest stories from across business
   sectors, comment and analysis in Middle East includes Dubai.

8. Maktoob Business
   The Arab World's Business Information Source

9. Dubai Business Club
   Phone: +971 50 4650 425
   Fax: +971 84 481 769
   Address: Bodo Erken
   P.O. Box 333918 Dubai
   United Arab Emirates

   Assist with virtual office solutions, banking requirements and also premium
   business licenses.

    Business news site; sections include politics & economics, construction &
    industry, banking & finance, real estate, technology, travel, culture etc; also
    has jobs, industry press releases, company directory sections etc.
   Phone: +971 50 6514745
   Address: Dubai
            United Arab Emirates

11. eCompany – Business services
    It offers e-solutions and managed data services for businesses, governments
    and retail sectors
   Phone: +971 50 6514745
   Address: Dubai
             United Arab Emirates

12. Yellow Pages – UAE
    Al Wahda Express (LLC) - Etisalat Yellow Pages
    3rd Floor, Al Mamzar Center, Ittihad Road, Hor Al Anz (East), Dubai
    Landmark: Opposite Dubai Police Headquarters.
    P.O. Box: 55184, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 297 0297
    Fax: 04 297 1710

   It offers comprehensive for a general search of all companies business
   services (company information, industry's international, national and local
   sales forces)
13. UAE Commercial Directory

   Commercial directory published by the Federation on an annual basis provides
   an important service to those engaged in the trade and economic sector.
   Moreover, this Commercial Directory provides information on UAE diplomatic
   missions abroad, Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Free Zones, full list of
   business establishments in the UAE with necessary details that would
   facilitate communication and exchange of information for developing trade
   relations in this vital sector. Above all, this Directory includes addresses of
   government institutions, diplomatic missions in the UAE and other crucial
   information in the field of economy, trade, business and finance for
   organizations and individuals.

   It is highlighting the nature of our national economy and role of private sector,
   the Federation has diversified scientific and media publications on the basis of
   commercial, industrial and tourism directories on one hand and statistical,
   economic books on the other.

   The published book is also available

14. Premium Research Database
    In this category we can find premium business resource database,
    comprehensive databases of economic indicators, forecasts and essential
    support for foreign investment decisions. The service covers include Dubai –
    UAE; provides detailed analysis on political and economic background,
    business environment, foreign investment regulations and trends in foreign

       -   EBSCO Business resource database

           It has served the library industry to provide customers with an
           integrated service that combines reference databases, subscription
    management, online journals, books, linking services and A-to-Z

-   EIU country Data

    A comprehensive database of country data (economic indicators and
    forecasts), market indicators & forecasts (database of economic,
    demographic, consumption and industry data), investment service
    (features a detailed database containing flows of investment by
    country and industry, overseas mergers and acquisitions and business
    costs), city data (global database of over 327 price and salary levels
    providing information on the cost of living in 140 cities worldwide from
    1990 to the present day), and country risk model (currency, sovereign
    debt, banking, political and economic structure, assigning each a
    rating which can be compared across markets and over time)

-   Proquest ABI/INFORM database

    A leader in the collection, organization and publishing of information
    on business, economics, governments, companies etc.

-   Kompass international directory

    It is one of the best places to find information about companies and
    what they do. More than 23 million references to the products and
    services of over 1.8 million companies are stored in database. There
    are several ways to find what you need using the simple search
    system described here.

-   Industrial Market Intelligence (IMI)

    It is a gateway to industrial and socioeconomic data in the Gulf
    Cooperation Council (GCC) where UAE is one of the members.

    Offers Gulf Industries Database: An industrial database that contains
    invaluable information on manufacturers, products and licensed
    industrial projects in the GCC. Foreign Trade Database: A trade
    database with detailed and accurate statistics on imports, exports, re-
    exports and trade information for each GCC State. Socio-
    (Demographic) Economic Database: Over 400 socio-economic and
    demographic indicators. A key set of indicators essential in successfully
    targeting segments and identifying new markets in the region.
    Investment Opportunities Database: Over 300 summaries and
    financial profiles of industrial investment prospects and business

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