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					      Travis Tales               Building Exceptional Students Together
Vincent Ruiz, Principal                              Travis Elementary School                         100 Hickam Avenue
Jenny Rosell, PTA President                        Travis Unified School District                  Travis AFB, CA 94535
Martha Pierce, Editor                                     Phone: (707) 437-2070

 May 2, 2011                                 “Home of the Fantastic Falcons”                      School Year 2010-2011
                                                                                            Fast Cars & Kids Don’t Mix!
                            Principal’s Corner                                          Recently, we have witnessed drivers
Welcome back from Spring Break! I know it is hard, but it is critical that students     speeding through our parking lot during
return to their regular home and school routines so that the last 24 days of school     pick up and drop off times. We want to
can be productive instructional days for all students. The academic learning            remind everyone that the safest speed
                                                                                        to travel in our parking lot is 5 MPH.
continues through the last day of school and every minute counts! Not enough
                                                                                        Planning for extra time when dropping
sleep often times results in a lack of focus and inappropriate behaviors which is       off or picking up your children will help
disruptive to the learning of each student in the classroom. We want all of our         insure the safety of everyone on our
students to learn what they need to learn in order to be prepared for success next      campus.
year. Please stress the importance of focusing on learning and following the
school rules with your children as the end of the school year nears.
As the weather warms up, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for
school. Please review the Dress Code Policy as stated in our Student/Parent/               Staff Appreciation Week
Guardian Handbook with your student. Students not dressed appropriately will be         We will be celebrating our staff the
asked to change their clothes.                                                          week of May 2. Wednesday’s activity
                                                                                        will include our students. We are
The Safety of your Children continues to be a concern. Please be aware of the           asking students and staff alike to
safety of other parents children as you drive and park while dropping-off, visiting     dress in “Crazy Colors” to celebrate
or picking-up your children. We have had numerous reports of speeding, driving          our creative and fantastic staff.
around non-moving cars and reckless behavior by drivers. Please drive safely, use       Friday, we have asked some of our
common courtesy and drive as if your child were crossing the street.                    volunteers to cover the teachers
As the year winds down it is important to me that I say Thank You                       yard duty for the day. This will give
parents, parent volunteers, Parent Teacher Association and staff for all the            our teachers a break during their
time and effort you have put into helping make Travis Elementary the best school        work day.
possible for our children. I truly believe that your time, dedication and support; in
the classrooms, of school policies and at home are helping to develop academically
                                                                                                   Dates to Remember
prepared students, individuals with good morals and high integrity and productive
                                                                                        5/4: Crazy Color Day!
citizens of the United States. Thank you!                                               5/6: AR Assembly for all grades
Vincent Ruiz                                                                            5/10: PTA Meeting
                                                                                        5/13: 4th Grade Gold Rush
                                                                                        5/13: 1st/2nd Grade Field Trip
                                                                                        5/18: Open House, 5:00-5:30 PM
                                                                                        5/18: Spring Fling 5:30-7:00 PM
                                                                                        5/20: 5th Grade Revolutionary War
                                                                                        5/24: 3rd Grade Field Trip
                                                                                        5/24: PTA Meeting
Use Good Search for your Internet searches and Travis Elementary receives 1¢ for each   5/25: 5th Grade Science Musical
search you do! Bookmark the site today!                              5/27: 6th Grade Olympics
                                                                                        5/27: AR Cutoff for Awards on June 1
Pre-Registration forms are                 Are you leaving the Travis                   6/1: Final AR Assembly
due now! Over 10% of our                   area next year? Please be                    6/1: Picnic Day 11:00-1:00
students have not returned their           sure you have completed our                  6/2: Field Day, 9:00-11:00
pre-registration for next year.            Pre-Registration form indicating             6/3: Last day of School!
                                                                                        8/17: School begins for the 2011/12
Have you? Help us plan for                 you won’t return next year.                        School year!
next year!
                                                2011/2012 School Calendar!
                      This information is available on our webpage at
08/17/11:   First Day of school                12/23-1/6/12: Winter Break                 05/28/12: School Holiday,
09/05/11:   School Holiday, Labor Day          01/16/12: School Holiday, MLK Day                     Memorial Day
11/11/11:   School Holiday, Veteran’s Day      02/20-24/12: Presidents Day/Furlough Days  06/01/12: Last Day of School
11/21-25:   Thanksgiving Break                 04/06-04/13: Spring Break
                        Open House and Spring Fling!                                                   Telephones & Email
Don’t miss our annual Open House and Spring Fling on May 18. Open                            Thank you to everyone for your support and
House is from 5:00-5:30. Visit your child’s classroom and see what they’ve                   assistance during our “quiet” days when our
been learning all year.                                                                      telephones weren’t working. We appreciate
                                                                                             your use of email to contact the school and
Spring Fling begins at 5:30 and ends at 7:00. Families are invited for fun
                                                                                             would like to encourage you to continue to
and games, good food, and the silent auction. The silent auction will                        contact us that way.
include the baskets that each classroom is assembling. You won’t want to                     To avoid your email going to SPAM, you can
miss the Cake Walk either—always a sweet event! Plan on attending this                       register your email address on our district
annual end of the year celebration! All proceeds from this event are given                   webpage: Click on
back to the school. Hope to see you there!                                                   the “Help with email problems” link.

SPRING BBQ! Our Annual Spring BBQ is Thursday, May 5 at lunch. (11:30, grades 1-2, 11:50, grades 3-4 and 12:15 grades 5-6.) The cost
is $3.25 for adults. To keep the lines moving quickly, you may use your child’s lunch account to pay for adult lunches. Please be sure there is
enough money on your child’s account to cover all lunches you are purchasing that day.

                             Notes from the School Health Office
New shot requirement for upcoming 7th-12th graders…6th graders should have received a letter to take home
notifying parents that all students entering 7th through 12th grades will need to show proof of an adolescent
whooping cough booster shot (Tdap) before starting school next year.
Reminder: If you have not yet turned in a School Physical for your Kindergartener, please have it done before they
start 1st grade. This is a state of California requirement.
As always if you have any questions or concerns about the immunization requirements, physicals or about your child’s
health at school, please feel free to contact me at 437-2070 ext 153, or
Anna Rodgers, RN
Healthcare Specialist
Travis Elementary

                                                          On Life Lessons
Childhood is a series of lessons. For example, family, school, and community experiences provide a
multitude of opportunities to practice forming and maintaining relationships.
Close relationships helps children feel emotionally secure. Children who learn the art of friendship early in
life tend to feel more confident. Because they feel less anxious, they have more energy available for other
In real life, relationships end. Due to deployments and family moves many children experience this at a
young age. The end of a school year provides an opportunity to practice ending relationships in a healthy
way. This is a good time to encourage children to think about what they value in their relationships with
their teacher, classmates, and other school personnel. Encourage children to find comfortable ways to say
“goodbye” within their developmental level. Practicing “good-byes” now will provide social dividends for
years to come.
It is almost time to say good bye to Travis Elementary School students, parents, and friends. We will miss
your sparkle on campus, and we look forward to seeing many of you again in August. For those who are
leaving the area, we wish you a safe move and a great community at your new home. Finally, for our
graduating sixth graders, we say good-bye and look forward to hearing from you as you move on to middle
school and beyond.
                                                ~~Dr. Dorothy

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