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					                                    ISPS 399 – Proseminar

                       Assignment #12 – Proposal Presentation
Whether or not you choose to use PowerPoint there follows an optional proposal
“presentation template.” This is a high level structure that captures the basic elements a
proposal presentation might cover as well as the maximum number of slides to be
included in your presentation:
    1.     Project title, your name, mentor name, date
    2.     Question or problem you will address (i.e., focused topic, research question)
    3.     Thesis or position you plan to investigate
    4.     Why the project is significant
    5.     Research “fly-over” (to date)
    6.     Tentative hypotheses concerning your question
    7.     Tie-in to your BIS program, personal and professional experience
    8.     Concluding remarks (e.g., you might briefly address ways in which your topic has
           developed, your personal interest in the topic, etc.)
Your proposal presentation should be limited to 5-8 minutes. This is not much time. In
order for your presentation to be effective you will need to think carefully about what you
want to say and the most concise way to say it. I suggest that you take no more than a
couple of minutes on items 1-5 above leaving the bulk of the presentation for 5 & 6, the
substance of your capstone project. The order of all of the above elements is up to you as
are the particular items you choose to cover. Concluding remarks (8), should you choose
to make them, can be very brief. There will be an opportunity for questions and feedback
after each presentation.

If you would like advance feedback on your presentation please submit either an outline
or PowerPoint slides to the Toolkit no later than 5 PM, Sunday, Nov. 27.

Reminder: The 2nd draft of your Capstone proposal is due no later than 6 PM, Sunday,
Dec. 4. The 3rd draft will be due no later than 6:00 PM, Sunday, Dec. 11. The 2nd draft is
required. We’ll let you know if an additional draft is necessary or whether the 2nd can
serve as the final draft.

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