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					               Lady Lords take tournament!                                                                                Job fair
                                                                                                                          to D C
                                                                                                                          By CIndy Wells
                                                                                                                          Chronicle Staff

                                                                                                                             Employment opportunities await stu
                                                                                                                          dents at Durham College and UOIT’
                                                                                                                          annual job fair.
                                                                                                                             Durham College’s seventh an<
                                                                                                                          UOlT’s first annual job fair is being hel<
                                                                                                                          Feb. 11, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in th’
                                                                                                                          gym. This is an opportunity for stu
                                                                                                                          dents to speak with employers abou
                                                                                                                          full-time, part-time, summer, contrac
                                                                                                                          and internship positions.
                                                                                                                             Admission to the fair is free for stu
                                                                                                                          dents with a valid Durham or UOIT stu
                                                                                                                          dent ID. Regular admission is $10.
                                                                                                                             There will be close to 60 employer
                                                                                                                          attending the iob fair. Some of th’
   REACHING FOR THE SKY: Lady Lords players Tryshia Colquhoun, left, and Candace Brandauer,                               attending employers include: Canadjai
   go for the ball in the Killer Instinct Cup tournament held here at Durham College and UOIT. The                        Security InteiH^c’ncc .Service’ (CSIS)
                                                                                                                          Ltik’eriuyc Health, Ontario Po\vc
   Lords finished in first place to much applause from the crowd. See Lords pg. 21                                        Generation, Durham Regional Police
                                                                                                                          Paramount Canada’s Wonderland,
                                                                                                                                             See Job Fair page:

winning team
Lords come’.out on top
. :
    ’ Page 21. ’
                         Faculty: Still no settlement
                                                                                                at a mid-point between the maximum wage of secondary
                          By Jessica Smith                                                      teachers and university professors. According to the union rep-
                          Chronicle Staff                                                       resenting college faculty, the latest offer would mean that in
                             As colleges and faculty continue to wrangle over issues of         three years time, faculty would be receiving a salary of only
                          salary, workload, job security and benefits, recent negotiations      $300 more than that of the highest paid secondary school
                          ended without an agreement for the 24 community colleges              teacher, due to the average salary increase settlements of 3.9
                          across Ontario.                                                       per cent for secondary school boards. The union is asking for a
                             "What’s happening now is we’re (negotiating team) prepar-          4.75 per cent increase in the next two years, which has been
                          ing to take a strike vote. At this point, the mediator has            dropped from the original 5 per cent the union was asking.
                          adjourned talks so we’ll go back to the table whenver we’re              The workload portion of the contract is another sticking
                          called," said Peter McKeracher, president of OPSEU local 354          point for both sides. Debbie Rautins, vice president of OPSEU
                          and member of the negotiating team.                                   local 354, said aver the last three years computer technology
      P.18                   A^strike vote, which gives management notice of the union’s        advancements have increased the workload for teachers in a
        Sue               willingness to go on strike, is set for Feb. 17. A pre-strike vote
                          was held last fall and faculty voted for a strike at that time.
                                                                                                variety of areas, including the implementation of new tech-
                                                                                                nology into the curriculum. The previous contract did not lay
   Johanson               McKeracher said in his opinion it is unlikely that there will be      out specific time allotments for the increased demand on
 Travelling speaker       any further talks prior to Feb. 17.                                   teachers’ time. As well, the union said workload is being
   educates youth             Management .however, expects to see discussions happen            increased in general and that education is suffering as a result.
                          before that date. lan McArdle, executive director of the College         The issue of benefits is also unresolved, with one of the top-
                          Compensation and Appointments Council for the Colleges of             ics being drug benefits.
                          Applied Arts and Technology, said he remained hopeful that a             Management’s latest drug card proposal would be a change
                          settlement would be reached and was "very confident" the              from the previous plan and would now include a third party,
                          mediator, John Mather would be calling the bargaining teams           BCE Emergis, a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises, which
                          back to the table prior to Feb. 17.                                   would approve any new drugs before they would be included
                             "We believe the mediator will be calling us back soon," said       on the drug plan.
                          McArdle. " we are hopeful we can reach an agreement."                    The previous drug plan covered all new drugs approved by
                             The last two-year contract expired Aug.’31 and the two sides       Health Canada. The union’s stance is that the new card would
                          were unable to reach an agreement prior to that date. While           limit access to certain drugs because of this third party inclu-
                          discussions have continued since that date. the biggest issues        sion.
                          to hammer out continue to be salary, workload, job security              The negotiation teams have come to agreement on a Return
                          and benefits.                                                         to Work Task Force (RTW) which would look into issues of
         R2                  Talks on Dec. 18 were unsuccessful and parts of the propos-        employees on long-term disability, short-term disability and
                          al tabled by management expired Jan. 16 without a settlement.
  A look at KPI              The wage increases proposed by management were 3 per
                                                                                                WS1B who may return to work. During negotiations the task
                                                                                                force, which included faculty, support staff and management
   Annual survey          cent per year for the next three years, with the latest proposal      representatives, created a model RTW system, which both par-
      now out             offering an added 0.5 per cent increase in the second year of         ties agreed upon. The union is demanding this model be
                          the three-year contract. This latest offer would be retroactive to    included in the collective agreement,
                          Sept.l. College support staff voted in favour of the same wage           With talks now adjourned, botli sides remain hopeful a set-
                          increase offer Dec. 18.                                               tlement will be reached before the tentative strike date, March
                             For faculty, the goal is to keep salaries for college professors   3.                                                               .
2 THE CHRONICLE January 27. 2004

                                                                                     US         NEWS

      It’ s time to give your input
By Jessica Verge                                                                                                                 accountable to students, graduates and
Chronicle Staff                                                                                                                  their employers, and that’s something
   With all the tests, quizzes and assignments that                                                                              Balenko values.
grace a college student’s desk, it’s important not                                                                                  "I strongly believe that we need to be
to miss one paper coining your way this February:                                                                                accountable," she said.
the annual KPI survey.                                                                                                              The 2003 KPI results reported tliat
   KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, allows stu-                                                                                Durham College, which ranked first in
dents to tell the college what they think of pro-                                                                                student satisfaction among the six GTA
grams, facilities and services.                                                                                                  college for the fifth year in a row, had
   Launched in 1998 by the government of                                                                                         increased all its rating from previous
Ontario and used by 25 colleges in the province,                                                                                 years.
KPI is anotlier way for students to have their voic-                                                                                Irving hopes to continue providing
es heard. While tlicre arc five KPI surveys, includ-                                                                             that high standard of achievement to
ing student, graduate and employer satisfaction,                                                                                 students, graduates and employers.
graduate employment and graduation rate, it’s                                                                                       "We definitely want to keep that posi-
the Student Satisfaction survey to which those                                                                                   tion and improve wherever we can," she
currently enrolled at Durham College need to                                                                                    said.
direct tlicir attention.                                                                                                           KPI surveys will l)c distributed in class
   "We want students to understand how impor-                                                                                   during tlic first two weeks of February,
tant these surveys are and that tlic feedback we                                                                                though an advanced survey was avail-
receive is utilized," says Shelley Irving, Support                                                                              able last November for those students
Services Officer for Judy Morctton, VP of                                                                                       not on campus tills semester.
Academic Excellence and Innovation, and Bev                                                                                        To participate in the anonymous sur-
Balenko, Chief Operating Officer.                                                                                               vey, students must be enrolled in at least
   "With that feedback, we continuously improve                                                                                 their second semester of a full-time pro-
our programs and services."                                                                                                     gram.
   Results from the last academic year, which                                                                                      For graduates, surveys are issued six
were released April 9, 2003, led to a long list of                                                        Photo by Jossica      months after graduation and ask how
improvements around campus, including a new                                                                                     (lie college performed during their edu-
residence and dining hall, new student clubs, a         TIME TO RATE STUDENT SATISFACTION: Jessica                              cation. KPI also asks for permission to
new year-round tennis facility, new computer ser-       Johnston and Heather Rinnard, second-year ECE stu-                      contact their employers to find out how
vices, a new hairdressing salon and the arrival of      dents, hold an advertisement for this year’s KPI survey                 well the college prepared graduates for
Tim Hortons and the Big Pita.                                                                                                   their jobs.
   "We really value what students have to say," said better,                                                          Results for this current academic year will be avail-
Bcv Balenko.                                               And since 10 per cent of the school’s funding is able in April 2004 and posted on My Campus Web
   She isn’t the only one with that belief. All college linked to KPI, funding which is put back into the col- site. Look for free bookmarks throughout the college
programs, areas and student services use the KPI lege to aid improvements, participation is important. with further KPI details and more improvements
results to develop an action plan to serve students        The goal of KPI is to make Ontario colleges more Durham College has made because of their results.

     job fair                       Appearances are deceivin
                                   By Lindsay Orser                             parking spot, you don’t need it, it’s for person is actually disabled. So what if
     returns                       Chronicle Staff                              old people and you’re, not old’ I said someone who looked just fine on the out-
                                                                                excuse me sir, I have a handicapped per- side tried to tell us they needed to park
                                      ’When you look at Brenda Montgomery mit and it’s right on my dash. So I went there. If they had a handicapped placard
   continued from pg.1             you would never think that she was dis- in my car and held it up in front of him. or licence plate, wouldn’t we assume they
   and the Ministry of             abled and you would never believe the He never said sorry or nothing. Him and had stolen it or borrowed the car? For
   Finance. A more detailed
   list of employers, along                                                                                                     g
                                   horrible harassment she receives on a reg- his wife just left and started walking into goodness sakes, we can all tell who is
                                   ular basis.                                  Zeilers."                                   handicapped and who is not, it is OBVI-
   with links to employer             Montgomery was in a bad car accident          Apologies are something Montgomery OUS...or is it?"
   Websites and job fair tips,     back in 1985. She was technically dead never receives even when the harassment              Amy Vincent could sense the sarcasm
   can be found on the Career      for three hours.                             happens right in front of her children, in that statement and says she knows dis-
   and Employment Services             "When I woke up, I woke up in a body ages eight, nine and 11. Often When it crimination against those who don’t look
   W e b s i t e :                 bag. And although I have no physical happens in front of her children, it scares disabled all too well. Vincent’s mother          injuries on the outside, I took extensive them. They are too young to understand suffers from Multiple Sclerosis but doesn’t
       Students should come        damage on           the     inside,"    said what is going on, especially the eight- need the use of a cane or walker yet.
   to the job fair prepared        Montgomery, whose injuries included a year-old.                                             "She has a hard time walking, she has
   and well dressed with a         shifted spine, warped collarbone, and a          Another incident happened outside of to walk really slow. and it’s painful for
   neat           appearance.      concussion that lasted for six months.       the Bank of Montreal in Bowmanville.        her. Yet it hurts me to see people, people
   Researching the compa-              One day Montgomery woke up and               "She was swearing and yelling at me, that don’t even know my mom, yell or
   nies you plan to speak          couldn’t move. Now she has an inopera- threatening to call the police on me, and make mean comments to her. Can’t they
   with is also very impor-        ble herniated disk in her lower back, for my daughter started to cry," she says. see it’s hard for her to walk/ or does she

   tant, says Mary Noble,          which she now has to take regular injec- "She said that it’s people like me that take need a walker to prove that she is dis-
   employment adviser at           tions in her spine for pain and takes mor- these spots away from people like her abled?" said Vincent. It angers her to see
   Career and Employment           phine daily just to be able to walk short father, who needs a cane to walk and how people react to her mother and says
   Services. "Research that        distances. The pain can be so unbearable needs these spots."                             she has a hard time understanding why
   company so you have             sometimes that she has to stop and squat         Montgomery may not need the use of people are so mean. "When I was young
   something to talk to them       down to take a break. She says you might a cane or wheelchair but she does need I used to be embarrassed to go out places
   about," she said.               see her squatting in the halls or in line at painkillers to be able to walk short dis- with her. People would comment and
       A good resume is also       Tim Horton’s, only because she is unable tances and it is just as hard for her to walk yell and point fingers. I didn’t under-
   important, Noble says. If       to take the pain of standing up.             as an elderly person with a cane or walk- stand."
   you know which compa-               "I’m thinking, it’s got to be associated er.                                            Montgomery wrote a letter to Durham
   nies you want to approach       with that," Montgomery said of her car           "My whole point with going to the MPPJohn OTooIe. concerning the diffi-
   you can prepare a person-       accident.                                    media was, in our schools we teach our culties she encounters when she uses her
   alized resume and cower             But now Montgomery has to also deal children that bullies are not allowed. Yet handicapped parking permit.
   letter.’ General resumes        with harassment and threats from people as adults we turn around and bully other              O’Toole wrote a letter back to
   should also be prepared in      when she parks in handicapped parking adults and act like it is OK. So what is Montgomery about her treatment and
   case an unexpected com-         spaces, though she does have a handi- that teaching?"                                    advised her that speaking out and getting
   pany interests you.             capped-parking permit. She says that             There are a lot of people with non-vis- her story out through the media will help
       Career and Employment       much of the harassment seems to happen ible disabilities and there are a lot of peo- raise awareness.
   Services     can    review      in Bowmanville, where she moved to ple who don’t understand that. On the                    "Permits are only issued after full doc-
   resumes ahead of time           back in January.                             Invisible Disabilities Advocate Website a umentation has been provided and they
   (Oshawa B205, Whitby                "I went to the Zeilers in Bowmanville, statement clearly points just how our must be updated on a regular basis," said
   room 103). Noble strongly       I got out of my van and went to go inside visually oriented our society is, especially O’Toole. "This ensures drivers who have
   advises students not to         when this old man and old lady got out when it comes to the disabled.                    the permits are fully entitled to use them.
   wait until the last minute      of their car beside me. He was swearing          "When we see someone getting out of It is unfortunate that everyone is riot
   to bring in their resumes.      and yelling at me and he even took his a car that is parked in the handicapped aware of the strict rules for issuing these
                                   cane and tried to hit me. ’Get out of that zone, we usually look to make sure that permits."                                  ,   .
                                                                                                                             THE CHRONICLE            January 27, 2004          ’    3

                                                           I AMPUS NEWS
I mp o rt ant s afe ty t ip s
By Sabrina Albis
Chronicle staff
                                     the college late at night and
                                     you need an escort to your
                                     car or to Rcz call for the Safe
                                 Walk program." Johnson said
   It’s 11 at night at Durham    if Safe Walk isn’t operational
College. You’re alone, in the    at the time a security guard
Commons, typing up an            will escort you where you
essay that’s due tomorrow.       need to go.
Suddenly, you turn around           He said it is also crucial to
and see a strange person on      keep an eye on your personal
the computer uchind you.         belongings at school.
The person looks unfamiliar,         "Do not flaunt large
they arc staring at you and      amounts of cash or carry a lot
you just feel uneasy. What       of cash around with you," lie
should you do?                   said.
   Durham College security           He also stresses not leaving
(A’ficer Becky Roach said        laptops unattended at the
there are ways you can tell if   library, on the rack while
someone is sliady. "If they      going into the bookshelf, in
are just walking around the      the back scat of unlocked
school and they don’t go to      cars, or in the Commons.
one place they may not be a      "People have left their lap-
student here.                    tops on tables in the library,
   Bill Johnson, security gone to get a book, and when
administrator at Durham they got back their laptop
College, said it is hard to tell was missing."
an offender by appearance.          To be sure your laptop is
"That’s why students should. safe, get a friend to watch
know how to protect them- over it if you have to get a                                                                                                      Pholo by Sabrina Albis
selves," he said.                book in the library or go into           ON DUTY: A Durham College Security Officer, Steve Mairs, sits at his desk in
    Johnson said to keep in the bookstore.                                the Purple Pit and keeps an eye on things.
mind general safety rules like      "Planning ahead where
staying in groups. "There is you will be during the day, so
safety in numbers."              you can make arrangements               He said it is important to      alcohol your judgment is           through Thursdays from 7
   Stay in well-lit areas and to protect your valuables is             drink in moderation. "When        impaired. Your ability to per-     p.m. to p.m. and the com-
avoid shortcuts. "If you are at always a plus," said Johnson.          you’re under the influence of     ceive threats is reduced."         mand posts at the security
                                                                                                         Some signs someone is shady        desk. You can also call ahead
                                                                                                         can be easy to see. "If they are   to security at extension 2400
                                       Safety Facts                                                      hanging around cars for long
                                                                                                         periods of time by them-
                                                                                                                                            to meet the Safe Walk team at
                                                                                                                                            a specified exit.
                                                                                                         selves. Or they seem out of           Johnson’s other tips for
                                                                                                         place like they don’t have a        staying safe are simple to fol-
           Be alert in washrooms and stairwells. Check for strangers you are                             backpack or something."             low. "Stay in rhe main hall-
                                                                                                            If you suspect someone is       ways which arc usually more
           still near the door.                                                                          suspicious, Johnson said the       crowded. Do not go to
                                                                                                         security guards do have the        secluded areas." If you have a
           Be alert. Walkmans and other headsets ruin your ability to                                    authority to ask for a student     problem, call campus security
                                                                                                         ID card. "If they don’t belong     or visit the security desk,
           evaluate the safety of your surroundings.                                                     in the school we have the          where security is ready and
                                                                                                         right to escort them off the       equipped. "We can radio
           Leave buildings using the exit closest to your means of transporta-                           property. If you see a suspi-      another security officer in the
                                                                                                         cious person, and you tell us,     school with a description of a
           tion.                                                                                         you assist us and help us do       suspicious person, so they
                                                                                                         our job better."                   can confront them in the
           Always carry ID, your Medic Alert ID if applicable, and emergency                                The Safe Walk program           hallway."
                                                                                                         pays its volunteers and when          "If you are being followed
           cab or bus money.                                                                             a student is escorted a female     cross the street. And keep
                                                                                                         and a male goes with them.         looking back so you let the
           Have your car (and residence) keys ready so you can enter your                                For the Student Centre and         person know you are aware
                                                                                                         Residence the program runs         they are there and immedi-
           car or residence quickly. Check under and inside your vehicle                                 Wednesdays and Fridays             ately proceed to a well-lit area
                                                                                                         from 8:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.        like a store or house,"
           before getting in. Always lock your car when leaving it, and as soon                          and command posts are at           Johnson said. "Remember as
                                                                                                         the Residence and the              much as you can about the
           as you enter it.                                                                              Student Centre.                    person so you can give a
                                                                                                            The main campus program         good description of them
    Source:            ’,                             ..,.   .            is   operational from Monday       later."

New UOIT crest, for thinkers, doers and leaders
Crest gives                           sent the school.
                                          "The motivation behind it
                                      is that we need an academic
                                                                                                                        at    designing the practical side of what we
                                                                                                                        something with do."
                                                                                                                        more detail in      Levin went on to explain
                                      seal for documents and tran-                                                      the future.      that the crest represents the
university                            scripts," said Richard Levin,
                                      vice-president of Strategic
                                      Enrolment Management for
                                                                                                                          The motto, goals of UOIT for its students.
                                                                                                                        Cogitando et        "We want our graduates
                                                                                                                        A g e n d o not only to have a good grasp
identity                              UOIT
                                        The interim crest has been
                                      in the works for the past few
                                                                                                                                      is of the theoretical, but also to
                                                                                                                        " t h i n ke rs,
                                                                                                                                            have hands-on and leader-
                                                                                                                                            ship skills."
 By Jackle Lawrence                   months, with the board of                                                        doers, leaders."        UOIT is currently using
 Chronicle Staff        _____         governors approving the                                                             "Through          the crest on all its docu-
                                      motto late last year.                                                            thinking and         ments.
                                         "We’ve taken the logo and                                                     doing we shall         The crest was presented to
    The University of Ontario         combined it with the motto                                                       lead,"       said    the board at the January
 Institute of Technology has          in the shield format," said       crest is only temporary and       Levin. "It’s meant to illus-      meeting and was met with
 designed a new crest to repre-       Levin, who added that the         the university will be looking    trate both the academic and        approval.
4 THE CHRONICLE                      January 27. 2004
                                                                                                                                                                                                 TO CONTACT US:
                                                                                                                                                                                               WE’RE IN ROOM L223.
                                                                                                                                                                                               OUR PHONE NUMBER IS:
                                                                                                                                                                                               7^1-3068 (Ext 3QM)
                                                                                                                                                                                               OUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS:

           Car owners beware: Photo Radar
      We’ve <ill done \\.    already cash-strapped pock-
      Maybe we were late for ets.
   work or an appointment.                      The’price of owning a car
                                                                                                       SPEE£>z^ WILL                                      C05T yo u                                                                          A/s/
   Perhaps we lost track of time
   and ended up leaving later
                                            in Ontario has steadily risen
                                            over the last decade.
                                                                                                            ARM AN D                                      A /-EG
   than we should have.                         For some (particularly
      What ever the reason, we              students), driving a car is a
   were speeding.                           luxury they cannot afford.
      All of us can sympathize.            Just   making Insurance pay-
   That sudden shock when we               ments can be a challenge.
   realize the revolving lights               According to a report
   are for us. The twinge of               released by the Consumer
   guilt, because we know It was           Association of Canada late
   wrong. Maybe we’ve even                 last year, those living in the
   tried the endless list of excus-        greater Toronto area pay the
   es to talk our way out it.              highest insurance premiums
      But now even the best                in the country. Those who
   excuses won’t work.                     are students can attest to
      Shortly after discovering            their payments being per-
   that Ontario’s deficit is more          haps the highest of any other
   than $5 billion, Premier                demographic. Being need-
   Dalton McGulnty has decid-              lessly charged for driving 10
   ed to re-introduce photo                kilometers over the speed
   radar to Ontario motorists.             limit Is one more expense
      The controversial tactic             that many cannot afford.
   places hidden radar guns                   And as If high premiums
   alongside major highways in             weren’t enough, adding to
   order to catch speeding dri-            the list of costs for Ontario
   vers. It was first introduced           motorists is the price of the
   to Ontarians in the early               407.
   nineties, netting more than               Anyone who has ever
  $16 million in Ones. While it            thought it quicker or easier to
  seems Premier McGuinty                   take the toll highway to their                        Placing photo radar on the                  Add to the mix the ever-                      mid-mark.
  believes it is the answer to             desired destination has soon                       407 will almost certainly                   increasing price of gasoline,                       Tallying up the costs and
  Ontario’s financial woes,                second guessed the thought                         make the highway exclusive-                 and one may think they are                       adding photo radar to the
  some       are    questioning            upon discovering the bill two                      ly for the rich. Those who                  working simply to pay for                        already lengthy list, Premier
  whether it is anything more              weeks later. Regular com-                          are used to speeding down                   their vechicle. Many con-                        McGuinty should have the
  than another greedy govern-              muters will have noticed the                       the at times bare highway                   sumer groups are predicting a                    deficit paid off in no time.
  ment tactic to squeeze just a            price of the highway skyrock-                      many want to rethink their                  price of almost $1 per litre
  few more dimes out of our                eting in recent months.                            route to work.                              before we hit the decade’s                                             Jackie Lawrencee

Double standards have no place in society
     A double standard by definition is an ethical or to talk about the sex she had with a guy in public,                                             Men never get a reputation as a slut (even if they
  moral code that applies more strictly to one group she would not only be looked down on by anyone                                                   sleep around). Maybe it’s because of the stereotype
  than to another. A double                                       who over heard her, she would be                                                    that men have more of a sex drive than women but
  standard of sexual behaviour is j^^H                            branded a slut. A guy can tell his bud-                                             that isn’t even true. Both men and women have
  defined as a code that permits            JEffsB                dies every detail of his sex life but when                                          high sex drives.
  greater sexual freedom for men
  than for women.                   IE
                                              ’la ^l
                                                                  his girlfriend tells her friends anything
                                                                  about it, he complains that she betrayed
                                                                                                                                                          Why can’t women be sexually liberated in soci-
                                                                                                                                                      ety without it being such a huge issue? Men have
     The most annoying double
  standard today has to do with
                                                 Albis            him.
                                                                     Another example of this double stan-
                                                                                                                                                      sex, so do women. What’s the big deal? Sex and the
                                                                                                                                                      City. shows women discussing their sex lives
  that exact definition. That                                     dard is when a guy makes a decision to                                              together every day and acting just like guys about
  women can’t be as open sexu-                                    have sex with a woman he has just met,                                              it. Was he good? Was he big? Did you have an
  ally as men are.                                     or he cheats on his girlfriend. The guy tells his                                              orgasm?
     Men have always been permitted to be sexually friends about his one night stand or his cheating                                                    And they talk about sex everywhere. In restau-
  expressive whenever and wherever they feel like it. and they cheer ...... on and o.. - him t,.^ .. his
                                                            ...^ ..    him-..-       give ...... praise for       -..   -..-                   ...-   rants, cafes and malls. And they don’t feel any
     They can discuss last night’s sexual escapades in disgusting actions. If a woman sleeps with a man                                               shame for having one night stands either. That’s
  the middle of a crowded grocery store and not be on a first date or cheats on her boyfriend she is                                                  the way it should be, equality for the sexual needs
  looked down on. If a woman decided she was going called a slut, or easy, and she gets a reputation.                                                 that both men and women have.

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                                                             pi^pTOQPi^Hy BriiTnii’-’Ai C^imlnf^^^T.-^uuiffAi’Dnnnilf-Tiriij^’MBraif’krtffhman^’1-^!^’’".’^^
                                                                          Eprroni! fAJ Poumler:;" ^CH^«^PRpptJgn(ffl!’’Marek Kpchirrmn *; ^"!’;:
                                                                                                                                                                              .            .
                                                                                                                                                                                      .^                         I

                                                                                ^i w r’uuNiiHi^^.icunr^i^i-^^uii^.-iyitiiuRi^j^
                                                                                                                                                                     -..^’’^^^^-^^^^.                                t   fw£   ’JWi^t’f’av:; ws .;«.A)lf-i-i ’t t<fci dftUrol
                                                                                                                                  THE CHRONICLE           January 27. 2004       5

  Future for Indian bikes uncertain
    By Jamie Gray                     owner of the dealership.                                                                                       Melvin ha.s an extensive
   Chronicle Staff                       "We have made three trips                                                                               collection of new and vintage
                                      to the States to buy bikes,"                                                                               motorcycles, and has said he
      Since early fall the future     said Nicholson. "We actually                                                                               wants to return Indian to its
    of Indian motorcycles has         just got back from a trip                                                                                  former glory days.
    been uncertain and the local      where we bouglit some ’03s                                                                                     Nicholson said there have
    dealersllip,  Motor      City     from a dealer in New York,                                                                                 iilso been rumours that even
    Custom of south Oshawa,           and we have sold seven new                                                                                 1 larley Davidson is one of the
    hasn’t had many answers.          Indians since September."                                                                                  remaining bidders, but 11-D
       Indian Motorcycle Corp.           The final verdict about                                                                                 officials are not confirming
    decided to close its doors in     Indian’ s future lias been                                                                                 or denying any interest.
    September to sort out some        delayed because the bidding                                                                                    Because of the company’s
    financial problems and find       process, which began in                                                                                    uncertain       future, Cycle
    new investors.                    October, has taken longer                                                                                  Canada, an Toronto- based
       The company laid off its       than first anticipated by                                                                                  motorcycle maga/ine, did
    entire work force from the        Indian’s chairman, Frank                                                                                   not list any new Indian mod-
    manufacturing’ plant in           O’Connell who is also an                                                                                   els in its annual Cruising and
    Gilroy, California.               investor in the company.                                                                                   Touring Buyers Guide.
       This came after a major           Initially company officials                                                                                 The company closed right
    investor, the Audax Group, a      thought all the interested                                                                                 before the new models were
    Boston-based equity firm,         buyers would bid on a pack-                                                                                due to be present at the deal-
    ended funding to the compa-       age deal of the factory and                                                                                er convention in Las Vegas.
    ny.                               the trademark rights, but                                                                                      Pictures <ind some basic
       Brook Matthews, Motor          some were only interested in                                                                               specs of the 2004s arc avail-
    City Custom’s salesman and        a part of the company like                                                             Photo by Jnmio Gray able on the Internet, but no
    a former employee of Indian,      the equipment or the proper-                ALL REVVED UP: Bill Nicholson, part owner of                   one is sure if any will be built.
    said the number of potential      ty in Gilroy.                                                                                                  Sctelo has been trying to
    buyers bidding for the com-          Of the seven potential                   Motor City Custom, sits on a newer Indian model,
                                                                                  a 2003 Indian Chief.                                           hurry the process along and
    pany has been reduced to          buyers only two have come                                                                                  get some decisions made,
    seven.                            forward in the media/; said                                                                                said Nicholson.
       "Things are still up in the    Nicholson, one of whom is                   Now he represents a group is the winning bidder Indian             He has told Indian officials
    air    right    now,      said    Key Sotefo.                              of investors calling them- will start making bikes within to either sell the company or
    Matthews. "But we should             Sotelo has a history with             selves Matrix Capital who 30 days."                               liquidate it and get on with
    hear what is happening by         the Indian Motorcycle Corp..             want to revive the company        The only other buyer who business, which Nicholson
    the 21st (of January)."              He was its first president            once again.                     has come forward is Bill hopes are just scare tactics.
        Even with the uncertain-      and CEO back in 1998 when                   "Sotelo played a big role in Melvin, a wealthy business-           "Ideally 1 would like to see
    ties   Motor City Custom’s        the company was rejuvenat-               1998 when Indian restarted," man from Michigan and CEO someone buy Indian by the
    sales of Indians have contin-     ed after a SO-year absence               said Nicholson, "and now he of National Retail Equipment end of January, so we would
    ued, said Bill Nicholson, part    from building motorcycles.               has made a promise that if he Liquidators.                         get some bikes in for spring."

                                                gift to give                                                        N egotiations
By Stephanie Mason
Chronicle staff
                                  Susan Harris, the needles are
                                  just a tiny pinch and the
   During the holidays you amount of blood taken from a
probably received some great. person’s body is a siryill
                                                                              in the past. "There’s a lot of
                                                                              students here that should
                                                                              make an effort to donate once
                                                                              or at least try it."         ..
                                                                                                                   end in no strike
gifts from loved "ones, b,ut amount,- 450 mL to be c)?act.:                      CBS had posted the clinic          By Jessica Smith                tal coverage and increased
imagine ^receiving the most          ^Donating-blood does not                 schedules months ahead of             Chronicle Staff                 the maximums for basic
precious "gift of all, life, put you at risk of disease,                      time to promote their arrival.                                        service, crowns and ortho-
because someone special said Harris, "All our needles,                        They posted posters all over           ’ After months of negotia-     dontics. It will put support
donated.          ...:  ,

   Every year hundreds of peo- and discarded."
ple die. from car accidents,         But even though the
                                  are sterile, and used only once
                                                                 , ;...
                                                                              the school walls, sandwich ,
                                                                              cards on the cafeteria tables,
                                                                              and dates in our school agen-
                                                                                                                    tions and   college support
                                                                                                                    staff across the province
                                                                                                                                                    staff dental coverage on par
                                                                                                                                                    with academic and admin-
                                                                                                                    voting in favour of a strike, . istrative plans.
surgeries, cancer, burns, and process of donating blood can               :   das, but that didn’t seem .to         an agreement.. has been            Hearing care benefits
hemophilia, but many of be simple, people, particularly,:                     help the poor attendance,             reached.                        rose from a maximum for
these deaths could be prevent- from Durham-College and the                       To catch students’ and;               The- settlement was hearing aids of $500 every
ed through blood donations.       University of Ontario Institute             staffs’ attention they even           announced Dec. 18 and a five years, to $3,000 every
   Fortunately, the Canadian of Technology, are not rolling                   held a competition to see             two-year deal is now in three years. This contract
Blood Services, CBS, recruits up their sleeves to give.                       what program could give the           place.                          also brings hearing care
blood, bone marrow and               "Today, was very disap-                  most blood.                              Workers from 24 com- coverage up to the level of
blood products to help save pointing," said Harris this                          Harris said it was a close tie     munity colleges across current academic and
lives. -CBS was created in month. "Not many people                            between the Firefighting pro-         Ontario voted 79 per cent administrative               plans.
1998.                             came out to support the on-                 gram that collected 17 units          in favour of the collective Employees transferred by
   It combined the Canadian campus clinic."                                   and the Paramedics program            agreement. Marilou Martin- the college will also receive
Red Cross Blood Program and          This year, CBS, has visited              that collected 16 units over at       Benoit, Chair of the a reimbursement of $1,000
the Canadian Blood Agency both the Oshawa and Whitby                          the Whitby campus.                    Ontario Public Service for moving expenses.
to form one working unit that campuses twice, and were sur-                      "The      firefighters will        Employees Union OPSEU              There have also been
handles both blood collection prised at the low turnout.                      receive a trophy," said Harris,       bargaining team, called the improvements to job secu-
and funding.                          For instance, the clinic on             "and bragging rights."                contract, "a strong step for- rity with preference being
    However, as simple as that Jan. 12 was located in the                         However, people can still         ward for our members."          given to full-time positions
may sound, it’s not the easiest Oshawa campus cafeteria                       donate. CBS will be returning            Since the previous con- and 40-hour work weeks
job for recruiters.               where 35 CBS volunteers col-                to the Whitby campus in               tract expired in Aug. 31 of (that cannot be reduced to
    For the past 10 years, CBS lected 33 units of blood.                      March and in the fall at the          last year, some of the less than 40 hours) for
has been on low blood alert. However, their goal was to                       Oshawa campus.                        biggest stumbling blocks in employees hired before
Not enough people are willing collect 60 units.                                   "It’s not too late, they can      the talks between manage- Sept. 1, 1997 in certain
to give blood.                       ,"I didn’t really, feel like it,"        still help out," said Harris.         ment and union bargaining areas of service.
   There could be many rea- said General Arts and Science                     "Those who missed their               teams have been wages,             The agreement provides
sons for a lack of blood dona- student Josh Maclnnis about                    chance on campus can go to            workload, benefits and job clarification of how over-
tions, including the fear of why he didn’t donate blood.                      another clinic near them."            security.                       time is distributed in a work
needles or the fear of getting a "I donated blood before in                      The next blood donor clin-            This contract guarantees group as well.
transmitted disease.              high school and it took a lot               ic in Oshawa will be on Feb. 5,       a retroactive 3 per cent           Support staff workers
    But if everyone were to ask out of me."                                   from 4 to 8 p.m. at the St.           wage increase from Sept. 1, provide such college ser-
 nurses at the clinics the right      However, some students                  Gregory’s Auditorium.                 2003 until Sept. 1, 2004, vices as information tech-
questions,   all their fears and feel it’s important to give. "I                  For more information on           followed by another 3 per nology, maintenance, tech-
 concerns could be answered.      would donate blood, because                 blood donor clinics through-          cent wage increase. The nical, early childhood edu-
    Then they could make a it’s a vital service of life that                  out Canada, contact 1-888-2-          final raise will be 0.5 per cation, clerical support for
 better judgment about what people need on a regular                          DONATE or visit their Web             cent on April 1, 2005.          student loans, library, regis-
 blood donor clinics are about. basis,"           said          Legal         site at            The     new      contract trar’s office, and account-
    According          to  Clinic Administration student Ruth                 So roll up your sieves today          increased benefits for den- ing.
 Recruitment Co-ordinator, Monroe, who’s donated blood                        and give the gift of life.
  Whaf s your learnin style?
                                             ber what they do.                         they have a clear view of the board,        the group who didn’t fi( in. The stu-
 Discover the                                   The Learner Support Centre can overheads and tlic instructor, practice
                                             lielp students learn about their partic- rewriting their notes, use different
                                             ular styles of learning and how to colours to highlight information and
                                                                                                                                   dents might be staring out the win-
                                                                                                                                   dow while everybody else was reading,
                                                                                                                                   or the student was drawing something
                                             make better use of them.                  underline Important information in          while the others were writing.
 learning                                       The centre runs learning styles their notes. They should also use flash-
                                             Inventory workshops throughout the cards to study.
                                             school year, where students complete        Auditory (earners should position
                                                                                                                                      If you can’t remember what goes on
                                                                                                                                   in a lecture, Trotter recommends tak-
                                                                                                                                   ing a tape recorder to class and focus

 style that                                  a questionnaire on the computer, themselves In the class so they can
                                             answering questions such as what licar well. They sliould tape lectures to
                                             teaching methods they prefer and play later for review, ask questions,
                                                                                                                                   on what’s going on the board or over-
                                                                                                                                   head or presenter.
                                                                                                                                      "Anything to get their eyes going
                                                                                                                                   and get (heir hands going, becnuse If
                                             which ways they learn new tilings the rewrite information after listening to
 best suits                                  easiest. They are then given a printout it, read their notes aloud and they
                                             of the results, which details their per- should avoid last minute cramming.
                                                                                                                                   they’re not hearing it they can get
                                                                                                                                   valuable information down with a
                                             sonal learning styles.                      Tactile learners, those who learn         pen," she says. "Or if they liavc their
 you                                            For example, some
                                             people learn best
                                             through lectures, but

                                                                          Everybody has a the front of the class if
                                                                                                      work, should sit near
                                                                                                                                   laptops they can be typing along, but
                                                                                                                                   not necessarily listening to the lecture
                                                                                                                                   verbatim. There may be examples or
By CIndy Wells                               also      learn    well                                  they have difficulty         charts and (hey can get those down. If
Chronicle Staff                              through visual charts style of learning. focusing during a lec-                       they’re taping the lecture they can lis-
                                             and graphs. Others                                       ture. They should take       ten to the tape later and put the two
                                             arc builders and learn As soon as we’re notes with a laptop if                        together. Sometimes they might have
   Have you ever wondered why some           best when they liavc born we start to possible. Incorporate                           to listen to tlic lecture two or three
                                             something they can                                                     into their     times."
people can sit through a two-hour lec-
ture class and be totally engulfed by        touch.                     learn, but we can’t drawings a computer
                                                                                                      notes, use                      "I’ve had several students be very
what the professor is saying, while             Students can also identify immedi-                    to rccopy notes, work        hesitant to actually suggest to the
others only pay attention for 10 min-        use the inventory on                                     with other students In       teacher I’m going to tape this," said
utes before starting to daydream?            their own time by vis- ately what that is.               study groups, and cre-       Trotter. "Most teachers are very will-
   Learning styles may be to blame.          iting the Learner                                        ate real life examples to    ing to have that done. Any way that a
One person could be an auditory              Support Centre and                    Wendy Trotter      help their memory.           student can learn would be hefpful."
learner, meaning they learn and              logging onto one of                                         In     high     school       "A lot of students don’t take well to
remember tilings they hear well. The         the computers. Staff in the support Trotter says she had to learn some of             the talk and chalk delivery," says
daydreamer might be a tactile learner,       centre can help students access It.       her history information by setting it to    Trotter. "They tend to space out." She
meaning they learn best through                 "Some teachers have actually song. "Because I knew I could not                     thinks it would be helpful for the stu-
hands-on work.                               brought their classes in to run them memorize dry facts from the text-                dents if teachers were able to use a
   "There are very few students who          through it," said Trotter.               book," she said.                             variety of presentation styles.
have one specific style. It’s usually a         The Learning Styles Inventory ques-      "Everybody has a style of learning,"         Learning styles can also change in
combination of styfes," said Wendy           tionnaire also provides a prescription said Trotter. "As soon as we’re born we        certain situations, said Trotter, such as
Trotter, resource co-ordinator for the       to the teacher on how to deal with stu- start to learn, but we can’t really iden-     in high stress situations like exam
Learner Support Centre.                      dents who are a particular learning tify immediately what that is."                   time, compared to a time with low
   Visual learners generally remember        style,                                      Trotter says a style of learning starts   stress. She encourages students who
Information       they   can see. Auditory      The results include ways to help to become more apparent in the ele-               take the inventory to come back two
learners generally understand and            students make better use of a strong mentary grades. She recalls working              or three times and take it under differ-
remember information they can hear.          learning style.                          with elementary children in small            ent circumstances to see if they come
And tactile learners generally remem-           Visual learners should make sure groups and noticing one student in                out the same.                          i

  Structural changes for SA                                                                                                                   Why
                                                                                                                                              not take
   Lack of                            changes will have to be made
                                      to the structure of the stu-
                                                                       full-time student president team aspect now. I think
                                                                       may have when governing a that is the only way it will be
                                      dent government.
                                         A model for the new unit-
                                                                       growing student population. Successful as opposed to the
                                                                          Athletics was another mat- division (of the campus insti-           a trip to
   school                             ed student government
                                      unanimously passed by the
                                                                       ter brought up by the stu- tutions)."
                                                                       dents. If there is only to be      Many of the students pre-

                                      assembly. In it, each institu-
                                      tion will have a vice-presi-
                                      dent under a campus-wide
                                      president, to whom school
                                                                       one sports team identity for sent were unaware of Bill
                                                                       all institutions, students wor- 109, which explains the
                                                                       ried that come college and vision and direction of UOIT.
                                                                       university playoffs there
                                                                                                          Section 17 of Bill 109             By Amber Dunseath
                                      representatives, such as the     would be confusion as to reads: "The university and                  Chronicle Staff
   concerns                           school of Design and
                                      Communication Arts, will
                                      report with concerns from
                                                                       which league the campus the college shall enter into an
                                                                       belongs to.                     agreement for the sharing of
                                                                          Katie Hickey, a Physical their real and personal prop-
                                                                                                                                               Travelling Europe can be
                                                                                                                                            one of the most exhilarating
   students                           class reps via email.
                                         Gary Polonsky, president
                               of Durham College and
                                                                       Science student at UOIT, was erty and for the sharing of
                                                                       happy to put in her two cents their administrative staff and
                                                                       worth.                          services."
                                                                                                                                            experiences a person can
                                                                                                                                            have while they’re young.
                                                                                                                                                For some it may seem to
                               UOIT, said the campus is in a              "I decided to come in           Dr. Catherine Drea, direc-        be an impossible dream, but
                               unique situation.                       today because I was interest- tor of the Centre for                  it’s not.
                                  "Our vision is a bit                 ed in the idea that we were Professional Development at                  On Thursday, Jan. 29 from
  By Rachel Debling            quirky," he said. "It is not            going to examine the Student Seneca College and mediator             10 a.m. to 3 p.m. representa-
  Chronicle Staff              typical. We wanted a team-              Association and see if it was of the forum, felt that the            tives from the Department of
      The      biggest concern based vision of education,              meeting the needs of all insti- government outline brain-            Foreign        Affairs      and
  regarding campus gover- where the tool and die mak-                  tutions," said Hickey. "From stormed by the group will be            International Trade will be
  nance is the lack of unity ers can collaborate with the              a UOIT perspective, we felt successful.                              on campus with "Youth ...
  between         the  Durham- technical engineers under               that our needs were not            "I think the model that           On the Move."
  College, UOIT and Trent one roof."                                   being met by the student has been chosen will adapt                     This is a program designed
  communities, according to a     He offered encouragement             association because this year, well to future issues like            to help young Canadians
  panel of students and school and support to those who                the transition year, we were growth on the campus and                pursue work and volunteer
  leaders.                     gathered, promising that,               under-represented."             graduate students coming,"           opportunities in Europe. It
      More than 20 representa- "Whatever you decide today                 While at first she was not she said. "I think they did a          also assists in locating intern-
  tives from across campus met will be right."                         warm to the idea of a united great job."                             ships and scholarships, and
  with Student Association        Tlie group focused on five           campus among the three             The turnout, she contin-          offers valuable travel tips for
  members on Jan. 17 to dis- main issues affecting the stu-             schools, the forum opened        ued, was impressive.               young people looking for
  cuss the future of student dent body - communication,                 her eyes to the possibilities       "There was excellent repre-     European adventure.
  government in the school connection, representation,                  that such a structure would      sentation from three institu-        Their kiosk will be set up
  community.                   community and reality.                   hold.                            tions - on a Saturday, no          in the South Wing corridor
     To accommodate the three     Some concerns that were                  "This whole team concept      less."                             near the library.
  separate schools on campus raised included the lack of                and sharing as described in         For more information on            For more information on
  and their individual identi- school spirit in all three               Bill 109 is awesome," she        Bill 109, visit UOIT’s Web site    the program, interested stu-
  ties. the group decided that schools and the difficulty a             explained. "I’m all for the      at                    dents         can       visit
                                                                                     THE CHRONICLE            January 27, 2004         7

                                                        Help for unemployed
                                                       By Jackle Lawrence
                                                       Chronicle Staff                           The program offers those who are
                                                                                              unemployed         the     necessary
                                                                                              resources to find a job.

                                jobfa i r                Looking for n job?
                                                         Almost everyone at some point
                                                      in his or her fife has been unem-
                                                      ployed.      Searching through the
                                                      cinssifieds, preparing a resume and
                                                                                                 "Young people can go to the
                                                                                              resource centres for job searches,
                                                                                              labour market trends... there’s (also)
                                                                                              resources on how to write a
                                                                                              resume," said Lutz McKay.
                                                      making appointments for inter-            She added that the program also
                                                      views is something everyone can      offers one-on-onc job counselling
                                                      identify with.                       to those who need it.
                                                         And often for those in their late    "We will develop an action plan,
                                                      teens to early twenties, unemploy- and short-term and long-term
                                                      ment can be a grim reality.          goals," she said.
                                                         But there is help.                   She explained that Job Connect
                                                         Job Connect, a program devel- will also go as far as negotiating a
We d n esday,                                         oped by the Ontario government, position with an employer on
                                                      has been offering help to unem- behalf of the individual. They will
                                                      ployed youth for several years now. then monitor the situation and pro-
                                                         "The job connect program is a vide more training and education
                                                      youth-oriented program that is for the einnloyee if it is necessary to

Fe b ru a ry 1 1 , 2 0 04                             geared towards those wlio arc of 16 maintain the position.
                                                      to 24 years of age," said Kirn Lulz-    There arc three Job Connect loca-
                                                      McKay, coordinator for the Oshawa tionsin Durham region.
                                                      program, located here in Durham         In Oshawa, the program partners
                                                      College.                             with the John Howard Society, as
                                                         "Their eligibility is simply that well as the YMCA.

G et rea dy to                                        they arc unemployed," slic said.        The Job Connect program
                                                         Lutz-McKay explained that the received two silver medals for excel-
                                                      program is aimed at youth between lence last year. The Ministers
                                                      those ages who have cither a grade Award tor Excellence was awarded
                                                      12 education or less. Because of to tlie Oshawa and Uxbridge loca-

m eet ove r 50                                        their lack of education, there is a tions of the program for their efforts
                                                      large employment gap for that in providing superior help for
                                                      demographic.                         unemployed youth.

e m p l oye rs .                                      Fighting for equality
                                                    By Shannon Campbell
                                                    Chronicle Staff                            about reading material that values the
                                                                                                intelligence of women and doesn’t
                                                                                                focus on beauty tips and gulU trips.
                                                        Feminism. This one word provokes           Jervis describes herself as always
                                                    all sorts of misconceptions.                having been a feminist.
                                                       "People still think that feminists are     "f think feminism is really vital and
                                                    humourless and man-hating," said energetic right now," said Jervis.I see a
                                                    Lisa Jervis, publisher and editor of lot of feminists doing social-justice
                                                    Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to work that isn’t necessarily primarily
Go online for a list of participating               Pop Culture.                               about gender. The anti-swetashops
                                                       From the birth of its very first pub- movement and the World Trade
                                                    lication the question has been con- Organization protest and others are
employers and Job Fair tips.                        stantly raised: why did they choose incredibly important goals of femi-
                                                    that word as the name of the maga- nism generally." She thinks these
                                                    zine?                                      kinds of coalitions and forging con-
                                                       The term bitch is most often used to nections between feminism and other |          describe woman who speak their movements for social justice will con-
                                                    minds and express their opinions.          tinue and evolve. Feminism plays a
                                                       "If being an outspoken women vital role in today’s society because
                                                    means being a bitch, we’ll take that as sexism still exists.
                                                    a compliment, thanks," said Jervis.           Lisa    Penney, a second-year
                                                       Also, when taken as a compliment Women’s Studies student at York
                                                    the word uses the power to hurt peo- University, said the common miscon-
                                                    ple. Bitch magazine mission statement ception about feminism is that it’s
                                                    is to be a fresh, revitalizing voice for outdated, that it’s something that is
                                                    feminism, one that welcomes complex over. People think we no longer live in
                                                    arguments and refuses to ignore the a sexist society, and unfortunately that
                                                    contradictory and sometimes uncom- is not true.
                                                    fortable details that constitute the real-    "1 would like society to realize that
                                                    ities of women’s lives.                    feminism’s agenda is ultimately fair-
                                                       "There is a perception of feminists ness," said Penney.
                                                    being dogmatic and narrow, which is           She believes a feminist is " someone
                                                    very far from the truth," said Jervis. who fights against such evils as racism,
                                                    "Also, there are some perceptions that sexism, classism, homophobia, and
                                                    feminists all think one way on a large ableism."
                                                    number of issues, when in reality             Penney decided to pursue an educa-
                                                    there’s a lot of ideological diversity tion in women’s studies because she
                                                    among feminists."                          believes that, as a woman, it’s a valu-
                                                       The dictionary describes the word able background to have.
                                                    feminism as a doctrine that advocates         "It’s impossible to fully understand
                                                    equal rights for women. Publications the implications of being a woman,
                                                    like Bitch and Bust magazine are unless you actually are one," she said.
                                                    spreading the word that feminism "Some women do not identify as fem-
                                                    isn’t a group of man-hating women, inists, although some men do. I’ve
                                                    cursing society. They can be a men or met my share of girls who seem like
                                                    women who believe in the equality of they couldn’t care less about feminis-
                                                    women.                                     m’s issues, and some guys whose
                                                       "We really want people to think respect for women is impressive and
                                                    critically about all the messages we get inspiring."
                                                    from movies, magazines, television            Feminism plays an active role in
                                                    and advertising," said Jervis. "We want penney’s life.
    Unlvorslty or Oiitiirlo
                                       career +     people to question what’s being sold
                                                    and why."
                                                                                                  Slie says it has encouraged her to
                                                                                               question so-called norms and critique
9   Insliluto or Turliiiolony          employment
                                                       Bitch magazine is about addressing all aspects of her surroundings. She
                                                    the issues of sexism that are seen every believes feminism reminds people to
                                                    day. It’s about understanding the "love yourself unconditionally,
                                                    commercial agendas of tlie messages demand respect and speak up when
                                                    the media is portraying to us. It’s injustice is seen."
                                                                                                                                  THE CHRONICLE              January 28, 2004    8

Durham skier remembers Japan
                                                                                                                                                    an absolutely stunning sun-
 Talented                          with." Thanks officer.
                                      On top of being a rider, 1
                                   also run a sklboard film pro-
                                                                           Strolling down a street a lit-
                                                                        tle past midnight, we passed
                                                                        markets and a mass of conve-
                                                                                                               hours north of Tokyo.
                                                                                                                  The transition from big
                                                                                                               time Tokyo lo the huge time
                                                                                                                                                    rise over the entire Shigo
                                                                                                                                                    Kogan range. I took full
                                   duction company called Uent          nience stores that arc closed          mountain ranges is astound-          advantage of tlie time to
 athlete                           Films. When our stopover in
                                   Chicago was delayed for a
                                   mere six hours, 1 spent the
                                                                        for the night. Space is
                                                                        extremely valuable in Tokyo
                                                                        city. If a family has two cars
                                                                                                               ing. The skier in me was prac-
                                                                                                               tically jumping out of my
                                                                                                               skin. All 1 could do was think
                                                                                                                                                    shoot some photos and get
                                                                                                                                                    some video for my upcoming
                                                                                                                                                       We grabbed some breakfast
 takes trip                        time shooting some lifestyle
                                   shots of Ethan and grabbing
                                   some shut-eye.
                                                                        and a one- car driveway, they
                                                                        order car lifters. These jack up
                                                                        one of your vehicles the per-
                                                                                                               about the mountains and
                                                                                                               how big they were.
                                                                                                                  Canon was sending Ethan
                                                                                                                                                    and headed up the mountain
                                                                                                                                                    at around 8 a.m. Ethan and I
                                                                                                                                                    were surprised to sec a nice
                                      After psyching myself up          fect height so that you can            and I to the Ichenose (Ec-cha-
 to Tokyo                          for the last 12 hours flight, we
                                   boarded the plane. All in all it
                                   went well and we had a fan-
                                                                        park your second car under-
                                                                        neath it. The Japanese have
                                                                        mastered the art of creative-
                                                                                                               know-say) resort In Shigo
                                                                                                               Kogan to do some exhibitions
                                                                                                               in their terrain park to spark
                                                                                                                                                    35-foot table top; a 25 -foot
                                                                                                                                                    long double barreled rail, a
                                                                                                                                                    smaller table, and a big rain-
 By Ben Wannamaker                 tastic view of the Alaskan           ness and efficiency.                   the interest in the public to        bow rail at the base of the
 Chronicle Staff                   mountain range.                          We found a second story            demo or buy the new Canon            park. We took advantage of
                                      We arrived at the Narita          Japanese bar/grill that looks          Skiboards.                           the soft morning light, get-
                                   airport in Tokyo at 9 p.m.           appealing, so we climb the                When we arrived at the            ting some footage on the
   1 am a skier. I ride for a cou- Friday. Friday? Yes, apparent-       spiral stairs to an authentic,         base of Ichenose, It was             untouched terrain. I got some
ple of prominent comp.inlcs ly Thursday got bored on tlie               yet modernized eatery.                 already past dark. We quickly        shots of Ethan and got used
and because of a recent plane and decided to head                           The Japanese arc very              pulled up to our place of rest       to the terrain myself. The
change of pace in the home.                                             attentive to customers needs.          for the next four days. We           jumps were all produced with
Japanese ski industry, my             We were met at tlic airport       They greeted us and had com-           pulled into the back of the          a cleanliness you would never
sponsors thought that some by Dcnzo, tlic Canon Japan                  plimentary tea ready before             parking lot, and saw a huge          see in Nortli American parks.
promotion in Asia was due, rep, and our host for the trip.              we could say ’domo arigato.’           33-foot Class A motor home.             We headed injto the chalet
After a quick week of plan- Denzo was born in Japan, but                    "You know how in                       Our. mouths dropped.             where Denzo and Dean were
ning I was on a plane to lived in northern California                   America, the rule Is ’The cus-         There is literally no such           setting up customers with
Tokyo.                             for 15 years. Both Dean and          tomer is always right?’"               thing as motor homes in              demo boards. 1 quickly saw
   On Jan. 7, I was off to Dcnzo are perfectly fluent in                Kistler said. "Well in Japan,          Japan, let alone 33- foot Class      that posters of Ethan and 1
Rochester to meet with the English and Japanese, because                It’s translated to, ’The cus-          A motor homes. It turns out          were posted all over the
CEO of the International out of totally separate circum-                tomer Is God.’ So you’ll find          that Dcnzo also has a big role       chalet inside and out. When
Skihoard Federation (ISF) who stances. As children, they                that they treat you extremely          in an RV club, and he was            the general populace of the
was going to be my translator were relocated from their                 well."                                 calling in a favour for us.          chalet saw us walk in, we were
and tour guide for the trip,       original countries to Japan              Denzo took tlic liberty of            As we pulled up beside this       immediately hit up for a few
   Skiboards are 99cm skis and America respectively.                    ordering our food, and got us          towering beast, out jumped           autographs that we were
that arc used primaril y for          Aftcrword, we met up with         a nice mix of western and              the craziest, most spastic           more than happy to give out.
park tricks, and recently peo- Dcnzo and had our money                  eastern dishes. We dove right          Japanese man I have ever                The next three days were
ple began to realize that they exchanged to yen, (1,000 yen             into our battered octopus              seen. Dubbed ’Crazy Danny’,          filled with good food, great
can be used for race training = $10 USD) and were off into              with fish shavings, garlic             he was the proud owner of            exhibitions, lots of partying
and in schools.                    Tokyo for the night.                 bread, pork neck shish                 the 33 foot beast. He showed         and a ridiculous amount of
    1 got to Deans place late on      Being in   Tokyo   is surreal.    kabobs, trench fries, seaweed          us our beds, his Internet            photos.
 Wednesday and met up with There’s no other way to                      and pork cutlets.                      access, his touch-screen GPS,           The partying is very acces-
 my team ruler, Ethun MitchcH      describe it. The lights, the             We finished up, thanked            and many other features.             sible on account of there
who was to be joining us on        people, the organization and         out hosts, and headed back to              Tomorrow was going to be         being vending machines
our trip. With a 14 hour flight    the efficiency arc admirable.        our hotel for a few quick              the first day of exhibitions for     everywhere you look. These
ahead of us the next day, we       The first thing 1 noticed was        hours of shut-eye.                     the Japanese crowd, so Ethan         machines, hold everything
stayed up all night drinking       the cleanliness of a city                Before jumping into bed I          and I decided to drink a few         from coffee and beer, to ciga-
green tea and talking about        packed with over eight mil-          heard nature call, and little          beers and hit the sack. I had        rettes and condoms.
the trip to come.                  lion people.                         did I know this was going to           the floor, and Ethan had the            On our last night at
   The plane left at 7:30 a.m.,       "You never have to worry          be one of the greatest experi-         couch.                               Ichenose we had the pleasure
so we got to the airport at 6      about crime in Tokyo," Denzo         ences of my life. MY GOD,                  Unfortunately for a non-         of meeting an absolute hoard
a.m. I don’t know if it was my     said. "All the graffiti comes        the toilets are beyond words.          smoker like myself, a huge           of fine young Japanese girls
Listen to Bob Marley Shirt or      solely from westerners who           Featuring heated seats and             population of the Japanese           who were more than happy
just being from Canada, but        come over, it’s really all about     remote controlled bidets. It’s          are smokers, and as I saw with      to make the acquaintance of
security labeled me as ’select-    respect in Tokyo."                   impossible to go to the bath-           Denzo last night at dinner, a       some young talented western
 ed.’ This meant that I got to         We pulled up to a large           room in North America again            large percentage of them            boys.
 go hang out in a special room     business hotel which would           without feeling a little disap-         chain-smoke. Crazy Danny               The thing about Japanese
 and have my shoes inspected        be our home for our first            pointed.                               and Denzo stayed awake for          girls is the fact that they all
 and my bags torn apart.            night in Tokyo, but the first           We woke up early the next           the majority of the night talk-     look extremely young. My
 While I was being searched,        priority had to be food. We          day, quickly packed our gear           ing and smoking cigarette           girl for the night looked no
 the nice security man said, "If    got unpacked and began our           and headed to Shigo Kogan,             after cigarette.                    older than 18 or 19, but was
 you panic, you will be dealt       search for some grubs.               the mountain range three                  We awoke at 5:30 a.m. to         in fact 26! I will leave this
                                                                                                                                                    space to your imagination.
                                                                                                                                                       The next morning we
                                                                                                                                                    began our trek back to Tokyo
                                                                                                                                                    in Crazy Danny’s motor
  Who is You r Charity of Choice?                                                                                                                   home. We toured around
                                                                                                                                                    Tokyo until 3 p.m. doing
                                                                                                                                                    store visits and promoting
                                                                                                                                                    Canon Skiboards and the ISF
                                                                                                                                                    with Denzo and Dean.
                                                                                                                                                       On our way to the airport
                                                                                                                                                    we stopped at an authentic
   >/ Casual Dress Days                     ^Smce 1990, JAF has assisted^vcr 3,000                                                                  Japanese shrine. I took the
        Payroll Deductions                 "^children and their familic^ |i : }                          ;                                          opportunity to get some

   ^    Golf TournanK
                                                           ntario. M,’^ ’.

                                                                                          i:’-.i ;
                                                                                       :1. -4   ’
                                                                                                     !        The Jennifer Ashlei^h
                                                                                                                                                    lifestyle shots" of Ethan on
                                                                                                                                                    old-time super 8 film.
                                                                                                                                                       We arrived at the airport
                                                                                                                                                    and said our goodbyes to

   ^    Hockey Tourn
   >/ Christmas] Parties
                                                                                                              The Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation

                                                                                                              R.R. n, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R1
                                                                                                                                                    Crazy Danny and Denzo.
                                                                                                                                                       There is an aura around
                                                                                                                                                    Tokyo, and in fact, all of
                                                                                                                                                    Japan. An unmatched work
               f                                                                                              Tel.: (905)852-1799
                                                                                                              Fax: (905) 852 - 0124
                                                                                                                                                    ethic and a strange mix
                                                                                                                                                    between the unrelenting pro-
                                                                                                                                                    tection of the old ways with
        JAF helps families with special treafrripnt needs, medical                                                                                  the                  complete
                                                                                                              Canadian Charitable Organization      Americanization      of the
        expenses and financial assistance in times ofneed. We                                                                                       Japanese youth. Downtown
                                                                                                              BN 13942 3875 RR0001                  Tokyo is the only place in the
        like to think that we act as a safety net for families that                                                                                 world where you will see a
        are living through difficult times.                                                            fruit market that has been
                                                                                                                                                    around for generations sand-
                                                                                                                                                    wiched between a Starbucks
                                                                                                                                                    and a McDonalds.
Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for chronically and seriously ill clirldrcn and their families when love is not enough.
                                                                                                                   THE CHRONICLE                 January 27, 2004 9


Alcoh o li sm affe cts everyon e
Help for                                                                                                                               Association, who felt it would
                                                                                                                                       be a good support group to
                                                                                                                                       offer to students.
families                                                                                                                                  Al-Anon allows relatives
                                                                                                                                       and friends to share their
                                                                                                                                       experiences,       and    gain
available                                                                                                                              strength and hope from one
                                                                                                                                       another to solve their com-
                                                                                                                                       mon problems caused by
throughout                                                                                                                             someone’s drinking.
                                                                                                                                          Louis, an Al-Anon volun-
                                                                                                                                       teer, said the reason a group
community                                                                                                                              didn’t work on campus was
                                                                                                                                       location and the fact that
                                                                                                                                       people, especially young peo-
Amber Dunseath                                                                                                                         ple, can be hesitant to con-
Chronicle Slat)
                                                                                                                                       front their fears.
                                                                                                                                          "People will go to meetings
   Many people don’t think                                                                                                             where they are comfortable,"
twice about heading out to                                                                                                             Louis said.      "If they feel
the bar with friends for the                                                                                                           uncomfortable in a group
occasional weekend cocktail                                                                                                            tliey’ll move around until
or having a glass of wine or a                                                                                                         they feel they fit in."
cold beer at the end of the                                                                                                               Al-Anon is still available
day.                                                                                                                                   throughout the Durham
   But what many people                                                                                                                Region with 31 meetings
don’t know is that alcohol is                                                                                                          being held from Bowmanville
the most commonly used and                                                                                                             to Pickering.
abused drug in North                                                                                                                      One student, who wishes
   Problem drinkers are alco-
                                                                                                                                       to     remain       anonymous,
                                                                                                                                       expressed her thoughts on
holics, and alcoholism is a                                                                                                            having a parent who’s an
disease.                                                                                                                               .ilcoliolic.
   According to the Canadian                                                                                                              "It’s very hard and frustrat-
National institute on Alcohol                                                                                                          ing, especially now that I’m
Abuse and Alcoholism, alco-                                                                                                            away from home and know
holism is defined by four ele-                                                                                                         they are continuing their
ments: craving oi* the con-                                                                                                            habit," she said, "It ^els lo
stant compulsion to drink,                                                                                                             tin." point where I don’t want
lack of control to stop or limit                                                                                                       to i:.ill hoinr fur l’i.;ir tln’y   :irc
drinking, physical depen-                                                                                                              drunk."
dence, and tolerance, making                                                                                Pholo by Amber Dunsoatli
                                                                                                                                          The student thought about
the drinking need more to                                                                                                              joining a support group, but
feel the effect of alcohol.           DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR?: If you’re finding more empties under your bed                          was afraid of the stigma
   Many suffer the disease,           than you can count, maybe you have a bigger problem than you realized.                           attached and-confronting the
but it is not only the drinker     Pinewood Centre, said family ent," Uyenaka explained,           Another option for families         fact their parent has a drink-
who suffers.       Family and      counselling is encouraged        Uyenaka said 25 to 30 per is Al-Anon, an anonymous                 ing problem.
friends can sometimes feel         because family response helps cent of scliool-aged kids have and confidential support                  "I know I should talk to
the effects of excessive drink-    ease the situation at home.    a parent with a substance organization.                              someone, but it’s difficult
ing hardest.                          "Alcoholism is very stress- abuse problem and that 20        Al-Anon deals with the              because it’s embarrassing
   There is hope for family        ful," Uyenaka said. "Family per cent of the adult popula- effects and concerns people               admitting the problem in
and friends though.                members of alcoholics have tion drinks moderately heavy may have about someone’s                    your family," she said.
   In the Durham Region            three to four times more med- to heavy on a regular basis.   excessive drinking and gives              She agreed the Al-Anon
there are different options for    ical problems such as ulcers."   Pinewood accepts phone them an outlet to recover                   program was a good idea, and
families wanting help coping          Pinewood also offers coun- calls, referrals, and general from their pains caused by              wished it could have been a
with the effects of an alco-       selling programs to children inquiries from anyone seek- the chronic disease.                       success.
holic relative.                    as young as four,              ing information or help and      In September an Al-Anon                For more information or
   Pinewood             Centre-       "Young children don’t also has a telephone support meeting group began on cam-                   inquiries into counselling or
Lakeridge Health offers coun-      understand alcoholism; they service.                         pus, but had to end because            support groups call Al-Anon
selling       in       Oshawa,     do know that something is up     Uyenaka can be found in of poor attendance.                        of Durham Region at 905-
Bowmanville, Port Perry and-       because of conflict and ten- the Health and Wellness            Mary Alice Harvey, a regis-         728-1020 or the Pinewood
Ajax.                              sion in the home, broken Centre on Wednesdays and is tered nurse in the Health and                  Centre of Oshawa at 905-571-
   Randy Uyenaka, an addic-        promises and less involve- available to talk to Durham Wellness Centre, explained it                3344.
tions counsellor with the          ment from the alcoho).c par- College and UOIT students.      was the idea of the Student
New way to make the world greener
                                            wife Lesley realized the potential to      the monthly prize draws for students.          Wlien tlie school has collected at
By Rachel Debling                           create a profitable business and com-             The Planet Earth process also       least 50 cartridges, a draw will be held
Chronicle Staff                             munity program in one.                     attempts to teach kids about the           courtesy of Planet Earth for gift cer-
                                               Wayne, who had worked for a com-        repercussions thai unnecessary waste       tificates and other novelty items.
                                            pany who dealt witli many printer          can have on the environment                    While most schools average a col-
   Society seems to be hell-bent on         cartridges, found that not enough was      through biannual presentations by          lection of 20 cartridges a month,
sending our ecosystem into a state of       being done about this needless waste.      Wayne and Lesley.                          some find themselves collecting 50,
disrepair.                                     This idea has become a full time            Helen Lanthler, principal of           and others up to 100.

   From disposable kitchen wipes to         business for the Heinirchs, who not        Oshawa’s Sir Albert Love Catholic              This bonus, says Heinrich, makes
Individually wrapped straws, many of        only drive across the GTA each             School, is in the process of bringing      participation in the program fun for
our modern conveniences can mean            month to collect from participating        the Planet Earth program to lier stu-      the kids,
 disaster for the environment.              locations, but also sort and ship the      dents.                                         The business community can also
    One of the largest risks to our envi-   cartridges every month to companies            Lanthler has worked with Heinrich      benefit from participating in this pro-
 ronment is also one of the most wide-      who plan to recycle them.                  prior to becoming principal at Sir         gram, according to Lanthier and
 ly used products in classrooms and            After Planet Earth sells the empty      Albert Love, and was thrilled when he      Hcnrich.
 businesses today.                          cartridges to a recycling company,         offered to set up a recycling program          Businesses that are involved in the
    Everyone from students to CEOs to        they are refilled and sold in computer    at her school.                             program can cither chose to receive a
 teachers depend on tlicm daily, yet         and business stores, such as Staples.         The feedback from both parents         small amount of money for their
 few know tlie damage they can do                What types of cartridges are useful   and kids has been very positive, she       donations or they can chose a scliool
 when taken to landfills.                    to these companies changes as print-      explained, after an assembly and           on wliosc behalf they would wish to
    The lowly printer cartridge, a mod-      ers become more advanced.                 intormation session was presented by       contribute.
 ern wonder composed of quick-drying            "It is a funny business," he           Planet Earth to the separate                   "A business may gel a rebate for
 ink and chemically harmful plastics,        explained, "It all goes according to      groups."Thc parents at Sir Albert Love     their cartridges," said Heinrich, "but
is tossed away by the thousands cadi         market demand. Certain printers arc       who listened to Waync’s presentation       by giving It to a school (lie advertis-
day without a second thought as to           more popular than others, so there-       before       Christmas     were     very   ing (through school newsletters and
where they may end up.                       fore there are more people looking for    impressed," she said. "They are going      the Planet Earth Web site) and PR
   "Cartridges made out of PDC plas-         those specific printer cartridges."       to participate in this program a great     they receive is worth much more than
tic take about a thousand years to               Xerox machine toner containers,       deal," In fact, although the program       the small amount of money they
break down, if it breaks down at all,"      another source of waste in manybusi-       has not yet officially begun,              could get."
   Wayne Heinrich, co-founder of            ncss places, arc not yet rcfillable and    Lanthicr’s students have already               "It also allows companies to get rid
Planet Earth Cartridge Recycling,           therefore not collected by Planet          begun collecting cartridges.               of their cartridges," added Lanthier.
explained. "They can release poiso-         Earth, but Heinrich has been looking          Lanthler stressed that the ease at      "Some cartridges take up a lot of space
nous gas and liquids into tlie earth        into ways to recycle the plastic in the    which tlie program can be run is one       In the office and at dump
and water.                                  toner bottles.                             of tlie primary reasons for using it in    sites."Whatcver tlie reason for partici-
   By recycling them, we keep them              Unfortunately, he said, the cost of    her school community.                      pating In the program,
out of the environment."                    new plastic is often cheaper than             "It’s simple," she said. "It brings a       Heinrich strives to ensure that all
   Heinrich has teamed up with over         reusing old materials, so few compa-       little bit of money into the school and    involved are rewarded, Lanthier
40 GTA schools and 300 local busi-          nies would be interested in using this     all we have to do is put a box out and     notes that with the Planet Earth pro-
nesses to help both the environment         method.                                    kids bring in cartridges."                 gram, no one loses.
and community through a recycling              The program attempts to reward             The reward program for the chil-             "It really is a win-win situation for
program that rewards schools and            everyone involved, said Heinrich,          dren of participating schools adds an      everybody," she said. "Wayne has his
businesses for collecting used car-         whether through monetary donations         extra incentive for contributing stu-      cartridge business, the children learn
tridges.                                    to schools for their support, free         dents.                                     they can be active in environmental
  Planet Earth Recycling began in           advertising on the Planet Earth Web             For every cartridge they bring in,    issues, the school profits, and best of
March 2001 when Wayne and his               site for participating businesses, or      the child will receive a ticket,           all, the environment wins."

                                                                      Encouraging DC students
                                                                      to think greener on campus
                                                                      Program                            tridges through cash incen-
                                                                                                           There are many benefits to
                                                                                                                                               tridges collected, Thinkgree;
                                                                                                                                               also funds for the planting of
                                                                                                                                               tree by the Tree Canad
                                                                      recycles                          participating in the program.
                                                                                                        You can do your part to help
                                                                                                        save the environment, and
                                                                                                                                               Foundation, which is dedicaf
                                                                                                                                               ed to the greening of urbai
                                                                                                                                               communities. So far, the prc
                                                                      printer                           raise money for the Student
                                                                                                        Association at the same time.
                                                                                                           In Canada, more than 30
                                                                                                                                               gram has been responsible fc
                                                                                                                                               the planting of about 13,98
                                                                                                                                               trees, removing 2,200 tonne
                                                                      cartridges                        million printer and photocopi-
                                                                                                        er cartridges are used in homes
                                                                                                        and businesses every year.
                                                                                                                                               of carbon from the atmo;
                                                                                                                                                  Free enrolment in the prc
                                                                     By Tania Kwong                     Currently, more than 2000              gram can be done online a
                                                                     Chronicle Staff                    schools and businesses across or cor
                                                                                                        Canada are taking part in the          tact         1-888-265-2.89;
                                                                        Think of how many times         program that rewards used car-         Participants^ are provided witi
                                                                     you use a printer or photocopi-    tridges collection with cash           a Thinkgreen Marketing an’
                                                                     er in one day. Now think of        donation. Money earned                 Collection JCit that include
                                                                     how many people in Canada          through the recycling program          collection boxes, poster;
                                                                     use a printer or photocopier in    can be used however the part-          newsletter inserts and suggest
                                                                     just one day. So many wasted       nering organization wants.             ed memos to encourage an’
                                                                     cartridges are ending up in           "Our partners have used tlie        promote participation. One
                                                                     landfills, but now recycling       money they earned through              the collection box is full pai
                                                                     your cartridge can really pay      the Thinkgreen program to off-         ticipants can call a toll fre
                                                                     off, thanks to Greentec            set business costs, help chari-        number and a Thinkgreen rep
                                                                     International Inc.                 ties and provide funding for           resentative will retrieve th
                                                                        The students here at            schools and school programs,"          cartridges. Following the prc
                                                                     Durham College may have            said Tony Perotta, president of        cessing of the cartridge;
                                                                     seen posters and brochures         Greentec International Inc.,           Thinkgreen will forward th
                                                                     advertising what the program       operators of Thinkgreen.               participant a notificatloi
                                                                     is all about and how the col-      "Participating partners have           detailing, the total amount c
                                                                     lege is participating in It.       saved more than 171,000 car-           money they have earned.
                                                                        The Thinkgrcen Fundraising      tridges from going to landfills            Look for the Thinkgreci
                                                                     Program is a national, commu-      in Canada. As well, charitable         drop boxes inside the Learnin
                                                                     nity-based project designed to     organizations       such     as        Commons, bookstore, cafett
                                                                     encourage businesses, charita-     Computers for Schools earned           ria, the Pit, UOIT building
                                                                     ble organizations, and schools     over $5,000 with Thinkgreen."          athletics, residence, outside c
                                                                     to collect and recycle car-           For every 12 recyclable car-        the library, and the SA office.
                                                                                                                           THE CHRONICLE      January 27. 2004             11   i

Grad photos
being taken
                                    Volunteering encouraged at DC Students
                                     29 per cent                      tiatives  at the Durham                                              and staff
beginning                                                             College and UOIT. A chal-
                                                                                                         a credit. Students in Sports
                                                                                                         Administration volunteer at

in February                          of young
                                                                      lenge she faces is meeting
                                                                      the needs - both academical-
                                                                      ly and socially - of every stu-
                                                                                                         the Hockey Hall of Fame
                                                                                                         induction event to gain
                                                                                                         experience in the field of
                                                                                                                                           at risk of
                                                                      dent. Students need to
By Rachel Debling
Chronicle Stall
                                     people                           develop their skills in the
                                                                      community by helping peo.
                                                                                                         sport and event manage-
                                                                                                         ment. To ensure they get
                                                                                                         experience, high school stu-
                                                                                                                                           new flu
                                                                      pic, and volunteering can          dents must accumulate 40
   There is nothing more
important to parents and
grandparents than being
                                     volunteer                        took valuable on their
                                                                      resume. In a lot of high
                                                                      schools, tliere is a graduation
                                                                                                         hours of volunteering in
                                                                                                         order to graduate. Houzc
                                                                                                                                           By Stephanie Mason
                                                                                                                                           Chrontola staff
                                                                                                         believes it helps to volunteer
able to brag about their lit-
tle college graduates. What
better way to show (lie
                                     their time                       rcauircmcnt of 40 hours of
                                                                      volunteering that students
                                                                      must complete. At school
                                                                                                         in high school.
                                                                                                            "Community organiza-              Durham College and
                                                                                                         tions iire always looking for     the University of Ontario
world their pride and joy                                             people volunteer as peer           volunteers and students are       Institute of Technology
than with a set of beautiful,       By John Draper                    tutors and organize "don’t         required to participate. It’s a   staff and students need to
glossy grad photos?                 Chronicle Staff                   drink and drive" campaigns         win-win situation - organi-       protect themselves against
   Lassman Studio is once                                             to bring the awareness of (lie     zations prosper and students      the flu bug.
again bringing their pho-              Interested In helping peo-     program to the students.           achieve the good feeling of          Worse than a common
tography expertise to               ple in the community? Well,          Currently, 29 per cent of       being part of the communi-        cold and highly conta-
Durham College. Photos              a brand new year of volun-        people aged 15-24 arc volun-       ty."                              gious, Influenza A has a
will be taken beginning Feb.        teering is here.                  teering their time.                  "The        ratio of male to    new strain, called Fujian,
16.                                    At Durham College and             The two most popular            female       volunteers is just   that’s     invading     the
    "There Is a lot of interest     the University of Ontario         events for youth who volun-        about        even at Durham       Canadian population.
In (the grad photos) tills          Institute of Technology, the      teer arc organizing or super-      College      and UOIT," Houze        It’s estimated that 11
year,"      said      Student       spirit of volunteering is         vising events, and campaign-       said.                             people In Ontario died this
Association office manager          strong.                           ing or raising funds for char-        Houze matches up student       past year from the flu. Its
Kathryn          Bremncr.              "A good volunteer has to       ities.                             interests with the needs of       victims were mainly chil-
"Students must book their           be dedicated, punctual, flexi-       First-year students volun-      programs.                         dren and the elderly.
appointments online by              bleand have a good sense of       teer around the college for          Volunteers are always wel-         "Every year more than
going to www.lassmanstu-            humour," said Kate Houze,         required credits needed for        come for work on events she       4,500 Canadians die of the and entering               Student Development co-           their course. For example, in      organizes such as the             flu," according to the
DUR4 where It says School           ordinator     for   Durham        the            Entertainment       Student Success Services Fair,    Ontario Ministry of Health
ID."                                College and U01T. Houzc is        Administration program stu-        Durham College Family             Web site. "Five million
   For more information,            responsible for Student           dents must volunteer 30            Orientation and UOIT’s            Canadians get sick with
visit the My Campus                 Success and Student Life ini-     hours each semester to earn        Welcome Week.                     the flu every year, result-
                                                                                                                                           ing in 1.5 million work-
                                                                                                                                           days lost. The flu costs the
                                                                                                                                           Canadian health care sys-
                                                                                                                                            tem about $1 billion a
                                                                                                                        Ontario            year."
                                                                                                                                               People cit risk from the
                                                                                                                                           flu arc health    c.ire   workers,
                                                                                                                                           household contacts, home

                     The minimum                                                                                                           care providers, children
                                                                                                                                           and those 65 and older.
                                                                                                                                           DC and UOIT students,
                                                                                                                                           staff, and faculty members
                                                                                                                                           are also at risk, since there

                    wage is going up,
                                                                                                                                           are large groups of people
                                                                                                                                           and more opportunity for
                                                                                                                                             To help prevent the flu,
                                                                                                                                           the Ontario government
                                                                                                                                           offered free flu vaccina-
                                                                                                                                           tions for more than 12
                                                                                                                                           million Ontarians. Even
         If you’re an employer, here’s what you need to know.                                                                              now, the flu shot remains
                                                                                                                                              According to Health
                   General        Students under 18   Liquor Server     Hunting & Fishing       Hunting & Fishing       Homeworkers        Canada, "The current vac-
                   Minimum        and working not                       Guides: for less than   Guides: for five or     (people doing      cine is expected to provide
                   Wage           more than 28                          five consecutive        more hours in a         paid work in       good protection against
                                  hours per week or                     hours in a day          day whether or not      their home for     A/Panama-like       viruses,
                                  during a school                                               the hours are           an employer)       A/New       Caledonia-like
                                  holiday                                                       consecutive                                viruses and influenza B
                                                                                                                                           viruses and to also provide
                                                                                                                                           some cross protection
      Current                                                                                                           110% of the        against A/Fujian."
    wage rate      $6.85/hour     $6.40/hour          S5.95/hour        $34.25                  $68.50
                                                                                                                        minimum wage          The vaccine will help
                                                                                                                                           prevent the flu, but so will
   Feb.1, 2004                                                                                                          110% of the        washing your hands regu-
    wage rate      $7.15/hour     $6.70/hour          $6.20/hour        $35.75                  $71.50                                     larly to prevent the spread
                                                                                                                        minimum wage       of germs, staying home
                                                                                                                                           when sick to keep the
                                                                                                                                           virus isolated, as well as
                                                                                                                                           making sure you get plen-
 On February 1, 2004. the general minimum wage will increase to $7.15 per hour from the current                                            ty of rest.
 rate of $6.85 per hour. Annual increases will follow bringing the general minimum wage to $8.00                                              Plu shots are available
                                                                                                                                           through public health care
 per hour on February 1. 2007. The increases are being phased in over four years and will also be                                          units, pharmacies, work-
 reflected in all minimum wage categories.                                                                                                 places, doctors, as well as
                                                                                                                                           the Durham College
                                                                                                                                           Health and Wellness
                  To find out more about how the new minimum wage guidelines affect                                                           "We started vaccina-
                                                                                                                                           tions in the middle of
                  employers and employees, call or visit the Ministry of Labour web site.                                                  October and are still offer-
                                                                                                                                           ing the vaccine," said
                                                                                                                                           Kathy Lazenby, Nurse and
                                                                                                                                           Manager of the Health and
                                                                                                                                           Wellness           Centre.
                                                                                                                                           "Already, five people have
                  1-800-531-5551                                                                                         been confirmed
12 THE CHRONICLE                                January 27. 2004

                                                                                      CAMPUS NEWS
     Dinin e out vs . eatin
By TInlcIa Cameron                                              have a fruit with every breakfast," said     " Most students arc on a tight bud-
                                                                                                                                                        Philip McAlistc stopped eating out
Chronicle Staff                                                 Smith,       a     first-year   Business get and purchasing your own food and because of the unhealthy effects of fast
                                                                Administration student.                   cooking it is more affordable.             food.
  It’s almost suppertime and on your                               Though she prefers to make her                                                       "1 used to cat out at least once a day
way home from school, you decide                                own meals, Smith cats out two to three       Students should avoid purchasing at Burger King or McDonalds but I had
not to cook because you’re tired and                            times a week.                             convenience food because of high lev- to stop because I was getting fat," said
stressed out from a long day of classes.                           "Depending on the mood I’m in els of saturated fat, trans-fats, calorics, McAllste, a first-year Justice Studies
    A craving for Burger King hits you                          and if I’m tired and lazy, 1                                 sodium and sugar," student at UOIT.
and you decide that will be your din-                           may   grab some food. I cat                                  she said.                  Now, he cats out only once a week
ner for the night.                                              a lot of Subway, chicken                 (
                                                                                                   Depending                    Trans fatty acid is and enjoys cooking his own food.
                                                                                                                       on created wlien liquid "1 like to cat salads, sandwiches,
   The next day, you wake up late and                           salads, and low fat
don’t have time to cat breakfast or                             muffins. I’m very health the mood                    I’min oil is converted to a lasagna and a variety of vegetables.
                                                                                                                                             mar- Cooking your own food is also cheap-
pack a lunch.                                                   conscious," she said.                                        solid-like,
   Tim Hortons seems to do just fine                               "Subway has a lot of and if               I’m
                                                                                                             tired and garine.                       er and healthier," ho said.
for you and the stir-fry combo in tlie                          food choices with low fat lazy, I may grab                      It can cause an         The Ontario Ministry of Health said
cafeteria looks good.                                           sauces and Wendy’s has                                       increase of choles- that low iron In the blood causes ane-
   By the time Friday rolls around, you                         some low fat options but some food.                    I
                                                                                                                      am terol in the blood, is mia, fatigue and lack of energy.
think you should reward yourself by                             you   still have to be care- very health con-                linked to heart dis- Vitamin C Is contained In broccoli,
going out to dinner and a movie.
   East Side Mario’s sounds tempting
                                                                   The Canada Food scious.
                                                                                                                             ease, cancer and brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower,
                                                                                                                             diabetes.              -dark leafy greens, white or sweet pota-
and though the food is expensive and                            Guide recommends five to                 Danielle Smith         Baltadjian also toes and will help eliminate an iron
may not be nutritional, you have a                               12 servings of grain prod-                                  recommends eating deficiency.
hamburger anyway.                                               ucts each day, five to 10                                    leaner meat and            Fruits that contain Vitamin C are
   In 2000, Statistics Canada found                             vegetables and fruits, two to four milk dairy products.                              cantaloupe, cranberry juice, grapefruit,
that the average household spent                                products and two to three meat alter-        The Durham Region Health depart- ..guava, mango, papaya, strawberries
$1,536 on food and alcohol from                                 natives.                                   ment has a program called Eat Smart ’and oranges.
restaurants.                                                       Adrienne Baltadjian says the that lists all the local health-conscious               Bottom line its important to eat
   According to the University of                               Canada Food Guide is a valuable tool restaurants that are health conscious. ^healthy.
Alberta, if a student were to purchase a                        that has a lot of benefits.                  To be on the list, restaurants ’must ’ Making those healthy food choices
muffin and coffee every day, it would                              "It’s a great way for students to plan be 100 per cent smoke free, have per-’ are especially Important when we are
                                                                                                                                                     -               --.,---.-.

add up to more than $50 every month.                            and cat healthy. They should try and feet health inspections and meet the’ living away from home.
   Cooking your own food is an eco-                             aim to eat at least one serving from nutritional criteria,                              Always try to remember that eating
nomical and nutritious way to eat                               each food group every," said           Subway and Boston Pizza are among healthy foods can taste better then cat-
healthy.                                                        Baltadjian, a Durham Region Health many on the list.                                 ing fast foods.
  Danielle Smith is health conscious                            Nutritionist; .
and prefers to prepare her own meals.                              She said that people are eating out a
  "I eat a lot of salad and I have one                          lot more, but cooking your own food
with every meal. I also make sure I                             is more nutritious’and economical.
                                                                                                                   SafeWalk is
                                                                                                                   to protect all students                                                         /
                                                                                                                                                         .                                        -Hi

                                                                                                                                                                She said the program Is predomi-

                                                                                                                   Don’t walk                                nantly used by female students.
                                                                                                                                                             "They feel they would be at higher
                                                                                                                                                             risk at night leaving the campus
                                                                                                                                                             activities and walking back to the
                                                                                                                   alone when                             student residence." The campus
                                                                                                                                                          SafeWalk program currently has
            TECHNICAL CUSTOMER                                                                                                                            eight team members but has open-

           SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE                                                                                  help is just                           ings for an additional 10 members.
                                                                                                                                                          To promote safety forboth students
                                                                                                                                                          requiring assistance and SafeWalk
                                                                                                                                                          team leaders, there is an equal num-
                                                                                                                   a phone                                ber of male and female team mem-
                                                                                                                                                             "Students must have strong peo-
                                                                                                                   call away                              ple skills,, good leadership qualities,
                                                                                                                                                          and be able to work with the police
                                                                                                                                                          and campus security as a team mem-
                                                                                                                   By John Draper                         ber," said Kellar.
                                                                                                                   Chronicle Staff                           This job is posted on the college
                                                                                                                                                          Web site.
           The Durham Contact Centre (DCC), a technical support service                                               Ever feel concerned about walk-
             provider of customer relationship solutions, is growing and
                                                                                                                                                             Applicants must meet the speci-
            requires full or part time service representatives available to
                                                                                                                   ing alone at night on the way to and fied criteria. In order to apply, the
                                start in the near future.
                                                                                                                   from the campus parking lots, stu- individual must be a full-time stu-
                                                                                                                   dent residence and /or pub? Take a dent at Durham College,. Trent         ;
                                                                                                                   walk on the. safe side and use the University or UOIT.               ’       -’-’
                                                                                                                   SafeWalk program.                         The SafeWalk program operates
             Qualified canadidates wilt possess the following:                                                        To help students feel safe Durham Wednesdays and, Fridays 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                   College, Trent University and the to 2:30 a.m. frdm-the command
                                              *" Advanced   communication sicilla     ’                            UOIT introduced the SafeWalk pro- posts in the residence and Student
                                                                                                                   gram in 2001. The purpose of Centre on the main campus.
                                                  ’;E?ccollent listening iikUUr .’;    ’i:;’^ \                    SafeWalk is to increase students’ Assistance is available Monday
                                      ;    ’Ability to; problem »olvcand multitaak’_ ;, ’,’’ ’..-   "
                                                                                                                   comfort level by having them through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 11
                                "Ability tg woricvnriow Rbifte incl^djiog.weolceitdii’^;-;- \,’"                   escorted at night to the buildings p.m. from the post located at the
                                                                                                                   and parking lots on campus. Judy security desk.
                           Working        feowled8olofCVyin<iows95/98/XPj^^^ TqP/IPffP.X:’                         Kellar, director of Student Services,     Students can call ahead to the
                  PpP/SMTP/HTNU»;^onuiU;prU»tcr/scanncrco^                                                         and Don Sinclair, director of Staff security office at ext. 2400 to
                                          f’^Outloolt; IntemcrB?tpiorer;Netsonpo) ’’’;’                            Services, are the creators of the arrange for the SafeWalk team to

                                                                                                                   SafeWalk program.                      meet them at a specified exit.
                                                                                                                      "We took the best of the various       They must have their campus
                                                                                                                   programs offered at the other col- photo ID ready.
      If you meet these qualifications and are looking for an exciting career in                                   leges and created one that worked         The Ontario Work Study Program
     customer service, the DCC invites you to forward your resume, including                                       for us," said Kellar, who also has the and the Women’s Campus Safety
                   a cover letter to                                                     responsibility of Safety Officer.      Grant fund 10 per cent of the
                                                                                                                      "To date, the SafeWalk team SafeWalk initiative,
         The Durham Contact centre appreciates receiving all expressions of                                        members have had to deal with is          For information, contact Judy
      interest; however, only tliose selected for an interview will bo contacted.                                  students who require assistance Kellar at 905-721-3111 ext. 2110 or
                                                                                                                   from the campus pub," said Kellar.     Suzarine Chasse at 905-721-3111.
                                                                                                                  THE CHRONICLE                January 27, 2004 13

                                                        The Durham College Chronicle

 Life advic e for D C and U O IT
 Yuk Yuk’s                                                                                          Destination, which lie hosts
                                                                                                    ns well.
                                                                                                       Rouse has been in the
                                                                                                                                      I gonnn put this? What am 1
                                                                                                                                      gonriii’ do with tills?!"
                                                                                                                                         After Rouse yelled at
                                                                                                    comedy biz for over seven         Zontanos to get on the stage,
 trio give                                                                                          years. He’s written for The
                                                                                                    Buzz TV show and is a
                                                                                                                                      Wade grabbed the micro-
                                                                                                                                      phone and talked to the
                                                                                                    Gemini award winner for his       crowd a bit more showing
 advice to                                                                                          one hour stand-up perfor-
                                                                                                    mance on the Comedy
                                                                                                    Network. His current goal is
                                                                                                                                      them his Scooby-Doo and
                                                                                                                                      Shaggy impersonation.
                                                                                                                                         When Rouse got control of
                                                                                                    to be a part of the Saturday
 college                                                                                            Night Live cast.
                                                                                                       "I don’t like waking up
                                                                                                    before noon and I like being
                                                                                                                                      the microphone, no one was
                                                                                                                                      safe. He didn’t hold back on
                                                                                                                                               hilariously      crude

 women                                                                                              control of my own life,
                                                                                                    Rouse commented.
                                                                                                    doing something for me."
                                                                                                                                         "I’m here to talk to all of
                                                                                                                                      you about drugs and pre-
                                                                                                                                      marital sex," said Rouse, "So
 By Rory Marine                                                                                        When the snow began,           if I can get some rolling
 Chronicle staff________                                                                            McElwain played the part of       papers and a female volun-
                                                                                                    the emcee. He talked to the       teer, I’d be giad to show you
      Every other Monday at                                                                         crowd a bit. Cracked jokes        how it’s bad for you."   ’

  Durham College there’s the                                                                        about the news today and             Rouse had a lot of offen-
  regular noon Yuk Yuk’s show                                                                       made a few comments on his        sive jokes for the crowd. He
  at the pub, but this time                                                                         own college experiences. He       went as far as telling a girl
  there were more laughs to be                                                                      also gave a little advice for     her nipples , looked like
  had.                                                                                              the female students In the        gummi bears. ’ A lot of his
      On Jan. 19 there were two                                                                     audience: "College girls, do      jokes were very sexually
  comedy shows for DC and                                                                           the college men a favour and      explicit, probably more than
  UOIT students, the regular                                                                        have a threesome."                McElwain and Zontanos
  nooner and a special night                                                                           After a few m(nutes of pok-    combined. But the crowd
  show at the Dining Lounge.                                                                        ing fun at Toole with his girl-   had no choice but to let out
      The show was originally                                                                       friend In the audience,            their laughter, no matter
  set for . comics Manolis                                                                          McElwain           introduced      how wrong It felt.
  Zontanos, Wade McElwain                                                                           Zontanos to the microphone.           The crowd was small, but
  and James Cunnhigham to                                                                              Zontanos made the crowd         very responsive to the per-
  perform. But a Yuk Yuk’s                                                   Photo by Rofy Narino   laugh even when he wasn’t          formers. After Rouse fin-
  agent told VP of Social Affairs    MANOLIS ZONTANOS: Joked about the differ-                      trying to. It was just funny       ished   his    performance,
  Scottie Toole about an hour        ences between men and women, keeping both                      for the crowd to see him talk-    McElwain thanked everyone
  before the show, that              sexes In stitches.                                             ing to himself before he told     for coming out.
  Cunningham wouldn’t be                                                                            his next joke. A lot of his          "Small gigs are sometimes
  able to make it. Instead, in the Canadian Comedy far I can take it."                              humour was geared towards         a lot of fun," McElwain said.
  comic Jason Rouse would Awards for funniest newcom-           McElwain has been in the            the difference between men           Both the comics and the
  take his place as the headlin- er, and is currently in the comedy game for seven years            and women and the benefits        crowd were pleased with the
  er.                              race to get in the annual after he dropped out of uni-           women have that men don’t,        way the evening went.
      Zontanos is a five-year vet- comedy event in Montreal, versity. Aside from stand-up,          mainly on their views on sex.        "I come to this school at
  eran who is climbing up the Just For Laughs.               McElwain is a writer for two              "1 look down, I got a          least once a year and they’ve
^ ranks in Canadian comedy.          "Right now," Zontanos television shows, Gutterball             f**king hard-on," Zontanos        always been good," said
  Last year he. was nominated said. "I just want to see how Alley       and

                                                                                    Ultimate        said. "I’m thinkin’ where am      Rouse.

  Percy and E dwards crack up EP^s
                                formance coming up this                                                                                  When       the      students
 Bi-weekly                       June  in Toronto at the Tim
                               Sims theatre. Edwards has
                               toured all over the world
                                                                                                                                      laughed he replied, "It’s not
                                                                                                                                      funny, f**k you all!"
                                                                                                                                         When he got to the more

  event for                    doing stand-up. He his been
                               on a few comedy shows on
                               CBC, including hosting of
                                                                                                                                      sexually explicit jokes, the
                                                                                                                                      crowd seemed to reacfto him
                                                                                                                                      even more.
                               the 1998 Gemini Awards.                                                                                    After mentioning this,
 laughter                      Edwards is currently filming
                               a documentary, Ronnie On
                               The Road.
                                                                                                                                      Edwards decided to explain
                                                                                                                                       to the female audience how
                                                                                                                                       to tell the size of a man’s
  and fun                         Before Percy began her act
                               she asked a few students at
                               the tables farther away to sit
                                                                                                                                          "You can tell a size of a
                                                                                                                                       man’s penis by the size of his
 By Rory Marine                at the tables closer to the                                                                            feet," he said. "Now you
 Chronicle staff               .stage.                                                                                                 know why Ronald McDonald
                                  Most of the students did as                                                                          is so f**king happy."
    January 19 brought back Percy said because .if they                                                                                   After a few more sex jokes,
 the bi-weekly pub vibe with didn’t, they knew she’d                                                                                   Edwards exited the stage
 some more Yuk Yuk’s come- humiliate them in front of                                                                                  with a round of applause
 dy at EP Taylor’s.      .     everyone.                                                                                               behind him.
    This week, the two feature     "Okay the gay guys want                                                                                "I think it went okay," said
 comics were Renee Percy and to stay together in the cor-                                                                              Edwards. "About 70 per cent
 Ronnie Edwards, Percy has ner," Percy said.                                                                                           of the crowd was listening."
 only been a comic for a year,     Percy was the type of                                                                                  "I loved it," Percy said. "It
 compared to Edwards 12 comic who interacted with                                                      Photo by Rory Narino            has a night time feel."
 years in the business. Percy the crowd, asking them ques-    RONNIE EDWARDS: Teased the male audience
                                                                                                                                          Both comics thought the
 has done a few comedy tions about their lives and while entertaining the women.                                                       show went well, but could
 improv shows, as well as per- talking about her own with a                                                                            have been better if more
 forming on.the Comedy Now little comedic twist.                                                                                       tables were set towards the
 television special on CBC,        She spoke of screaming superhero has to wear tights. the stage, he started poking                  stage and the upper level of
 along with her Mardi Bra per- during sex to why every male   When Edwards got onto fun at himself.                                    the pub was closed off.
Th e Fu n Sta rts W ED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 28th at 8 p m

  2 0 0 J o h n S t . W. , O s h a wa 9 0 5 - 4 3 8 - 0 0 0 8
                  HERE ’ ?
    ^^^^^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^it^^W N ight!
 No lin
 No Govei».ever                       %»,-
                                      i^   a’"^t’S|xi,
                                      -"."^’a^-               * ;»& iit


                                                                            ^r^--- ^S*?
                                                                             ’S^K1’--^"’ */

                  es for the ladies

 Prizes & su rprises

SllperbOWl SUH<lay February 1 st, 2004
            - Win a bigtoss TV.
                        screen                                                                ’

       ^: -- Cash squares
              Football                w-                                                          &’ ^-T

      ^^    - S25 per QB1 "WI N CASH"

                       K.ESEKVE YOUR SEATS TOPAY!

1 45 King Street West Oshawa 9 0 5 7 2 3 80 0 3                                         -
16 THE CHRONICLE             January 27, 2004

                                                                       M1NMENT NEWS

  Swe d ish inva s ion o f T O .
Punk rockers
find a home
away from
home in their
new album
3y Lindsay Orser
chronicle Stalt
   If there’s one thing Swedish punk
 3and Millencolln knows how to do, it’s
 autting out one awesome record after
   After .the release of their latest
 ilbum, Home From Home, which was
cleased on Burning Heart Records, a
ilvision     of     Epitaph     records,
vfillencolin took to the road in 2003
or a 10-show tour of the United States                                                                                                                 Pholo by Linrisay Oiso
ind Canada, playing shows in Florida,        ROCKIN’ THE GUVERNMENT: Millencolln played to a packed show of devoted fans at the Guvernment
Morth Carolina, Washington, New              in Toronto back In November.
/ork, Philadelphia, Montreal, Toronto,
Chicago and Detroit. The shows were        to hear, because half the crowd has half in the recording studio.                   from Sweden who also used to skate
ariglnally scheduled for April 2003 but    been listening to us since Tiny Tunes      "It was really great. We had this guy    board with the boys of Millencolln
t had to be changed.                       and the other half started maybe lis- from New York, Lou Giordano, .who             The song sings about how this friend
  "Montreal was amazing. Tons of           tening to us when Pennvbridge produced the album. Ht did a really
                                                                                                                               Danny, inspired Sarcevic to skateboard
aeople and everyone is fun," said          Pioneers came out. So we play for both good job. We’re all satisfied. I think       ing and credits Danny on getting hin
?redrik Larsson, drummer, on the show      crowds."                               it’s our best album to date. This album.     Into playing punk music. One of th<
:hey played in Montreal. "We try to           Home From Home was released in it feels like It is a complete album with         lyrics in the song clearly states th<
alay our favourites off every album and    2002. It didn’t take long to write and no really bad songs," said Larsson.          influence: "Hardcore skater used to b<
ilso try to play what the crowd wants      they only spent about a month and a        Sometimes people wonder what             one of few who inspired me to get into
                                                                                    inspires album titles. With this latest    the punk rock scene when I turned sev
                                                                                    release, it was all about home.            enteen."
                                                                                        "Nikola was writing all the lyrics,"       Sadly for Olssen, Farm and Sarcevic
                                                                                    said Larsson. "He just described it as      they don’t get to skateboard as much a;
                                                                                    the band is one of his homes.             they used to, especially when they an
                                                                                    Millencolin Is his second family."       - away on toui. ’But they all still try U
                                                                                       The quartet met back in the late         keep up on their skateboarding skills.
                                                                                    1980s at skate parks in their home-         ,  "Back home we have this indoo:
                                                                                   .town in Sweden. Erik Olssen, Mathias        skate park in the same building as ou:
                                                                                    Farm and Nikola Sarcevic all skate-         record label, Burning Heart," salt
                                                                                    board and got into playing music            Larsson.
                                                                                    from listening to punk bands on skate          Another song that is a favourih
                                                                                    videos and local bands as well. They        among many Millencolin .fans is Fox
                                                                                    later met Fredrik Larsson while he was      on the Pennybridge Pioneers album. I-
                                                                                    playing in his band Kung Pung.              was written by Nikola as a joke. H(
                                                                                        This is how Millencolin was born.       wanted to write a funny song about hi;
                                                                                    Olssen and Farm sing back-vocals and        scooter back home that he loves. One
                                                                                    play guitar, Larsson plays the drums      . of the lines: "She’s secondhand, sc
                                                                                    and Sarcevic is on lead vocals and gui-     what?- She’s true, she’s by my side, fo:
                                                                                    tar. Through their love of skateboard-      all I care, she’s hot, she’s a real gooc
                                                                                     ing, the name Millencolin came             ride. ’When we go out, people stop anc
                                                                                    about. Named after a skate trick,           stare with jealous minds. It’s OK fo:
                                                                                     Melancoly. they just changed some          me, as long as they let her be...’
                                                                                     letters around and came up with            Somehow a few had misinterpreted tht
                                                                                      Millencolin.                              lyrics and thought the song was abou-
                                                                                          "We played a different style of a girl, a rude song about a girl.
                                                                                      punk rock, with Swedish lyrics. It’s a       "He tried to write something funn)
                                                                                      bit different than American punk," but some people don’t realize it wa;
                                                                                      said Larsson. "There was loads and pretty much a joke. They think it’;
                                                                                      loads of punk bands and lots of shows about a girl. And we got Some really
                                                                                      and lots of record companies but a lot really mean emails; they thought w<
                                                                                      of that has disappeared. There are a were a sexist band," said Larsson. Som<
                                                                                      few really good really big record com- people just don’t know how to take <
                                                                                      panies around now.                        joke.
                                                                                         The owner of Burning Heart set up         Besides the fact that touring afford:
                                                                                      a festival an hour away from Millencolin the opportunity to mee
                                                                                      Millencolin’s hometown and also had and play with other bands. It also give;
                                                                                      a distribution outlet for bands. the .opportunity, whether they want i-
                                                                                      Millencolin put out some LPs and or not, to meet some interesting fans.
                                                                                      then recorded some demo -tapes.              "This one guy came to sound check
                                                                                      Through Burning Heart records they He had a tattoo studio. He wanted u;
                                                                                      were able to get a distribution deal to tattoo our autographs on his leg. Sc
                                                                                      through Epitaph Records. They then we did and since then, we’ve beer
                                                                                      began putting out. EPs. This afforded friends," said Larsson.
                                                                                      Millencolin the opportunity to play          After their 2003 tour, Farm anc
                                                                                      with bands that sort of. inspired them Sarcevic headed back to Sweden anc
                                                                                      to get into playing punk music in the Olssen and Larsson are headed to LA
                                                                                      first place, bands like Bad Religion, for a vacation.
                                                                                      Pennywise and NOFX.                          They said they might as well do I-
                                                                                          "It would be cool to play with while they are over here, though It wil
                                                                                      Rancid," said Larsson, who said they be nice to go home.
                                                                                      met Rancid this past summer in               "That’s one really really good par
                                                                                      Sweden.-                                  about being in a band is touring
                                                                                         One song on the new Home From around and the bad part is being awa)
                                                                                      Home album is called . Punk Rock from girlfriends and families" sale
                                                                                      Rebel. It was inspired by an old friend Larsson.
    Rings ep ic will not return
By Sajld Khan                      between the good and evil                                                                              Wood and Astin succeed In
Chronicle Staff                    erupts with no shortage of                                                                         conveying the sense of duty
                                   bloodshed and state-of-the-                                                                        and devotion that their char-
                                   art special effects.                                                                               acters hold for one another.
  A mystical cinematic jour-          Black-scaled       dragons                                                                      When Wood’s character
ney that began two years ago       swoop down upon unsuspect-                                                                         becomes weary with despair
has come to an end this win-       ing knights while catapults                                                                        ;iiid collapses, Astin’s charac-
ter with the release of The        hurl flaming rocks into castle                                                                     ter slings him over his shoul-
Return of (he King, the final      walls and hulking prehistoric                                                                      der and carries him on his
chapter in director Peter          elephants stampede through                                                                         way.
Jackson’s epic Lord of the         battlefields, crushing any-                                                                          Veteran      Shakespcarean
Rings trilogy.                     thing in their path.                                                                               actor Sir lan McKcllcn, who
   Jackson first introduced           While this mythical battle                                                                      received an Oscar nomina-
moviegoers to the imaginary        rages on, two lowly, home-                                                                         tion for his role in the first
medieval realm of Middle           sick Hobbits, Frodo Baggins                                                                        film, once again delivers a
Earth in December of 2001          (Elijah Wood) and Samwise                                                                          whimsical performance as
with the release of The            Gamgee (Scan Astin) creep                                                                          Gandalf, the wise and witty
Fellowship of the Ring, the        behind enemy lines into the                                                                        wizard that leads the heroes
first of three films based on J.   volcanic wastes of Mordor                                                                          on their quest.
R. R. Tolkien’s classic novels.    with the digitally animated                                                                           Even Gollum, a completely
   The story chronicles the        amphibian, Gollum (voiced                                                                          digitally-generated character,
adventures of a ragtag group       by Andy Serkis) as their                                                                           evokes emotion as he strug-
of kings, wizards, elves,          guide.                             LORD OF THE RINGS: A cinematic journey comes                    gles with his loyalty to the
dwarves and pint-sized crea-          Th^ir mission is to break       to an end with the third Instalment of Peter                    heroes and his desire to pos-
tures called hobblts that over-    Sauron’s reign of terror by        Jackson’s trilogy this winter.                                  sess the evil, yet powerful
come tremendous odds while         casting the evil ring that                                                                         ring for himself.
trying to destroy a particular-    holds’ his power into the        and Magic.                      his novels.                          Although       the    film’s
ly evil ring.                      flames of the volcano where         Equally stunning are cine-      As overwhelming as the         lengthy run time, over three
   Filmed back-to-back with        it was created.                  matic vistas, showcasing the    visuals are and as far-fetched    hours, can test the audience’s
its predecessors, The Return          All of the long distance      might and majesty of New        as the storyline may be, a        patience,
of the King continues the          shots of clashing armies and     Zealand’s primeval land-        strong script and believable         The Return of the King is
narrative from where it left       close-ups ,of legendary beasts   scapes that stand in for the    performances by the key           an old-fashioned story of
off in last year’s The Two         were masterfully created         many locales of Middle Earth.   actors bring the film down to     courage and honour set
Towers.                            through miniatures and digi-     The endless shots of snow-      earth.                            amongst new-age digital
  As the sinister forces of the    tal animation by WETA work-      capped mountains and               At its, heart, The Return of   effects that is sure to please
dark ;lord Sauron threaten to      shop, Jackson s answer to        roiling fields capture the      the King is a story about brav-   both avid Tolkien fans and
encompass all of Middle ’
                                   George Lucas’ special effects    sheer beauty ’of nature that    ery and the bonds of friend-      average moviegoers alike.
Earth, the final battle             powerhouse, Industrial Light    Tolkien Strived to convey in     ship in the face of all odds.

  905.61 9. 3422                                                                                    WWW.BEATGOESON.COM
18 THE CHRONICLE             January 27, 2004

                                                            jmwsww                                        NEI^S.
Talking s ex with Sue Johanson
By Erin Pereira
Chronicle staff                    Nov. 29 of last year.              have their own questions
                                      "I love it," said Johanson.     answered.
                                   "1 do it because I’m a liam,          "I’m seen as safe and harm-
    The birds .ind the bees is a   because I love kids, because I     less," she said. "I’m not going
subject that can be hard to        love a live audience, and          to go for them and I’m not
 talk about, and often times       because it’s a challenge. 1        going to lecture them. 1 don’t
asking questions can be            never know what people are         preach, 1 don’t moralize and
embarrassing and awkward.          going to throw at inc."            I’m pretty open. I don’t get
 But for Sue Johanson talking        Her presentations cover a        upset about a lot of stuff, 1
about sex is part of her every-    wide variety of topics ranging     know what I’m talking about
 day job.                          from sex toys to medical           and I have fun. I think sex
    Her voice is not a strange     problems to sexuality, and         should be a lot of fun."
 one. From her time on the         although Johanson takes the           Johanson lias been educat-
 radio with The Sunday Night       subject very seriously she         ing people on sex for over 30
 Sex Show to her program Talk      keeps audiences laughing           years. In 1970, she opened
 Sex with Sue Johanson on the      with her humour-filled deliv-      the first birth control clinic In
 Oxygen network, she Is well       ery.                               a North American high
 known for providing frank            "Talking about sex Is far       school. It was tlien that she
 and honest sex education to       harder than doing it," she         began teaching sex education
 thousands of Canadians.           said. "In today’s world you’ve     to high school students.
    Each year Johanson travels     got to talk about It."                Every year Johanson does
 to more than 50 schools              But Johanson does more          presentations to approximate-
informing students, parents        tlian just speak on the sub-       ly 20,000 students In public
and teachers about the impor-      ject.                              schools, high schools, col-
tance of sex and sexuality.          Her presentations are often      leges and universities across
She has even visited Durham        followed by a question and         Canada, informing and edu-
a couple times with her latest     answer period where audi-          cating them on the impor-
appearance at the college on       ence members get a chance to       tance of sex and sexuality.

Tim Burton7 s Bis Fish a bi
By Jessica Verge                                                                                          McGregor,     while     Albert     ous, heartfelt piece that man-
Chronicle staff                                                                                           Finney gives an Oscar-worthy       ages to tug on nearly every
                                                                                                          performance as the charming        emotion and keep the audi-

                                                                                                          old version.                       ence captivated and enter-
   Wercwolvcs           Witches.                                                                             The audience follows him        tained and desperate to dis-
Giants.                                                                                                   through his many escapades,        cover, along with Will Bloom,
   This is the stuff that                                                                                 from his beginnings as a small     who his father truly is.
William Bloom’s bedtime sto-                                                                              town hero to the search for        Though a bit outlandish at
ries are made of. As a child,                                                                             the woman of his dreams to         times, the story ..renfains
he’s captivated by the tales                                                                              wartime victories.                 strong and the dialogue works
his father, Edward, spins, sto-                                                                             Burton and screenwriter          to endear each character.
ries that illustrate his many                                                                             John August, who adapted               Everything is delivered
adventures.                                                                                               the    film     from     Daniel    seamlessfy by a terrific cast of
   As an adult, Will (Billy                                                                               Wallace’s 1998 book and            experienced, talented actors,
Crudup) grows to resent the                                                                               worked closely with the            which also includes        Danny
stories that he now knows                                                                                 author throughout the pro-         DeVito, Helena Bonham
 hold little truth and becomes                                                                            ject, blend Bloom’s past           Carter and Steve Buscemi.
 determined to separate the                                                                               smoothly with a present in            Big Fish is a beautiful fanta-
 man from the myth.                the darker gothic feel of his      Bloom’s life with his signature     which he’s an old, sick man        sy, a fairy tale free of tired sen-
    So begins Big Fish, director   past films, such as Beetlejuice,   originality, creativity and         living out his final days in the   timental goofiness, and
 Tim Burton’s latest quirky        Batman and Sleepy Hollow,          extravagant visuals.                company of his beloved wife,       should prove to be an award-
 adventure.                        Burton weaves together the            Bloom is portrayed as a          Sandra (Jessica Lange).            winning accomplishment for
    While he steps away from       fables that make up Edward         young man by Ewan                      August produces a humor-        all involved.

                       Free, confidential health
                    advice from people
                  who are actually qualified
                         to give it.
                                                                                                                                       THE CHRONICLE January 27. 2004 19

                                                                                  INVENT- NEWS
     S laves of S ociety rock EP Taylor ’s                                        j                                                "

                                        guitar player Dirty Carl.        CDs into the audience. The
     Local band                            SOS played several tunes off band’s demo CD features such
                                        their demo album, including popular SOS songs such as
     brings back                        Blindfolded, Guilty of Being Lucky Lager and Pcein’ Red.
                                        Punk, Fear and Consumption          For all those who enjoyed
                                        and Open Your Eyes. The the demo, SOS will be coming
     classic punk                       underlying theme of these out with their first official
                                        songs is how much ignorance album next month. The
     sound                              and discrimination take place album will feature many
                                        in society.                      songs off the demo.
                                           With bold messgaes under-        SOS’s CD release party will
    By Amy Weeks                        lying their songs, SOS have be held at tlic Dungeon on
    Shronlcle Staff                     scpcratcd themselves from Feb. 21. Local band IMRU will
                                        pop-punk with tlic classic be playing as well.
                                        sound punk made famous in            It’s tlic first silow we’ve
       DC punk rockers Slaves of        the 70s.                         ever put on all by ourselves, so
    Society descended upon EP              SOS was the last to perform, we’re pretty excited about it,"
    Taylor’s last Saturday, setting     but certainly didn’t hold back, said Dirty Carl. "We’re not
    the mood for Battle of the          even though most of tlie completely sure wliat tlie title
    Bands.                              crowd had gone home for the of tlic album will be, lint we’re
       Other performances includ-       night. The SOS fans stuck hoping that the album just
    ed Chris Gauthicr and Chuck         around and got to mosh gets out there and that people
    FIyn n,second-year                  around with lead singer Ano like it."
    e n t e r t a i n in e n t          Costan/.o when lie dragged          SOS will also be performing
    Administration students, with       his microphone out into tlie witli IMRU at the Dungeon on
    drummer Clirls Dove, Nice           audience as lie always does at Marcli 6. Other bands to per-
    Guy and the Jerks, Another          SOS shows.                       form that evening arc Fast and
    Dark Day and Discord.                   Halfway through tlie set, Nasty from Blackstock and
      This preview to Battle of         Costanzo and drummer Ray- Two Minutes Too I.ate from
    the Band’s was one of the           chill pulled the old switcha- Etobicoke.
    must sec concerts at EP             roo as tlicy always do and Ano      Keep your ears open for
    Faylor’s tills year, and Slaves     became tlic drummer and DC’s new radio station, Freq.
    of Society topped off the           Ray-chill stepped up to tlie Virginia Slim’s Soul Power
    impressive bill.                    mike. In addition to SOS’s Hour will be airing tonnes of
       Slaves of Society (SOS)          constant moving around on tunes from the Slaves.
    opened with Pccin’ Red,             stage, this provided for much       Tlie Soul Power hour will
    named after a Minor Threat          visual stimulation and origi- feature many Indie bands
    song, Secin’ Red, about the         nality to tlieir performance.    from around tlie GTA, focus-
    decline of originality in new           SOS, with their classic punk ing on hard rock, funk, and
    music.                              sound, caught huge attention punk.
       "It’s basically about how        in EP Taylor’s with a 70’s punk     The Soul Power hour is                                                                                    Photo by Amy Wook’
    originality is dead," said first-    feel to their nylsic.            exclusive to Durham College’s           PUNK-ROCK GOODNESS: Slaves of Society’s Adam
    year     DC     Entertainment         In addition, Costanzo          newest    radio    station,      the     Lajoie wows DC’s pub with great guitar riffs.
    Administration student and          chucked a box full of demo       FREQ.

    Lingerie and Long Johns party
    heats the night up at DC’s pub                                                                                   Maybe it ’s time...
    3y Rory Marine
    chronicle staff___

      The weather outside was
    ninus 30 degrees, but inside
    :ouldn’t be any hotter with
    :he skimpy negligees.
       The Lingerie and Long
     ohns party at the pub was a
    nil house. Men and women
    vere walking around in their
    jndergarments and slinky
    lutfits for a $2 discount. The
    iub had most guests wearing
    i variety of skimpy langerie
    md other types of sexy per-
                                                                                                                         to meet some new friends.
    sonal wear. The night featured
    i lingerie contest and a perfor-
    -nance by four members of
    Ourham College’s own dance
    :eam, D-Llte.       ;f’
                                                                                                                               JOIN NOW!
       The doors opejied at 9 p.m.
     iut the real pa)?ty didn’t start
                                                                                                                                3 Months for $99
     jntil 11:30 p.fn. when,,D-Lite
     lit the stag^ to relnatft the                                                                                                                   Oshawa
    .ady Marmalade dance.’
                                                                                                                                          419 King Street West

      "This one was a last-minute
    :hing," said dancer Stephanie                                                                                                           (905) 433-1665
    >kelton. /’We "had -.about a
    week <o plan, so we threw
    because Johns."
       ’ It was D-LUe’ssecond per-
                   some costumes
                of the Lingerie and

                     Dancer Lisa
                                           HEATING THINGS UP:Contestants showed off their
                                           dance moves for a chance at a gift certificate.
                                                                                           Photo by Rory Narine
                                                                                                                                    F ITN E S S CLUBS
    ’Sauthier is also the group
    . Aoreographer and Skelton is
                                        Durham College never had a
                                        dance team before, so Skelton
                                                                          from having their own fun on
                                                                          stage.                                                                     Makes it easy’
    "’:he marketing director.           and Gauthier wants to pass           Eight girls went on stage
      rogether they are trying to       their dancing shoes to newer      and danced in a lingerie corn-                  Call 1-800-597-1FIT for ttie club neatest you!
      lave the group dance in com-      students who join the club.       petition. The eight girls were                or visit our website at wwv/
     aetitions, halftime shows at          The show catered more to       then thinned down to one
     :he school basketball games        the male audience, but that       lucky contestant who received              OTi((>t<iiiJiiiu’(]l..W< <!l:   yu»irl   C iinind ’t.itird j:miHiilMli>^;;tJf
     md at other special events.        didn’t stop any of the girls      a Fabutan gift certificate.
20 THE CHRONICLE                  Januaiy.27, 2004

                                                                                        INMEMT NEWS
                                                                                 Feminist film expected to
                                                                                 bring a smile to viewers
                                                                                 By Shannon Campbell               creates on unconventional           quite a liking to this progres-
                                                                                 Chronicle Stall                   lesson plan and takes the           sive appronch to learning
                                                                                   Julia Roberts gives a           girls on <i field trip. The class   and idolizes Miss Watson.
                                                                                 charismatic performance as        is taken to a warehouse                The official bookworm,
                                                                                 Katherinc Watson in Mona          where art is kept before being      Joan Brandwyn,
                                                                                                                                                                  is played by
                                                                                 Lisa Smile, feminist-based        displayed in a gallery, to secJulia Stiles. Her law school
                                                                                 film set in the 1950s.            an original piece by Jackson aspirations are conflicted by
                                                                                    The      University       of   Pollock, the pioneer abstract a blossoming romance with
                                                                                California graduate, Watson,       painter. Watson encourages her Harvard boyfriend. He is
                                                                                 takes a highly sought after       the girls to really sec the played by That 70s Show
                                                                                 position at Wellesley, an         painting for what it is, for star, Topher Grace. Watson
                                                                                acclaimed, all-girls college, as   what it isn’t, and look             does whatever she can to
                                                                                an                          Art    beyond the paint and feel encourage Joan to attend law
                                                                                 History professor. She arrives    what the artist was express- school.
                                                                                 in Boston to find these girls     ing.                            The film highlights a
                                                                                are more than prepared for            Kristcn Dunst, playing notable soundtrack, with an
                                                                                class. Watson realizes the         Betty Warren, the first-to- appearance by songstress
                                                                                biggest lesson hei students        marry snob, is disgusted by Tori Amos, portraying the
                                                                                need to learn is not in their      Watson’s free spirited, pro- sultry wedding singer.
                                                                                schoolbooks. It’s to think for     gressive outlook. The bright-   Mona Lisa Smile is direct-
                                                                                themselves.                        minded Warren is quick to ed by Mike Newell and writ-
                                                                                    Watson, with her radical-      become a typical 1950’s ten by Lawrence Konner and
                                                                                feminist approach, is quick        housewife, and soon finds           Mark Rcsenthal.
                                                                                to learn the main focus for        marriage isn’t all it’s cracked        Much like "Leonardo
                                                                                these young women is not to        up to be. The honeymoon             Da Vinci’s painting of the
                                                       Photo by Roty Narino
                                                                                further their education, but       stage is short lived’ between       Mona Lisa, the film provokes
                                                                                to find husband. She               the star-crossed lovers. Her        an array of perceptions.
 PARTY AT E.P. TAYLOR’S: A musician gets the                                    describes the school as a          husband soon takes a fancy          Regardless whether it Is a
 crowd pumped up with live entertainment                                        breeding ground for house-         to another woman.                   negative or positive opinion,
                                                                                wives. Outraged by her stu-           Giselle, the rebellious girl     the movie reminds us when
                                                                                dents primary aspirations,         of the flock, played by             the only expectation of
   Radio station                                                                she attempts to teach them
                                                                                there is an entire world
                                                                                beyond cooking, cleaning
                                                                                                                   Maggie Gyllentaal, is bored
                                                                                                                   by the Harvard boys and
                                                                                                                   prefers to pursue an affair
                                                                                                                                                       women was to become
                                                                                                                                                       housewives. The film pays
                                                                                                                                                       respect to feminism in our

hosts rockin’ party                                                             and making babies. Watson          with her professor. She takes       society.

By Rory Marine                           The bunds playing were
Chronicio si.iH                       BytcJi Kiddy and Mr.
                                      Nobody Soon. Mr. Nobody
   With the offidtil induc-           Soon were the headlincrs
tion of the Freq radio sta-           for the night, playing eight
tion, the only thing left to          songs from their indepen-
do was party.                         dent album, Old New
   The Freq launch party on           Borrowed Blue.
Jan. 19 was a success if you            Mr. Nobody Soon is cur-
were to judge by people               rently negotiating a record
having fun. Throughout                deal with producer Gavin
the night Dj Shananigin               Brown, one of the leading
 and DJ Shamroc played hip-           producers in the Canadian
 hop and house music.                 rock music today.           He is
 Shananigin and Shamroc               responsible     for      the
 will also have a program on          American success of Three
 Freq called Time to Shine            Days Grace and Billy Talent.
            Shamroc      and
    "I wanted to make the Sugar.
 coolest party ever," said sec-
                                      He was also the drummer
                                      for Canadian rock band Big
                                    Mr. Nobody Soon’s style
                                                                               Can you believe I’m single?
 ond-year Entertainment is a blend of punk, rock and                          Adam Barry                      on a friend of Thompson’s and being Canadian. He goes as far
 Administration        student metal music. They don’t                        Chronicle staff                 is much more carefree than as taking .cheap cracks at
 Jordan Roherty. "I want believe their style of music                                                         Luke.                             Americans, even though most
 everyone to have as much is similar to any other rock                            In the summer of 1999, 21-     He is the comic relief and is of the readers are American. "
 fun as possible." ’             group on the airwaves                        year-old            Mechanical ignorant to idiotic happenings The girls are pretty, which is
    Prizes in the raffle for the today.                                       Engineering Student at the around him, and as in real life, definitely a Canadian thing
 night were 10 tickets to the       "I used to hate the radio,"               university of Ottawa, Lucas he is also always single in the and I use Canadian spelling,
 Lingerie and Long John said lead singer Mr.                                  Thompson, a Whitby native, comic.                                 although I get constant emails
 night, four tickets for the Nobody. "But now it’s the                        started on a venture that has      Joce, and most of the others telling me that I spelt things
 Tony Lee show. four source."                                                 been "so time consuming that female characters in the wrong," Thompson says.
 Nickelback concert tickets         During Mr. Nobody                         it is on my mind every minute comic, are the closest things to       CUBIS has become popular
 and four Billy Talent tickets. Soon’s           performance,                 of the day," Thompson says. antagonists there are. For the and receives almost 1,000,
 One other prize was to go Roherty went on stage to                           This venture is a Web-based most part they are the reason viewers a day.
 with Toronto Star reporter throw T-shirts, CDs and                           comic called Can You Believe for Luke’s bitterness.                  The future of CUBIS is look-
 Jim Kenzie on a test drive in posters provided by CD                         I’m Single.                        "I like to take indirect shots ing bright with the addition of
 a brand new vehicle. Of Plus. After their perfor-                                Can You Believe I’m Single, at my girlfriend," Thompson a new character known as
 course, to legally accept the mance, the DJs scratched                       or CUBIS, as it is known as by says.                              Smitty.
 prize the winner had to records until the end of the                         fans, was started as a cheap       "The comic is a way to vent,      "Smitty is based around
 have at least a G2 licence.     night.                                       joke gift for a friend. "When and it takes a lot of energy to another friend of mine,"
                                                                              my friend’s birthday was com- try to be amusing," Thompson Thompson says. "He is going
                                                                              ing up, and I had no money to says. "I don’t act funny in real to be a blind stoner profit,
                                                                              actually buy her a present, I life."                              who will appear very soon,"
                                                                              figured I would make her a         Ideas for the comic come to      .Thompson also is looking.
                                                                              funny comic instead, as a him in various ways, but are forward to publishing CUBIS
               fonder ^arns
                  of the way, well worth
         a little out                                 a visit I
                                                                              cheap alternative," Thompson mainly actual events that have as a trade paper back some
                                                                              said.                           happened In his life. time in the future. "It would
                                                                                 The comic is based around "Everything that happens in be nice to finally make some
                                                                              three characters. Luke, Adam, my day, I try to turn around money from it," he said. "But
             Yarns, patterns, books, needles and supplies                     and Joce.                       into a three-panel pun," he being in school right now is
         ’                                                                        Luke is based on Thompson says, such as miss use of the slowing the progress."
             for all ofyour knitting and crocheting needs,                    and represents his bitterness word thwart.                          The comic is available at
             Louise Poller Mon-Wed9-S, Tliuni-Frl9-9, Sat9-5, Sun-dosed       and stress. "The universe hates    In just three years,
             ll?OCr«iggRd,     Grecnbank, Ontario           W5-W5-wi          me," he says.                   Thomson has created over 130 and is updated usually twice a
                                                                                 The character Adam is based comics, and prides himself on week.
                                                                       Th^ Ouifia^ebllfeirClifcmk

Lord s show killer instinct at D C
By Jeff Turco
Chronicle Staff                 Mohawk Mountaineers, the
                                Canadore Panthers, and the
   Stnn Marclint, head coacli St. Clair Saints on the day
of the Lady Lords’ volleyball of action. The Lords won all
team, had a tough time wip- three        matches,      beating
ing the smile from Ills face Mohawk by scores of 25-9, 25-
after the completion of the 11, Canadore 25-23, 25-12.
Killer Instinct Cup tourna- and St. Clair 25-16, 25-15.
ment.                              In (lie Canadore game,
   That’s because the Lady Marchut was surprised by
Lords’ volleyball team defeat- how well the Panthers squad
ed the Cambrian Golden played against his team.
Shield, by scores of 22-25, 25-    "They gave us a battle in
22, and 15-13, in what was an the first set," said Marchut.
intense and action packed "But in the second set, our
match, to win the tourna- power seemed to wear them
ment.                           down."
   Not only did ihc Lords win      Lindsay Bax said tlie team’s
the tournament, it also put serving in the second set was
them in a good position to be the reason they played better.
the number one seed at the         "We served better in the
provincial championships.       second set than we did in tlie
   The final was a showdown first." said Bax. "In the first
between two of the OCAA’s set, we gave them some
elite. Durham and Cambrian points because our serving
sit 1-2 in the OCAA rankings wasn’t very good."
and are both in the top 10 of      The second day of action
the national rankings.          for the Lords started with a
   Cambrian jumped out early tough match against a good
and took advantage of a Humber team. Humber won
fatigued Durham team to take the first set 25-23.
the first set by a score of 25-    But Durham rebounded
22.       However, Durham and defeated Ho/nber in the
rebounded and took the sec-     second set by <i of 28-26.
ond set by a score of 25-22.       Marchut thought that win-
  .The third set was nail bit-  ning tlie second set was good
ing, with the action between    for his team.
the two teams going back and       "I think, by winning the
forth.                           second set, it will give our
   Finally, Durham fought to team the confidence do know
a two-point lead and they that we can come back
never looked back, as the against the good teams," said
Lords came out with an excit- Marchut.                                                                                                     Pholo by Jell Turco
ing 15-13 set win.                 The Lords next played John
   Marchut believed that a Abbott College from Quebec.          READY, SET, BUMP: Janet Littlejohn,     one of the Lady Lords’ rookies, prepares to
changing of his rotation after John Abbott was playing well     hit a ball during a game in the Killer Instinct Cup tournament.
the first set was the key factor in the tournament, but
in the match.                    Durham seemed to have little tage," said Marchut. "We just "We just lacked the energy to   So now, Durham looks for-
   "I changed my rotation, so trouble with them,           as overpowered them."            respond."                     ward to the provincial cham-
that I could have Lindsay Bax Durham’s height and power          Steve Chan, head coach of     In the semifinals, Durham pionships that take place at
line up against their top play- advantage seemed to give John Abbott College,           was played the Seneca Sting. the end of February and
er," said Marchut. "That was John Abbott fits throughout impressed with how Durham Seneca gave the Lords a good Marchut is happy that his
probably the turning point in the match.                      played.                       run.                          team will most likely be
the match."                        "We knew they didn’t have     "Durham played a fantastic    But Durham eventually ranked number one.
   The Lords started the tour- a tall team, so we wanted to match. They ran their offence prevailed, winning both sets      "It feels great," said
nament by taking on the use our height to          our advan- very efficiently," said Chan. by scores of 25-16 and 25-22. Marchut.

                                                 Photo by Jolf Turco
                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Jeff Turcc
  TALKING STRATEGY: Lords’ head coach Stan
  Marchut talks strategy with Lindsay Bax (left) and                      ALL POWER: Erin Smith, one of the Lords’ star players, powers a spike over the
  Erin Smith during a timeout.                                            net in a game at the tournament.
22 THE CHRONICLE                       January 27. 2004

                                                                                           PORTS NEWS
Generals earn hard-fought victory
 By John Herron                penalty box continued for
 Chronicle Stall               both teams. All-star defencc-
   To remain in the playoff man I’tiul Ranger and centre
 picture in the DHL you’ve got Clay McFadden were both
 to play with high emotion                    recipients of hits from behind
 and get solid goaltcnding on a               that sent the Generals bench
 consistent basis. On Sunday,                 into frenzy.
 Jan. 18 the Generals had both      Andrew Gibbons potted
 of those tilings working for    the Generals’ second goal on
 them in a spirited 2-0 victory  a 5 on 3 power play. It was
 over the Sarnia Sting.          more than the Generals need-
     Heading into the contest    ed as Turple made 26 saves to
 the Generals held a mediocre    record his first shutout with
  14-21-8-1     record,     good the team and improve his
 enough for (lie eighth and      record to 6-3-3.
 final playoff spot in the east-    The Sting completely lost
 ern conference. Their coun-     control of their emotions
 terparts from Sarnia ranked     throughout the game, giving
 fifth in the western confer-    tlie Generals plenty of
 ence with a superior 21-1 S-4-4 chances on the power play.
 record.                        The final shot total was
    No goals were scored in the  indicative of that witli tlie
 first period but tempers       Generals outshooting tlie
 soared, resulting in a back andSting 41-26.
 forth fight between Generals       The win was tlie second in
defenccman Scott Todd and       as many games for the
Sting forward Kclscy Wilson     Generals.       Ranger, who
at centre Ice.                  seemed fine after his collision
    The Sting could have easily into (lie boards, is hoping the
jumped out to an early lead as  team continues their strong
they held a 15-7 advantage in   play after a sub-par season to
shots, but goaltendcr Dan       date.
Turple shut the door to keep        "We’ve been up and down
the Generals alive after the    and haven’t had the season
                                we were hoping for so far,"                                                                                                                   Photo by John Horror
   Brandon McBride convert-     said Ranger. "We’ve been                                     GENERALS FORWARD ADAM BERTI lakes hold of a Sarnia Sting player in recent
ed on the power play 2:15       under-achieving all year but                                 OHL action.
into the second period by       this past weekend we worked
knocking in a rebound of a      really hard against Belleville                             putting him in there," said       off last week but forward       entry draft. Former Generals
 Chris Hulit blast to give the for a victory and won again                                 Burnett. "We’re not’going to      Adam Berti saw action           defenceman and NHL super-
generals a 1-0 lead.            tonight."                                                  score a lot of goals, and if      Wednesday night at the          star Bobby Orr, along with the
    The rough stuff continued      Most coaches like to ride                               that’s our track record we’ve     CHL’s Top Prospects Game in ever-popular Don Cherry,
as GeneraTs power forward with one goaltender down the                                     got to win games with one or      London. The game featured coached the showcase/of
and leading scorer Ben Eager final stretch of the season and                               two goals."                       the CHL’s top 40 players who junior hockey talent^ in
received penalties for rough- into the playoffs, Turple has                                   The Generals had the week      are eligible for the 2004 NHL Canada.
ing, goaltender interference, played well in his last two
and finally a 10-minute mis- outings and head coach and
conduct penalty for smashing general manager George
his stick while heading off the Burnett has taken notice.
 ice.                               "If someone steps up and
    The third period wasn’t carries the ball like Dan’s
                                                                                            Durham has all-stars
                                                                                            By Tim Fedorchuk
 much different from the first done the last couple of games                                                                 victory in the men’s all-star   OCAA in scoring. She leads
 two as the parade to the it’s pretty tough not to keep                                     Chronicle Staff                  game.                           all players with 138 points,
                                                                                               Durham had some deserv-          The women’s game was         which amounts to 23 points
                                                                                            ing athletes in Windsor to       also won by the Eastern all-    per game. She is also very
^.^jiii»mer^n|p:Job»                                                                        take part in the OCAA all-star   stars, who defeated the West    consistent at the free-throw
 ^akiiilda Resld«ntlal Qlrlft Camp In^^ N                                 Arranged          basketball game.                 69-65.                          line, shooting an impressive
Counselors: Combined childcare/tcachlng. Must be able to teach or lead one or more
                                                                                               Bonnie Slaughter and             The OCAA’s leading scor-     70 per cent.
of the following activities: gymnastics, tennis, swim, sail, canoe, water ski. arti         Angela Cull represented the      er, Slaughter led the game in      Clancy is leading the
(including stained glass, sewing, jewelry, wood, photo), dance, music, theatre, archery,    Lady Lords in the annual         points with 19. She was also    Lords in points after nine
wilderness trips, field (ports, equestrian.                                                 mid-season game. Starting        involved in the three-point     regular season games. He has
Service Workers; including openings for kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, secretaiies,        centre Dave Clancy and           competition prior to the        111 points this season, good
maintenance & grounds, and kitchen supervisor.
Non-smokeri. June 18 to August 35. Attractive salary (US) plus travel allowance.
                                                                                            Jason Nepomuceno repre-          games. Slaughter ran over the   for 12.3 points per game.
                                                                                             sented the men’s team.          competition to win the             Both of Durham’s basket-
To Apply: Applications and photo gallery are available on our webslte:                          Lords head coach Peter       three-point contest.            ball teams will have to come or contact us at the numbers’ listed below for a staff
brochure.                                                                                    Gordon helped navigate the         The Lady Lords leader is     together to push for the play-
KIppewa, Box 340, Westwood, Massachusetts, 02090-0)40, U.S.A.                                Eastern all-stars to a 93-92    currently dominating the        offs.
                       te»: 78i-76i-8;»9t | fax; 781-255-7167
                                                                                                                   THE CHRONICLE           January 27, 2004 23

                                                          OPORTS NE^S

NHL prospect shines at worlds
Fritsche brings gold                                             fun journey."
                                                                    Hockey fans across Canada
                                                                 were devastated after the

medal experience to                                              crushing defeat their team
                                                                 suffered in the final at the
                                                                 hands of the US squad. The
                                                                 majority of Fritsche’s Sting
Civic Centre’s ice                                               teammates arc Canadian but
                                                                 they showed nothing but sup-
                                                                port and admiration to the
By John Herron                                                  world champion.
Chrontolo Staff                    Danny Fritsche, who              "All the guys on the team
                                played 18 games with the were happy for me because
   A member of the United       Columbus Blue Jackets of (he they know if one of them had
States gold mcdal-vvinning      NHL before being sent to tlic won the gold medal for
team that defeated Canada at    US team, was all smiles when Canada I’d be happy for
the World Junior Hockey         asked about Ills experience.    them," said Fritsche. "It’s
Championships in Helsinki           "It was probably one of good for the team, it’s good
Finland, paid a visit to        the best liockey experiences For the organization, even
Oshawa on Jan. 18 when his      I’ve ever had in my life," said though it’s for the wrong
team, the Sarnia Sting, faced   an elated Fritsche. "We knew country."
off against the Oshawa          we had a good team, we knew        The 18-year-old Fritsche,
Generals.                       we could do it, and it was a who was ordered to report to
                                                                the Sting after the tournment,
                                                                holds no bad feelings towards
                                                                the Blue Jackets organization
                                                                following his demotion.
                                                                   "They told me to come
                                                                back here where I could play a
                                                                little bit more, develop my
                                                                skills a bit more, and we’ll see
                                                                wliat next year brings." Said
                                                                    The level of play in the
                                                                 tournament is the next best       UNITED STATES GOLD MEDALIST Dan Fritsche hopes
                                                                 thing to the pros, because the    his World Junior Championship win will vault him to
                                                                 majority of players have been     an NHL career.
                                                                 drafted’ by NHL organiza-
                                                                 tions.                            the Canadian   Hockey League,     The    gold   nit-dai   was
                                                                    "You’re playing with all       so the game is definitely       brought into the Sting dress-
                                                                 the best guys from the            played at a high level," said   ing room by Frilsclie and is
                                                                 Ontario Hockey League and

F i nd a N ew                                                                                      Fritsche.                       now tucked away in his room.

Best Fri en d

The Humane Society
 of Durham Region
     For more information, give us 9 call at
         (905) 433-2022, or visit u.s at:
     199 Waterloo Street, Oshawa, Ontario;
           We’re also on the web at:
                                                                                                                                        THE CHRONICLE           January 27, 2004 25

                                                                                    PQ^ES NEWS

              The ABCs of a home                                                                                                                            Alcatraz,
                                                mill but it’s rnucli lower on       pool has an adjustable current      that product to get fit.
             Shopping                           impact for you because it’s a
                                                fixed motion. So when you
                                                hop on, it basically does the
                                                                                    and temperature.
                                                                                       He said pools can range in
                                                                                    size and deptii and can be cus-
                                                                                                                            "It just takes a little time,
                                                                                                                        effort and research and you’ll
                                                                                                                        find a good piece of equip-         team up
             around                             running motion for you."
                                                    Robson said the best way. to
                                                describe the machine is that
                                                                                    tomized depending on what
                                                                                    kind of exercise a person
                                                                                    wants to do.
                                                                                                                        ment that’s just right for you,"
                                                                                                                        he said.
                                                                                                                            Robson suggested that for a     for Jam
                                                it’s a cross between a stepper, a      "You don’t just have to          person who is overweight and
             key to                             treadmill, and a bike. With
                                                built in arm movements you
                                                get botli an upper and lower
                                                                                    swim in the pool," said
                                                                                    Wackman. "You can do water
                                                                                    aerobics in the pool, you can
                                                                                                                        wants to lose a few pounds,
                                                                                                                        (lie best piece of equipment is
                                                                                                                        the elliptical cross trainer        Series
             buying                             body work out at the same
                                                    "They’re affordable too," lie
                                                said. "There’s no motor on
                                                                                    walk in the pool, you can run
                                                                                    in the pool and the resistance
                                                                                    of tile water is 11 times that of
                                                                                    the air around you so that
                                                                                                                        because 11 burns fat faster than
                                                                                                                        a treadmill, bike, or stepper.
                                                                                                                            "After you lose tlie weight,
                                                                                                                        that is when you can start
             products                           them like on a treadmill so
                                                rather than being in tlie
                                                $2,000 to $4,000 price range,
                                                                                    every movement you make in
                                                                                    the pool, forward or backward,
                                                                                    Is benefiting you health wise."
                                                                                                                        thinking about adding some
                                                                                                                        tone and definition with a
                                                                                                                        weight lifting program," he
                                                                                                                                                            By LIndsay Orser
                                                                                                                                                            Chronldo Staff

                                                you can get a decent one for           There are many different         said.                                  Love snowboarding?
                                                $700 or $800 and they can go        home exercise products avail-           Robson also said that for a     Or just trying out for the
            By Erin Pereira                     up to $4,000.                       able on the market today and        person who doesn’t want to          first time this year?
            Chronicle start                        Another interesting product      finding the right one isn’t         spend much money, an exer-                Then head out to
                                                on the market today is the          always easy.                        cise ball can provide a good        Dagmar ski resort for Pipe
                                                counter-current pool. They are     Robson said a person look-           workout and Is a good weight        and Park Jam Series
               Remember your New Year’s         not new. Sport and physical     ing for gym equipment should            loss tool.                          brought to you by
            resolution? If you promised         therapy centres as well as hos- research and find out as much               Peter Roberts is a personal     Alcatraz     Skates   and
            yourself you were going to          pitals have been using them     about the different products as         trainer and he and Robson           Dagmar.
            shed those unwanted pounds          for years, but recently many    possible. He also warned that           both agree that fitness doesn’t        This is the first year for
            this year, then there arc a few     poofs have been sold so people  just because something looks            just start with a piece of equip-   this event at Dagmar and
            things to keep in mind.             can work out in the comfort of  and sounds good on televi-              ment.                               the basis for it was to just
               "There are a lot of products     their own homes.                sion, doesn’t mean that it is.              "You need nutrition for         have some fun.
            on the market today," said             "It’s small so it can fit In    "The people generally in             both your physical structure           It is held every night
            Mark Robson from the Fitness        small yards or inside existing  the market for fitness equip-           and your brain to function          Wednesday, 5 to 10 p.m.
            Source in Pickering. "It’s          rooms in your house," said      ment are out of shape, over-            properly," said Roberts, who        from Jan. 14 to Feb. 18.
            choosing the one that’s best        Christopher Wackman, senior     weight people who sit around            s?.ys exercise combined with a          "Kids can come out and
            for you and the goals that you      vice-president for Endless      on the couch watching T.V. all          good diet is the ultimate com-      have fun, have a good
            have."                              Pools in Aston Pennsylvania.    day," he said. "They Hick               bination to becoming healthi-       time," says Alison Martin,
               Robson said the three most          An Endless Pool has an       through the channels and see            er.                                 who works at Alcatraz
            popular pieces of gym equip-        adjustable current that allows  all these people getting fit on             With many products out          Skates and is Involved
            ment are treadmills, steppers       the user to swim or exercise in Bowflex and other equipment,            there, both Roberts and             with the organization of
            and bikes.                          place.                          and they get sucked in.                 Robson agree, when looking          the Pipe and Park Jam.
                "The newest piece of equip-        Wackman explained that a        Robson warned that most of            for that first piece of exercise        Every Wednesday night
            ment In the fitness Industry        standard Endless PoolSvill cost the time the people advertis-            equipment, do the research,         it’s like a party on the ski
            over the past 10 years has been     around $18,000 U.S. and is          ing products on television          shop around and combine a           hill with chances to get
            the elliptical cross trainer," he   seven feet wide by 14 feet long     with the bulging triceps and        regular workout program with        some free giveaways.
            said. "It’s pretty much a tread-    and 39 inches deep and every        rock hard abs, haven t used         a good healthy diet.                   Major       snowboard
                                                                                                                                                            brand reps come out and
                                                                                                                                                            showcase some of their

            Fun, healthy living is easy                                                                                                                     new and best gear.
                                                                                                                                                               There will also be some
                                                                                                                                                            sponsored riders from the
                                                                                                                                                            major brands.
                                                                                                                                                              "Riders can have a
                                                                                                                                                            chance to test out new
            3y Jullen Cecire                          You might think ’Oh healthy eating.                     "Eating fruits and vegetables are a great     snowboards, bindings and
            chronicle staff                       I’ll have to say good-buy to good eating,’               sources of vitamins and help in the diges-       goggles," says Martin.
                                                  but that’s not true.                                     tion process," he added.                            A long list of brand
                                                      Sue Baker, a nutritionist at Oxygen                     Men’s Health magazines says some fruit        sponsors will be out on
         He stays up until one in the morning Fitness in Pickering, says that the most                     like grapefruit, help you to lose weight         the hill every Wednesday:
      ind sleeps in until two in the afternoon. important thing you could put into your                    more than other fruit                            686, Burton, Ride, Forum,
      ie sits in a chair watching T.V. all day. body is glucose.                                              For example eating a grapefruit before        Atomic,         Stepchild,
      Us fridge Is stocked with beer and his diet     You get glucose from carbohydrates                   bed helps your body’s natural ability to         Quicksilver,           Roxy,
      :onsists of fast food. He’s Joe Canadian like fruits; vegetables, pasta and rice just                ’flush’ the system.                              Thirtytwo, Flow, Jeenyus,
      ind he makes up 65 per cent of the popu- to name a few.                                                 Another important part of healthy eat-        Option, Drake, Technine,
      ation that doesn’t get enough exercise to       "It’s like gasoline for your body so it’s            ing is water.                                    Gloves,          Foursquare,
      naintain good health.                       always good to keep your gas tank full,"                    "You need water to keep the nutrients         Special Blend, Bakoda,
         "Everybody is being pushed to be more she says.                                                   circulating in the body and to clear out         Lamar and more.
      lealthy and yet half of the Canadian pop-       Being and staying healthy doesn’t have               the waste," says Leslie Beck, a nutritionist        If anyone interested is
.     ilation are overweight," said Pam to be hard or complicated, it can be a lot                         at Leslie Beck Nutrition Consulting in           hard up for a ride up to
      3’Donnell, a nutritionist at the McLean of fun and surprisingly easy.                                Toronto.                                         Dagmar       Ski     Resort,
      :entre in Ajax.                                 Most people guilt themselves into diet-                 According to Beck you can get water           Alcatraz Skates can help
;        Exercising does more than make you ing and going to the gym but they usual-                       from milk, juice, sports drinks or just          out in that department.

      .weat and smell it also improves your life ly set big unrealistic goals like losing 20               plain water.                                         They have organized a
      ind health.’                                pounds in two weeks by practically starv-                   Dieting does not mean you can’t eat           bus that will leave the
 :       "Exercising does a lot of things. It ing themselves and pushing themselves to                     anything else but lettuce like a rabbit and      store,      in      Oshawa,
 ;’ mproves your muscle tone, it relieves the limit while weight training.                                 not to deprive yourself of food you enjoy.       Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.
      tress, it gives you energy, it makes you        After a torturous two weeks the desire               It’s more like changing the way you eat          and will arrive back at the
      eel better about yourself and overall it to continue is thrown out the window.
                                                                                                           and not necessarily what you eat.                store at approximately
      ust makes people happy," said Jay Shaw,         This year instead of continuing the                    Ingram Hacker, a nutritionist at Natural       10:45 p.m.
   ; i personal trainer at Oxygen Fitness in vicious cycles, why not just make small                       Advantage in Ajax, says that you should              For the bus is the cost
   t ’ickering.                                   changes in your life that can gradually                  have a balanced meal of lean meat like           is $10, or for a bus ride
   ; If you’re not a big fan of grueling work- become healthy habits.                                      chicken, turkey or fish with a good              and a lift ticket, the cost is
 i )uts in the g\m, there are still plenty of         Here are some tips you can use.                      amount of carbohydrates like rice,               only $30.
   | vays to get the necessary exercises and          Try a new fruit or a vegetable every day.            spaghetti or bread plus fruit and vegeta-          To ensure a spot on the
   !; vhen you’re having fun, you’re more like-       According to the Canadian Food Guide,                bles.                                            bus contact Alcatraz as
   | y to stick with it.                          you should consume five to 10 servings of                   You shouldn’t over-eat either. Even if        soon as possible.
 ,f) "There is lots of ways to get exercise fruit and vegetables each day.                                 you eat really healthy, over eating means            There is also a waiver
 |fVithout going to the gym. You can do               "A good way to start is to try something             more calories and more calories mean             to fill out for the bus,

^     hings like gardening, work in the yard, new every day," said Genralt Aldridgc, a
 t;olf, tennis, bowling, housework, danc- personal trainer/nutritionist at Oxygen
 $ ng, walking up stairs, taking the dog for a Fitness in Pickering.
   "valk and so forth," saysjamison Nash, a           "By doing this you won’t get bored like
                                                                                                           gaining more weight.
                                                                                                              "When you’re making food, make a fist
                                                                                                           and tliat will determine how much you
                                                                                                           should eat," he added.
                                                                                                                                                               Martin said they are
                                                                                                                                                            hoping to continue this
                                                                                                                                                            event again in the future.
                                                                                                                                                               For more information
    personal trainer at Extreme Fitness in you would if you only ate one type of fruit                        Breakfast, as most people have heard, is      on the Pipe and Park Jam
     Pickering.                                   or vegetable."                                           the most important meal of the day.              Series contact Alcntraz
   ’; Exercising is not the only thing you            If you don’t know where to start, a                       If you include breakfast in your new        Skates at (905) 579-4261or
     ’.iced to do to be healthy. Healthy eating good place to look for variety would be at                 life style it will increase your energy level
     Illso plays a big role.                      the frozen food section at a grocery store.              and you will liave a more productive day.
                                                                                                                             THE CHRONICLE              January 27. 2004 26

                                                                         PORTS NEWS
       Patriots will win                                                     Whitby Dunlops returning
        Super Bowl in                                                        to Eastern Senior A league
   low-scoring game
 3y Jeff Turco
                                                                            By Sajld Khan
                                                                            Chronicle Staff
                                                                                                              will also be used for two
                                                                                                              hours of practice time twice a
                                                                                                                                                 tive  support," said Laing.
                                                                                                                                                 "There hasn’t been even one
 chronicle Staff                       Their running game is poor                                             week.                              negative comment. The town
                                    and they don’t have any top-               A Canadian legend will            "Council has supported          has provided us with prime
     If you had predicted that      flight receivers. Yet this team         return to the rink later this     the effort to bring back the       time ice in one of the best
  lie Carolina Panthers would       just finds ways because their           year following the Town of        Dunlops," said Peter LeBcl,        places to play."
  )c in the Super Bowl, put your    defense keeps them In the               Whitby’sjan. 12 decision to       director of community and             Purccll and Laing expect
  land up. If you had even prc- games.                                      resurrect tile Dunlops ama-       marketing services for the         the Dunlops to be made up
  licted that the Carolina             So witli the Super Bowl only         teur Senior A hockey team.        Town of Whitby. "Now that          of players from several differ-
  ’anthers would make the play- a week away, it’s now time to                  The Whitby Dunlops had         a venue has been deter-            ent backgrounds, including
  )ffs, put your hand up. No. offer up wliy each team could                 a glorious career before they     mined, we’re able to move          players from the East Coast
  didn’t think so.                   win and one final prediction           folded In 1960. The team          forward." .                        League, the American League
     Every year in the Nl-’L, there on who’s going to win tlic big          won the Canadian National            One of the Dunlop’s most        and from college hockey
  s always a Cinderella team and game.                                      Hockey Championship in            fervent supporters has been        teams.
  hat team this year is the            Why the Panthers could               1957 and 1959 and the             Whitby Mayor Marcel                   The Ontario        Hockey
  ’anthers. Many NFL reporters win: Fox will run the ball                   World                  Hockey     Bruncllc.                          Association Eastern Senior A
  bought that they would be constantly witli Davis and                      Championship at Oslo,                "This is a great opportuni-     League currently consists of
  ’astly improved, but not to Foster and if there is one way                Norway in 1958.                   ty to create models for our        five teams that compete for
  lie point tliat they would be to penetrate the New England                   "There liasn’t been a repre-   children," said Brunellc. "No      the Allan cup, Canada’s old-
  n the Super Bowl.                 defense, it’s through the run-          sentative hockey team in          other community has an             est amateur liockcy trophy.
    The Panthers have a simple ning game because the Pats’                  Whitby since the Dunlops          arena for every 1,000 people.      The league no longer com-
 ;ame plan on offence. Run defense is phenomenal against                    folded," said coach Bill          Whitby is hockey town              petes on an international
  he ball. Panthers coach John the pass. If tlie Panthers can               Purccll. "Whitby hasn’t been      Canada."                           level as it did in the 1950s.
 ’ox likes smash mouth foot- control the clock by running                   the same since then. The             Michael Laing, president           "It’s nice to see Senior A
 )all and Stephen Davis and the ball and can play good                     Dunlops really put Whitby          of the Whitby Dunlops              hockey pick up again after a
 )cshaun Foster arc big, bruis- defense against the Pats’                  on the map."                       Organization, has been plan-       lapse in Eastern Ontario,"
 ng running backs that Fox offense, the Panthers can win                      The Dunlops will play in        ning the return of the team        said Purcell.
oves. He waits for the oppos-          Why the Patriots could              the      Ontario      Hockey       since last May with the help          Laing Is certain that the
ng defenses to get comiort- win: One word: Defense.                        Association Eastern Senior A       of      former      Pittsburgh     community will support
ibYe against the run, and when Their defense is the best in                League during the 2004-05          Penguins       player Steve        Senior A hockey In Whitby
hat happens, he throws the football and they can stop                      Season, beginning this             Cardwell. Laing has :een           and keep the Dunlops on the
)all deep.                          anybody in the league.                 Septerrioer.                       tremendous support in the          Ice.
   Yes, the Panthers offence is Befichick runs a system that                  Sixteen home games will         community for the team’s              "This is real, competitive
;ood, but the team’s bread and confuses every team that they               be played at the Iroquois Park     revival.                           hockey," he said. "It’s sure to
mtter is their defense. They play. If you can make Peyton                  Sports Centre. The facility           "There’s been totally posi-     draw decent crowds.
lave arguably the best defen-       Manning throw four Intercep-
ive line in the NFL, with Mike tions, then you know you
lucker, Kris Jenklns, Brentson have a brilliant defensive
Ulckner and Julius Peppers.
  However,     while
                               scheme. The Pats could win
                         most this game if the defense can
bought that the defensive line cause Panthers quarterback
                                                                               Ski season is finally here
vould be making the big plays Jake Delhomme to make some                                                                                                                   ,!’
n the playoffs, it’s actually mistakes and if Brady doesn’t              By Ben Wannamaker                    have doubled the size of their      park up for the season.
)een the secondary that has    make any when he’s on the                 Chronicle Staff                      snowmaking pond, are taking            Two huge piles of snow tha
)een  the key factor. Ricky         field.                                                                    full advantage. The resorts are-    will be used to build takeoff
banning Jr. has made a name            My "prediction: This game                                              blowing snow 24 hours a day         and transitions for tabletop
or himself In the postseason        will feature two of the best           The resorts are blowing            to make up for the extremely        and rails are waiting to bi
vith four interceptions.            defenses in the league against       snow around the clock, skiers        warm temperatures of late           shaped in the park area.
  For the New England               each other. However, I feel          and riders are coming out non-       December and early January.            Many Durham student
’atriots, it’s all about defense.   that the Patriots defense and        stop, and the staff at southern         "I haven’t seen it that          have had their seasons put 01
«11 Belichick has his defense       offense are just a little bit bet-   Ontario ski hills seem a lot         (warm) in 20 years," said           hold due to the extreme cold.
m fire right now and they can       ter than the Panthers, which is      happier than two weeks ago.          Oshawa ski club office manag-           "It was too warm at the star
 hut down the best offenses in      why I’m looking for the                 What does this mean? The          er Linda Schaffer. "It was hurt-    of the season, so I couldn’
 he league. Just look what           Patriots to win this game.          ski season has officially begun!     ing business, but the tempera-      ride," said first-year Busines
 hey did to Indianapolis.            However, I won’t be surprised          Temperatures have dropped         tures are dropping now, so we       student Genna Neuman. "Nov
     On offense, the Patriots        to see the Panthers win.            to an unheard of minus 28 in         are making snow non-stop."          it’s freezing cold so 1 don’
 lon’t really have any big play-        Final Score:                     Durham Region and resorts               The Oshawa ski club is still     want to go out either!"
 nakers other than Tom Brady.           Patriots 20, Panthers 14         like the Oshawa Ski Club, who        working on getting its terrain
                                                                                                THE CHRONICLE     January 27. 2004 27

                                       Women’s Volleyball                                       Upcoming Games
Team             MP           MW MlL         GW    GL        Points
Durham           8.           8    0         24    6         16                                  Men’s Basketball
Cambrian         8            6    2         21    8         12                                     January 27
Seneca           9            5    4         16    16        10                                     vs Georgian
Georgian         8            2    6         11    19        4                                          8:00
Boreal           8            0    8         3     24        0
                                                                                                     January 30
                                        Men’s Volleyball                                           vs St. Lawrence
Team             MP           MW MlL         GW    GL        Points
Seneca           8            8    0         24    2         16                                      January 31
Georgian         7            5    2          15   10        10                                     vs Algonquin
Durham           7            4    3         .17   11        8
Cambrian         7            3    4         12    13        6                                           4:00
Boreal           7            0    7         1     21        0
                                                                                                Womer^s Basketball
                                       Women’s Basketball
                                                                                                     January 31
Team                          G    W         L     T                  Points                        vs Algonquin
Humber                        6    6         0     0                  12                                 2:00
George Bro>wn                 7    6         1     0                  12
Seneca                        6    4         2     0                  8
Algonquin                     6    3         3     0              -   6
Durham                        6    2         4     0                  4
Loyalist                      7    1         6     0                  2

                                        Men’s Basketball
Team                          G    W         L     T                  Points
Algonquin                     9    9         0     0    ^i
Loyalist -, ;,                9    7.        2     0                  14
Georgian’             ^
                      \       7    6     ’
                                              1    0                  12
St. Lawrence                  10   5         5     0                  10
Durham                        10   4         6     0                  8

                                                                                        ^l<»tti Hole" will be available
                                                                                        - torall Durham/UOIT and ^;
                                                                                       c :^i^
                                                                                    Open to
                                                                                                all competitors           ;.’


                                                                                                       Staff and Faculty ^|
                                                                                                            please contact:
                                                                               ^,l(lMKi||uggan, Atnletic;Departmen(|S
                                                                               ^J^^iN"1.^ /<Miat\ ’y’M-’m/ii   ,’ l. ".:^..’;’"
                                                                               ^f?^;^:M^V, fv^W5/.--"1 -11?’"
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