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									    The World Bank Country Office
             Expression of Interest for
Ethiopian Women Entrepreneurship Capacity Building

The World Bank Ethiopia Country Office is seeking Expression of Interest for the
following consultancy.

This proposed assignment will conduct three preparatory studies: i) Microfinance Sector
Assessment; ii) Market/Business Opportunity Analysis; and iii) Business Development
Services Assessment. There have been several studies, e.g. Investment Climate
Assessment and Rural Investment Climate Assessment, which provide relevant
information regarding private sector development in the county and that should inform
the work proposed here. The Microfinance Study proposed will build on the existing
GTZ conducted study on Microfinance Sector Assessment in Ethiopia, in 2007.

i) Mmicrofinance Sector Assessment: will updated the exiting GTZ assessment to
assess the potential of broadening the outreach of the existing public sector microfinance
institutions and deepening the services and introducing other forms of finance that are
currently not available to female entrepreneurs. The study will assess the current national
capacity and institutional arrangement for microfinance provision and the role of
government, private and non-profit sector and donors in increasing coverage. In addition
the assessment will also recommend the strengthening of the institutional arrangements
for micro-finance, the key challenges in the sector and the potential to partner with other
stakeholders in developing a national microfinance program.

ii) Market/Business Opportunity Analysis: The study will identify sectors / sub-sectors
with the highest potential for female micro-enterprises and provide specific, relevant,
updated, detailed and reliable advice as to which areas of business presents most potential
Cost, the minimum efficient scale for business, profitability, market segment, marketing
strategy, distribution channels and bottlenecks will be analyzed by product to examine
which areas are suitable for women entrepreneurs to invest in and potential interventions
/ required regulatory framework to mitigate bottlenecks, if any. The outcome of this study
will be identification of business and market opportunities in the rural and urban towns
for the targeted women.

iii) Business Development Services Assessment: will evaluate the national capacity to
provide business training programs. It will identify key challenges to a nation-wide
program at the micro, meso and macro level and review the lessons learned about
business training for poor micro-entrepreneurs and identify the strengths and gaps in
current practices of business training in Ethiopia.
Methodology: The study will utilise an articulated and coherent methodology which
will allow for very practical references to the relevant economic sub-sectors, and which
will show a deep understanding of the Ethiopian markets and a suitable knowledge of the
production and trading potential in the target area. It will use both secondary and
primary sources, through desk research and field surveys as applicable, and will provide
detailed, updated, relevant and reliable quantitative data and qualitative information.

It is expected that the studies will be completed in two months after the signing of the

Electronic Applications:

Please       apply       through        World       Bank      Group      eConsultant2 Login (or register if this is the
first time expressing interest using the new system) or go to > Job
Seekers > Consultants for World Bank Operational work (econsult) >
Bidding/Controlling Opportunities > Business Opportunities > Operations Consulting.

The closing date for receipt of your electronic application of interest is end of day
September 10, 2010. Only short listed firms will be contacted.


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