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Madras bashai combines words, suffixes and grammar rules of several languages to make new words. The most
common sources are English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada.

When it comes to borrowing words from other languages 'Madrassukku nigar Madrasse' (No one can beat Madras in
this). English words can be used in any context without feeling alien. 'wrongu,' 'rightu,' 'yechuse me,' 'adjist,' 'abase,'
'abscond,' 'beetiful,' 'super,' 'fruitu,' 'pilim,' 'figureu,' 'escaaape,' 'akkisdu'(accused) and so on. Hindi has its
contributions like 'bejaar' (ப஧ஜார்), 'naastha' (஥ாஸ்தா), etc. Telugu: 'naina' (ந஥஦ா), 'baava' (஧ாயா),
'eppudu' (எப்புடு), 'cheppu', dabbu, duddu(Money) etc.

      Word/phrase            Meaning in context           Origin, usage

                                                     Tamil aapu (ஆப்பு)
                                                     is a thin triangular
                                                     wedge (usually made
                                                     of metal) used in
                                                     carpentry to split wood
Aapu adchichu (ஆப்பு                                 or hold half-split
                            To result in failure.
அடிச்சு)                                             wood.
                                                     means to hit. So this
                                                     phrase literally means
                                                     hit/split by a wedge
                                                     implying a failure

                                                     Tamil aarva kolaaru
AaaKoa (ஆக்ப ா)             Over enthusiastic.
                                                     ப ா஭ாறு - over

Adan kokka makka
(அடாங் க ாக்                your sister's son or     Tamil Ada un akka
                            daughter.                magan / magal
நக் ா)

Aaf-Paayil (ஆஃப்            Half-boiled egg.
                                                English Half boiled
஧ானில்)                     Vendhum vegathathu.

                                                     Tamil Aazhaga
Aleka (அக஬ ா)               Smoothly                 (அம ா)

                            Jack of all arts.        English All in all
Aalinaal Alaguraaja

                                            Tamil Aatha referring
                                            to mother;'di'is a suffix
                                            that is always added
Aathaadi (ஆத்தாடி)    Oh my Lady!!.
                                            when referring to
                                            female while 'da' is
                                            used for males.

                      ...To steal. Usage
                      Avan Aattaya potutan
Aattaya poadrathu
                      meaning He Stole.
(ஆட்டன                                     Madurai Tamil
                      Similar to Abase
                                           Madurai local slang.
ப஧ாட஫து)              panradhu (அப஧ஸ்

                                            English abase and
                                            Tamil panradhu (to
                                            do). Also used as
                                            English loot and Tamil
Abase panradhu        To steal.             udradhu (உட்஫து),
                                            sudradhu (சுடு஫து)
                                            and amukardhu

                                             This was the method
                      A very intelligent way
                                             adopted by the great
Adho paaru kaaka      to trick people and
                                             GB for getting paani
                      make a fool of them.

                      Older woman who is
                      really hot.

                      rogue, Accused,
Akkisht (அக் ிஸ்ட்)                         English Accused

                                            English A-Haa. (When
                                            one has just
A-haan (ஆஹாங்)        yes                   discovered or
                    Meaning a weaker
                    person who lives in
                    the shadow of a
                    stronger person or one
                    who has no got no
                    guts to say wrong
                    about a stronger one.
                                           Use Less Fellow
Allakai' (அல்஬க்ந ) AlLakai actually
                                           Tamil valathu kai
                    came from the word
                    Alra kai meaning the
                    person will even clean
                    any shit of a stronger
                    person. Typically
                    meaning a weaselly

Allu illa'             Shit Scared!            No idea.

                       Act of
                                               English Leaving
                       or cheating - done
                                               someone who believed
Alva kudukradhu'       very smartly.Dialogue
                                               in you helpless, in the
                       made famous by
                                               hour of need.
                       Tamil actor

                                               English hello. Used to
                                               draw attention. Pure
Allo (அப஬ா)            Hey, there...
                                               Tamil does not have
                                               the sound'Ha'

                                               Tamil Athan andai po.
Annthanda po'          Go There (go that       (அதன் அண்நட
(அந்தாண்ட ப஧ா)         side)

                       Elder brother. Often
                       referred to a
                       respectable person.
Annaathe               Also used when one      Tamil Annan
                       wants to surrender
(அண்ணாத்பத)                                    (அண்ணன்)
                       annathe utturu
                       meaning, Oh Lord
                       please give me life.

                       To exit                 Language English
Apeetu (அ஧ீடு)         quickly/Vanish from     [abate-die away],
                       the spot.               rhyme/antonym of
                                               repeatu, as in 'mudhala
                                               apeetu apparam
                                               repeatu'(First apeetu,
                                               then repeat)

Aani Pudunga Vendaam-
Do not try to play

                                               Tamil appuram
Appalae' (அப்஧ாப஬)      Afterwards, later

                                             Etymology not known
                                             for certain. Possibly
                        To do something very
Asalta (அசால்டா)                             from Hindi 'Aasaan'
                                             easy or from

                                              From Tamil 'Adi'.
                        To hit someone, or to Example: Parsa
Ashtan                  steal something, or   ashatu ottan!, or as in
                        consume something     Sarakku ashtu

                        Synonym of Dochhu, As is Attu Figaru, Attu
                        Waste              Padam Tamil asattai.

                                               From English 'Hey!,
                        Saying So? in a        as in Ayye, eppo
                        derogatory way.        innandre? Tamil Iyo,

                                               English Palm +
Baamaayilu              Palm oil.
                                               English oil.

                        A servant who is                                                 used as
                        holding the light                               An impotent      ஒத்
                                               A person acting as a
                        when the king and                               person who has
Baadu                                          pimp for his own                          தா
                        queen indulge in                                erectile
                        intercourse.                                    dysfunction.     ஧ாடு..

Bondy                   Unrecoverable failure Etymology uncertain.
                         refers to the female
                                                    refers to the bucket
                         who engages in
                                                    used by vendors to sell
Bucketu                  'kadalai'(flirting/rando
                                                    the ground nuts in
                         m talk with opposite
                                                    beaches to couples.

                         Hip and region             Hindi bagal
                         around it.                 (underarm).

                         A loud, unruly
Bajaari                  woman, like a fish-        Urdu bazaar (market).

                                                    Possibly from the style
                                                    statements of James
Bandha                   Stylish
                                                    Bond. (Bond =

                                               English From bottle. A
                                               reference to a woman's
                         Derogatory term for a
Batli                                          hourglass shape. Used
                                               as Batli maadiri oru

                                                    English language
Bejaar                   Nuisance or Boring         From Badger (Often

                                                    English language
Belaak                   Experience the akula       From Bela Belaak
                                                    (Often used as akula)

                                                    English Language
                                                    From Bugle - taken
Bigilu                   Whistle.
                                                    most probably from
                                                    the music of the army.

Baeku                    Imbecile.                  Urdu bevkoof (stupid).

Baemani.(Beimaan in
Urdu means a person      Urdu bae + imani
who has no ethics/       (without + shame).
scruples/ integrity and
Beimaani means the trait
of dishonesty)

                 Someone who wears
                                        Probably from the
                 Westernized clothes
                                        Hollywood western
Bigjang          and/or accessories,
                                        Django popular in the
                 even sunglasses.
                                        1970s in Madras.

                                        From Britannia Milk
                 Illustrates the
                                        Bikis biscuit (hand the
                 whimsical way girls
Bikki (஧ிக் ி)                          guy a Milk Bikis that
                 dump Chennai guys.
                                        you'd normally give a
                 Guys never do that!

                                        as in 'mama
                                        movie : Oora
                 bigwig, usually        Therinjukitten
                 sarcastically meant.   (1998))! Just as they
                                        say biskut for biscuit
                                        in Hindi. See also:

                 A small strip of
                 suggestive scene that
                 is run during the
                 screening of a
'Bittu                                  English bit
                 legitimate movie.
                 Also refers to a strip
                 of paper especially
                 used for copying in

Bhel, Piila      Telling Lies.          Unknown

                                        blade.Example usage:
                 Boring, worthless or   Dey, blaydu padam da
                 useless                meaning The film was
                                        a drag or A boring

                                        From soda buddi (soft
                 Someone who wears
                                        drink bottle).
Buddi            thick glasses.
                                        Analogous to Coke
                                        bottom glasses.
                                                 English Bulb. Example
                                                 usage: Balubu
Balubu                   Jovial insult.
                                                 vangniya meaning Got
                                                 an insult?

                                                 Tamil for small house.
                                                 Usually the                ---
                                                 used to stay in a small      Chanse
Chinna Veedu             Brothel
                                                 house which would          illai.
                                                 have just enough room      Nothing
                                                 for their business         exsites more
                                                 activities.                than this.

                                                 Derived from the
Certigaatu               Refers to certificate   English word
                         Derived from the        Tamil for trying to get
Cycle Gapla              English word Cycle      things done without
                         and Gap                 anyone noticing it
                                                 English 'Tear'.
Daar                     Torn                    Example usage:
                                                 Mavane, Daaraiyiduve
                                                 English 'Dacoit'
                                                 (which is itself derived
                                                 from the Hindi
                                                 dakaiti). Example
Dakaalte also                                    usage: Intha dakaalte
pronounced as Takaalti   To cheat                velai yellam or Avan
or Dakaitee                                      oru bayangaram-aana
                                                 dakaitee party Made
                                                 popular by Tamil
                                                 Hindi 'Fear'. Example
Darr                     Afraid, tensed
                                                 usage: Darr aayittan
                                                 Hindi dabba (box).
                                                 Used in colloquial
Dabba                    Junk.
                                                 speech such as Dabba
                                                 padam (junk movie).
                                                 Telugu dabbu
Dabbu                    Money.                  (money). See Also:
                                                 Hindi dada (literally
                                                 paternal grandfather,
                                                 used as a term of
                                                 respect among
                         Kingpin, ganglord,      underworld crime
                         don.                    families). **More apt
                                                 would be Bengali
                                                 dada (meaning big
                                                 brother who lays the
                                                 rules or dictates terms.
Dhanks        Refers to Thanks.       Romba Dhanks Ba
                                      similar to ravunudu
                                      and Damathoondu.
                                      Popularized by Rajni
                                      Kanth in the movie
                                      Annamalai, when he
                                      sees Kushbhu naked in
Dhavlundu     Refers to less.
                                      the washroom.
                                      Dhamathoondu thuni
                                      kooda illa baa
                                      meaning Not even a
                                      small bit of cloth in
                                      her body.
              Used with prefix        Word of insult, usually
Domaru        'Poda' to say Poda      said in a humorous
              Domar.                  way.
                                      Urdu dum breath. Also
Dum           Stamina, strength,      used for referring to
                                      Unknown. Could refer
                                      to the sound made by
                                      an explosion that
Dumeel        Untrue, false.          leaves nothing behind,
                                      as does a false
                                      statement. See also:
Dhanda Soru   Similar to Allakai      useless Fellow
                                      Tamil dharma adi
                                      meaning just (as in
                                      justice) or destined
              Merciless beating,
Dharma adi                            beating. dharmam =
              usually by a group.
                                      charity/to donate.
                                      Dharma adi means
                                      free beating.
                                     Likely from Tamil
                                     idho da (here da),
                                     could be used
                                     effectively in
              Synonym of
                                     humiliating manner in
Dhoda         'Ayye',saying 'So?' in
                                     the midst of a
              a belittling manner
                                     conversation to
                                     ascertain authority
                                     over the counterpart in
                                      Likely from Hindi
                                      dhool (dust), referring
                                      to the dust cloud after
              A superlative, as in    a good ass-kicking.
Dhool         well done! or kick      'Dhool' is also used as
              ass!.                   'Dhool kalappitai'
                                      where kalappitai refers
                                      to the action of starting
                                      or kicking up (dust).
              Chutzpah, guts, as in   Urdu dil (heart),
Dil           Do you have the guts    metaphorically
              to step outside and     indicates courage.
                          fight like a man?!.
                          Drainage derived
Ditchu                    from English Ditch
                          and spoken as Kawa
                                                 as in Dokku Figaru.
Dokku                     Unattractive Woman
                                                 Antonym of Figaru
                                                 (Popularized by
                                                 comedians Chinni
Dubaakour                 Consummate liar
                                                 Jayanth and
                                                 Veeniraadai Moorthy)
Dumil udradhu             Acting Too Smart
                                                 Kannada duddu
Dhuddu                    Money.
                                                 Famous and delicious
                                                 food item name in
                          Egg mixed with
DingDong                                         Triplicane. Sourced
                                                 from South part of
                                                 Tamil Nadu.
                                                 Origin uncertain
                                                 (Gourmet?). Used
Dommai                    Glutton. Carefree.
                                                 mostly by college
                                                 Origin some BPO guy,
                          Used to refer to the
                                                 who misspelled the
Doen                      word DOWN. Eg.
                                                 word. Used mostly by
                          DSN Doen
                                                 tech support.
                                                 Telugu Eguru, as in
                                                 Macha, mama varaan,
                                                 eguru or Sarkkadichi
                          Run fast, Run away,    voottukku pona,
                          Scold, Jump            engappa emmele
                          (Depends on the        egiritaruda or Egiri
                          context)               bus-le erittanda aven.
                                                 egiRuthal in normal
                                                 Tamil means to jump,
                                                 English From first
Es agurudhu               To escape              syllable of the English
                                                 word 'escape'
                         sadness. Also means
Feelingu/Pheeling/Feelin                         English Feelings, as in
                         love (usually used in a
gs                                               Emotions.
                         'mushy-mushy' sense)
                                                 English figure, as in
                                                 Oru semma figaru
                                                 varathu meaning An
Figaru                    Attractive woman.
                                                 attractive woman is
                                                 approaching. Note:
                                                 Used in neuter gender.
                          Literally let it free.
                          Figuratively, let
Free-a-Vidu               bygones be bygones. English free.
                          Pronounced as Pree-a-
Fublic                    Public! Famous in      English Public.
                  puthupettai and the
                                         English Fucker.
                  Derivative of the F-   Origin: Some person
                  Word. Becoming very    in Team Inferno from
                  popular among BPO      an anonymous BPO.
Fukaard           guys. Refers to        Also spelt as Fukaad,
                  someone who does all   Fukard, Fukad,
                  Goodhal's &            Fuckard, Fuckaard,
                  Ulkutthu.              Fuckhard. Moto: Live
                                         Free or Fuckaad!
                  Stink, foul odour.
                  Often used
                                         Telugu gabbu (stink,
Gabbu             figuratively to
                                         foul odor).
                  describe situations,
                  personalities etc.
                                         For example a Gaajju
Gaajju            Sleazy, dirty.
                                         Urdu khali meaning
                  Finished, as in He's   empty or finished.
                  finished!.             Originally from
                                         Hindi gaana (song) +
                  A subgenre of Tamil    Tamil paattu (song).
Gaana paattu
                  film music.            Used for songs with
                                         fast rhythmic beats.
                                         Usage gaanda
                                         kelappathe. Gaand
Gaandu            to irritate a person   refers to butttocks in
                                         Hindi. See Also:
                                         Etymology not known
                                         for certain. Possibly
                                         from Turkey (Galata
                  1. Fracas, brouhaha 2.
Galatta                                  was a suburb of
                  Chaos 3. Celebration.
                                         Istanbul known for its
                                         nightlife) or from
                                         English gala.
                  Dirty, Can be used in
                  any context. Widely Kannada, meaning
                  used to refer to      dirty.
                                         Before 1947, when
                                         India was fighting
                                         against British
                                         occupation, companies
                                         and individuals often
                                         included Contribution
                  Fraudulent             to Freedom movement
Gandhi kannakku
                  accounting.            as an item in
                                         accounting statements.
                                         Most often accounting
                                         statements would not
                                         tally because
                                         management funneled
                                         money out.
                                         Contribution to
                                         Gandhi's freedom
                                         movement provided an
                                         excellent means to
                                         account for the
                                         missing money. Hence
                                         the term Gandhi
                                         Kanakku. One should
                                         apologise to Mahatma
                                         Gandhi as this term
                                         brings a small amount
                                         of disrepute to him, for
                                         no fault of his!!!
                                         Connotes deliberate
                                         disinformation, as
                                         opposed to genuine
                                         Usually refers to
Gapsaa           Disinformation, lies.   falsehoods, as opposed
                                         to lame excuses.
                                         Compare reel, peela.
                                         Most probably related
                                         to gabbu (stink),
                                         somparable to stinking
                                         Telugu gelupu
Gelichan         He won.
                 Super, Better than
Gethu                                    Origin unknown
                 (Figuratively eq of)    Tamil Unga akka
Gokka-Makka      My goodness!, Holy      (your sister's) + makka
                 cow!, etc               (magan - son)
                                       (This word is of recent
                                       origin) Gilfans, Silfans
                                       etc have their
                 A person with a shady
Gilfans                                etymological roots in
                                       comedian Chinni
                                       Jayanth's repository of
                                         Ore gujala irundichi
Gujal            Fun
                                         One more from Chinni
Gilma            Strange stuff
                                         Also called Ghilli,
                                         from a street game
                                         played with wooden
Gilli            Talented Person.        sticks. Highly became
                                         famous after Vijay's
                                         blockbuster movie
                                         Root - Goda from the
                                         Hindi word for a
Godavula Gudhi   Jump into the fray      wrestling pit, Gudhi
                                         from Tamil meaning
                    A form of address
                    similar to Machi. But
                                          Possibly from Tamil
Goiya,Goyyala       it can be interpreted
                                          for 'guava'.
                    as dumb or useless
                    person also.
                                            By reversing the
                    Telugu speaker. Can
Golti                                       consonants in te-lu-gu
                    be derogatory.
                                            to give gulti or golti
                                            Tamil goodhal (error,
                                            mistake). Usually
Goodhal             Trickery, fraud         derogatory, as in He
                                            resorted to trickery to
                                            win that business deal.
                                            Used in the context of
Gumbal              Crowd                   'Gumbaloda Govinda'
                                            'Gumbala porom'
                    Usually refers to
                    situations like peer-
                    pressure, or societal   Tamil gumbal
                    norms, where            (crowd), Sanskrit
                    individual              gOvinda (name of
                    beliefs/actions are     Vishnu). Derived from
GumbalOda gOvinda   overridden by mass      the large crowds of
                    reaction. Also refers   pilgrims at Tirupati.
                    to insignificant        Play on words
                    individual              gOvinda and the
                    contributions           English go or gone.
                    overlooked in a
                    Someone born to a
                    crowd. Probably to a
                    victim of gang rape.
                                            Tamil konjal (petting,
                                            excess affection) .This
                                            behavior is often
Gujjaals            Petting, making out.
                                            shown by Srihari
                                            Shankar and Varun
                                            invented when there
                    Young girl, usually
                                            was a heavy influx of
Gujili              attractive and easily
                                            Gujaratis into Madras:
                                            Gujju + Kili = Gujili
                                            invented when Indians
                                            went to the west and
                    Young girl, usually
                                            saw large breasted
                    attractive (large
Gum Paapa                                   white skin females:
                    breasted) and easily
                                            Gum + Paapa = Gum
                                            Paapa also referred to
                                            as Gumthaax
Goinda              Unexpected failure.
                    The language
                                            Also called Ingleesu or
Inglipeesu          'English', usually in
                                            Origin Tamil from the
Ippidikaa           This way.
                                            word Ippadi
                                                    Probably in use due to
                                                    ease for typical Tamil
                                                    tongue to pronounce
                           literal meaning of       iskool. Similar words
                           School                   are Institute is
                                                    pronounced as instoot,
                                                    Excuse is pronounced
                                                    as esoos or echoos
                                                  Telling someone to
                           literal meaning taking take it away or
Isthukunu po
                           away                   carrying it away (See
                                                  also 'Vali')
                                                    Tamil izhuthu-kondu-
                                                    vaa (Pull him over
Itta/Ittinnuva/Isthunuva   Fetch (someone)
                                                    here). Also
                                                    pronounced as Ista
                           Something similar to
                           bandha - show off ,      from zabardast - Urdu
Jaburu or Jabaradastu      acting pricey, like in   meaning grand, extra
                           innaadaa jabardastu      ordinary, forceful
                                                    Hindi jagah (space,
                                                    room) and Tamil
                           To escape from the       vaangaradhu (to buy,
Jagaa vaangaradhu
                           scene.                   to get). Literally
                                                    means to get room [to
                                                    Hindi Widely believed
                                                    that a Hindi ignorant
                                                    Tamil guy read the
                                                    word written in Hindi,
                                                    near the compartment
                                                    toilet and
                           To have a bowel          misunderstood that
                           movement                 Jalaai in Hindi meant
                                                    to shit. Apparently, the
                                                    person had read
                                                    Inflammable objects
                                                    not allowed written as
                                                    Jalaaishi padaarth
                                                    mana hai
                                                    Tamil jaladosham'
Jalpu                      To catch cold.           saLippu (N, common
                                                    probably from Salsa,
                                                    with its suggestive fast
                                                    moves and close
Jalsa                      Enjoy                    contact in life. Or from
                                                    Urdu Jalsa which
                                                    means something like
                                                    a carnival.
                                                    Hindi jhatkaa (cart,
                           Hindi-speaker, North
                                                    also sudden shock).
Jatkaa                     Indian person.
                                                    Play of words Jat and
Joadreppai                 Cobbler.                 Possibly from Hindi
                                          joota (shoe) and
                                          English repair or from
                                          Tamil jodi (pair[of
                                          slippers]) and English
                                          Literally means to
                                          drool. To look at a girl
Jollu Vidurathu   To ogle at a girl.      with open mouth that
                                          one does not realise
                                          the saliva dripping.
                                          Abbreviation of Just
                                          out of time; often used
                  To                      in kid's games of
Joot              escape/hide/run/give    Catch, or Hide and
                  the slip.               Seek - Waitees for
                                          pause, and Jooties for
                                          Examples:1)Ithu ellam
                                          jujupee velai=This is
                                          such an easy (or
                                          unimportant) job.
                                          2)Ivan oru jujubee
                                          da=He's just small fry
                                          (he can't do anything)
                  Small, unimportant,
                  easy or minuscule.      Origin possible from a
                                          type of candy that
                                          could have been
                                          available during the
                                          British era. Jujube now
                                          freely available in
                                          many countries for
                                          very small change.
                  Misfielding an easy
Kaava Vidradhu
                  chance in cricket
                  Blind. used in a
                  derogative sense
                  Anyone of north
                                          Derived from Kapoor,
                  Indian origin, whose
Kaboor                                    a common north
                  native language is
                                          Indian surname.
                                          Example : Don't
                  Refers to the English   Kanpiece me.., Machi
                  word confuse.           romba kanpiece
                                          panadha da..
                                          English. Old Chennai
                                          police abbreviation for
                  1. Petty crook. 2. An
                                          either known
                  unusually intelligent
KD                                        delinquent, known
                                          depredator or known
                                          defaulter or Known
                                          Denotified person.
                                          Tamil kutcheri which
                                          is a traditional Tamil
Kacheri           Drinking party.
                                          music concert.
                                          Derived as the party
                                         'play' the mouth of the
                                         bottles with both
                                         hands like a
                                         naadaswaram (South
                                         Indian instrument like
                                         a saxophone)
                                         Tamil kadalai,
                                         verkadalai (nut,
                                         groundnut). Possibly
                                         from groundnut
                                         vendors who provided
Kadalai          Verbal flirting.        snack food to couples
                                         on the beach, or in
                                         trains. Connotes
                                         flirting without serious
                                         intentions. See Also:
                 To impress with one's
Kalakaradhu                            Tamil, (to mix, to stir).
                                         Also used as 'Kalasi',
                 To make fun of
                                         Example: College
Kalaaikkaradhu   someone, or to belittle
                                         An interesting off-
                                         shoot of classical
                                         Tamil, kamnatti
                                         derives from
                                         KaimpeNdaati paiyan
                                         which stands for a
                                         young widow's son,
                                         who is expected to
Kamnatti         A clown or a jerk.
                                         grow up without
                                         parental guidance and
                                         hence a kamnatti.
                                         Some say, it originated
                                         from English sahibs in
                                         TN addressing their
                                         kids as Come, naughty
                                         origin from the Dutch
Kakkoos          Lavatory.
                                         kakhuis (shit house)
                                         Possibly from Sanskrit
                                         kash malam (black
                                         hair) or kash mailam
                                         (black dirt).
                                         Comparing someone
                 Synonymous with         with hair is considered
Kasmaalam        idiot(the idiot being a rude in Tamil culture.
                 litote).                Maalam is also a slang
                                         word for shit. Some
                                         say ' kasmalam' (one
                                         word) in Sanskrit
                                         means a dirty thing
                                         worthy of discarding.
                                         Tamil,Kattai (literally
                 Referring to a hot
Kattai                                   log of wood) - the
                                         sturdier higher quality
                                              wood can easily be
                                              distinguished by their
                                              distinctive curvy grain
                                          Tamil,Kattai refers to
                    Referring to some one
                                          wood. Comparable to
Kattai              who does not respond.
                                          sleeping/lying like a
                                              Derogatory word and
                                              derived from
Kaidhe              Donkey.
                                              Kazhudai(donkey) in
                                              chaste Tamil
                    I Will Meet Him And Tamil Avarai
Kandukunu Varen
                    Come.               sandhikiren
                                              Malayalam kenai
Kenai               Fool.
                                              Refers to an old
                                              woman. Derived from
Keivi               An old Woman.             Kizhavi in chaste
                                              Tamil. Mostly used in
                                              a derogatory sense.
                                          In British times people
                                          were given different
                    Invariably goes with
                                          coloured caps based
                    'moLLa maaRi' and '
                                          on their status in work.
                    mudichchavikki' (this
Kepmaari                                  The guy who changes
                    term literally means
                                          the cap (mathurdu in
                    one who unties
                                          Tamil) is a traitor/thief
                                          hence the word
                                          kepmaari (cap-maari).
                                              Tamil kozha adi
                                              sandai (water pump
                                              fight). Connotes
Kozha adi sandai    Major catfight.
                                              fighting over who gets
                                              how much water and
                                              in what order.
                    Is it there? used for
                    objects, things etc eg:
                    dabbu kiithaa? - is
                    there any money?-
                    irukkiRathaa? in
                    chaste Tamil
                    Is he/she there? used
                    for people. eg: kabali
Kiiraana/Kiiraala   kiiraana? - is kabali
                    there? irukkiRanaa ?
                    in chaste Tamil
                                              (or) 'Krishayil' a
                                              colloquial probably
                                              due to saying
Kishnayil           Kerosene oil.             KeRoSeNe oil
                                              quickly.due to its blue
                                              colour..krishna oil,lord
                                              krishna's blue colour..
Kondhivudu          To mix up the things      Common usage in
                    in improper fashion or games like carroms, to
                    not aligned.           spread the coins, use
                                           coinsa kondhivudu
                    showing off by using
Koral kudukaradhu   loud voice(koral).
                    kudukaradhu literally
                    means to give
                                              Tamil kotta To
                    To eat shamelessly,
                                              pour/dump. Literally
Kottikaradhu        especially if the food
                                              means to dump for
                    is free (OC food).
                                              The reuse of an
                                              ancient Tamil word. In
                                              contemporary formal
                                              Tamil, utkaaral.
Kundhu              Sit down!
                                              Related to Kannada
                                              kuLithukoLLi (please
                                              sit down), ,Telugu
                                              Tamil kuthu paattu
                                              (literally a song with
Kuthu               RevelryTamil
                                              punch!), as in
                                              Possibly from
                    Synonymous with
Kutti                                         Malayalam kutti
                                              (young girl).
                    Synonymous with
Kotikiniye                                    Kotikiniye (had food).
                    A person who thinks
                    very highly of himself
Laard Labakdass     (without any solid     English lord
                    basis for that
                    Person who is             Hindi Male genitial
                    extremely annoying.       hair
                                              From English leave, as
                                              in leave of absence.
                                              Also used in formal
Leevu               Holiday.
                                              business English as
                                              'leave' (shortened form
                                              of leave of absence)
                                              Tamil for the sound
                                              made by a dog
Lollu               Bantering. Fussing.
                                              (analogous to bow
                                              wow in English).
                                              English look and
                                              Tamil vudaradhu (to
                                              let off, to flash).
                    To check someone
                                              Implies a much shorter
Lookku vudaradhu    out, especially if it's
                                              duration and less
                    an attractive person.
                                              intensity than jollu
                                              vittufication or sight
Loosu               Crazy.                    English loose as in
                                        screw-loose or nut-job.
                                        Also see arai-loosu.
                                        English lose as in Lose
Loosule Vudu    Let it go.              it or leave it be/ignore
                                        English pronounced
                                        like love but with a w
                                        replacing the v. It
                                        plays on the accent
                                        used in Tamil movies
                                        where a protagonist
                                        expresses their
                                        affection for someone,
Lowe            Puppy Love.
                                        usually in a Romeo
                                        and Juliet-style
                                        situation. It is used to
                                        show contempt for
                                        someone who has
                                        superficial romantic
                                        feelings for another
                                        but over-dramatises it.
                                        English Lump sum.
                                        Popularized by
Lumpaa          Lump sum.               comedians
                                        Goundamani and
                Any kind of
                commission paid to
                middle men, also used
                to mean
Maal / Maalu    Usually followed
                vettu (maalu vettu -
                Urdu maal- saamaan-
                Bribe paid to police    (Urdu-Hindi)Maamool
                man                     = money.
                                        Tamil machinan,
                                        colloquial machan
                Synonymous with         (wife's brother).
Machi           dude, used in a         Implies familiarity,
                positive sense.         cannot be used with
                                        strangers. See also
                                        (Hindi-Urdu) Mazaa =
Majaa           Fun
                refers to either a
                                        Tamil mama = uncle.
                policeman or pimp
Mama or Mamey                           Not to be confused
                depending on the
                                        with maams.
                                        Tamil for uncle's
                                        house. Usually the
Mama Veedu      Brothel, bar
                                        uncle's house was the
                                        main centre for a
                                           group of people to
                                           have a good time.
                 refers to either a
                 brahmin girl/woman,
                 or a middle-aged
Mami                                       Tamil for aunt.
                 woman in general,
                 depending on the
                                           Tamil maamiyaar =
                 refers to jail, police
Mamiyaar veedu                             mother-in-law; veedu
                                           = house;.
                 refers to a 3-card
                 game played on street
                 by con-men to lure a
                 passer-by to steal        Refers to the Queen of
                 their money. Related      spades. (literal Tamil
Mangaattha       phrases are 'Ulle-        origin Mangal + Aatha
                 Veliye' (In-Out) refers   = dark complexioned
                 to the sleight of hand    woman)
                 that the card dealer
                 uses to move the
                 cards around
                 refers to an additive
                 added to make the
                 kites string (also
                 called Noolu)
                 stronger, the additive    The glass powdered
                 is apparently a           based chemical used in
                 concotion of tar, glass   kite strings used in
Maanja           pieces, dogs shit and     deal fights in kite
                 battery covers. This      flying usage mamey
                 additive when applied     deala innika banava
                 on the string makes       ashcitunga.
                 the string strong for
                 kite (called Banas)
                 fights commonly
                 referred to as Deal.
                 refers to a bravery of
                 Men. Related phrases
                 are 'Nenjula Manjaa
                 soru irukaaa
                 maaamu?? meaning i
                 will beat the crap out
Manjaa Soru
                 of you so that i will
                 bring your bile out of
                 you. (which is yellow
                 in colour hence Manja
                 Soru - meaning
                 Yellow rice - Bile)
                                           Tamil origin Maram +
Maramandai       Wooden head.
                                           Mandai = Tree head.
                 To become flat due to
                                       Example: paiyan over
                 excessive intake of
Mattai                                 a sarakku adichitu
                 alcoholic tuff. Also
                                       mattai aayitanba!!.
                 used for Cricket bat.
Matteru          Refers to an important English Matter, as in
                      happening/incident,       Enna matteru?
                      eulogically referring     (What's the matter?),
                      to sex or Matter film     or Enna machi,
                      or Blue Film.             mattera?
                      Refers to a sooper
                      figure whose body
Massa massa           mass index is a little    English Full of mass
                      high and moves
                                                Mayir - Ancient Tamil
                      Literally refers to       for 'hair', Poda Mayiru
                      hair, but used to abuse   or Poda Mayiraandi
Mayiru / Mayiraandi
                      a person 'as worthless    (Poda-Off you go,
                      as a hair-strand'.        Mayir-hair, Aandi-
                      Bribe (used as a
Meteru                question                  Tamil --
                      Really? (used as an
Meyaaluma             exclamation of            Tamil Mey = Truth.
                                                This is a derivative of
                                                the word
                      Superlative usage of      Mokkaiyappar who
Mokkai group
                      blaydu                    was a king, famous for
                                                his blaydu jokes. (Poor
                                                Jokes - PJ)
                                                Sometimes MUCHA is
                                                referred as UCCHA
Mucha                 Referring to urine
                                                Probably from
                                                CHITTOOR SLANG.
                      Refers to a woman
                      belonging to the          Antonym of Mary.
                      lower economic strata     Possibly
                      - usually a slum          (Sanskrit)Muni +
                      dweller in urban          Amma = ascetic lady.
                      Literally means a
                                                For meaning refer to
Mudchavikee           person who unties
                                                molla maari
                                             The armed forces are
                      Restaurant that serves thought to have fewer
Military hotel
                      non-vegetarian food. vegetarians than the
                                             general population.
                                             Telugu nana (father).
                                             Some Tamilians with
                      A secondary version
                                             Telegu ancestry use
Naina                 of dude, used to imply
                                             this term in their
                                             homes to address the
                                                Urdu nashta (light
                                                snacks). Also referred
Nashta                Breakfast.                as 'Tiffin'. However
                                                tiffin could also mean
                                                evening snacks or any
                                         light meal.
                                         From the Tamil word
                                         Neettum meaning
                                         long. Probably
                Straight. As in
                                         because of the
Neataa          'Appadiya neeataa
                                         association of length
                weld pannu.'
                                         with straigthness
                                         especially in machine
                Useless fellow.
                Probably invented and
                popularised by
                Comedy Hero
                Vadivelu (Viagai
                Knickers or shorts. As
                                        From the English word
Nijaar          in 'Nijaar kaituradhu.'
                meaning 'fucked'
                                         OB is pronounced as
                                         the individual letters O
                                         and B. Etymology not
                                         known for certain.
                                         Possibly from Off
                                         Beat, old British
OB adikaradhu   To waste time.
                                         military term meaning
                                         off duty. Also possibly
                                         from Out of Business
                                         or from O'l Bhajanai
                                         (local slang for doing
                                     From OCS, Indian
                                     Railways abbreviation
                Free, at no cost.    meaning On Company
                (Could also mean Old Service. Parcels
                Cask Rum at wine     marked OCS travel
                shops)               free.Some say this is
                                     an abbreviation for
                                     Others' Cost!!
                the art of
                                         manasakshiye illaama
                lying.Making your lie
                                         ole udaraan da
OLE             an obvious one so that
                                         meaning he's lying
                others can figure it
                out very easily.
                One who cant stop
                telling lies.
                                      "Otha Ungommala" is
                                      used infamously by all
                Literally means fuck.
                                      middle, upper middle,
                Known in Singara
Otha                                  lower middle, low      Engilibees
                Chennai (Madras) as
                                      class. High class
                                      kamminaatis say
                                      "Fuck" in
                Referring to a person
                from rural regions
Oor Nattan.
                Ooru or Oor refers to
                villages and Nattan
                    being any person.
                                            Derived from the
                                            Tamil word
                                            'Utkarunga'. Rule of
                                            madras bashai is that
Okkanchikka         To sit                  you should not give
                                            respect. Example, dei
                                            ramesu, appdiye
                                            okkachikkada, intha
                    Person who has
                                            Example:'oor otha
Oor Othavane        fooled large number
                    of people
                                            Kalaiee (the one being
                                            made fun of): yen
                                            machi ippadi
                    Making fun of           kalai'kire?
Oru Flow thaan
                    without missing a
                    beat.                   Kalaier (the one
                                            making fun of the
                                            kalaiee): Seri vidu,
                                            ellam oru flow thaan.
                                            English out, used in
Outte               Same as Gaali.          the context of cricket
                                            or other sports.
                                            Tamil, paal (milk) and
                                            mararadhu (to
                                            change). Implies a cow
                    To switch camps, to     unexpectedly changing
Paal mararadhu
                    betray a confidence.    to a bull as one is
                                            milking it, with
                    Vulgar term for         Root Word:
                    person who is born by   Gumbal...Example:'Po
Panni Gumbal
                    intercourse with        da #REDIRECT Panni
                    animals.                Gumbal'.
                                            Refers to stunt wired
                                            moves made by heroes
                                            in local movies in
                                            street-fight scenes
                                            which feature
                                            impossible kicks and
Parandhu parandhu   To fight by jumping
                                            moves defying
adikkaradhu         and flying in the air
                                            physics. (Lately the
                                            term 'Matrix stunt
                                            kudukkardhu' (offer
                                            Matrix-style stunts)
                                            has come to mean
                                            something similar)
                                                                     Often used in an
                                                                     informal context.                Root
                    The G-spot in a                                  (Periya paruppu    Parsht firs   First -
Paruppu                                     The testicles of a male.
                    female.                                          ivan?) Also known u       t      Englis
                                                                     in Chintadripet as               h
                                                                   Source of
                                                                   " Lingeswaran
                                        Example: Enna peela
Peela         Petty lie/ boast.
                                        Example: Pee porikki
                                        means shit gatherer,
Pee           Aai/ Shit.
                                        Pee Thinnu means eat
                                        Example: Pikkaali
              Completely dumb /         Payale means a dumb
              Idiotic                   person or someone
                                        completely useless.
              Persons of Tamil
                                        Also Peter party. Also
              origin who speak
                                        used to label those
              English in preference
                                        who consider Tamil
Peter, Mary   to the Tamil language,
                                        infra dig, or those who
              especially if his
                                        speak it with a fake
              intention is to impress
                                        Western accent.
                                        From English Film.
Philim        Show off                  Similar to Hindi
              Motivational word         Tamil Pirikkardhu. To
              that helps people gain    open something. Also
              confidence over           can be used as
              whatever they are         Pirikkanum, meaning
              doing. Similar to         we have to come out
              kalaka porom              with flying colors.
              Unoccupied, usually       Mispronunciation of
              unusable or fallow        'Pembroke', as in Lord
              land. Derogatively        Pembroke, who stated
              and dismissively, a       that land belonging to
              person without            no one would belong
              identity, a nobody.       to the government.
                                   Origin: Tamil. Porul,
              Thing of importance.
                                   which in a pure sense,
              Sometimes alluded to
Porul                              refers to the content or
              a minor weapon
                                   inner meaning of a
              (eg:pen knife)
                                   phrase or word.
                                        Origin: Tamil. A
                                        'packet' made using,
                                        usually, news paper.
                                        Cheap Marijuana is
                                        usually sold in a news
                                        paper wrapped packet
Pottalam      Ganja
                                        and is called 'pottalam'
                                        or 'potlam' ('potlam' is
                                        more of a Peter
                                        language). Hindi pOtli
                                        is equivalent of Tamil
Pista         Local tycoon.             Synonymous to
                                       r) and Durai(White-
Puttukinaan     He died.
Raseedhu        Receipt of sale        English Receipt
                                       From Ravai - Ground
                                       Semolina (Suji in
Ravondu         in small quantity
                                       Hindi)which is small
                                       in size.
                                       English reel of film
                                       from the era of 16 mm
                                       projectors. Sometimes
                                       an improperly
                                       mounted film reel
                                       would fall off the
                                       projector and run
                                       away, causing a
                                       garbled or distorted
                Pitifully lame
Reel                                   picture to be projected
                                       on screen while the
                                       operator chased the
                                       reel across the room
                                       and mounted it back.
                                       Reel therefore refers to
                                       an obviously
                                       implausible story. See
                                       also: gapsaa, peela,
                Showing off,
                probably including
Rousu udardhu                          English to rouse.
                challenging others. To
                arouse attention.
                                       Indian term
Rowdy           Ruffian.               transliterated to
                The rap sheet of a
Rowdy-sheet     rowdy known to the
                Refers to Liquor, in a
                lesser sense, other
                                       Sarakku: 'goods' in
Sarakku         illicit goods like
                drugs, and smuggled
                Refers to either a
                weapon, most
                commonly a knife,
                OR genitals of a man.
                Could also mean
Saaman                                 Hindi Saamaan: thing.
                general luggage, e.g.,
                Saaman erakki anga
                vei meaning, unload
                the luggage and stow
                it there
                Also known as Matter To escape detection,
Saami padam
                padam, refers to a   the first few minutes
                        risque movie           of these movies
                                               usually depict
                                               devotional scenes.
                                               Commonly used by
                                               everyone to refer to
                                               hitting someone, or
Saathu                  Literally slam.        making a point as in
                                               'appadi pottu saathu'.
                                               Also mostly used in
                                               'Pottu Saathu'
Sappaaththu             Shoe.                  Malaysian/SL Tamil
                                               Possibly from Tamil
                                               saavu (death) and
                        Verbal abuse against
Saavugraaki                                    graaki (spurious buyer
                        bad drivers.
                                               or peddler) giving
                                               customer of Death.
                                               Possibly from the
                                               blurring sound of
Sallu, Salunnu          Fast, smooth, quick.   something moving
                                               fast. Equivalent of
                                               English whirr/buzz.
                        Very Easy Thing, Not
                        interesting thing.    Example Sappa Matter
Sappa Matter or Salpi
                        Sappai/ Chappai in    mama
                        chaste Tamil is flat.
                                               Tamil Semmai or
Semma                   Very (adj.)
                                                                      Usage: "Otha
Sevulu                  Cheek(adj.)            Tamil Sevilu or Sevulu Infamously used as
                                                                      "Bagulu bigil
                        Admiring women
                        from a distance,       Sight English
Sightu Adikkaruthu
                        usually without the    Adikarrathu Tamil
                        woman's knowledge.
                        Lazy fellow; word      Tamil Usage: Po da
Somari                  originates from        somaari (Go away,
                        Kannada                you lazy fellow)
                        Synonymous with
                        Koral udaradhu =
                                               Tamil udaradhu
Sound udaradhu          literally make too
                        much 'Sound'/voice
                                               Usage: Adhu sothai
                                               figuru maamu!
Sothai                  Rotten.
                                               Known for his
                        Originally refers to   distinctive style and
Super Star              Tamil Actor            screen presence.
                        Rajnikanth             Similar emulatory
                                               names like Shining
                                                  Star, Little Super Star
                                                  have been taken up by
                                                  other actors in South
                                                Pronounced sulphate
                                                aa from Copper
                                                Sulphate, commonly
                       Cheap, strong and        present in such
                       harmful liquor that      potions. From banned
                       may contain              liquor that the rural
                       poisonous substances poor hastily prepare by
                       including copper         boiling (instead of
                       Sulphate, methanol,      fermenting) basic
                       formaldehyde and         ingredients like rice
                       formic acid. Similar gruel, along with a
                       potions include          wide variety of
                       'chappi' and 'kalakkal.' organic substances,
                                                sometimes, even
                                                including tyres and
                       A phrase much used
                       by students after
                       coming out of the
                       exam hall, even when       Example:
                       there is no negative       Raghuvendran
                       marking in that            Ramachandran
Sure Negative
                       particular exam.           (Guruji) : machi sure
                       Mostly used by             negative in board
                       students who are           exams too.
                       OLEMARIs as
                       A phrase commonly
                       used by call centre
                       employees who avoid
Suthi Vuttiya          taking calls by
                       refreshing their
                       positions in the list of
                       people taking calls.
                                                  Unknown. Probably
                                                  onamatopoeic from the
Susu                   Urine
                                                  sound of a person
                                                  Telugu 'Takkari' - As
                                                  in Takkaru Figure ba .
Takkaru                Super                      Takkar in Urdu means
Tension Aawadhey or No                            Literally Don't become
Tenson                                            tension.
                       Sarcastic way of
Terror                 telling a person that
                       he's no threat.
                       English, 'station',        As in rayilve tesan
tesan                  which due to Tamil         (railway station), polis
                       pronunciation has          tesan (police station-
                         morphed into tesan.     also refer 'mamiyar
                                                 veedu' above)
                                              Urdu 'Thamaashaa'.
Thamaashu                Funny, comical event ironically this means -
                                              is it comical ??
                                                 From the movie
                         Literally 'head' in
                                                 'Dheena', starring actor
                         Tamil. Used
                                                 Ajith whose character
                         colloquially to
Thala                                            is called as 'Thala' by
                         address gang leaders.
                                                 his friends. This word
                         Now used in the same
                                                 is now used by many
                         sense as 'dude'.
                                                 others in Tamil Nadu.
                                                 Fit for Nothing
Tharudhala               Refers to Useless.      Sariyana Tharudhala
                         Illegitimate Child.     Usage: "Otha andha
Thevadiya Paiyya
                         Son of a bitch          thevadiya paiyyan"
                         means wig. Often
                         used in a derogatory    This is derived from
Topa                     sense to refer to the   the French word
                         unnatural hair of an    toupee
                         elderly person.
                         Person absent minded
                         or not that shrewd.
                         Refers to one who is
                         not picking up things
                         easily, or someone,
Tube light               who takes a bit of      English Tube light .
                         time to understand
                         (like a tube light that
                         flickers for a few
                         seconds before
                         lighting up).
Udhaaru                  To lie. Exaggerate.     Also see: reel, gapsaa
                         To be extra cautious.
                         Hoshiyaar from
                         Urdu/Ushaaru from
                         Guy from Village.
                         Short of Oor Nattan.
                                                 Tamil Ulkutthu .
                                                 Literally inside
                                                 punches Underhanded
                         Devious, sneaky,
Ulkutthu                                         activity, as in He
                                                 resorted to Ulkutthu to
                                                 improve customer
                                                 Interestingly, 'Vali'
                                                 (Verb) in chaste Tamil
                                                 itself means the same
Vali (Verb) as in
                                                 viz., 'Pull' (as in
'ValchchukkO', 'strongaa Pull
                                                 'kaakkaay valippu' for
                                                 epilepsy), though
                                                 people normally prefer
                                                 ' izhu'
                                                   synonymous with
                                                   odavakarai. derived
Venna                    useless person            from the Tamil word
                                                   vennai which means
                         To do nothing. To
                                              Bayangara Vetti might
                         expend no energy and
Vetti                                         mean a chronically
                         towards no end or
                                              lazy person.
                                                 Tamil 'veedu'(house)
                                                 'kattrathu'(to build).
                                                 This procedure
                                                 involves complex
                         act of creating a
                                                 body movements and
Voodu kattrathu          prelude to a fight. to
                                                 ends with a complete
                         build a house (literal)
                                                 or partial prostration at
                                                 the feet of the guru
                                                 seeking his blessings
                                                 before the duel.
                         Elder Sister,
                         commonly used in
                         reference to a female
Yakkaa                   who is older than the     Tamil 'Akkaa'
                         speaker, not
                         necessarily his/her
                         Eating at the expense     Tamil 'Increasing the
                         of father, doing no job   size of tummy without
XXL (Double X L)
                         or work. Similar to       doing any work leads
                         Dhanda soru               to increased shirt-size.'
                                                   Tamil 'Madras Tamil
Chauce                   Means sause               for sauce. Tomato,
                                                   Chilli.. whatever..'
                         Commonly used with
                         other words to say
Sokka                                         'NanragaTakkara'
                         good. eg, like looks
                                              Other usage.
                         good - Sokka keethu
                                                   From the Tamil word
                                                   for echchil kalai or
                         A person with no
Yechakale                                          echchil ilai, a banana
                                                   leaf containing
                         Synonymous to
                         To say that person
                                                                               Usage. Figura
                         was able to induce        Also known as
Setup pannittan"                                                               madichitaan
                         love from his             "Madichittan".
                         To cheat someone or Example : Police kitta
Thanni Kaataradhu        escape from a person thanni Kaateetu escape
                         right under their nose aaitan ba
                         N. 1.Person of North
                                                   Example : Ponnu
                         Indian origin 2.Any
Zee Tv                                             kaboor family daa!
                         North Indian
                                                   Ore Zee TV daa!
                           Dappan kuthu is the
                           dance used to give a
                           happy send off to the
                           person who died. This
dappaan kuthu
                           is very famous as well
                           as special in chennai
                           with the unique
Sandhu la sindhu           same as cycle gap la
paadardhu                  auto ottardhu.

[edit] Examples of Madras Bashai in cricket

Like in the rest of India, the game of cricket is akin to religion in Madras too, and has its own vocabulary, many
adapted from English in extremely unique, sometimes funny ways:

Word/phrase        Meaning in context                      Origin, usage

              Person who cheats inspite
              of a clean out. Often
              reffered to a person who
              umpires the match. Being
Ayil Bongu or from the batting team, the
ayuvuni bongu umpire usually denies a
              clear run out or no balls
              the bowler after a catch is
              taken. Technically, the
              person cheats by crying.

                                           This is normally used when an unskilled
                Half an over, as in when a bowler (normally novice or an new
Baby Over       bowls only 3 balls in an   comer)bowls and he is too erratic in
                over instead of normal 6. bowling; so the captain signals a babyover
                                           after 3 balls and sends the person back

                                             English language Bowled - A
                                             colloquialization of Bowled Him!, which is
                Bowled, as in when a
Bolden                                       a common way of expressing delight, on
                batsman is out Bowled.
                                             the part of the bowler himself, fielders, or
                                             commentators, at getting a batsman out.

              Asking for the ball which
                                        Tamil - Fielder having not willingness to
Echoosme ball has gone out of reach
                                        fetch the ball that has gone out of reach in
please        while playing in the
                                        a ground normally says this.

Common          The same set of fielders     A common scenario when there are fewer
Fielding       field for both the teams.   player in both the sides, so the same
                                           players get to field for both the sides,
                                           irrespective of whichever team is batting

                                          Kind of like Bye's in cricket; This happens
                                          typically when the ground is small and the
               2 runs are granted without ball runs to a place in the ground that take
G2             the batsman/ runner        a long time to recover; so 2 runs are
               running it.                granted free, as the batsman/ runner might
                                          run more if they actually wait for the ball
                                          to be returned.

                                           English language from Gauge. Meaning
Gaajee         Take a turn at batting.
                                           corrupted to mean 'turn' or 'chance'.

                                           Tamil - The word could be used to
                                           describe an incident of a person dropping a
               Failing to hold on to, or
Gappae                                     sitter of a catch, or, if he deserves such a
               dropping, an easy catch.
                                           reputation, could refer to the person

               Sarcastic reference to bad Tamil - Teasing a bowler as if he had
Idea Bowling
               bowler.                    bowled a great delivery.

                                        This happens when there is one player
               Person who bats or bowls
                                        extra and cannot be taken into either team.
Joker          and fields for both the
                                        Usually he is a person who cannot play the
                                        game properly.

                                            English Last Ball - A direct shortening and
                                            colloquializing of an English term. Maybe
               Uttered before the last ball be said out loud by the bowler (if he wants
               of an over is to be bowled. to get his over done with quickly) or the
                                            umpire (drawing attention to the
                                            impending end of an over)

                                           English Last Two - A direct shortening and
               Uttered when two balls
Laa-Too                                    colloquializing of an English term. Not to
               remain in an over.
                                           be confused with 'Ladd-hoo' (below).

                                           Tamil Laddu - The Laddu is a round, soft
                                           sweet dish popular in Tamil Nadu. To
               A ball that sits up waiting characterize a bowler's delivery as a 'Ladd-
               to be hit by the batsman. hoo' is to imply that it is going to be
                                           enjoyed in a similar manner, leading to a
                                           free hit.
                                              This is again a variation in the game, so
               A type of game wherein
                                              that everyone gets fair chance to play &
               even after the one player
Last man-                                     even when a weak player is paired up with
               in the final batting pair is
Gajee                                         a last strong batsman, he still gets to
               out, the last player gets to
                                              complete his entire game (until made out)
               bat until he is made out
                                              & not unnecessarily penalised

               A lofted shot by the
               batsman that looks to be
               heading for a sixer but        This happens when the ball travels higher
Local Sixer
               lands well inside the          rather than farther.
               boundary for an easy

                                              This could also be used when a non-
               A heavy dose of fluke          regular batsman swings the bat with all
Maatikichu     whereby a fielder take a       fury and no focus and the ball by chance
               blinder of a catch.            hits the meat of the bat and goes for a six
                                              or a boundary

               a Left Hander. Often used
               to describe a batsman or a
               bowler who is left handed.
               lotta kaiyala adchi win
               panlam Also means that
               we can play with our left
               hand win over the
               opponent. Often meant to
               describe the weakest

                                              Tamil - Possible origin from Bowled Out..
               Batsman claiming that he
Not a bowled                                  opposite is Not Bowled out.. easier way to
               is not bowled out.
                                              say being Not a Bowled..

               Typically a half-volley   Tamil - Easy delivery. Possible origin
OB Bandhu      which allows a batsman to from other madras Tamil word - OB..
               go for a huge shot.       meaning easy going..

               a variation in the game
                                              English - Typically, to quicken the pace of
               wherein even, if the ball
One pitch                                     the game so that everyone in the team gets
               pitches once and the
catch                                         to play. a batsman is made out even if the
               fielder catches it. It still
                                              fielder catches a ball after one pitch
               consider an out.

One side       An scenario wherin only        This typically happens when ground is
fielding       one side of the field is       small and one of field is
               available for play (ie         unusable/impossible to play, such as a
              either the leg side or the     brick wall on the side, road obstacle etc.

Pazhama       A ball tossed up waiting       Tamil - the phrase literally means to put a
Podu          to be hit                      fruit, like a fruit ready to be plucked.

              Same as ayil bongu. But
              here the cheater behaves
              like a bitch by not being
              brave enough to face the
Potta bongu
              opponents like a man and
              always seeks to win by
              cheating. Potta literally
              means bitch.

              Literally meaning being
              flower,in cricket it is used
Poo           to describe the ball being
              bowled by a bowler,
              which is so easy to hit.

              When after the toss, the
              winning team asks the          English Putting and Bat - shortened from
              other team to bat first        Putting-the other team-to Bat. This is
Putting bat
              (which btw proves that the     widely used in Somasundaram ground,
              toss winner is a               T.Nagar
              professional team)

              Used to refer to the turn
                                             Tamil - Corruption of the english word
Tan           (or spin) that a spin
              bowler generates.

                                             Used alternatively to say the ball took the
                                             edge of the bat,and hence not as
Tip           Stands for edge.
                                             productive as meant.Also used to refer to
                                             the bottom edge of the bat.

              Stands for the ball usually
              bowled before the innings
              "officially" begins. A
Trials        batsman usually opts for
              this in order to gauge the
              bowler's method of
              bowling the ball..

                                          Tamil - To describe a catch taken after the
Tree          Taking a catch after a ball
                                          ball hit a tree or a wall.
catch/Wall    hits a tree or a wall while
catch            playing street cricket.

                 When a batsman cannot      English Hurt, Retired - Extreme corruption
Utteetail or
                 continue batting due to an of this word is a matter of amusement and
                 injury and has to retire.  curiosity.

                                            English Initially there used to be fights
                                            between teams regarding no-balls and the
                                            height of the ball when it passes the
                                            batsman especially when a batsman is out
                                            hitting the ball. So when the umpire, who
                 Denotes that the ball      is mostly part of the batting team in local
                 bowled is not an incorrect club matches pronounces it as a No ball
Yes Ball
                 one - basically not a wide the bowling team, to show its opposition
                 or a no-ball.              to the decision shouts Yes ball in chorus.
                                            This became a vogue and nowadays all
                                            correct deliveries are referred to as Yes
                                            ball. You can see the term frequently used
                                            in pre-game captains meets as No-ball
                                            adicha Yes Ball pa.Out undu innaa.

                                             Tamil . Possibly from dok, the muffled
                 While batting, it denotes a
                                             sound made when the wooden bat hits the
                 defensive stroke with a
Dokku                                        playing surface when a defensive shot is
                 low or zero scoring
                                             played. It can also mean a dead end in
                                             Chennai slang.

                                             This typically happens, when there are an
                 player batting for a second extra person in one team vs the other team,
Doubles          time in the same innings so the opposing team gets to field a player
                 even after getting out.     bat a second time to compensate for the
                                             missing player in their team.

                 Used when the wicket
                 keeper or bowler has the
                 ball. The batsman uses
                                              The batsman uses this usually when he has
Wait for the     this phrase meaning that
                                              to discuss team strategies with the batsman
crease           he retains the crease and
                                              at the other end.
                 denies the wicket keeper
                 or the bowler of running
                 him out.

                 L.B.W., or Leg Before      English L.B.W. - An abbreviation of the
Yellbee or
                 Wicket, a way of getting a acronym, spoken with the intonations (Yell
                 batsman out in cricket.    for the letter L) that characterize Tamil.

over gaaje

Playing last ball in the previous over and taking 1 run so that he can play for the next over first ball too.
[edit] Usage

A large part of Madras bashai is dedicated to exhibiting road rage and starting street fights. The most common is
machaan or machi meaning brother-in-law as in Saala in Marathi/Hindi or malaka in Greek. Most common word to
describe almost anyone.

       Naina! Vootle solltiya? Saavugraaki! By calling the other person naina and asking him whether he has
        taken leave of his loved ones, the speaker indicates that his interlocutor is driving in a very unsafe manner.
        The speaker uses saavugraaki to emphasise the point, thus asserting his superior driving skills in the

       Yaru theaterla yaru padam ootra...keenjidum screenu....bemani! It is used to indicate that other person
        is trying to show off at a place he does not belong to.

       Bajarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga Have to be careful in public place or you will lose your
        underpants. Basically, this is to indicate that we have to be careful with our belongings in public places
        since pocket picking menace is very common and widely prevalent in Chennai and neighborhood.

       Bikki kuduthutta Usually used in the context when a girl ditches a guy whimsically

       Sevulu avul aiyidum or Sevulu keenjidum Used to indicate that a slap will reduce one's cheeks to

       Illatha kadaiyila tea aathathe Acting smart to impress a figure (implies a woman with good figure).
        (Literally, Don't make tea in a store that's not there.)

       Bulb adichaan da Goofed up and caught red-handed.

       Nee Saavarthukku En Vandidhan Kadichidha??? Didn't you find any other vehicle other than mine to
        die. Often told by lorry, bus and car drivers to the person who crosses their path.

       Un moonchile en peechang kaiye vaikka I'll put my left hand on your face. A threat, as a person's left
        hand is regarded as unclean. (This is due to the historic lack of toilet paper in rural areas.)

       Aiyya monjiya paru Literally meaning Look at that face implying that it is unsightly to behold.
        Commonly used, especially by females to insult males.

       Po da badu A common slur used to insult someone

However, not all of Madras Bashai is used predominantly for cursing. The Madras Bashai uses the English language
in a very interesting manner.

       Enna Machi, Nalla Keeriya Machi technically means Brother-in-law, but it is very commonly used to
        address friends. In present day English, this might translate to - Hey Dude, Whassup?

       Enna Friend-ae. Romba naala kandukkavae illayae? Note the interesting usage of the word Friend in its
        literal sense. The sentence translates to - Hello Mate, Haven't heard from you in a while?

       Figura paathu frienda cut panradhu Used to refer to a friend who chooses his girlfriend as a higher
        priority than his friend (platonic friend).

       Vaailey vada suda tha Used to refer somebody who talks a lot but in reality they can never make a step
        towards what they have said (or) asking some one to avoid false commitments.
        Machi naa eggurren Meaning Dude i'm leaving home.

        Uttalakkadi goanya uzunthu ezunthu vaaya Used to refer some one who took a wrong way and
         struggling to find the right way.

        Daavukku kannu dokku Meaning Love is blind here daavu refers to love, kannu refers to eye and dokku
         refers to blindness.

        kootar adiccha korangu Used to refer crazy or maniacs who likes to annoy others. here kootar refers to
         (250 ml or quarter of alcohol) and korangu refers to monkey.

        Gourava baal Used to refer some who does things for the sake of prestige.

        Laadu labbaku dhas or Laadu langotta , Used to refer some who thinks that they are always right.here
         Laadu refers to 'Lord'.

        Dumangoli, Used to refer to someone as chinna payan(little fellow) to denote his inexperience or
         someones actual size. Actual meaning(its the goli found in a goli soda).

        Judgeju jamakkaalam, Used to refer some who confidently criticize others and they tend to do things
         always wrong .here Judgeu refers to 'Judge'.

        Vakeel varavajeee, Used to refer some who talks about rights,law for every thing.

        Goii used to express cheers or to wish a splendid performance.

Oothavan odi poittan, orama ninnu onnuku adichavan maatikinan, Used to refer to the fact that an accused
person is in effect an innocent bystander. It literally means that the one who has had an illicit affair has run away
while the person who was relieving himself in the vicinity was caught. This is also known as Nongu thinnavan odi
pootan, nondi thandhavan maatikinaan.

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