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					  Project Sankalp

A step towards eAgriBiz

2nd National Workshop on “ICT in Agriculture & Rural

1. Introduction

2. Business Context

3. Application Software (FIMS)

4. Technology

5. Next Steps …
                                                                       (What Project Sankalp is)

Project Sankalp-
    Is about achieving excellence in customer satisfaction
    Has a wider scope and meaning beyond IT
    An initiative of an AgriBusiness organisation

The project we did at TCS for our client to achieve some of their goals of Project
Sankalp through IT initiatives is the central topic of this presentation. Within the
boundary of this presentation, we will use – Project Sankalp – narrowed down to only
IT initiatives.

Being an AgriBusiness initiative towards customer satisfaction, Project Sankalp is
primarily focused on farmers.
                                                                  (Problems addressed by Project Sankalp)

                    Problems                                         Solutions
    Economic Conditions                              Loan facilitation

    Slow Agriculture Extensions and lack of timely   Information centers, Agri experts’ field visits
    information/education to the farmers
    Inappropriate usage of agri inputs               Sustainable agriculture through Soil testing,
3                                                    counseling on appropriate usage, information
    Poor returns due to lack of market access and    Contract farming, information centers,
    market price information                         collection centers
    Lack of quality consciousness                    Crop guide, crop monitoring, information
                                                     centers, counseling
    Reach to the farmer at individual level          Information centers, Agri experts’ field visits,
                                                     group formations, counseling
    Weather dependency                               Information centers, loan for irrigation
                                                 Business Context

The implementation of the solutions mentioned in the previous slide is through the
sales point, who are franchisee driven. The business provides all the support to the
franchisees through its regional offices. The franchisees are encouraged to promote
other programs along with the product sale.

The IT support was planned in the phased manner. Development of an application to
support the services to farmers like contract farming, agri-finance etc. was in the
scope of phase I of the project. TCS developed the application and implemented it
along with the financial accounting product - EX Smart Accounting - at all franchisee
locations. All regional offices and corporate office implementations are designed to get
the consolidated results of the franchisee business.

The next slide is a pictorial representation of business setup
                                                Business Context

                           Corporate Office

Regional Office            Regional Office                   Regional Office

Dealer + Advisor         Dealer + Advisor       Dealer + Advisor      Dealer + Advisor

                   Farmer (individual)      Farmer (group)
                                                   Application Software
                                                          (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                     Group                          Contract          Agri              Competit
 Farmer                           Services                                              ion
 Profiles            Profiles                       Farming           Finance

• Personal detail   • Group       • Membership      • Buyer           • Bank            • Competitors’
• Land Holding      Formation     plans             Contracts         Contracts         sales tracking
• Demographics      • Group       • Family          • Crops under     • Loan
• Buying pattern    information   Insurance         buyer             requests
• Cropping          • Farmer –    • Soil testing    contracts         • Loan
pattern             Group         • Training        • Farmers         Disbursals
                    Association   • Agri Finance    under buyer       • Repayments
                                  • Counseling      contracts         / Recovery
                                  • Crop Guide      • Crop
                                                    • Procurement
                                                          Application Software
                                                                       (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                      Contract               Agri                  Competit
Farmer                                   Services                                                           ion
Profiles            Profiles                                   Farming                Finance

• Personal detail
    Farmer’s Name, Father’s Name, Address, Birth Date, Area of Interest, Occupation, Education details,
    Family details
• Land Holding
    Farm Survey No, Size of Farm, Farm owner’s Name, Irrigation Details, Soil type
• Machinery details
    Machinery used, Status of ownership
• Source
    Source of Technical Help, Agri Finance, Soil Testing, Agri inputs, Rental Machinery, Market access
• Demographics
    Village details including population, status of village in terms of wealth, facilities available at village level
    like School, Hospital, Agri Dealers, Agri Finance source, Bus route, Railway station.
•Cropping pattern
    Crop and variety sown in particular time span, Seed Type Used, Seed Rate, Yield (kg / hector) , Income
• Buying pattern
    Details of Agri inputs purchase for a given time span
                                                       Application Software
                                                                   (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                  Contract              Agri                Competit
Farmer                                 Services                                                      ion
Profiles            Profiles                               Farming               Finance

• Group Formation
  Farmers are approached and inspired to form a group. This concept replicates cooperative farming approach
  through which farmers can share agriculture resources to optimize cultivation cost.
•Group information
       • Group details
              Group name, Address, village, Bank details for group, Details of Agriculture expert inspiring group
       • Farmer Details
             List of member farmers, Joining and termination dates of member farmers, Details of group
       • Payment Details
             Details of mode of payment and amount as membership fees, Insurance details of member farmers
             and their family
• Farmer – Group Association
  Farmer can associate himself to a group according to his convenience e.g. group of farmers producing cotton.
                                                       Application Software
                                                                   (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                   Contract             Agri                 Competit
Farmer                                Services                                                        ion
Profiles            Profiles                                Farming              Finance

  • Membership plans
    Farmers are inspired to purchase membership at some nominal fees to access paid services. Membership is
    for some specific time period during which farmer can access any of the services according to strategy of the
    business holder. FIMS tracks membership process with necessary data.
  • Family Insurance
    On purchase of membership, farmers are given self and family insurance. System keeps track of all require
    data regarding this service like Name of insurance holder, Nominee details.
  • Soil testing
     Soil testing is a special service given to member farmers to guide them further for crop cultivation.
  • Training
     Member farmers are invited in training sessions for technical help and support.
  • Agri Finance
    Farmer or group of farmers is eligible for accessing loan facilities, FIMS keeps track of entire Loan Cycle.
  • Counseling
  • Crop Guide
     Member farmers are supported in their farming activities with best package of practices through crop guide
                                                       Application Software
                                                                  (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                  Contract             Agri                Competit
Farmer                                Services                                                      ion
Profiles            Profiles                               Farming              Finance

 • Buyer Contracts
    For contract farming facilitation business holder does contract with food industries and other buyers. FIMS
    tracks Buyer details, Contract details like contract validity, contract amount, type of contract.
 • Crops under buyer contracts
    FIMS gives liberty to associate crop with a particular Buyer contract. It keeps track of crops under a given
    contract, quantity of crop assured, acreages, expected quality and prices offered.
 • Farmers under buyer contracts with specific crop
   FIMS also facilitates to associate farmers with a particular Buyer contract and crop. System captures
   necessary details like farm survey no, total acreage under contract, quantity assured by farmer.
 • Crop Monitoring
   FIMS captures details of field visits of agriculture experts. System tracks details of farming activities,
   suggestions given to purchase agri inputs, Production estimations for given time period.
 • Procurement
   FIMS tracks entire procurement process by capturing Buying process details like Farmer’s and Buyer’s details,
   details of transaction center, Buyer contract details, Crop, quality and quantity details and Price details.
                                                        Application Software
                                                                    (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                    Contract             Agri                 Competit
Farmer                                  Services                                                       ion
Profiles            Profiles                                 Farming              Finance

• Bank Contracts
  Finance plays the major role in agri business. FIMS tracks entire Loan Cycle. System captures Bank Contract
  details including Bank Name, Contract Date and Validity and amount of contract.

• Loan requests
  Individual or group loan applications can be entered in to FIMS against a Bank Contract. Loan requests
  include Loan owner, Credit limit of a farmer ,Date of Application, Validity, Amount requested, Loan status,
  Type of Loan (Cash/Kind).

• Loan Disbursals
  FIMS tracks disbursal details for a given Loan. It includes data related to farmer receiving loan, amount
  disbursed at farmer level, Disbursal request date, mode of payment, Activity for which disbursal is requested.

• Repayments / Recovery
  Repayment or loan recovery is important process of Loan Cycle. FIMS tracks Loan Recovery by capturing
  Loan owner, Installment amount, Date of Installment repaid, Mode of payment.
                                                       Application Software
                                                                   (Farmer Information Management System - FIMS)

                    Group                                  Contract              Agri                Competi
Farmer                                 Services                                                      tion
Profiles            Profiles                               Farming               Finance

 • Competitors’ sales tracking

  System facilitates to capture equivalent product details which are manufactured by competitors.

  FIMS gives liberty to capture farmer wise transactions of competitors’ products that includes Farmer’s
  Name, Competitors’ Product Name, Date of Transaction, Quantity purchased.
  it allows to track competitors’ sales.

   Distributed desktop application at franchisee locations
        Data movement to and from franchisees and regional offices is through dial-up,
         physical media
        Data transfer between corporate and regional offices is through VSATs
        Data gets consolidated at regional and corporate level

   Software platform-
        Visual Basic 6
        Crystal Reports 10
        SQL Server 2000 / msdb

   Hardware platform-
        Intel pentium III or above with 128 MB RAM, 30 GB HDD recommended

   Multilingual Support
        Support for English and Hindi interfaces
        Translation + transliteration from Hindi to English for consolidation

Salient Features of FIMS are -
   User friendly GUI with impressive outlook
   Interactive search facility in each module
   Object Oriented design
   Data consolidation at regional and corporate level
   Open and extendible design, features like automatic reconciliation with bank can be
    easily build
   User authentication and role base access for system security
   Current implementation is interfacing with EX Smart Accounting, though its not tightly
    coupled with EX
   Large number of reports providing analytical information for decision making
                                                                          Next Steps …

Future considerations-
• Online access to “Crop Guide – In Regional Language” to support farmers for general crop cultivation
• Online guidance for Mechanized Farming.
• Online guidance on best Post Harvest and Storage Practices
• Providing online Market Information and Market Access.
• Providing online Weather Information and alerts.
• Making farmers aware of world class quality features of different crops in demand.
• Making farmers aware of Sustainable Agriculture Practices.
• Providing information on “ Conventional Energy Sources and their uses at farm level” to optimize cost.
• Supporting farmers to solve their personal queries by associating them with agriculture experts and
• Online training sessions for farmers on wide range of topics with multimedia application.
• Approaching farmers to improve their literacy level, decision making and making them over all educated.
• Keeping farmer community up to date with latest updates and decisions of Government, Banking Sector,
  Insurance Sector, Domestic and International Institutions and Universities.
• Encouraging farmers for transit towards Hi – Tech Precision Agriculture by supporting them in all means.
                                                    Next Steps …

Following projects are under consideration as part of phase II of the
Project Sankalp.

    Web portal
    Interactive TV
    E-Kiosk

It can be seen from the above list that phase II is aiming at information
dissemination to farmers

Your questions …

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