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									Cell Phone Text Messaging

Cell phone text messaging is exploding worldwide. If you have been
struggling to keep your cell phone bill under control, rather than change
your plan again, you may consider using the text messaging feature
available on almost all mobile phones. You will join the ranks of
billions of cell phone text messaging users around the world and maybe
even have a little fun in the process.

Usage of the text messaging feature has seen explosive growth. Statistics
show that by June of 2004, an average of 100 text messages per person had
been sent globally. Text messaging is a quick, convenient, and discrete
way to keep in contact with your friends and loved ones that will keep
you from burning extra minutes in your cell phone plan each month.

Text messaging is also known as SMS, or short message service, in the
technical world. Cell phone users simply refer to them as text messages,
or texts. And the popularity of the service has increased three fold over
the past year in the United States alone. SMS permits the sending and
receipt of text messages between cell phones and other handheld devices,
such as PDAs.

Sending a text message to someone's phone is pretty simple. You simply
choose the messaging feature on your cell phone, input the recipient’s
phone number, and then type your message. Once you are finished typing
your message, then you simply choose the send option and your message is
sent. Many plans even allow you to send messages from your phone directly
to an email address.

In case you are wondering, text messaging is usually a pretty affordable
feature. Mobile phone companies may charge $0.10 or less per text message
to send and receive text messages. This does not count towards your
minutes usage and there is no additional charge.

To save even more when you use this feature, you may choose to add on a
text messaging package to your current cell phone plan. Most text plans
are relatively inexpensive and can be added for as little as $2.99,
depending on how many messages you plan to send each month. Check with
your cell phone carrier for messaging plans offered for your cell phone.

Cell phone companies count all messages that you send or receive, whether
you read them or not. Messages can be up to 160 characters in length. If
you receive a longer message, each 160 characters counts as a separate
text message.

You can also use the text messaging feature on your cell phone to receive
news alerts, ringtones, and more. However, this is normally classified as
premium content and requires a subscription, which is an additional

You may have even seen where many companies and television programs are
using text messaging for entertainment purposes, such as voting and
entering competitions. It is also used by many to play interactive games.
You should keep in mind that you are charged extra for using text
messaging in this manner, though.

So go ahead, start cell phone text messaging instead of idly wasting your
cell phone minutes on things that can be said just as easily, and more
cheaply, using text messaging.

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