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									Body Language Magic Reading the Signals
(How to Read and Make Body Movements for Maximum Success) - How to be a Public Speaking Star

Have you ever seen a mother standing at a distance, snapping her fingers and pointing down as she glares unhappily over at her child? If so then you are seeing the magic of body language as the mother barks out commands with a finger/eye signal and facial expression. If you notice the child acting quickly coming to the mother’s front, thus you are seeing a child acknowledge these languages, as he/she reads the signals. This is the concept of making body movements that lead to the maximum success. If you ever seen a businessman in action, thus you will notice this person will use his hands in angled fashion, gesturing as he speaks. While his eyes and mouth are expressing the mood at the moment, his body is giving effective signals to the listener, which enhances the chances of the communication being understood. To practice a public speaking process for success you need to grasp speech, language, dialect, as well as body language and its magic. A good speaker will stand out from the rest, since as he talks in a public environment he will use his hands, eyes, mouth, and stance to make it happen. For example, if you are speaking in public you would move slightly to the left and right each time you talk, looking at the audience to the right, to the left and in the middle letting each person in the crowd know t hat his attention is directed to everyone participating. The person will be on stage using his hands to illustrate messages, which also helps a person read the message more effectively. Dialect plays a huge role in successful public speaking. This is when you will need to learn a bit on languages, cultures, ethnics, and the like to make it happen while speaking out in public. To learn how to read the languages of the body movements you will need a little insight on psychology, speech, language, dialects, signals, gestures, and so forth. Your words will also make a difference, since if you are not talking on various levels, likely someone is going to walk away disappointed. The key to a successful speech is delivering body languages, while keeping your verbal communication in line with the finish line, yet spilling a bit of humor throughout the scene. If you remain serious all through the speech, likely the audience will dull, yet if you sprinkle some humor in the scene it will keep them alert. You will also need to toss in a few visuals outside of body language to give an effective speech. Remember you are in the public eye now, so you want to use body languages and speech, as well as languages to get the message across to all nationalities in the audience. Therefore, using your hands you want to speak in a distinct fashion while keeping your speech slow and using the hands when necessary. You need to keep the information simple, as well as using direct communications while speaking in public. You should have already laid out a speech before standing in the public eye. Thus, if you have to use notes to remind you, try to keep the notes short and simple, yet straight to the point. Using both speech and body language, you need to keep your level of tone during the speech, always on balance. This means you will not show emotions, such as anger, frustration and the like with either your body or tongue.

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