Success Can Be Cheap: Low Cost Ways For Traffic To Your Website by ahmad.junaidi


									Success Can Be Cheap: Low Cost Ways For Traffic To Your Website

Website traffic is not something that is easy to get. In today's busy
Internet marketplace, nearly everyone who has an Internet connection,
computer, and some sense on how to work the keyboard and the mouse can
make a website. Nearly everyone who has a website, some monetary and
moneymaking sense, and web design savvy can earn from a website. This can
make traffic gathering an extremely difficult enterprise, which has made
some people resort to high-cost marketing techniques; on the other hand,
some marketers have resorted to sleazy techniques that are more annoying
than fruitful.

Having traffic is one thing, but keeping it coming is another. This means
that your job as a marketer is two-fold: you need to get people to notice
your site, and you need to get them to keep on coming back as well.
Believe it or not, there are ways to do this that do not entail you
having to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to be
successful. You only need to know your market well enough, and know how
to please people constantly without over-indulging them.

First, you need to know what your market is like. You should have a
marketing scheme ready by this time. What is your target markets average
age? Does your target market have any other interests? Is your target
market most likely Internet savvy? This can help you look for your target
market through social networks online. Thanks to the paradigm of Web 2.0,
more people are online and are aware of the Internets ability to connect
people. You can exploit this by joining social networks and posting your
URL, then looking for friends amongst people who have common interests.

Another more precise way of getting into Web 2.0 is through harnessing
the power of forums and online groups. Join such places and simply post
your URL, but do not advertise your site explicitly or sell any products
and services just yet. Instead, help people out with their problems,
offer advice, and present your opinions. As your reputation builds up,
start being more up front about your website: when people ask questions,
direct them to a place in your URL, or say that you offer more things
online. A forum or an online group is a great way to get more people to
notice you, and to spread the word about your websites, products, and

Supplement your potential income by enrolling in an affiliate program,
and by posting advertisements on your site. You can get commissions
through clicks on these advertisements, thanks to programs such as Widget
Bucks or Google AdSense. Although the money will trickle in, you can at
least have some residual income to add to your profits. Make sure that
the ads that you post are relevant not only to your site content, but to
the needs of your target market. When people see that your site is not
only useful, but is giving them useful links, then you will be able to
get more traffic to your site.

These are only a few tips on how you can get more traffic to your site of
the Internet universe, and without spending too much. Sometimes, without
spending anything at all! As long as you know how to market your site,
products, and services, and as long as you know the behavior of your
target market without appearing like a creep or a stalker, you will be
able to get traffic to your website and have it rise in the ranks of the
online elite.

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