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									Body Language Male Courtship Gestures: Body Language Magic (How to Read and Make Body Movements for Maximum Success) - How to be a Public Speaking Star We all go to a park or a beach sometime or the other for a jog or a casual walk or to, just enjoy the scenery, or swim in the flowing water. Still, how many of us ever take a close look at others and observe their certain actions or behaviors? Next time you go to a park or a beach just observe a scene where a man and a woman are jogging and coming toward each other from the opposite side. Just keep your eye on the man as he approaches the woman. You will notice that as they are about to pass each other some psychological changes take place and their eyes meet. You’ll also see that the man’s muscle tone becomes evident, bags around the eyes decrease, body sagging disappears, chest protrudes, the stomach is automatically pulled in and the body assumes an erect posture so that he appears to be more youthful. These changes remain in effect until the two pass each other and after this, their original postures return back. These are some of the signs of male courtship gestures. Most men try to attract a woman by virtue of his physical appearance. Some men will attempt to gain a woman’s attention by illustrating his mentality and level of intelligence. These men often attract few women, since many females have conformed to other types of body languages. It can also be observed that whenever a lady enters a room full of men the atmosphere suddenly changes. All around you can see people suddenly straightening their tie, redoing their hairs, adjusting their shirts or their collars or any such activity so as to give their best appearance. Some people try to get the attention of opposite sex by keeping their eyes fixed on them or by making an eye contact for a longer than usual time. At such a time, you can notice that their pupils start to dilate and they are standing absolutely straight. Those who are seated may spread their legs to give a crotch display. They tend to straighten their body, push back their shoulders, and often seem proud to give and receive the female’s positive interest. All these gestures communicate a desire for involvement with the woman. As opposed to above category, there are some perverts who resort to some indecent and ugly looking gestures like showing protruding, to and fro moving tongue, moving tongue on the upper lip, rubbing the crotch area, or making some obscene hand gestures. Although these gestures too show the male’s intention for involvement with the female, but not in a positive sense. Apart from these two categories there can be a third category, which composes the losers category, who tries to gain the attention of the female by saying something in a very loud voice or by trying to shout over the other’s in a bid to show that he is the dominating character around. Some also take off their shirts to show their muscular body or try to play with some chain in their neck. They try to do everything possible to gain the attention of the female only to lose even the tiniest chance of any kind of possibility of a relationship with the female. This is why I call them the losers in body language magic. The loser and pervert body languages can intimidate some of us; however, few seem to enjoy this kind of behavior because it has become a common body language.

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