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					JHI Professional Resources
Products and services offered at preferred rates to JHI firms.
Prices in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted.

                                        Marsh Accountants’ Errors & Omissions Insurance Package Enjoy competitive premium rates, preferential
                                        low deductible options, a broad civil liability wording meeting the UK Institute of Chartered Accountants
                                        Regulatory requirements & more.
         http://global.marsh.com        Contact Mark S. Fulcher • mark.s.fulcher@marsh.com • +44.1603.207587
Magazine Subscriptions, Reference Books, News Services

                                        The Accountant (12 issues) Provides worldwide analysis on accountancy & auditing & reporting on
                                        developments & issues shaping the profession. Discount: £1150 - 30% = £805
   www.vrlknowledgebank.com             Contact Shouvik Sen • shouvik.sen@vrlfinancialnews.com • +44.20.7563.5638

                                        Accounting Today (22 issues) This premier North American news vehicle for the tax &accounting community
                                        covers mergers & acquisitions, critical changes in tax laws & much more.
                www.webcpa.com          Discounted Subscription: $99 (Canadian & U.S. delivery)/$129 (Other locations) (Regular $109 & $139)
                                        Contact custserv@sourcemedia.com • 800.221.1809

                                        CCH U.S. Tax & Accounting Books 160+ mainly U.S. publications, including U.S. Master Tax Guide, Internal
                                        Revenue Code, State Tax Handbook & Miller Guides. Note: For phone & fax orders, quote CCH Priority Code
                                        posted on Jeffnet. Shipments outside U.S. subject to relevant postage/shipping charges. Discount: 30%
         http://tax.cchgroup.com        Contact Roger Franks • roger.franks@wolterskluwer.com • 877.300.5219
                                          • INSIDE Public Accounting (12 issues) This independent newsletter of record is packed with news,
                                            strategies, trends & politics that affect you, your firm & the profession in the U.S.
                                            Discounted Subscription: $359 (Regular $409 - $479).
                                          • INSIDE Public Accounting Benchmarking Report This report provides the most complete set of data on
                                            financial & operational statistics for accounting firms across the U.S.
www.insidepublicaccounting.com              Discount: $379 Hard Copy or PDF (Regular $399).
                                          Contact Kelly Platt • kplatt@plattgroupllc.com • 317.733.1920
                                        International Accounting Bulletin (20 issues) This fortnightly newsletter provides an insider look at leading
                                        accounting firms around the world, 20 regional & country surveys annually & much more.
                                        Discount: £1450 - 30% = £1015
                                        Contact Shouvik Sen • shouvik.sen@vrlfinancialnews.com • +44.20.7563.5638
                                          • PDI Global 2009-2010 Tax Planning Guide Choose content for targeting general & high net-worth
                                            segments. Cover can be personalized to complement corporate branding. Print & online versions.
                                          • PDI Global 2009-2010 Tax Seminar-in-a-Box Provides an effective way to plan & conduct successful
                                            client seminars with highly professional-looking materials.
                                          Discount: 15%
                                          Contact PDI Global Production Dept. • pditaxguides@pdiglobal.com • 800.227.0498

World                    World           • World Accounting Intelligence Daily This email news service features the most important stories of the
                         Accounting        day from across the profession. Discount: £1000 - 30% = £700
                                         • World Accounting Intelligence Databank This unique, continually updated database provides exclusive,
                                           in-depth competitive data with up-to-the-minute news on the global accounting industry.
                                           Discount: £2500 - 30% = £1750
                                        Contact Shouvik Sen • shouvik.sen@vrlfinancialnews.com • +44.20.7563.5638

                To Order: Visit www.jhi.com or Jeffnet (Member Benefits). Contact: JHI: 416.494.1440 • communications@jhi.com • www.jhi.com
JHI Professional Resources
Products and services offered at preferred rates to JHI firms.
Prices in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted.

Email Security

                                en-cryption™ Secure Email Hosted by enterpret.co, this service manages the complexity of encrypting
                                communication. Discounts: Installation $750 (50% discount); Fees $7/user/month, based on 3-year contract
                                (30% discount).NEW REDUCED FEES! Fully-branded Portal: $3,900/year. Add $1,200 for Custom Portal
                                URL. Standard Portal: Free.
                                Contact Dan Harris • en-cryption@en-terpret.com • 773.868.4381(U.S.) • 860.583.0399

Professional Development

                                 • CCH Audio Seminars These interactive telephone-based, live Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
                                   programs cover a wide variety of tax & accounting topics. Discount: 10%
                                 • CCH Learning Center Courses Convenient, web-based CPE training in accounting, auditing, tax,
    http://tax.cchgroup.com        financial & estate planning. 160+ courses. Discount: Annual Fee/Seat $279 (Regular $399)
                                Contact Roger Franks • roger.franks@wolterskluwer.com • 877.300.5219

                                CareerSoft Candidate Search Benefit from résumé sourcing & advertising solutions for employers seeking
                                candidates for accounting, finance, IT, legal, HR, engineering, sales & marketing positions in the U.S.
     www.careersoft.com         Discount: $1,700 per search. Additional discounts available for multiple searches.
                                Contact Cindy Pierce • cindy@careersoft.com • 800.719.7638 ext. 161 (U.S.) • 303.440.5007 ext. 161

                                Doc.It® Document Management & Workflow Suite Doc.It serves 6,000+ accountants with this suite. Enjoy
                                free, time-limited trials for suite & Doc.It® Stimulus Package for Accountants & customized training webinar.
                                Contact Tanya MacAusland • tanya@doc-it.net • 888-693-6248 ext. 1 • 905.547.1100

                                ProfitCents Bundled Suite This suite is made up of Plain Language Reporting, Analytical Review/Audit,
                                Private Company Information & Business Projections/Valuations tools. Discount: 10%
     www.profitcents.com        Contact Andrew Lewis • andrew.lewis@sageworksinc.com • 866.603.7029 ext. 663

                                XCM Workflow Automation Software
                                This intuitive, web-based application automates & standardizes processes.
    www.xcmsolutions.com        Discount: 10% Off
                                Contract Price Contact XCM • info@xcm.com • 781.356.5152
                                Xpitax Outsourcing Services
                                Xpitax offers a full range of tax & accounting services for firms of all sizes & specialties.
                                Discount: $1,000 Credit applied to Contract Price.
                                Contact Xpitax • info@xpitax.com • 781.303.0136
Coming Soon

                                Watch for preferred rates on research subscriptions, reference books & CCH Accountants’ Suite products &
                                customized bundles from CCH Canada.

      To Order: Visit www.jhi.com or Jeffnet (Member Benefits). Contact: JHI: 416.494.1440 • communications@jhi.com • www.jhi.com

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