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									Body Language Magic in the Mood (How to Read and Make Body Movements for Maximum Success) - How to be a Public Speaking Star You can talk to people for hours on in, however most people listening will only get a fraction of the message conveyed. Body language on the other hand will leave a lasting impression, whether the message sent is good or not. The trick is to learn how to read the languages and make the body movements for max success, while using the magic of body language while speaking in public. Some of the best speakers are world leaders, instructors in college, teachers, and so forth. The reason of this is that they are trained to; verbally communicate a message while using hand languages and eye languages in between. Body Language enables you to decode and encode emotions that are hidden within the person’s words. Emotions are hidden elements of the mind that will not expose itself until a trigger is hit. Once you learn to understand and listen to body languages, you will be aware of a person’s truths or lies. On the other hand, you can learn body languages, which will guide you to the success in any area of life. Emotions are what makes a person express him/her self-verses thought. While most of us are taught that thought is what makes us act or speak, the truth is emotions are behind those thoughts. Emotions may hide messages such as nervousness, boredom, frustration, doubt, openness, happiness, anger and more. You can often observe the expressions on peoples face to learn what they are really saying, or watch their gestures and posture. Learning to read between the lines of body language can help you to use your skills in communication to its limit, which will boost your confidence. You can also use the magic of body language to convey messages that manipulate others without them noticing what you are doing. Learning body languages and reading the messages will enhance your communication skills while you easily read the languages of others around you. Some of the advantages include spotting when a person is interested in your speech, spotting when a person is ready to agree with your logic, and even knowing what a person maybe thinking as you speak. Many people use body language to convey their dismay or else frustration. You can see there actions or next move if you know how to read the language of the body. Body language enables you to tell when you can confide in another person, or if that person will leak out your secrets. Body languages can also tell when a person is in control, or when a person is lacking confidence. You can see by looking in their eyes, watching their hands, or body parts to see if they are upset. Body languages enable you to see when a person feels tense or nervous, suspicious, prideful, and so forth. You can see when a person is assured, or else a liar. The advantage of body languages is that you can learn to reach precision, while making others conform to your way of understanding. Body languages make it easier in public speaking, since you can learn negotiating skills, or else leave an impression on others that will not be forgotten quickly. One of the best signals you can send while using body language and communication is to hold a steady gaze while speaking serious. NOTE: Some mental illnesses change the patterns of body language, therefore this article is written for the majority of a normal society, not to offend those special ones in life!

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