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									Create Your Own Product

One of the great things about the internet is that there are many ways to
take your own passions, interests, hobbies and talents and turn them into
a profitable stream of income. A great way to do this is by writing your
own Ebook. An Ebook has many advantages over traditional books that are
sold in bookshops.

For the author it offers the ability to easily get their work published
and also affords them the freedom to write about just about anything that
they want to without any restrictions. The profit margins are also
significantly higher. With a traditional book the profits that go to the
author are usually in the region of fifteen percent of the sale price.
However, in the world of Ebooks the profit can be very close to one
hundred percent.

For the customer there is are also significant advantages because they
can buy the book at any time of the day and receive an instant download.
They also save the money and time that would usually be involved with
going to a bookstore to buy. Usually Ebooks are bundled with great extras
which makes them even better value.

Once you have committed to the decision that you are going to write your
own book what you must decide is the topic. Then it is wise to find out
what sort of demand there would be for that particular niche. You can do
this by going to Overture and using their keyword tool to see how many
searches were made for that niche over the past month.

If there were a reasonable number of searches then you want to start
writing. You should create a plan and then stick to it. A realistic plan
could be to write three pages per day over a month. Start today and then
in a month’s time you will have written your very own ninety page Ebook.
Not too difficult, is it? All it requires is commitment.

After you have completed writing your book you will need to have a one
page sales page from which to sell it. This is extremely easy to set up
with a Website creation software like XSitePro. Then to allow yourself to
accept orders from your site you will need to sign up with Clickbank or
PayPal. This is not complicated at all and will help you to automate the

Finally to get the book into a package that is easy to download you will
want to convert it to a PDF. Then you will want to have an attractive
Ebook cover created. The old saying, "Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,"
may have some truth in it, however, in the world of selling things it is
of incredible importance to have a cover that will draw the customer in
and more likely to buy from you.

Services such as this are provided at freelance websites such as Elance.
It can be extremely helpful before starting out writing your Ebook to get
some good advice on all the major issues that you may come across and
really streamline the experience. Jim Edwards offers some really good
advice in his Write An Ebook in 7 Days programme.

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