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									                                Heartland Connection
                                       April 21, 2008
             The Heartland Connection is made possible by your Mission Dollars

Each week you will receive the Heartland Connection. The Heartland Connection can also be
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Each week you will receive updates on upcoming events:
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—June 10, 2008—South Broadland Presbyterian
       Church, KCMO
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—September 9, 2008—First, Olathe, KS
      Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery—November 11, 2008—First, Paola, KS

Links to Upcoming Events: http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/events.html

A Partnership of Prayer
  Please pray for all the Honorably Retired, at-large members who are not currently serving
                    churches, and support staff of the churches each week.

April 20, 2008
Tarkio Presbyterian Church, Tarkio, MO
       The Rev. Rachel Lancey, Pastor
       Mr. Dave Lee, Clerk of Session

Stony Point Presbyterian Church, Trimble, MO
       The Rev. William S. Parrott, Stated Supply
       Ms. Sherry Smith, Clerk of Session

April 27, 2008
Evangel Presbyterian Church, Urich, MO
       Mr. Marcus Cumpton, Commissioned Lay Pastor
       Ms. Irene Graef, Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church, Warrensburg, MO
       The Rev. Alexander H. Wales, Pastor
       The Rev. Melissa Bowers, Associate Pastor
       Ms. Denise Miller, Clerk of Session

Deadline to order is May 9, 2008.
(Submitted by presbytery staff)

Picture the Earth as seen from the moon, as you consider this quote, "With all the arguments,
pro and con, for going to the moon, no one suggested that we should do it to look at Earth. But
that may, in fact, have been the most important reason of all." (Joseph P. Allen, former
astronaut).....Have a meaningful Earth Day!! (Submitted by Diane Waddell of Earthkeepers

Forty wooden & upholstered chairs available from Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church,
Overland Park to donate to a congregation or other ministry facility who could use them. They
are originally choir loft chairs and have a space under them to hold a hymnal or Bible, but they
could be used for other needs as well. We ask that the church/ministry contact the church office
at 913.345.1256 and make arrangements to pick them up. (Submitted by Kimby Young 4/21/08)

Greetings from Cameroon! I just received a copy of the Mission Challenge '07 Report from
Hunter Farrell. I was delighted to see that Presbyterians gave $915,034 toward missions during
the Mission Challenge. I was even more delighted to see that Heartland Presbytery gave
$25,165.00, which was 2.75% of the total giving. This was the highest percentage of any
presbytery! Congratulations and praise God! So I want to thank Heartland Presbytery for
generously opening their pockets to the church's call to mission. Please tell the presbytery
"Thank you" on my behalf. I also want to give you a report on what's happening in the
HIV/AIDS ministry in Cameroon. See
I wanted the presbytery to know what I've been up to the last couple of years. (Submitted by
Shirley Hill 4/21/08)

Village Presbyterian Fundraiser! You are invited to a Silent Auction, May 19, 2008, at
Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, Somerset and Nall. Please mark your calendar for this
great event. The Silent Auction will be held in conjunction with the annual Village Golf Classic.
The auction will begin at 10:00 AM and will close at 6:00 PM. A ―Tee‖ Party for final bidding
will be served from 4:00 to 6:00 with complimentary appetizers and a cash bar. Golfers and non-
golfers are invited to attend. This year’s auction items feature great vacation destinations, tickets
for the arts, movies, sporting events, treasured memorabilia, and much, much more! All proceeds
go to benefit the Dominican Republic Medical Mission. For more detail, please go to
http://www.villageyouth.com/pdf/dominicanauction.pdf. (Submitted by Kaye Bomgaars 4/17/08)

Heifer International Offers Summer Opportunities Heifer International’s largest learning
center, Heifer Ranch is located near Perryville, Arkansas and just 45 miles northwest of Little
Rock. This exciting site offers experiential education opportunities that promote sustainable
solutions to global hunger, poverty and environmental degradation. More than 28,000 visitors a
year participate in Heifer programs including two-hour tours (for pre-k thru adult), multi-day and
weeklong experiences (for older children, youth and adults). Alternative spring break
programming is also available. For more information about the Ranch, go to
www.heifer.org/ranch or call the Ranch Events Office at 501-889-5124. (Submitted by Carol
Oliver 4/17/08)

The CPE program at Heartland Regional Medical Center, Saint Joseph, MO, has openings
for its fall Extended program, scheduled to begin September 15, 2008 and to end May 11,
2009. This unit provides 400 credit yours or one unit of credit through The Association for
Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. Tuition is $200.00; some assistance may be available. Please
address inquiries to Jackie Thomas, ACPE Supervisor, at Jackie.thomas@heartland-health.com
or call 8800/447-2487 for additional information. (Submitted by Jackie Thomas 4/16/08)

The following items are located in previous Heartland Connections and are located at

Highlights from the Stated Meeting of Heartland Presbytery April 12, 2008.
www.heartlandpby.org These are formatted to be used as a bulletin insert. (Submitted by
presbytery staff 4/14/08)

As Earth Day and Earth Day Sunday approach, please keep in your hearts and minds that we
must be about keeping and healing Earth. Be reminded the Earth holds and keeps us, and can
heal us as well, through the grace of God.... I am reminded of a salmon fisherman in CA, who,
this year, cannot fish for salmon because there are only 10% left in his area. He said, "The
planet is so small"...What a message he brought...a reminder that we are so
interdependent...on this beautiful. small planet. Blessings to you and Earth ...this coming Earth
Day. (Submitted by Diane Waddell of Earthkeepers 4/14/08).

Join us for TLC FOR HPC DAY on Saturday, April 26th, to give Heartland
Presbyterian Center some Tender Lovin’ Care. This is a day set aside to bring volunteers
(like you!) to get camp ready for the summer camping season and our 1,000 campers.
We need help cleaning and repairing cabins, setting up wilderness sites, clearing trails,
etc. This event is for all ages and is totally free. All we ask for is your valuable time and
energy! Bring your Sunday school, men’s/women’s group, family, youth group, or just
yourself! Work will begin at 9:30 a.m. and finish at 3:00 p.m. Doughnuts and coffee will
be served in the morning and lunch is provided. Please RSVP to Heartland Center at
(816) 891-1078 or Office@HeartlandCenter.org. Bring with you: gloves, work clothes,
any tools you might find useful, and a heart of service! (Submitted by Amy Haas 4/7/08)

Young Adult Summer Eco-Training Opportunity May 31-June 12, 2008 –A partnership
between Heartland Center, the national PRC and PCCCA, and our local Earthkeepers. Visit
www.presbyterianconservationcorps.org for more information and to apply. (Submitted by Brian
Frick 4/3/08)

Spectacular Summer Camp Jobs! Heartland Center is still hiring college students for this
summer. Contact Chris Ford at 816-891-1078 to apply or visit www.heartlandcenter.org.
(Submitted by Brian Frick 4/3/08)
High School Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) For more information or to apply, contact Chris
Ford at 816-891-1078 or visit www.heartlandcenter.org. (Submitted by Brian Frick 4/3/08)

Saint Luke’s CPE program taking applications Saint Luke's Hospital CPE Program
announces openings for this summer's fulltime program (May 27 - August 14, 2008) , Residency
Program beginning August 25, 2008-August 31, 2009 and fall Extended part time program
beginning September 24th, 2008 - April 25, 2009. For more information or application material
please go on-line to www.saint-lukes.org and click on Allied Health Education and then to
Clinical Pastoral Education. Other inquiries may be made directly to the Director of Pastoral
Education, Rev. Stephen W. Overall, at (816) 932-2840 or to Mrs. Teesha Miller, Administrative
Assistant of the Spiritual Wellness Department of Saint Luke's Hospital at (816) 932-2180. Marc
Giedinghagen, CPE Associate Supervisor and Palliative Care Chaplain, St. Luke's Hospital, 4401
Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64111, (816) 932-3834 (Submitted by Marc Giedinghagen

Spring Volunteer Camp Work Day - Join us for TLC FOR HPC DAY on Saturday,
April 26th, Please RSVP by Friday, April 18th to Heartland Center at (816) 891-1078 or
Office@HeartlandCenter.org. Bring with you: gloves, work clothes, any tools you might
find useful, and a heart of service! (Submitted by Amy Haas 3/27/08)

Are you concerned about the treatment of the aged in Kansas? Visit www.kabc.org (Kansas
Advocates for Better Care) and www.agingkansas.org to network with others who share your
concern. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/25/08)

A wonderful local dairy is in danger of closing because of new proposed labeling. (Submitted
by Diane Waddell, Earthkeepers 3/24/08)

Unassigned General Assembly Restricted Funds: Check them out to see if your congregation
is eligible http://www.pcusa.org/financials/unassigned-restricted-funds.htm (Submitted by
presbytery staff 3/19/08)

The Healthy Congregations Workshop will be presented on April 25 and 26 at New Summit
Presbyterian Church in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. For registration information
08%20_2_.pdf or contact Dave Moore at 816-246-7474, or by email at davemoore@swbell.net.
(Submitted by Dave Moore 3/17/08)

Dr. Diana Butler Bass, author of Christianity for the Rest of Us, will speak at Second
Presbyterian Church, 55th and Oak, Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday, May 3, 2008 and
Sunday, May 4, 2008. Both the Saturday and Sunday events will begin at 9:00 a.m. Free
Admission. Box Lunches are $5.50 and may be reserved for Saturday. Call Marsha Kirsch at
816-363-1300 or mkirsch@secondpres.org. (Submitted by Douglas Hundley 3/17/08)

Make New Friends! Renew Your Spirit! Expand Your Mind! All administrative personnel
of the Presbyterian Church are invited to attend the Greater Midwest Regional Conference of the
Administrative Personnel Association of the Presbyterian Church USA (APA) April 24-26,
2008. See
(Submitted by Mari Shineman 3/14/08)

Join Heartland Center’s Thursday Volunteer Crew (Submitted by Jeff Light 3/11/08)

Manual includes a section called ―Expectations of Service‖ where the responsibilities of serving
on a presbytery committee or division are described. If a committee or division member fails to
attend three meetings in a row without requesting an excused absence, that member will be asked
to resign by the Committee on Nominations. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/10/08)

Interim Executive Training October 31-November 3, 2008.
http://www.synodma.org/events.html#Interim%20Ministry%20Training (Submitted by
presbytery staff 3/10/08)

“The Missouri Healthcare Restoration Act” Needs Our Support! If you want more
information, or are ready to get involved, please contact Susan Letizia (816-373-0281 /
sjletizia@sbcglobal.net) or Rev. Scott Cervas at (816-682-4202 / scottpcusa@hotmail.com)
(Submitted by Scott Cervas 3/10/08)

Omaha Seminary Minister’s Day 2008, Tuesday, April 22, 2008.
http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/MinistersDayBrochure2008.pdf. (Submitted by Jeff
Light 3/5/08)

SYNOD SCHOOL 2008 Heartland Presbytery has been invited to participate in Synod School
2008 hosted by the Synod of Lakes and Prairies. For complete information, log on to
www.lakesandprairies.org. (Submitted by presbytery staff 3/3/08)

In a connected church such as our, per capita is the responsible way of sharing costs that
equitably belong to the whole Presbyterian community. Check out your per capita dollars at



Montreat Conferences: Solo Pastor to Multi Staff, Associate Pastor, Arts and Sabbath
Conferences. Click www.montreat.org/current for more information and to register for a
conference. (Submitted by presbytery staff 2/12/08)

Summer Youth Institute—July 5-19, 2008, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. For youth 11th
or 12th grade. Full scholarship. Check it out www.summeryouthinstitute.org (Submitted by
presbytery staff 2/12/08)
The office of national health Ministries has launched a new website designed for boomers
and elders called, Living Longer – Feeling Better. You can view it at
www.pcusa.org/healthyliving. (Submitted by presbytery staff 1/16/07)

Bill Tammeus, at Ghost Ranch the week of July 7-13, 2008. www.ghostranch.org. (Submitted by
Bill Tammeus 1/7/08)

LOUISVILLE — A non-profit organization related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
has launched a Fair Trade Web site http://www.partnersforjusttrade.org/ (Submitted by
presbytery staff 12/1207)

Heartland Presbyterian Center Youth Group Team Building 2 for 1 Deal: Heartland
Center Challenge Course 2-for-1!!
http://www.heartlandpby.org/upcoming/files/2%20for%201%20deal.pdf (Submitted by Alexis
Bechtold 12/11/07)

IRS has announced the mileage rate for 2008 will be 50.5 cents per mile. This link will take
you to the IRS info: http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=176030,00.html (Submitted by
presbytery staff 12/3/07)

These are some new featured for Percept. www.perceptgroup.com (Submitted by Mary
Brown 11/27/07)


Certification Program in Church Business Administration: Union-PSCE, Richmond, VA,
Seminar I A&B July 15-24, 2008 and Seminar II A&B July 21-30, 2009. http://www.union-
psce.edu/prodev/cba/index.php. (Submitted by presbytery staff 11/13/07)

LAPTOP COMPUTERS: GET 1/GIVE 1 Check out the details at
http://www.laptopgiving.org . (Submitted by presbytery staff 11/8/07)

Hurricane Relief Updates www.pcusa.org/pda. (Submitted by presbytery staff 10/10/07)

Percept: How well do you know the community that is surrounding your church? For free
demographics for your church login on ―link2lead.com‖ (User – 23553 Password – kerygma2)
Enter your church zip code and print your ―First View‖ report. (submitted by Mary Brown

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has launched a new Web site dedicated to small
churches. The site, http://www.pcusa.org/smallchurch (Submitted by presbytery staff 5/5/06)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Bill Filbern, HR who will be having Prostate Surgery on
April 21,2008. It will be done at Shawnee Mission Hospital by the Da Vinci Procedure which
is done with a robot. What a world God has made. (Submitted by presbytery staff 4/14/08)

Please be in prayer for all military personnel at home and abroad. (Submitted by presbytery
staff 3/14/08)

Please be in prayer for The Rev. Nancy Profit who is recovering at home. Cards may be sent
to her home address: Rev. Nancy Profit, 1201 Vista Ave., Shenandoah IA 51601. Dick says
they feel and appreciate our prayers. (Updated by presbytery staff 3/3/08)

Please be in prayer for Kenya. The Neema Community Fellowship, Prairie Village, KS had a
prayer session with the Kenyan community Sunday, January 6, 2007, to show of how concerned
they are as Kenyans. They are asking our ministry partners and friends to remember those
suffering in Kenya. (Submitted by presbytery staff 1/7/08) For more information on Kenya click

Please continue to pray for The Rev. Dr. Dick Duncan and family. Dick resides at the
Ridgecrest Nursing Center, 706 S. Mitchell, Warrensburg, MO. Cards can be sent to: The Rev.
Dr. Dick Duncan, PO Box 230, Warrensburg, MO 64093. (Updated by presbytery staff 12/6/06)

Please be in prayer for the victims of natural disasters and all those who are so generously
offering assistance to meet the needs of these disasters.


Youth Coordinator Wanted: Raymore Presbyterian Church is seeking a part time Youth
Coordinator (minimum 10 hrs per week). This position will provide guidance for the youth of all
ages each Sunday and participate in special monthly events such as programs, trips and other
fellowship opportunities. Applicant must be at least 20 years of age, have experience in working
with children of all ages and enjoy it! Must be able to communicate with church session and
pastor as well as congregation. Must be willing to participate in a background check and pass it
and have a valid drivers license and current insurance. For more information, please call the
church office at 816-331-6166 and leave a brief message on how you may be contacted.
(Submitted by Angie Hardison 4/7/08)

HELP WANTED: Knox Presbyterian Church is seeking a part-time Nursery Attendant to
work Wednesday A.M. and some week nights and Sundays. Must be at least 18. Please call:
Lisa Campbell at 913-888-7775. (Submitted by Bob & Phyllis Keithley 4/2/08)

Village Presbyterian Church is looking for summer youth interns and a year-long intern in
youth ministry! Our interns spend time with our youth and staff planning great fellowship and
mid-week activities. Interns also participate in some of our great summer and yearly trips.
Summer internships will begin in mid/late May and last through early/mid August, and the year-
long internship is available beginning in the summer of 2008. We're flexible on start/end dates.
Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter, a written journey of faith, a résumé, and two letters
of recommendation (from mentors, professors, former employers, teachers, neighbors, etc).
Summer intern candidates should be sophomores in college or older and must be solid Christians
familiar with Presbyterian traditions. Housing is available with a host family if needed. The
salary for summer interns is $3,400 for about 12 weeks, and is negotiable for the year-long
internship. Submission materials can be sent by email, fax, or postal mail. Interviews will begin
in the 2008 spring semester. Please contact Matt Vaughan (matt@villagepres.org or 913-671-
2306) or Lindsay O'Connor (913-671-2305) at the church for more information. (Submitted by
Matt Vaughan 1/29/08)

WANTED: Part-Time Christian Educator (20-30 hrs/wk.) to join ministry team at the First
Presbyterian Church of Lee's Summit, Missouri. You will be loved in the name of Christ,
equipped, challenged, stretched, and freed to do the ministry God has called you to do. Sound
exciting? Fax Resume to 816-524-4071 or e-mail to office@firstchurchls.org. You may also
mail it to the First Presbyterian Church of Lee's Summit, Missouri, 1625 NW O’Brien Rd. Lee’s
Summit, MO 64081.

MUSICIAN NEEDED. Argentine United Presbyterian Church is seeking an
Accompanist/Choir Director. Our urgent need is for someone to play for our worship service at
9:30 am on Sundays beginning in September. The ideal candidate would also be able to rehearse
and direct the choir. For more information, please contact Rev. Donna Chavez at 913-831-4539,
or send resume to the church, 3801 Strong Ave., Kansas City, KS 66106. (Submitted by Donna
Chavez 8/22/07)

Part time YOUTH LEADER needed. Argentine United Presbyterian Church is looking for
a person who: relates well to children and youth; has an energetic personality and a deep faith
and spiritual foundation; has experience in cross-cultural/multicultural settings and is
comfortable with persons from a variety of ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.
The ideal candidate will have some proficiency in Spanish. For position responsibilities and
other information please contact Rev. Donna Chavez at 913-831-4539. (Submitted by Donna
Chavez 6/28/07)

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