Friday_ October 31_ 2003

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					Friday, October 31, 2003

Present: Tiphanie Broderick, James Halderson, Lindsay Howe, Jen Yeager, Kelly Durst, Chris
      Blakeney, Beau Stafford, Kraig Squires, Aidan Arnold, Elvira Ruiz, Guillermo Cuautle,
      and Bill Mantle

Guillermo calls the meeting to order at 1:05 pm

       Kraig adds e. Academic Affairs Committee under Committee Reports.
       Chris makes a motion to approve the agenda with the stated changes. Jen seconds Chris’s
               motion. James calls acclamation. Aidan calls objection to acclamation.
       Aidan adds C. WCC Clock under New Business.
       Aidan makes a motion to approve the agenda with the above changes. Chris seconds
               Aidan’s motion. James calls acclamation.
       Aidan e-mailed Tiphanie changes that needed to be made to the minuets to clear up or
               extend some ideas and misunderstandings. Couldn’t make the changes before this
               because read the e-mail at 4:30 yesterday and then they wouldn’t have been
               posted for 24 hours.
       Guillermo would like to entertain motion to table the minutes so that Tiphanie can put the
               changes up. James moves Guillermo motion. Chris seconds the motion. Beau
               calls acclamation.
Advisors Report
       Glad I can be here since I normally am off on a Friday
       There will be a guest speaker on Thursday, November 6, 2003, at 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm in
               the AP Room, Betty from El Centro (Beloit’s Latino group)
       Next week I will be looking at ways to:
                    Getting students involved
                    Comedian
                    Motivational Speaker
       Class registration start the week of November 10, I believe, Please check your prism
               account to see when you are going to be able to register for classes, it goes by the
               number of credits you have earned at that point and time
Officers Report
               Let me know of an changes that ever be made that are ever needed
               Held first SAFC meeting right before this meeting
                       Getting Presidents/Advisors Information to e-mail them about getting a
                               budget sent to me so the committee can start planning a budget
                                      ASK- Jen Yeager
                                      Alliance- Aidan Arnold
                                      Imagination Inc. - Mr. French and Mrs. Sibers
                                    MSU- Daryl
                     Want to establish a deadline of getting us the information; we are thinking
                            November 14, 2003
                     Looking for one more committee member
                     Meeting information will be posted on meeting board in Williams Lobby

       Publicity Coordinator
               No SAP Meeting this week; I will have one next week
                      Thursdays at Noon (?)
               Contact Daryl about organizing/cleaning storage room

       Vice President
              Alliance met on Thursday; had a good turn out
              El Centro will have Betty here next Thursday
              I would encourage you all to go and see the Laramie Project if you haven’t done
                      so yet. It will be showing tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 pm and on
                      Sunday at 2:00 (They need at least 10 people there tonight to show it so
                      please come if you can)
              Organizing a Constitution review Committee (CRC) soon so watch for e-mails on
              Think I lost my date book so I am pretty lost right now with out it if you see it
                      please let me know
              Need a representative to sit on the Learning Support Center Committee- to help
                      with their Strategic Planning
              I too encourage everyone to go and see the Laramie Project

Committee Reports
            Didn’t meet this week and won’t meet next week either
            There is going to be an Investigative officer to be aware of campus problems

       Recruitment/ Retention Community Relations Committee (RRCR)
              Meet twice now
              The number of students deciding to go here has decreased and we are seeing what
                     we can do to change that
              i.     Natural Science
                     Meet today but couldn’t attend, I will get the notes and report back to you
                     guys next week
              ii.    Social Science
                     Nothing yet
              iii.   Humanity
                     Meet yesterday about assessment
       Performing Arts Committee (PAC)
              We are finding out how other campuses do performances and how their turn out is
                      to possibly figure out a way to get our turnouts better
              Trying to open things out to more students/ How to get more student involvement
              Betty from El Centro will be here on Thursday, November 6 12-1 in the AP Room
              Madhatters and Tangled Up in Blue will be here on Friday, November 7 at 7:30
                              Is there a way that we (Student Government) can do
                              Possibly Chalk Boards
                              $4.00 students/ $5.00 Senior Citizens/ $10.00 General Public
              Looking at trying to get free tickets for students since we pay for things with SEG
                      Fees not making us pay even more
              November 17 there will be an Orchestra Concert. They need:
                                           Stage Manager
                                           Ushers
                                           Some one to do lights
              Next meeting will be announced on a further date
              Guillermo nominates Aidan to do Chalking

      Academic Affairs Committee
             5 appeals- 3 on I.S. classes
                     Since we offer so few I.S. classes it is hard for students to enroll in them
                     therefore making it harder for students to get their associates, these
                     students are looking to have us waive them needing to take the class
                              Granted their request
                     The other two were withdrawal from classes dew to medical reasons
Old Business
      Hip Hop Entertainment
             Feel we should not work him:
                     To self-oriented
                     Not dressed as a “good” business man
             Feel we should keep in contact with him so we can promote things here on
                     campus for students to go to, etc.
             He has something going on November 30, and trying to figure out how to tie us in
                     with it
             We need to get something from in a little more detail
             Getting Comedy in here is a good idea
             If we work with him, I feel it is best to work it in only on Campus before we open
                     it up to the community
             If we are going to go through with him we need to figure out a way to tie it into
                     the mission of the school (how is it going to benefit the school in the long
                              Having a reason that will make it fly
             How credible is he?
              Manson, a student on campus, has worked with him in the past maybe we
              can talk to him about this too.
       Look at having things earlier
       Chris makes a motion to end discussion. Aidan seconds Chris’s motion. Voice
              Vote- Motion passes.

Halloween Party
      Pictures are now up on the website
      How do you feel it went?
               Not big enough turn out
               Went well for being on a Wednesday night
               Aidan wasn’t expecting a big turn out so was excited about the turn out we
               did get
      Is it possible to hand out flyers to students to make it a little more personal
Food Drive
      Food Drive starts next week- November 4, 2003
      Can’t have Bonfire there was to short of notice
      Looking into having a movie night and you get free popcorn if you bring in 4 cans
               The one thing we have to remember is that we need to then we need to buy
               the rights to show the movie
      Places for drop off:
               Wells Cultural Center
               William’s Upper and Lower Lobby
               Hyatt Smith
      Possibly have a competition between divisions?
               Hard to determine who is who
      Can we talk to instructors about doing something in class?
               Problem with that is that the already have a lot of other things they are
      How do we motivate people?
               Register for a drawing if you bring in cans, make it so we have a couple
               senators sitting there between designated times and if students bring
               between those times the get put into a drawing for something
      It is a good idea to have between classes, but problem can arise with well I just
               gave all my cans to one class and now this class is doing it too.
      We need something to kick it off, but we need to keep the momentum there.
               Can we tie it in with the Family Fun Night that ASK is having?
      It gets difficult for people to do things
      We need more Visible Boxes
      Have a goal to reach:
               Chalk Boards
               If we reach goal we will have a free lunch
      Need to decide:
               Our goal
               The number of receptacles to have
              The more color we have on our receptacles the more people will notice them-
                    good idea to go with Rubbermaid Containers
              Aidan makes a motion to allocate $80.00 for the purchasing of receptacles and
                    Poster board. Jen seconds Aidan’s motion. Hand vote results 7 for- 0
                    against- 0 abstentions
              Aidan makes a motion to give to SAP. Jen seconds Aidan’s motion. Lindsay calls

       Chancellor’s Visit
             Topics we have for him to discuss are:
                     Credit transfer within our system
                     Credit transfer with tech to two-year system
             Transferring credits within our system needs to really be looked at
             Posing questions to chancellor difficult when don’t know about him/his job
             Confusing system of credit transfer needs to be addressed
             Talk about structure of the UW System or Chain of Command  learn “who is
                     this guy?”
             Find out about legislation is going to do about things

     Woman’s Leadership
             We have 9 people going- Very cool guys
             We are going to need another car to take up with us, not all going to fit into one
             We need to reserve two rooms for two nights each and it is $62.00 a room totaling
                    $250.00 for the rooms
             Aidan makes a motion to allocate $250.00 for the two rooms for two nights for
                    the Woman’s Leadership Conference. James seconds Aidan’s motion.
                    Hand vote results 7 for- 0 against- 0 abstentions
New Business
     December GA
             Promotion of event- Guillermo would like to give over to SAP so that they can
                    make flyers
             Guillermo feels we should have flyers up so the Students know        that we are
                    having one- Kelly will make flyers or can delegate someone to.
             Kelly needs the information that is needed for flyers

       United Council Budget
              We had $1000 for the budget for United Council but it is already exhausted.
              Need everyone to think this over on what we can/need to do

       WCC Clock
            There is no clock in Wells Cultural Center; feel that we need one over there and
                   that it will really benefit the students to have one over there, besides inside
            Possibly buy one to put up there- their was one at one time still have a piece of
                   wood that it was mounted on
               Ask maintaince first before we buy one

      ASK is having a Family Fun Night, November 6, 2003 starting at 6:00 pm. This is meant
             for everyone so bring the whole family. Please e-mail Jen or Lindsay if you are
             planning on attending
      Everyone have a safe and nice Halloween
      Laramie Project will be playing this weekend-it is there last weekend- need 10 people
             tonight for it to show
      If anyone knows the presidents of any clubs please e-mail me (Beau)

Aidan makes a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Motion passes, meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm

Elvira arrived at the meeting at 1:06 pm

Bill Mentle left at 1:30 pm
Kraig Squires left at 1:40 pm
Elvira Ruiz left at 1:45 pm
Chris Blakeney left at 2:35 pm