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									                                GRAND CANYON TOUR
                         INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH

                                     April 29 - May 6, 2006
                           DETAILS CONCERNING THE BUS TOUR

                           This packet of information is divided into two sections:

                     1. G ENERAL INFORMATION (pages 1 through 8 – white)

                     2. BUS TOUR (pages 9 and 10 - green)

                                  GENERAL INFORMATION

History: Since 1980, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has been leading field study tours to
   Grand Canyon. Originally, conducted as research projects of faculty, these excursions became
   field studies of ICR students (listed as Geology 506/Biology 507 in the ICR catalog). In 1983,
   the Grand Canyon trips were offered for the first time to friends of ICR not enrolled in the
   Graduate School. Interest in these trips was extraordinary, and ICR developed a spring field
   study tour around investigations in Grand Canyon involving hiking groups, a bus tour, and a
   raft trip. During the last 26 years, over 3000 people have accompanied ICR to Grand Canyon.
   The tour has even been broadcast nationally by a Christian television network. Participants
   without technical scientific training (school teachers, pastors, homemakers, retired people,
   businessmen, contractors, high school students, etc.) have discovered God’s handiwork in
   Grand Canyon, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

Dates of Tour: Saturday, April 29 through Saturday, May 6, 2006. This tour is not scheduled
   to correspond to spring break of many schools. We have selected these dates so that pastors
   and Christian lay people will have fewer conflicts with busy schedules. In addition, the
   weather is perhaps the most pleasant of the entire year and accommodations are more readily
Purpose of Tour: Our purpose is to study the evidences of geology, biology, paleontology,
   human culture and history in the Southwest, especially Grand Canyon, as they relate to the
   Creation account and the Flood judgment of Scripture. Our tour allows you to be intellectually
   challenged, spiritually uplifted, and to enjoy various levels of physical activity as you experience
   one of the earth's most amazing natural wonders.

The Bus Tour: The bus tour is designed for those who prefer lighter physical activity. Participants
   will travel by luxury motor coach and tour national parks and monuments of northern Arizona and
   southern Utah. The instruction is non-technical, emphasizing science, history, and culture of the
   southwestern United States. The fellowship is sweet. (Details of the bus tour are found on pages 9 and 10).

Participants: Adult men and women eighteen years and older who have made application, may
    participate upon acceptance of their application. Children (12 years and older) must be
    accompanied by a parent, demonstrate maturity and responsiveness to adult instruction and
    possess physical stamina.

       •   John D. Morris, Ph.D., President of ICR, Professor of Geology
                                (present at orientation only)

       •   Henry Morris III, Th.D., Executive Vice President for Strategic Ministries

       •   William Hoesch, M.S., Geology, ICR Geologist & Tour Director

       •   Kenneth Cumming, Ph.D., Academic Dean, Chairman Biology Department

Guidebook: Our 284-page guidebook, Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe, will be provided
   to each adult participant. The guidebook features numerous illustrations, maps, and photographs
   which help you interpret the geology, biology, and archeology of Arizona from the creationist
   and catastrophist framework of Scripture. The guidebook will be mailed to you a month
   before departure so that you may become familiar with the material.

Transportation: A luxury charter bus will carry us. Commentary on the bus will be provided
   by the ICR faculty beginning in Las Vegas. The orientation in Las Vegas should be considered an
   essential part of the tour. We are not able to discount the tour price of those who provide
   their own transportation to and from Grand Canyon Village.
Beginning of the Tour: The tour begins on Saturday, April 29 at the Hilton Garden Inn, located at
   7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada, (702.453.7830). Orientation will begin at 8:30 AM
   (MST) SHARP! Incoming flights on Saturday should arrive in Las Vegas NO LATER
   THAN 8:00 AM. (If this is not possible, see the section "Las Vegas Accommodations.")

End of the Tour: The tour will conclude at the Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday, May 6, where we
   will enjoy a fellowship banquet, a time of reflection and fellowship as well as a last night’s stay
   at the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel offers shuttle service to the airport for your flight home on
   Sunday, May 7th.
   Return flights home should be scheduled on Sunday, May 7th.

Las Vegas Accommodations: We have secured a discounted rate on a block of rooms at the
   Hilton Garden Inn for our guests, who may need to arrive in Las Vegas on Friday, April 28.
   This price is: single or family, ($140.61, includes tax). Rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn are not
    included in the price of the tour. (We will make every effort to secure a roommate to share the
   cost of this room should you desire us to do so.)

Yavapai Lodge East at Grand Canyon Village: We will stay at the Yavapai Lodges while on the
   south rim of Grand Canyon. This first-class motel is near a cafeteria, within walking distance
   of the rim, and serves as the departure point for activities.

Yavapai Cafeteria at Grand Canyon Village: You will need to pay for your own meals at the
   cafeteria, as they are not included in the tour price. ICR will host a breakfast/orientation on
   Saturday, April 29, one other breakfast, three box lunches and a fellowship banquet on
   the evening of May 6. You are responsible for the remaining meals.

Rocks, Fossils, Plants, and Animals: Early spring is the best time to explore the Canyon.
   We expect blooming wild flowers and good weather. The Canyon is a wonderland for the
   study of strata. You will see some of the best areas. Our guidebook and the commentary of
   ICR scientists will introduce you to God’s creation. Most of the lectures will be non-technical;
   the material presented, including the guidebook, assume no special preparation in biology,
   geology, paleontology, or archaeology.
Weather at Grand Canyon: Early spring daytime temperatures on the south rim usually
   exceed 60° F although we have, on occasion, experienced light snow. Daytime temperatures
   at the bottom of Grand Canyon often exceed 90°F. Mornings and evenings on the south rim
   (elevation 7,000 feet) are cold. We expect freezing temperatures on the south rim at night.
   We recommend several layers of warm clothing.

   The National Park Service has a web cam where you may view current weather conditions
   at Grand Canyon. The website is

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs: Out of respect for others, we request that you refrain from the
   use of tobacco, alcohol, or nonprescription drugs. Smoking is allowed in your room if you select
   single occupancy and notify us in advance of your need for a "smoking room." No smoking
   will be allowed on the buses.

Grand Canyon IMAX Theater: One of the highlights of our tour will be viewing the film,
   "Grand Canyon-The Hidden Secrets," a 34-minute adventure in IMAX depicting the
   experience of mankind in Grand Canyon from the Native American's first descent into its vast
   depths to the present. The IMAX film, shown at the Grand Canyon Theater, is projected
   onto an enormous screen 60 feet high and 82 feet wide, equivalent to a six-story building in height.
   It is this immensity of screen size, with its attendant vast panoramas, that makes IMAX a different
   and breathtaking experience. Admission to the IMAX theater is included in the tour price.

Graduate Course Credit: One semester unit of graduate credit is offered for students participating
   in the tour who have been admitted to the ICR Graduate School and who turn in a tour research
   paper. To obtain an application for the Graduate School, write to the Registrar at ICR.
   It is necessary that credit students apply early, and they must pay an additional $50 credit fee,
   plus a $30 graduate school application fee. Graduate students currently enrolled at ICR may be
   eligible for reduced tour prices. The course is listed as Geology 506/Biology 507 in the ICR
   Graduate School catalog.
Tour Prices: You may deduct $50 from the listed price of the bus tour if full payment is mailed
   to ICR by January 31, 2006.

   Double Occupancy Room Accommodations:

        • Bus …………………………………………………….. $1495

   Single Occupancy Room Accommodations:

        • Bus Tour ……………………………………………….. $1678

                      (All fees are payable in U.S. dollars)

Application Process and Deadlines: All applicants must complete the application form and pay
   fees according to the schedule. Because interest has in the past been high, it is possible that late
   applicants may have to be denied. We recommend that you return your application and deposit
   as soon as possible; this will hold your place on the tour. The schedule is as follows:

       1.   Obtain application from ICR. (The application became available in October 2006).

       2.   Return your completed application and nonrefundable deposit of $250 as soon as
            possible to ICR for processing and evaluation. If it is absolutely necessary for you
            to register after February 28, 2006, we suggest that you call ICR before submitting
            an application to determine space availability.

       3.   Receive "Notification of Acceptance" letter from ICR.

       4.   Mail complete payment of fees by deadlines listed below:

Bus Tour: If you do not plan to mail full payment by January 31, 2006 – please mail half
    payment by January 1, 2006 and the balance by February 28, 2006.
      (NOTE: All tour participants may receive a $50 discount when payment in full is mailed
      by January 31, 2006).
Refunds for Cancellations: A full refund of all moneys paid to ICR in excess of the
    nonrefundable deposit will be made, should you find it necessary to cancel, if ICR is
    able to fill your space with another qualified guest. If your cancellation results in an
    unused reserved space, a partial refund will be made of all moneys paid to ICR less
    our actual out-of-pocket expenses and the nonrefundable deposit. The nonrefundable*
    portion of this trip is $250.

Note: In the event there is, in ICR's sole judgment, insufficient interest in a portion
   of the tour so as to create a financial hardship for ICR, the Institute reserves the right
   to cancel that portion of the tour. Also, please note that in the event that Park regulations
   change, ICR reserves the right to cancel these trips, if necessary.

   Although in 26 years we have never cancelled a Grand Canyon activity, in the event it
   becomes necessary, ICR will refund ALL moneys paid by an applicant not later than
   six (6) weeks prior to the scheduled tour departure date.
                     Please do not purchase nonrefundable airline tickets
                          for your tour until after February 1, 2006.

                          *For unexpected, serious family emergencies,
                   we refund even the "nonrefundable" deposit, when possible.

For Further Information/Questions:

          Relative To                                        Contact

      General Questions. …………………………Tour Coordinator, Cindy Gabay, ext. 6034
      And Details of Bus Tour

      Graduate School Credit ……………………. Dr. Ken Cumming, ext. 6027

                           Grand Canyon Adventure
                              Institute for Creation Research
                                     P .O. Box 2667
                                  El Cajon, CA 92021

                                 Note: Using ICR's voice mail,
                        you are able to leave a message 24 hours a day.
             Testimonies From Participants on Previous Tours

"I have seen your `desire' in everything you do and it is being blessed by God.
All people associated with ICR have a wonderful maturity that shows they are
obligated to God and His ways. Thank you very much!"

                                                             Retired Businessman

"Excellent tie-in of the Bible with physical evidence."

                                                             Mechanical Engineer

"Thanks for an unforgettable week. Words fail to describe the vast magnificence
 of the Canyon's beauty. How awesome, fearful, and wonderful our God is, to
show us evidence of His righteous judgment in the Flood!"
                                                             Warehouse Foreman

"I was impressed with the planning and execution of the trip, as well as
instructor knowledge.”


"Great teaching, singing, fellowship, and fun!"

                                                             Recreation & Leisure
                                                             Services Representative

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