9 Effective Way To Convert Traffic To Paying Clients by ahmad.junaidi


									9 Effective Way To Convert Traffic To Paying Clients

If you have a website that markets your business, to achieve an online
business that generate income from affiliates or ad programs such as
Google AdSense, or, to sell products and services on an online store. You
probably know that there are certain search engine marketing techniques,
like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click such as Google AdWords,
and, other promotional techniques to drive that much needed traffic to
your site.

Now that you have achieved that, what happens when traffic builds up on
your website? Are you able to convert them to paying clients? Building
traffic to your web site is just one thing, but if nobody is buying your
products or services, your online business is doomed to fail.

Conversion Optimization - A Success Factor

What is conversion optimization? It is the process in which you maximize
the percentage of site visitors to complete a preferred action. This
percentage is called conversion rate.

If you are not doing it yet, conversion rates should be tracked.
Percentage for pay-per-click ads, it's the percentage of visitors who
clicked on your ad, and, is directed to your website, and, made some
actions - like completing and submitting a contract form, request for an
estimate, and other actions. This can be measured, for you to know if you
have successful ads.

How Conversion Rates Are Calculated?

Pay-per-click ads conversion rates, are calculated as follows:

Number of site visitors making an action - divided by - number of site
visitors that clicks your ad - multiplied by - 100 - is equivalent to -
Conversion Rate Percentage

Online stores conversion rates, are calculated simply as follows:

Number of orders made - divided by - number of site visitors - multiplied
by - 100 - is equivalent to - Conversion Rate Percentage

The importance of improving the conversion rate is so crucial, because it
can escalate your sales transactions with the same quantity of website
traffic by just increasing your conversion rate. As the website traffic
increases - and it should increase as expected over a period of time,
granting you are properly managing your website - your profit will
proliferate. You could amplify your conversion rate and amplify your
website traffic, your profit will escalate four times, with all the other
things being equal.

Here Is The Much Awaited 9 Effective Ways
You can use the following 9 effective ways to improve your conversion
rates and to convert site visitors to paying clients. This is perfect for
online stores, but, it is also quite effective for most types of websites
that need to improve their conversion rate. Most of them are reasonably
priced ideas, especially when compared to the price of driving additional
website traffic or to pay for advertising. Bear in mind, too, that
boosting your conversion rate will consequence a better return on
investment for your website's promotional expenditures that you use to
amplify your website traffic.

1. Use the return policy of your site to convert visitors to paying

2. Give a variety of payment options to attract a lot more paying

3. Offer an easy accessible customer service.

4. Provide a toll-free contact number that is visible to site visitors.

5. Be a mystery shopper to your site.

6. Make your website secure and make sure that everybody knows it.

7. It is best to peek on your competitor's site to see what they are up

8. You should welcome feedback, because it will help you improve your

9. Offer promos and special discounts and make sure that they are
advertised heavily.

It is not enough for your website to be just noticed. You have to aim for
sales too!

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