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					              "The roulette system can be used to
               generate profits again and again"

You will quickly realise the benefits of using online casinos over conventional ones . When using
this system, you will actually have a printed sheet that you will refer to that will help you evaluate
the odds of winning based on the numbers that have already dropped in!

Could you imagine taking that into a conventional casino? It simply would not be allowed, this is
just one of the advantages of being able to play in the comfort of your own home. Now get
ready you are about to learn how to become financially free. Don’t start planning your holiday
just yet though, there is a little bit to learn first!

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Software Download
We have tested this system extensively at hundreds of online casinos; we have found that the
best to use is 888 Casino. Download the software now and use it on practice play to get a feel
for how they work, click here to do so.

This casino is a world class business. 888 is listed on the London stock exchange and is
externally audited. They also provide a first class customer service; if you have any problems
contact them on the free phone number (just don’t mention you are robbing them blind!). You
can rest assured that you are safe playing here, and that they have plenty of money for you to
fill your pockets with!

We never use low quality casinos we have found that bigger brand name casinos are a much
better experience all round, they generally make much more money because there are plenty
of people using them who are losing a fortune, and these idiots make it very easy for us skilled
professionals to slip through the net.

Once you have arrived at the casino’s homepage, click the link to download and install the

       "888 Casino have won many awards and are leaders
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Nearly all casinos provide the option of either downloading software or using no -download play.
In every case you must download the software. The graphics are higher quality, enhancing
game play and most casinos make the software download a requirement of the bonus offer.

Please be sure to download the software via the link we provide above as we constantly update
it to take you to the best offer the casino has. These promotions are not always displayed on
the casino’s homepage so you will not get the maximum amount of free cash available if you do
not follow the above link.
Free Bonus
The casino offers you at least a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, up to $200. (This can
vary depending upon the current promotions they are running). Whatever you deposit you will
receive the same amount free, i.e. if you deposit $200 you will receive $200 free. This works for
any amount between $50 and $200.

When you have created your account, visit the “cashier” and deposit between $88 and $200. It
really is worth getting the full $200 bonus as it will cost you nothing but you gain a lot. If this
seems too much, then we recommend you transfer no less than $88 (£46) as you need this
much in order to use the system well.

Some casinos allow you to play in UK Pounds as opposed to US dollars. This is not
recommended as they put greater minimum betting requirements on deposits of UK Pounds as
it is not their home currency, so always play in US Dollars. It’s far easier to get your money in
and out if you use their home currency and they do all the conversions for you!

Once you have deposited, visit the main menu and wait until the bonus is granted . This happens
almost instantly and your account will show a balance of double the amount you deposited. You
are now ready to move onto the system, this is where it all begins; you are going to enjoy this.
The System
Welcome to the Roulette System, you are about to learn how to make a huge income from
Internet Casinos. It is extremely important that you follow all instructions to the letter; this is a
scientific system that requires discipline. Any deviation, no matter how small, from the rules set
out in this eBook can end in disaster. You MUST read this text completely before attempting any
betting. This important dialogue will not take long to digest.

Before you are introduced to the system, we would like to provide you with some information
that will help to build a clearer picture of what we are trying to achieve.

The whole of the roulette table is engineered so that              "This system works
uneducated players always lose; this is usually how                the law of averages
the casino always wins! Our system works the law of
averages and places the advantage firmly in your                   and uses them to
hands.                                                             your advantage."

You might be thinking ‘surely the casino will realise’. This is a perfectly rational thought when
applied to traditional casinos, however, online there are literally millions of people playing, all
over the world! If you consider the amount of people who are using this system you will be
something like one in three million.

It is a good idea though, when you become accomplished at this system, to spread your betting
over a number of casinos, that way you can take advantage of the many great sign up
bonuses available and minimise your exposure (see the More Casinos section for a list of the
best online casinos and the bonuses that are available).

Firstly, we have tried and tested numerous on-line casinos, and although there are many high
quality casinos we are of the opinion that the best place to start, due to their intuitive interface
and simple layout, is 888 Casino. Click here download the software now if you have not already
done so.

Once you have downloaded the software you need to transfer money into your account; this is
very easy you just need to visit the cashier. We strongly advise you to take full advantage of the
free sign up bonus by depositing between $88 and $200 into your account ($80 is approx £40).
This will be immediately matched by the Casino, so you have double what you deposited.
This system is based around laying bets on the Low, Middle and High fields of the European
Roulette table. Don’t worry if it doesn’t say European roulette, just make sure there is only one
zero. All you need to do is bet on the same one, with just a slight rise in stake each time until it
wins. This may sound risky, but we have calculated the bets and odds for you to ensure that
they are stacked in you favour!

The Low, Middle and High sections have a 1 in 3 chance of winning according to the “Law of
averages” and give a return of 2 to 1. By following this system, you only need 1 in 14 to be a
winner (Depending on your balance).

This simple method more than quadruples the ‘Law of Averages’ and presents you with an
incredible advantage. Firstly you need to understand what these bets are:

            A bet on low – You win if any number from 1-12 (inclusive) comes in
A bet on Middle – You win if any number from 13-24 (inclusive) comes in

A bet on High– You win if any number from 25-36 (inclusive) comes in.
Now print off the Roulette Table (this is a separate file) this is going to help you win big. Could
you imagine making extensive notes of the numbers that have come up in a real casino?
Hopefully you are now starting to understand the advantage that can be had by playing on the
internet, at home with no distractions.

The sheet should look something like this:




With this sheet you are going to record the outcome of each spin on the Roulette table; this is
integral to the system so keep the sheet and a pen to hand.

Every time that you spin the wheel you need to record what the outcome is; ether a Low (L),
Middle (M), or High (H).

So, if ten spins of the wheel result in the following ten numbers: 06, 10 , 32, 18, 03, 21, 03, 30,
22, 19, your table would look like this:

       L L H M L M L H M M


When you first start playing a Roulette table you must not place any bets at all. Just be patient
and keep spinning the wheel then recording what numbers come up. You must do this until the
wheel becomes ‘hot’. That is until you have produced five consecutive spins where one of the
sections (L, M, H) has not shown.

This is an example of such an outcome. If on the next two spins the numbers 36 and 13 drop,
we would record them in the table as:

        L L H M L M L H M M M H



Now, from the table you can see that a 'Low' number has not come out for five consecutive
spins. This means that the wheel is hot and we can start betting and making some real cash!

We have calculated the ideal bets for you to lay with the amount of free money that you have
received as a signup bonus; this is summarised in the following table:

                                         What you must do now is to place ‘Stake 1’ on the Low
 Spin        Stake   Total    Profit
                     Stake               section of the table as this section is now ‘hot’. Now
     1          $1       $1       $2     spin the wheel and record the outcome.
     2          $2       $3       $3
     3          $3       $6       $3     If a Low number does not come out you must move
     4          $4      $10       $2     onto ‘Stake 2’ and so on. Keep following the betting
     5          $6      $16       $2     table to the left, recording the results, until a Low
     6          $9      $25       $2     number drops and you win! It won’t be long.
     7         $13      $38       $1
     8         $20      $58       $2     Once a Low number does drop you will have made
     9         $30      $88       $2     you first profit! Congratulations! Now check your
    10         $45     $133       $2     results to see if another section is already ‘hot’, if not
    11         $67     $200       $1     just spin without betting until one is; then follow the

                                         By doing this, and sticking to the staking plan shown on the
                                         left, you will never lose. It is essential that you are precise
By the Laws of Probability, the chance of you having 16 consecutive spins (the five first spins
and the 11 from the table) in which one of the sections does not show up is less than 0.13%! So
you can be confident that this system will win you lots of cash!

You may be looking over the table and thinking that the profits look to be very small, do not be
disillusioned! It is possible to lay around 40 - 50 bets per hour, and with an average return per
bet of $2, your money will soon add up! That’s between $80 and $100 an hour! With a little
patience and discipline you can easily be earning yourself a healthy second income!

To some this system might seem a little confusing, that’s understandable and all you should do
is read over it again and again until you feel confident with it . The casino’s also offer a practice
play option, use this to get a feel for the system, you will soon start to feel comfortable . When
you do, move on to real money play and start winning!

Finally a few important pointers that we have discovered through experience

1. Don’t spend more than 15 mins at each table; they get harder to play after this time. Simply
switch table every 15 mins. You will notice a little box at the top of each line on the record sheet;
this is to note down the time that you started a particular table so you will never get caught out.

2. Switch casinos every 30 to 45 mins, this greatly increases your winnings. We get the best
results by following this rule. See the “More Casinos” section for where best to go.

3. If you have been at a table for longer than 5 minutes and zero comes up when you are not
betting, switch table. If you are betting, just carry on with the system as normal until you win,
then switch table.

4. Don’t play in the afternoon, the tables seem harder to play. It’s probably due to there being
less people in the casino as it’s morning in the USA.

5. Don’t get greedy, this is what makes Casinos money, set a limit and stick to it. You should try
to make lots of small withdrawls instead of saving up for that car all in one go!

6. Only bet what you can afford to lose.

7. The most important point is discipline, stick to the rules.
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The Writer of this system does not promote illegal, underage gambling or gambling to those who live in jurisdiction where
gambling is considered unlawful, The information provided is solely for entertainment purposes , The writer is not
responsible for the content of the links , Offers displayed are subject to change , The writer will not be responsible
for any personal loss of wagers or damages you may incur, Reading this system is your agreement that you are aware
of these terms and are of legal age and live in a area where it is not unlawful to gamble or gamble online.

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