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					Camera Cell Phones

These days, a good many cell phones come with a camera built right into
the phone itself. Thus, these phones are called camera phones. These
built in cameras are hardly noticeable and are unobtrusive to the cell
phone user. Camera cell phones are hugely popular and their sales have
even surpassed those of regular digital cameras.

Just as with your standard digital camera, resolution on camera phones
varies. However, you can achieve virtually the same resolution on a VGA
camera phone that you can achieve with a less expensive digital camera.

With current technology, camera phones are continuously being improved
and upgraded. With some of the newer phones, picture quality is almost as
good as some of the mid level digital cameras.

Competition among camera cell phone makers is fierce, and this is a good
thing for consumers. Cell phone manufacturers continuously output better
and cheaper camera phones, which gives you a wider range to choose from
if you are considering a camera cell phone.

When shopping for your new camera phone, be sure to shop around and
compare models, as features vary from phone to phone. Some features that
you can choose from are flash, digital zoom and color adjustment. Some
phones will also allow you to take self portraits.

Along with the camera feature on these cell phones, you may also be able
to use the “photo caller id” feature. When someone calls you, the picture
that you have stored in your phone for that person appears on the screen
when the phone rings.

Other phones include the option to capture short video clips. In addition
to taking photos, camera phones with video capability allow you to record
short videos from your phone. This type of camera phone is rapidly
increasing in popularity.

So, you have gone out and purchased a camera phone. The camera feature is
great but you may be wondering what you will use it for. Besides using
your phone to take the normal pictures you might take on a daily basis,
there are numerous uses for your camera phone.

For example, if you are having a difficult time deciding on a clothing
purchase, you might take a picture and send it to a friend for her
opinion. Or suppose you are in a minor auto accident. Simply whip out
your handy camera phone to take pictures of the damage and to keep track
of the facts. If you are the forgetful sort, you might even decide to
take a picture of the row and section where parked your car at a shopping
center or in a garage.

Once you decide to buy a camera cell phone, you will invent hundreds of
uses that may have never previously crossed your mind. And it only takes
a second to snap a quick photo with your camera cell phone.

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