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Other Times and Places                    You Need to
for Doing Homework
You may want to do your homework at
school. Check with your teacher about
                                          Have Your Tools
                                          Put all your homework tools—pencils, pens,
                                          coloured pencils, paper, eraser, sharpener,
                                                                                         H   TIPS
this option. The school library may be    and dictionary (very handy)—in a box
ideal. A school homework club is a good   that you can get at easily and not waste
idea too.                                 time looking for stuff.
Think about doing project homework on
the weekend when you have more time.
                                          The computer could be
                                          a good tool as well,
                                          but you can easily get
                                                                                          GRADES   4-6
The local library is
also a good place to
                                          sidetracked. Computers                         Make Homework Work for You!
                                          are really not necessary
do homework.
                                          for homework.

                                          It’s a Question of Balance
                                          You need time to play, participate in sports
                                          and arts activities like dance and music,
                                          and you need time to think and do your
                                          own thing.
                                          All of these activities are important for
                                          brain and body development.
                                          Homework should not prevent you from
                                          doing all of these other activities!
                                          So, how do you make time for everything?
                                          Get Yourself Organized!
                                          Ask your family how they can
                                          help you organize your time
                                          so that you can balance all
                                          these activities.

                                          Get comfortable. Get focussed.
                                          Make Homework Work For You!
What is homework?                           Making Time for                           What to do if …
Homework is any assignment your teacher     You decide when and where.                ... you don’t know what to do.
asks you to do when you are not in class.   Talk to your family about what would      Call your homework buddy, ask an adult
It can be fun and exciting, something you   work for you. Perhaps you are an early    to explain, or ask your teacher the next
can hardly wait to get at, like a project   bird and would like to do your homework   day and then complete the homework.
on a topic that you are interested in, or   after breakfast before school,
a math puzzle, or art project. Homework     or perhaps you are more of                ... the homework is too hard.
can also seem like a chore that you don’t   a night hawk and will do your             If you have given the
want to do! This pamphlet will help you     best work before bed!                     homework a good try and are
take charge and make homework work                                                    getting nowhere, write a note
for you!                                    Remember: You will be better              about what the problem is with
                                            able to do homework when                  the homework, have it signed
                                            you are not tired, hungry, or             by your parent or guardian,
Why should you                              worried about other things ...            and bring the note to
do homework?                                                                          your teacher.
Homework can help you learn new things,                                               ... you just didn’t have time.
review and practise what you learned in                                               Sometimes you just can’t get to the
class, and help you figure                                                            homework—you could bring a note
out how to learn. Learning                  • Schedule your homework in advance.      from home signed by your parent or
how to learn is a lifelong                    Use your agenda book or homework        guardian, or explain to the teacher what
skill that is the key to                      notebook to help keep you on track      has happened.
understanding the world.                      (a to-do list is very helpful).
                                                                                      ... your teacher
                                            • Pick a spot that is quiet               doesn’t give
How much time should                          and away from the
                                                                                      you homework.
                                              family action.
you spend on homework?                                                                Do your own thing.
                                            • Turn off the TV
                                                                                      Use time to
Keep track.                                   or find a place
Note what time you start your homework        where you can’t                         •   be physically active
                                              see it or hear it.                      •   read
and what time you end. You decide when
you have had enough. The following guide    • Music is OK,                            •   build something
may be helpful:                               but not too loud.                       •   take something
                                            • Get comfortable.                            apart
Total Time for All Subjects                                                           •   create some artwork
In grade 4 20–30 minutes 4 nights/week      • Be positive.                            •   play music
In grade 5 30–40 minutes 4 nights/week      • Be sure you                             •   cook
In grade 6 40–50 minutes 4 nights/week        understand what                         •   help someone do something
Remember: There is no hard and fast rule      it is that you are
                                              asked to do.
that requires homework every day!

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